Speech: "Hey what is up."

Shouting: "OW MY GOD DAM TOE!"

Thinking: 'She looks pretty cute.'

Skill being used or made: []

(Narrator POV)

If anyone was asked to summarize Daniel James Fenton, they would all say that he was clumsy, nerdy, friendly, kind, easy-going, helpful, and compassionate at times, but throughout all of last week they would say that he had been odd. Not any more odd than normal, more so along the line his his icy blue eyes being fixated on other areas, being in a rush to do something whenever someone asked him to, but everyone just shrugged it off.

Danny Fenton, as he preferred was experiencing something weird today, nowhere near as weird as last Monday but it was up in the top 20, which also included zombie chickens, zombie turkeys, and potatoes given sentience via ectoplasm. He was the only one who could see them, the notification and status sheets that would pop into existence whenever someone asked him to do something or when he said "Status" or something along that line.

"Come on Danny-boy, pay attention, your friends seem to love it." Jollily chirped Danny's father who was called Jack, Jack was large standing at 6'4, he had bulky build, with black hair with some white in the back, and icy blue eyes like Danny. He wore an orange jumpsuit with black gloves and boots. "Come on Mads! Sam and Tucker are practically vibrating with excitement!" Excitedly giggled Jack, making Danny slowly look over towards his mom, then looking over at his two and only friends who were with him today.

Maddie Fenton, his mother, who stood at 6 foot, had shoulder-length auburn hair, deep red lipstick, and deep violet eyes. She wore what she always wore, a blue rubber jumpsuit, along with black rubber gloves and boots. Her suit also had a belt, which has a pouch for her equipment, and a rubber hood, which she was pulled down for today.

Tucker Foley, 5'7, meat addict and his best friend from kindergarten, he had deep brown skin, black hair that was covered with a red beret, and he had circular glasses on his face. He wore a long-sleeve yellow shirt, green cargo pants with a black belt, brown boots, and for some reason that Danny didn't know of, he always carried around a backpack.

Samantha "Sam" Manson, self proclaimed goth, ultra-recyclo-vegetarian, and the girl he has been friends with since the 2nd grade, who also stood at 5'6. She wore a black choker around her pale neck, a black tank top exposing her midriff with a purple oval in the center, a black striped skirt with a green crosshatch design, purple leggings, and black combat boots, along with 2 bracelets on either wrist.

'Someday, I just wish to be yeeted from my mortal coils.' Dully thought Danny, currently down in his parent's basement, in a hideous white hazmat suit that had black gloves, boots, and a utility belt. "You guys have your homework done yet?" Idly hummed the raven haired teen, his gaze was solely fixed on the newest device that was jutting out of the wall, the Fenton Ghost Portal.

Danny's parents were fanatics when it came to Ghosts, all thing ectoplasmic and things that could haunt you, and his parents always told him that Ghosts were evil, malicious, and all form malice under the sun, but there comes a point in time where enough is enough. Even before Danny was born or his older sister for that matter, his parents had been obsessed with Ghosts, they were good parents but seeing them acting so desperate in order to prove the existence of something that just didn't exist was sad.

Danny was one to talk about things that should not exist...

"Yep." Simultaneously informed both Sam and Tucker, both of them had a look of pure childish excitement on their faces as they watched Jack step over towards a computer, which was hooked up to the Ghost Portal.

The Fenton Ghost Portal was easily 8 feet in diameter, it was circular in shape expect for the base which was flat, but it was also hollow and filled with various circuits. Danny honestly didn't know how long it took his parents to build something like this, it was almost everyday they created something new that could be used to theoretically destroy Ghosts.

'...Status and skills.' Apprehensively mulled Danny, watching as a toxic green notification screen popped up in front of him, nobody batted an eye towards the hovering green screen, since he was the only one who could see it. 'I thought it was just the living potatoes from last Monday, but this is real.' Sadly sighed Danny, allowing his icy blue eyes hover over the skills he had managed to acquire throughout the week, while also having skills being brought up to their proper level.

