In her dorm, Donna was finishing up her homework when Animal came in with the mail, "Animal, did you go through my mail box, *again*?"

"I did" Animal admitted.

After sniffing and eating the junk mail, Animal gave the important mail to Donna, which was only a letter from Princess Twilight

Dear Donalie Solo

You have been selected to compete in The Wacky Races.

The races will be held in Equestria, Toon Town, The Barbera-Verse, Jubiland, and a surprise course.

You will be representing Rarity Gems Fashion Lines.

Meet Rarity at the Carousel Boutique when you can.


Princess Twilight

Rocket and Baby Groot were confused, because they thought Rarity gave up the boutique. "Rarity owns a fashion line that includes diamonds in them." Donna explained as she places away her homework and she texted her friends.

Wacky Races Invite by Princess Twilight. This will be a blast.

Two days later, Donna arrived at the Carousel Boutique where Rarity was putting up the final touches for an outfit for Queen Twilight. As she finished the outfit, our heroes barged in, "Sorry were two days late" Donna shouted "We had to hand in our homework and help out at Vandom's Animal Kingdom with a water horse shipment."

"It's okay" replied Rarity, "Water horses are not easy to handle."

"I hope you don't mind" Donna replied back, "I decide to let The Celestian Alliance be my pit crew."

"Brilliant, darling!" exclaimed Rarity. "And about those overalls and Go Go Racer pit crew uniforms, their too tacky. So, I've just decided to make some stylish versions of them."

With a bit of Unicorn Magic, she summoned seven light blue/silver pit crew outfits. Emma's had Bows, Iris' had feathers and swan patterns, Michael's had a necktie and shades, Shreya's had big hat with a bow and a faux-fur coats, Zephyr's had bell sleeves, Griffin's had peppermint styled patterns, and Atlas' had 80s patterns on them. "Well?" Rarity asked, "What do you think?"

"You look like Darby threw up on you!" Rocket insulted.

"Don't mind him," Emma said to Rarity, "We like them."

"Yeah," agreed Shreya, "I'd even like this hat."

"That's not all," Rarity smiled, "Time for the main attraction!"

With glitter bombs popping up, Donna came in with an outfit similar to the ones Rarity wore in the past, which wowed everyone, except Rocket, "Kiddo looks like a rejected Sailor Moon disguise!" he critiqued.

"Actually" corrected Rarity, "This outfit is made to show the true meaning of contests: having a good time."

"That's what Rainbow Dash would say" Michael replied.

"Whatever" groaned Rocket, "I just hope the prize money is cash, I need a money bath."

Instead of getting in a fight, they just ignored him. Then Donna said, "Let's get this show on the road!"