With one week before school starts, The Mew Mews are called early because they have to put on a fundraiser show for two reason. Reason one, a world renowned dance troupe is coming over from China and has asked Cyrus K. Holliday to perform for them, and reason two, Kiki has detected Mew Mew Princess, keeper of the Mew Mew power. With all of their might, Kiki, Chanel, Vada, Saatvika, Danna, Carla, Harley, Julianna, and Presley Beth must round up and figure out who's The Mew Mew Princess before its too late.


Kether Donohue- Kiki Benjamin

Jessica Paré-Chanel Proulx

Minae Noji-Vada Kesley

Nitya Vidyasagar -Saatvika Jain

Kyla Pratt-Danna Coste

Jenna Ortega- Carla Bello

Katherine Langford-Harley Dennis

Tara Strong- Presley Beth and Julianna Abbey

Rhys Darby- Dean Dennis

Savion Glover- Coach Howland

Hong Chow- Claudia Kim

Bowen Du- Eric Bauza

Qiqi Jin- Liu Yife

Hao-Yu Lin- Jacob Batalon

Caihong Lu- Tania Gunadi

Jìngyi Gung- Anna Akana

Ralph Fiennes- King Guówáng

Lucy Liu- Queen Nǚ

Additional Voices: Collin Dean, Grey Griffin, Tara Strong, Ted Lewis, Tom Kenny, John DiMaggio Nika Futterman, Catherine Taber, Jessica DiCicco, Lara Jill Miller, Susanne Blakeslee, Jeff Bennett, Cree Summer, Frank Welker, and Jennifer Hale.