Name: Danny Fenton

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Title: The Loser/Star Lover/The Gamer

Level: 3

Till next LVL: 248/300

Hp: 240/240 (Recovery: 5 per minute)

Strength: 11

Endurance: 12

Agility: 10

Intelligence: 21

Wisdom: 22

Luck: 3

Spending points: 0


[Gamers mind]: (Passive) Level MAX!

Description: This skill allows the user to remain calm in almost any situation, and it also makes it harder for the user to be put under the effect of mental attacks or illusions.

[Gamers body]: (Passive) Level MAX!

Description: Grants the user a body that allows for the user to live the real world like a game, making it harder for the user to lose a limb though it is possible.

[Martial Arts]: (Active) Level 73/100: EXP: 54%

Description: Having followed in the footsteps of your mother, you have walked down the paths of a Martial Artist, and are now capable of fighting off a lot of people, but you don't.

[Cooking]: (Active) Level 14/100: EXP: 74%

Description: A useful skill for children growing up, this skill shows that people are slowly becoming less reliant on others. As this skill levels up, it increases the complexity, efficiency, and speed at which you can cook.

[Washing up]: (Active) Level 16/100: EXP: 84%

Description: Learning how to clean up after eating is an essential skill, so your house doesn't run off of plastic forks, knives, spoons, and plates.

[Drying up]: Level 13/100: EXP: 84%

Description:This skill makes the drying process of dishes speed up incredibly!


{Genius Brain}: (Passive) Level MAX!

Description: Everyone in your family is incredibly intelligent, despite how you look, you are capable of remembering things from just a glance, learn things quicker, and are generally more intelligent than most people.

"So, are you ready Mads?" Excitedly cheered Jack, all the while Danny and his friends looked at the portal from their seats, a sense of foreboding slowly crawling up Danny's spine as he saw the sheer happiness and excitement on his parents face. "Let's rock this baby!" Happily shouted the large man, while Maddie was rapidly typing in commands to the computer, Jack made his was over towards the lever.

Something was off with the whole situation, something Danny wasn't quite certain about but from the looks of his friends, they didn't seem to feel anything off like he did, and he didn't know why but that felt right. The happiness that radiated off of his parents as they typed in the codes was clearly written on their faces, Sam and Tucker stiffened as Jack placed his hands upon the lever, his muscles flexing beneath his hazmat suit before he pulled the lever downwards.

Danny's breath remained hitched in his throat, memorizing green sparks of electricity sparked from the center of the machine, slowly swirling around the center before it collapsed. Nothing happened for a solid minute, the breath that had been stuck in Danny's throat slowly escaped in a gasp, everything around him was silent as he noticed the downtrodden expressions on everyone's faces, especially his parents.

Jack softly clapped his hands together, licking his lips as he looked down at the basement floor in disappointment, looking up at Maddie a moment later before looking over at Danny. The man looked like he had just been kicked in the balls, Danny couldn't blame him since his dad loved Ghosts and he wanted to prove their existence, but having it backfire would hurt anyone.

"Well, I uh... I'll be upstairs if you're looking for me." Softly mumbled Jack, sighing slightly as he gently walked past Danny, and Danny wanted to say something or do anything but he couldn't move, making the black haired teen feel worse about himself.

"I'll be back, I'm just keeping an eye on Jack." Hurriedly informed Maddie, softly squeezing Danny's shoulder in reassurance as she walked past, jogging up the basement stairs after her husband, leaving the Loser Trio alone.

Silence engulfed the group of friends, Sam and Tucker weren't as down as his parents but they were disappointed, they wanted to see his parents succeed in their goal, and they didn't know what to think. A small smile slowly began growing on Sam's face, she wanted to cheer him up, Danny had started to learn each of Sam's small habits and knew what they meant.

"Bet you are too much of a scaredy cat to go into the portal." Hauntingly hummed Sam, winking over at Tucker as his other friend judged him in the ribs, making Danny roll his eyes in exasperation. "It's not working, so do it." Egged on Sam, causing Danny to slowly stand up from his seat, as Tucker helpfully ripped off the symbol of his father's face off of his hazmat suit.

