AUTHOR'S NOTE: This poem is written from the point of view of Sarah Collins, the beloved sister of Barnabas.

Love Lies in Waiting

I am not but a little ghost
Walking the halls of the Old House
Wearing my long white gown.

You can hear me play upon my silver flute-
The haunting melody of long ago
While I am missing my mother and my brother.

Mama went to Heaven on a Saturday.
She was missing her littlest girl.
Her Sarah went before her -
When the darkness had carried her away.

I lost my breath in the cold.
While hiding and waiting,
All night long until Death came to wrap me up
In a chilled, eternal hug.

I must watch over my brother
The victim of the curse -
The one I hid from in the bitter cold
Because he was no longer himself.
Evil had taken the one we knew
And it had came to stay.

He lost the one he loved
He paid an eternal price
Because he had dared to love
And because another had loved him far too much.

But curses are not love,
They don't take away everything that is good
So that all that is sacred
Is faded or taken without a trace.

So, from this day forward
I quietly watch and protect
I must make sure my brother remembers
Just so he doesn't forget -
Before the curse there was love
And love is all there is left to save him.

I won't let him harm another
As Angelique hurt him
Barnabas must find the light of love
And forsake the darkness she has left him in.

I won't go into the light;
It's beauty in which my mother calls
She beckons me, but I cannot leave
My mother; she needs me,
But my brother needs me more.

Oh brother dear,
Your love is here,
She walks these halls
She sings the songs
In which you cannot hear.

Your heart is cold - it's made of stone
Your eyes are dark and empty
You think she's gone, but she's still here.

She is waiting...
For the man she loved to emerge from the shadows
Forever to leave the darkness.