Thanks to DaveyWalker for the titles and shows for the rest of Season 1. NOTE: I have changed the title of the Season 1 finale. it's called "Hey Family Guy!", instead.

Vic-Family Guy!

Stewie: Well, we should be headind to the next episode

Kid Danger: We were supposed to save you!

Bertram: I'll take that!

Kid Danger trips Bertram

Kid Danger: We win

Bertram: Stewie, what are doing with that machete! Aahh!

Stewie: That's for hurting my friend, and this is for still being alive

Shoots AK-47 three times

Bertram: S-S-Stewart, No!

Stewie: Kid Danger, wanna take it from here?

Kid Danger: Yeah, you should get to the next show so you don't make this episode too long it's already 129 words.

Meanwhile, Hollywood, CA

Trina: Tori, I just qead on the Slap that Steven Carson is returning to Hollywood Arts!

Steven Carson's The Slap Update: I'm Back! Watch yourself ToriVega! I'm coming for you! FEELING: DEVILISH }:-]

Sikowitz: No class, go home!

Class: YAY!

Sikowitz: It's called acting, take your seats

Rex: Man, he sure puts the psycho in Sikowitz!

Steven: Hey, is this the class with Tori Vega?

Sikowitz: Go away, Steven Carson!


Tori: Why me?

Steven: I don't have money to fly to Italy to kill Carly, so i'm gonna kill you!

Sikowitz:Perfect opening for todays project: "Hollywood Arts Murder Mystery!"

Rex: Get the heck outta here, boy.

Steven: Quiet, Puppet

Robbie: Hey! He doesn't like being called puppet

Steven: I was talking to you, Shapiro

All of a sudden, a flicker of light whooshes and Brian and Stewie appear. The world is animated, now!

Stewie: Uh, hello, i'm Stewie, and this is Brian

Andre: 'Sup!

Brian: Yo!

Cat: What's up with your head, Stewie?

Stewie: Idiot!

Cat: What's that supposed to mean!?

Later that night, Tori is home alone watching a movie

Tori: No, don't go into the closet, gaah! He went in...

Out of nowhere, Steven comes up and throws a sack over Tori's body

Tori: (muffled) help, Andre, Trina, anyone!

Steven: don't bother, noone can hear you're pansy a** cries!

Tori: LET ME GO!

The next morning

Trina: Tori, Tori? Hello? Huh, what is this?

Steven (V.O., Letter): if you ever wanna see Tori again, come to the Hollywood sign at 7:15 P.M., Sharp. Bring the dog and baby

Trina: Oh, no!

André's home, phone rings

Charlotte: WHO IS IT?

Trina: Trina!

Charlotte: I DON'T KNOW YOU!

André: Get off the line, Grandma!

Charlotte: OKAY, ANDRÉ!

André: what happened

Trina: Tori's been kidnapped and this letter says if we wanna see her again, to meet him at the Hollywood sign at 7:15 P.M. and bring the dog and baby?

André's The Slap update:

Skipping Sikowitz, Brian, Charlotte, Stewie, Cat, Beck, Jade and I are rescuing Tori from Steven_Carson! FEELING: MAD AF }:(

Hollywood sign

Steven: Good, you made it! Not a moment too soon! I was about to kick Tori off the "H" to her death

Stewie: We're gonna kick your ass

Steven: Not. So. Fast. Stewart!

Steven points gun at Stewie

André: Woah, take it easy, man!

Charlotte: WHERE AM I!

Jade: On the Hollywood sign, moron


Brian: is Steven wearing a mask?

Beck: He is

André: Cat, get the mask off him

Cat: what's that supposed to mean?

Stewie: allow me


Stewie rips the mask off "Steven" to reveal Bertram's face

Bertram: Heeereee's Bertram!

Stewie kicks Bertram off the H, causing Bertram to fall to his death


Everyone cheers!

Stewie's The Slap update:

I killed the bad guy, who was my half-brother in disguise! FEELING: VICTORIOUS! :D

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