When you think about reincarnation, you believe it is something extraordinary, strange, singular or particularly gruesome. Mine was to put it simply…downright boring. Boring and unexpected. Track-kun wasn't going to wait for me on the street, so he came to see me directly after I moved to Rome to go to university. Translated, a truck took a curve badly and quickly crashed into a building, or more precisely an apartment building, breaking through the ground floor, exactly when I was opening the door. I'm pretty sure my stomach got into my lungs but whatever.

"So … are you God?"

"Eh, they call me so everywhere" replies the old man as he looks at me with a mixture of entertainment and pity "So you're dead…"

"Wow that's very insightful of you, did you understand because I am in front of you? Or was it particularly fun to watch my death on air?"

"Oh? Sarcastic, now are we? but then again I can't fault you since you died so it's normal" he replies scratching his beard. I just snorted at his comment "but to answer your question, I never find joy in the death of people, but yours had a comic touch into it considering how luck fluctuates"

"Well they say luck is blind, but I am pretty sure it avoided me on purpose" I sit...in the middle of nowhere

It's all white and spacious as far as the eye can see, but the boy didn't pay too much attention to it now. He must come to terms with his death after a life full of bad luck , not even the time to enjoy his graduation from university for which he had to break his back on books just to enter, only to never see the end of it.

"So … what happens now?" I ask without too many expectations. I mean, technically nobody ever came back to report how reincarnation works so .

"Ever heard about role-playing video games?"

"Yes why?" something seems wrong.

On the ground suddenly appears a rather familiar sign of a shield with a slightly astral shape.

"Oh no…you won't send me to the nasuverse, right?" I ask with a slight sense of fear…after all everything could happen into that universe with my already low f luck rank.

"Maybe. Usually most deities like myself send random people to other worlds to solve problems, it has been this way for thousands of years now, and you are the most recent death that appeared before me, so turn the wheel ye ye ~"

"…" I am not sure whether this god is trying to mock me or defuse the situation, but I decide to ignore their words and spin the spheres over the circle that rotate so quickly that it almost looks like a ring, after a while they join together forming a flash of light and other letters that are unknown to me.

"Ah …" the deity says, and I look back at them.

"I can't read any of these letters," I say starting to sweat. I literally have no idea what will happen to me now.

"Those are universal letters, so you mortals can't read…" The god replies but stops, confusing me.

"And?" I urge them to continue but the deity gives me a tense look.

"The system we created decides which world and initial power the reincarnated person will begin their journey and you … well you are going into the Highschool DxD world"

I nod in understanding, but seeing that he doesn't go on, I look again perplexed.

"How can I say it …"

"What? I am reincarnating in a world where breasts defy gravity, where the more you are perverted the stronger you are, so what can go wrong among those things?" I ask anxiously, wanting to know how bad it is.

"You will be human again" He finally replies almost cautiously, as if trying not to give the boy a panic attack.

"Alright and?"

"Uh...that's all…"

"What?!" I ask skeptically, feeling my own panic rise "You are telling me I'll be human-"


"-Without powers-"


"Neither a sacred gear or skill of any kind-"


"Against forces that involve all sorts of supernatural things, like gods and dragons, trying to cause the end of the world?"

"Eh …"

"Son of a bit-!" I tried to strangle them but without avail...being a soul while lacking a body..really sucks.

"...Can I give you my blessing?" he asks apologetically

"Why the heck didn't you do that before?!" I scream trying to tear my hair out of frustration…while the god tries to reassure me.

"tradition? You see...usually it is given after the gacha…and I didn't expect you would have such a real bad luck?"

Before the boy could bespeak any of the gods that brought him here, a column of light strikes him, and he disappears.

"Ah this could be a problem…"

Unknown place...

Fire. That's all he sees when he opens his eyes. Surprisingly while being close to the flames, they don't burn him. They are bizzare and yet familiar. It is relaxing in a way.

'Is this what hell looks like?'

[So, you woke up, unexpected guest.] The powerful voice almost makes him jump. Almost. He turns and sees another hallucination [I assure you that I'm anything but a hallucination.]

