A/N: This takes place after another story that I named A thousand years. Anyway, enjoy.

He was happy when he left Hogwarts. Yes, he was happy. People saw that he was, his boyfriend saw that he was, but when he got home laughing with his brother, getting hugs from his mother, father, and sister. But, he was not. Albus Severus Potter sat in the living room listening to his sister as she went on about when she leaves Hogwarts but Albus tuned her out as he took a sip from his Firewhiskey. James laughed at her as she was telling them what she did on her last day, but he did not notice the look on his little brother's face. Hell, Albus does not even know what he's feeling. Was it sadness or fear? Or was it anger? If it was, who was he angry at? He knows what he's scared of, but he does not know the feeling. Albus sighed and looked over to his father who would not stop staring at him. There was a look of pride on his face, but his eyes, his eyes were asking a question that Albus was asking himself since he got home: "Are you ok?" Albus did not answer, he stood up and walked out of the room leaving his family to celebrate without him. Harry watched him leave and sighed.

Albus walked into his room and sat on his bed with a book sitting next to him but he did not pick it up for he was lost in thought about what he was feeling but he could not place it. 'Maybe I'm tired or scared about something? What though? I'm happy with dad, mum, James, Lily, and Scorpius, so what is it?' Albus asked himself. He looked at the door when he heard a knock. However, Albus did not say anything.

"Al? can I come in?" his father asked on the other side of the door. Albus however, did not say anything. Harry sighed and opened the door anyway. "Hey, Al? What's wrong?" Harry asked walking over to Albus who did not say anything nor look at him. "Al?" Harry asked, realizing that this is just like when he came out to him for the first time. "Can I sit down, Al?" Harry asked his son who nodded and stared out the window. "Al, I know that this is a big day for you. I know it's going to be hard to move on with your life but…" Albus looked at him with tears in his eyes.

"That's not why I'm upset dad. I'm happy that I'm done with Hogwarts. I'm happy that I can move on with my life but…I, I…. I don't know this feeling. I don't know if I'm mad or…..or scared…..I just want to yell but I…I know…." Albus trailed off and put his head in his hands. "I don't know what I'm thinking… Schop he… Well, I still love him and you guys but…. but what if…What if….." Albus trailed off again. He closed his eyes and sighed. "What if I forget you again? What if I stay here and grow up without having a life? What if no one wants to hire me because I'm the son of Harry Potter, or what if it is the other way around? What if they only see me as Harry Potter's son? I don't care what they think about me and Scorpius but…..Me, me being Harry Potter's son. The one that people only known for being in….." Albus cut off when tears filled his eyes. Albus never cries. He only yells so Harry was shocked a little by this however he just nodded and looked at his son.

"Al," he started with a sigh. "I know that you will do well, I know that everything will work out for you. You are smart. Smarter than me in fact. That is what I love about you Al, you don't care what people think about you. I know that…" Harry was cut off when Albus pulled him into his arms. He then started to cry there. Harry smiled and hugged him back.

After a few minutes, Albus pulled out of the hug and wiped his eyes. "Now, Let's go have your cake," Harry said standing up. Albus did the same and laughed.

"Yeah, before James eats it all. Hey, can I invite Scorpius over? I know that he might be having some well, time with his dad but," Harry nodded, cutting him off. Albus smiled and ran out of the room. Harry was not worried about his son one bit. He was proud of him in fact and he knew that his mother would be proud of him for raising three amazing kids. Harry was glad that Albus knew that he was proud of him as well. He smiled to himself and walked out of the room when he heard Ginny called:

"Time for cake," and then soon after he heard her say: "No, James, let Al have the first peace," Harry laughed and walked down the stairs to join his family. When he walked into the dining room he saw Scorpius sitting right next to Albus with a big smile on his face.

"Hello, Mr. Potter," Scorpius said before he kissed Albus. Harry nodded and said down laughing a little when Lily went "aww."

Albus smiled at his father and then looked around him. Albus knew that one look at his family and he knew that he would do good in his life. Hell, maybe he will be better than Harry Potter himself.

A/N: Summary: Albus does not believe that he will do good in the word after he leaves Hogwarts, but he does not know what he is feeling.

House: Hufflepuff

History of magic

Word count: 924

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