"Oh please, of course I can do this." Cockily huffed Danny, standing up and stretching, blinking slightly as he he saw a toxic green notification pop up in front of him, making the teen halt slightly in place. 'The hell?' Confusedly thought Danny, slowly making his way over towards the Fenton Ghost Portal, all the while his eyes were on the notification that had popped up in front of him.

Grand Mission: Flip Side!

Description: Young Danny Fenton was just 14, when his parents built a very strange machine, meant to view a world unseen, when it didn't quite work his folks they just quit, then Danny took a look inside of it. Just enter the portal...

Rewards: 500 EXP, System Update, ?

You cannot fail this Mission...

The icy eyed teen could only gulp slightly at the ominous message, his whole vision was engulfed by the bulky frame of the Ghost Portal, making the teen gulp slightly before he looked back at his friends, a fake confident smile on his face. Ominous positivity, if that was the way that the System expressed itself, who was he to judge it, but for some reason everything felt right as he placed his right foot into the machine.

Peace filled him as he placed his left foot inside the machine, he couldn't see a thing at all, but Danny simply placed his left hand on the wall for balance and walked forward, intending to touch the back of the Fenton Ghost Portal in order to prove that he wasn't a coward, then it happened. Danny felt his right foot getting hitched on one of the wires poking up out of the floor of the portal, sending the teen sprawling forward, his left hand pressing down on something and Danny flinched as his knees hit the floor, then the whirl reached his ears.

Danny couldn't help but look up, his icy blue eyes could only see a green galaxy that was forming in front of him, crackles of green electricity raced along the edge of the portal, slowly getting stronger as time all but seemed to stop. Icy blue eyes cold only stare at the whirling portal in a mixture between horror and amazement, the fact that his parents portal was actually working was the amazing part, but the fact that he was in it was concerning.

Everything hit him at once, green electricity ran through his whole body, frying all of his nerves and filling all of his cells with the energy that Ghosts were made of, ectoplasm, his whole body was being filled with ectoplasm. The smell of something burning filled his nose, green light filled his vision as he screamed, and Danny could barely see notifications popping up in front of him.

Pain wreck his whole body, his health dropped to a certain point before it froze, unmoving despite the kilojoules of energy that was coursing through his body, and by all biological laws he should be dead. Danny wanted it all to stop, his eyes could barely make out the white halo of light that engulfed him as the green died down, smoke sizzling from his body as he forced himself to stand up.

"DANNY!" Worriedly screamed Sam and Tucker, all the while Danny forced himself to blink away the tears that had gathered in his eyes, before gritting his teeth as he forced himself to stumble out of the portal, looking over at his friends who seemed aghast. "Um... Danny... are you okay?" Concernedly whispered Tucker, slowly approaching Danny and pointed up at his hair, making Danny look up since he could always see his hair from how long it was.

Snow white, his hair that was once black was now the color of freshly fallen snow, and it did not help Danny that he could see a soft toxic green color illuminating his body, it was extremely weak but Danny could see it in the light. Toxic green eyes blinked slowly, everything was completely numb to him as he noticed the notification in front of him, his heart told him to read them and against his better judgement he did.

Grand Mission: Flip Side! Completed!

Description: You entered the portal, and now you have become something stuck between 2 worlds

Rewards: 500 EXP, System Update, New species upgrade!

You have leveled up! Leveled up!

{Halfa}: (Passive) Level 1/100: EXP: 0%

Description: Not entirely Human nor Ghost, you are stuck in between the two, half Human and half Ghost, and you receive the best from both worlds! When you are in your ghost form your stats are increase dramatically(+30), and your human side has received a boost(+5)!

Name: Danny Phantom

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Species: Halfa

Title: The Loser/Star Lover/The Gamer/Halfa

Level: 5

Ectoplasmic Power: 3.57/10

Till next LVL: 48/500

Hp: 420/940 (Recovery: 22.5 per minute)

Ectoplasm: 520/520 (Recover: 13.5 per minute)

Ghost Core: ?

