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The thunder crackled outside and rain poured down. Roy Mustang checked the time with tired eyes—just past two in the morning.

If this rain continues into the daytime, I'll be good for nothing but the paperwork... he thought. Another particularly loud crack of lightning, and he felt the bed shift and creak beneath him. His wife of two years had been awakened by the sound. "Riza, it's just a storm," Roy said.

Riza Hawkeye, now Riza Mustang, turned to him with sleep still in her eyes and voice. "You'll be useless at work if this keeps up," she teased quietly. Roy inwardly sighed; she knew just what buttons to push.

"You need your rest with the baby coming so soon. Try to go back to sleep. I should do the same," he said. Riza smiled slightly and kissed him briefly before grunting in pain, her arm going to her swollen middle.

"Riza? Is everything alright?" Roy asked, concern in his voice. After a few seconds, he felt moisture on the bedsheets. For a moment, he hoped that it was the roof leaking overheard from the heavy rain. Until he looked at Riza, who looked startled.

"Roy," she said, her voice soft with worry, "my water just broke."

Roy gulped; he was going to be a father today after all.


It luckily wasn't that far of a drive from the Mustang residence to the hospital in Central. Although the doctors did have Roy wait outside for a few minutes as they settled Riza in her room for the impending delivery, he was let back in shortly.

Once he was allowed in, he pulled up a chair by the bedside. "How are you feeling?" he asked, worry thick in his tone.

"I'll be alright. The contractions aren't that bad yet, and the doctor said that she would be back in an hour to check on my dilation," Riza said. "Alright," Roy said. When Riza tensed, Roy took her hand and let her squeeze it for the few seconds the contraction lasted.

Even after it was over, Roy kept holding her hand, stroking the back of it with his thumb, worry across his expression. "I'll be alright," Riza said. "I just need you to stay here with me."

Roy nodded, some of his worries subsiding for the time being. "I can do that."


The hours of the day dragged on in the hospital room, rain pouring outside of the window. The doctor, Dr. Frida, came by occasionally to check on Riza's progression through labor. It was slow, but certainly happening. Roy wasn't used to seeing his ex-lieutenant in so much pain, and it hurt him to see a woman he loved so much in agony.

At around six that evening, when Dr. Frida came in and conducted another brief check-up, she smiled. "Well, you're almost ready to deliver, Lieutenant. We're going to move you to the delivery room now. Colonel, you can walk along with your wife. The room isn't very far from here," she said.

So, Dr. Frida rolled the hospital bed down the hallway. Roy would be lying if he said that he wasn't a bit sweaty from nerves as he walked at the same speed as the bed, his hand in Riza's. Once they reached the delivery room, more doctors and nurses were in to set everything up. However, Dr. Frida still seemed to be in charge.

"Colonel? I'd like you to help the Lieutenant squat down. It shoulder help her deliver the baby a bit easier," she instructed. So, Roy sat on the bed, helping Riza move into a low squat.

As another contraction wracked her body, her legs wobbled slightly. The pain was getting brutally worse. However, Roy kept a close hold on her. He gently rubbed her stomach, letting her crush his hand. "Breathe through it, Riza. I've got you," he assured.

After a few moments, the contraction relented. Dr. Frida came over to them. "Alright, Lieutenant. You need to start pushing on the next contraction. The baby is right there," she said. A few moments later, Riza bore down hard. Roy was essentially the only thing keeping her from falling. "

You're doing great! The little head is coming right out!" Dr. Frida cheered on. As Riza pushed, Roy felt how tense she was and highly doubted he'd have another child after this. "You can do it. You just need to keep going," he whispered in her ear when her cries of pain were at their worse.

Suddenly, the room fell into a dead silence. It was a bit worrying at first. Then, a small, shrill cry sounded. Dr. Frida picked up a tiny, mess-covered newborn and cut the umbilical cord.

"Mr. and Mrs. Mustang... you have a baby boy," she said gently. Roy moved over and helped exhausted Riza relax on the bed as the doctors cleaned and examined the newborn baby boy. After a few minutes, the infant was laid on Riza's chest, still wailing.

"He's strong and healthy. Seven pounds, three ounces, and twenty inches," Dr. Frida said. After a few moments of cleaning up, the hospital staff cleared out to give the new family some privacy.

After the baby's cries quieted down to little mewls, his parents got a better look at him. "He looks a lot like his daddy," Riza said softly. Indeed, the newborn's skin tone and black hair were practically an exact match to Roy's.

"He picked up a few things from Mama, though," Roy commented, noticing his baby's brown eyes as they opened for the first time. "He's our baby boy..." Riza breathed. Her lips were then met with Roy's own in a kiss for a few seconds.

Afterwards, Roy sat on the bed, resting his arm around Riza. "You know that I love you," he said. "I do. And I love you too. Right now, though, we need a name for him, though," Riza said.

Roy rested his hand on the little bundle that was his child. "...can I hold him?" he asked. "Yes. He is yours," Riza said. So, Roy finally got to hold his son.

After nine months and waiting and watching his wife's stomach swell, feeling little kicks and presses, and dealing with pregnancy symptoms alongside her... it was finally worth it. The baby boy had been born healthy.

"...are you crying?" Riza asked after a few minutes of silence.

Roy rubbed beneath his eye and, asure enough, he felt a tear. "I... I guess I am. I've been so worried these past few hours, and now that everything's alright and Elias is here—" Roy was stopped in his rambling by Riza taking his arm. "Elias?" she asked.

"That's a name I thought of just now. I remember Hughes saying that that was the name he intended to use for Elysia if she had been a boy. Wow, was that conversation a long time ago... anyways, what do you think of it?" Roy asked.

Riza gently rubbed her baby boy's cheek. "Elias Mustang. I like it," she decided. Roy smiled and held Riza with one arm and Elias with the other. She soon fell asleep as the toll of childbirth settled on her body.

It left Roy alone with Elias and the rain outside. The colonel smiled as he looked outside.

Maybe rainy days aren't so bad.

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