Strength: 46

Endurance: 47

Agility: 45

Intelligence: 26

Wisdom: 27

Luck: 3

Spending points: 10

Danny could only stare down in horror at his hands, stiffening slightly as he looked down at his hands, gasping slightly as for a brief moment he could see through his hazmat suit, his skin, muscles, and all the way down to his bones. Reacting in surprise, Danny shook his arms out violently, watching as his arm briefly became something like rubber, as more notification popped up.

[Ecto-Vision]: (Active) Level 1/100: EXP: 0%

Ectoplasm: 100 per minute

Description: This Ghostly ability allows you to see Humans and Ghosts, so you can see the weak points throughout their bodies, when this skill is stronger you may be able to see through walls

[Spectral Body Manipulation]: (Active) Level 1/100: EXP: 0%

Description: Since you now have a Ghost Form, you are able to manipulate your body to a certain degree.

"W...what's... going on?!" Worriedly screamed Danny, clutching onto his head as everything was becoming so painful, it all just felt so wrong and Danny one's that he couldn't do anything about it, unaware that his feet weren't even touching the ground, and that his body was rapidly becoming visible and invisible. "Stop it." Softly whispered Danny, his body hit the floor a second later as everything felt heavy, and Danny could barely push himself up off of the basement floor, as his eyes started to close.


Green, that was the only thing that Danny could see the moment he opened up his eyes, he felt cold to himself and even then his heartbeat echoed slowly in his ears, slow enough for it to be concerning, but at this point Danny couldn't bring himself to care. The green still didn't fade away, instead Danny's eyes could make out that it was a notification in front of him, not a new skill or anything along that line but it was way more informative.

Name: It's what you are called by, though you have an alternative form you also have an alternative name.

Age: It represents how old your physical body is

Gender: Whatever you identify as, it's a free country and you can be whatever you want to be

Species: What your DNA consists of and that determines your species

Titles: Noticeable achievement that you have accomplished, and that people know you by.

Level: This represents how strong you are, when you Level you you are awarded 5 spending points. Though you might have a higher level than some Humans or Ghosts, that does not mean that you are stronger than them...

Ectoplasmic Power: This is the Ghost form of an energy reading, the higher it is the stronger the Ghost. Ghosts that have an Ectoplasmic Power reading of 3 are ten times stronger than a Ghost who has an Ectoplasmic Power reading of 2. A Ghost who was a reading of 9.5 are capable of destroying a lot of life on Earth and in the Ghost Zone...

Till next LVL: How much EXP you need in order to level up

Hp: How much damage you can take before you die... again

Ectoplasm: This is like mana but for Ghosts, you are capable of using energy based skills with this, and you can mold it into attacks.

Ghost Core: This is the Ghost equivalent of a heart, though it has a typing which determines what the Ghost Powers can be, you can have an Ice Core, Fire Core, or even an Electrical Core.

Strength: The higher this stat is the better the user's weightlifting ability increases, along with how much damage you can do per punch.

Endurance: This stat effects how much damage you take per blow, the higher it is the less damage you receive, and it also increases your health by 20 every time it increases by 1.

Agility: The higher this stat is allows you to move quicker, while also increasing the speed your Hp recovers.

Intelligence: This stat helps increase how fast you can learn, memorize and all of that, it also increases your Ectoplasm by 20 every time it increases by 1.

Wisdom: This stat helps you choose the best decision for hard choices, while also increasing your Ectoplasm regeneration by 0.5 every time it is increased by 1.

Luck: The higher it is, the luckier you are.

Spending points: When you level up, you are awarded 5 of them, these allow you to freely increase your stats however you like.

"What else has happened to me?" Softly mumbled Danny, using his right hand in order to pull down his hair, sighing in relief as he saw that it was once again raven black, while also noting the fact that he felt more solid and heavy than he did before. 'Gamer System, pull up all new skills and perks since I've collapsed.' Mentally commanded Danny, blinking slightly as he realized that he was in fact upstairs in his room, the soft glow of the glowing stars where shining down on top of him, before the teen glanced over at his alarm clock and read 2am.

Name: Danny Fenton

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Species: Halfa

Title: The Loser/Star Lover/The Gamer/Halfa

Level: 5

Ectoplasmic Power: 3.59/10

Till next LVL: 48/500

Hp: 340/340 (Recovery: 7.5 per minute)

Ectoplasm: 520/520 (Recover: 13.5 per minute)

Ghost Core: ?

Strength: 16

Endurance: 17

Agility: 15

Intelligence: 26

Wisdom: 27

Luck: 3

Spending points: 10


[Flying]: (Active) Level 1/100: EXP: 0%

Ectoplasm: 100 per minute

Description: The most basic power a Ghost can have, this allows them to fly through the air. Note, your top speed is 180km/ph, and your can go 2km faster ever level.

[Invisibly]: (Active) Level 1/100: EXP: 0%

Ectoplasm: 100 per minute

Description: Another basic Ghost power, this skill allows the user to become invisible to anyone, unless they have thermal vision. Note, you can turn other Humans, Ghosts and objects invisible by touching them.

[Intangibility]: (Active) Level 1/100: EXP: 0%

Ectoplasm: 100 per minute

Description: Another basic Ghost power, this skill allows the user to become intangible, this allows them to phase through everything, unless


[Going Ghost]: (Active) Level MAX!

Description: This skill allows you to enter or exit your Ghost Form...

[Puberty]: (Passive) Level ?

Description: Ectoplasm by itself should not grow, but now that it is bounded with a biological body it can, and you will experience the benefit and negatives of it. Each week, your Ectoplasmic Power will increase by 0.02 and your Ectoplasm reserves and recovery will increase by 20/2 every week until your body has stopped growing...

"No..." Softly whined Danny, his mind a whirl as he realized that his life had just become a lot more complicated than it had been before, bringing his right hand up to his face in order to pinch the bridge of his nose, only for his hand to go through his head. "No." Disappointedly sighed Danny, quickly removing his hand away from his head, so it wouldn't become stuck in there, and Danny didn't know how to explain it to his parents.

His parents were Ghost Hunters, the thought alone made Danny's chest tighten slightly as he realized that, his parents would dissect him the moment they found out he was a half Ghost, since by all rights of logic he shouldn't be alive. Ectoplasm and blood could not bond, instead Ectoplasm had poisoned and destroyed blood once they mixed, meaning that by all rights Danny should feel himself slowly being corroded, but now Danny was feeling better than normal.

'System, pull up more information on my Halfa species and Ectoplasmic Power.' Mentally commanded Danny, chewing on his lower lip as he watched his left hand briefly disappear from sight, making the teen's breath hitch in his throat, as he waited for the System to do something.


Description: A Halfa is a being who is half Human and half Ghost, so far they have only been created artificially, and you can count the amount of Halfas that have ever existed on one hand and still have 3 fingers left over. Halfas are more resistant to Ghost Hunting weapons than normal Ghosts, but they also have a resistance to what can kill their Human side.

Halfas tend to be powerful, from an array of reasons, but the main reason is, is their Human half, since as their body grows, so will their Ectoplasm.

Ectoplasmic Power:

Description: Power means a lot in the Ghost Zone, the higher your Power rating the stronger you are. 0 is the absolute weakest, the Ghost wouldn't even have a form and can't do anything else. As you go up the scale, each number is ten times stronger than the previous, 3 is ten times stronger than 2, and 10 is the strongest though there hasn't been a 10 yet.

'Just as I thought... most guys don't stop growing and developing until they are 18, meaning that my Ectoplasmic Power will at least reach 7.67 without me doing anything... my Ectoplasm reserves will receive an additional 4160, and it shall recover at a rate of 429.5 if I don't do anything.' Mentally calculated Danny, knowing that deep down his life wouldn't be that easy and he would be forced to do something, which would increase his overall power. "Man... this is not fun at all." Quietly moaned Danny, rolling onto his stomach and looked at his headboard, aware of the fact that he still had a few weeks until school began once again, since they were on a two week holiday.

Now Danny way now stuck, he wasn't certain on what he should actually do at this point, his parents... Danny wasn't certain on what his parents would do since they were obsessed with Ghosts and he didn't know what they would do, but he could also train his powers so nobody would know about them. That was something that terrified Danny, he would be accepting the fact that he had technically half died, he would be admitting that he would be a freak, someone who wasn't alive or dead, Human or Ghost.

Deep down, Danny knew what he had to do, the way that the System had phrased the mission, it was as if the System knew that this was going to happen, almost as if he was supposed to do this. He knew that he was now a Ghost, a Phantom if you would, while also being a Gamer... now he was a Phantom Gamer.

"Looks like I will be training in secret now." Softly mumbled Danny, his mind was a whirl since the fact that he had half survived the accident was because it was supposed to happen, if he did it again in hopes of getting rid of his powers then he might die completely this time. "Can I eat Ectoplasm now?" Curiously sighed Danny, since the scientist in him wanted to know what he was truly capable of, like flying to the South Pole.

Icy blue eyes gazed up at his ceiling, slowly drifting closed as the fatigue caught up with him, the whole ordeal had finally settled down and he knew that he couldn't do anything about it, he had these powers for a reason. Danny felt his body shiver, a faint wisp of blue escaped his lips as his eyes shut, just as a Ghost made its existence.

The face of a clock formed in the air above Danny, starting at 12 before it quickly spun around, making a blue portal as it did so, a small Ghost floated out, red eyed gleaming wisdom beyond their years. It was a sudden shift, but the small child-like Ghost was replaced with an adult version of the Ghost, purple clothing also shifting in order to cover the Ghost, all the while he held a staff in his hand.

"I have been waiting millenniums so I can have a conversation with you, Young Phantom." Calmly murmured the Ghost, who had many titles to his name but he preferred being called the Master of Time, or Clockwork for those how had ever bothered learning his name. "You will go through much hardship in your life, that much is certain, but you will prevail and be something in the future." Amusedly sighed Clockwork, almost as if it was an inside joke with himself, that only he knew, as he looked at the freshly born Halfa in front of him.

Young Phantom was stuck between the living and the dead, but unlike the other one who was like him, Young Phantom would do something that the other Halfa could not and would not do, and it was the reason why their species were even allowed to exist. They were stuck on the halfway point on the bridge, that's what they would act like for every Human and Ghost, a bridge that would allow Humans to have a friendly relationship with Ghosts, and for Ghosts to have a friendly relationship with Humans.

"I cannot wait for us to have a conversation, but alas I must wait a bit more, and I am already certain you have many questions but all will be answered in time." Softly whispered Clockwork, his body shifting abruptly into that of an elderly version of himself, but that didn't stop the Ghost from gently placing his right hand on top of Danny's forehead. "I am your Ghostly Guardian, I will teach you what it means to be a Ghost and all of our traditions eventually." Soothingly promised Clockwork, a small amount of blue ectoplasm that seemed to twitch every second flew from Clockwork's right hand and into Danny's forehead.

Events have been set into motion, motions have set actions and possibilities spiraling into the future, the future had now become divided between the many possibilities that Danny could make, and the future had a lot more good outcomes than bad. Clockwork blinked owlishly, he could see each future shift violently, each fight that Danny was in became better, gone was the confusion but instead Clockwork could already see what hid beneath future Danny's gaze.

Acceptance, the teen had already subconsciously accepted the fact that this is what he is, and that he has a role to play even if he does not know it.

That's a wrap people! The first chapter of Phantom Gamer has been made, Danny will be getting powerful quite quickly in terms of skills, and overtime he will become a monster when it comes to fighting.

See ya next time!