The creature's annoyed response takes him off guard. The creature is a huge red dragon. He is tall as…he can't say exactly since part of its body is covered in flames, but it's still huge. It is a red western dragon, with red and gold spikes popping up on various parts of its body, at least the visible ones. His green eyes stare at him intensely with a certain distrust and annoyance.

"So…" He was short of ideas... nevertheless someone will excuse them for not expecting a pissed-off gecko in front of the muzzle as soon as their eyes open, right? "Where are we?"

[In the depth of the Boosted Gear, little hassle.] He replies annoyed, without understanding why. If he is here, maybe…

"I am not the new Sekiryuutei right? So how come you are so hostile towards me Ddraig?" I asked.

[No, you and my host are connected on a metaphysical level, probably because you are twins] The thundering voice of the dragon shocks him to the core. Yes, he had hoped for it. [Your soul for some reason is already developed and you are certainly not a homunculus, otherwise I would have noticed, so an anomaly in the reincarnation system? Possible, but it is strange that you are so self-conscious, and there has been no magical activity around my host's mother for nine months, so how is this possible? Very intriguing...]


[Sorry, I was lost in my analysis. Anyway, yes, apparently you will be my guest's twin brother, but I don't trust you, so I will keep an eye on you] The dragon says with a snort, leaving the unwelcome guest with an irritated look before remembering something that makes him smile [Uh…what's with that grin?]

"Oh, nothing," I say mischievously "I will have fun seeing your misery if my brother is who I think he is."

After all, he can't really know if anything will stay the same with his birth, right? The god-no parasite that sent him here said there were problems, so you can never be too careful.

[Hmpf, wait and hope, as if a humble human could bend a dragon like me] He replies amusedly not believing his words [Good birth anyway.]

"Wait what?!"

Everything turns black again...

A few years later…

Since his … rebirth, 4 years have passed, although they seemed much more for Haru. It was quite the awful experience. Apparently, his name is Haru Hyodou now, or Hyodou Haru? He was reborn in Japan, so name and surname are backwards. The first two years above all have been atrocious. He couldn't speak or move alone, he had no control of his body, it was also tremendously humiliating to be breastfed by a stranger and put on a diaper again. But his new family is, in a way to put it… beautiful.

He has a younger twin brother, Hyodou Issei, who is like any 4 year old should be, cute and annoying. His new parents are Gorou and Miki Hyodou, a normal Japanese couple, a bit unfortunate in the children department given the poor fertility that led them to bury two other unborn children. Despite the traumatic event that was being reborn, he still remembers the happy crying of the two parents when the doctor announced that they were in perfect health. Even Haru cried after a very strong panic attack when he realized what had happened, which was fortunately mistaken for a child's normal cry, albeit late. They called him Haru, which means spring because he was born during that season (born again on Friday 17th, his luck as usual), and paradoxically he hates that season because in his previous life he had been allergic to many things, so …it's quite normal for him to dislike spring.

Then there's that lazy-ass lizard Ddraig… Haru hasn't seen or heard from him since that day, but he swears he heard his laugh in the booster gear when he realized his own predicament. He will take revenge for this in due course. Meanwhile, he must start thinking about how to survive in this world, since his brother has a longinus and the bastard who sent him here said that one way or another he will end up in the mess of the supernatural world.

He is now out with his family and their neighbors, the Shidou family, in a park a few blocks from their home. There is a secluded spot and it is here that he moved while the parents talk, and the two children play. The reason is simple: training. Yes, unfortunately having the aura of one of the heavenly dragons growing at a fast rate, it will be harder for him to mask it, regardless if he doesn't want to, so not dreading to get killed again he decides to train his own Chakra. He also noticed by chance while drawing a few days ago, in order not to die from boredom, one of the pencils stuck to his small hand with a faint blue glow. In that moment he thought about how nice it would have been to model this power like the anime of Naruto. In desperate times follow desperate measures, but this time it actually worked! And people think that souls are just a waste of time. Although for some strange reason Naruto doesn't exist in this world.

Nevertheless, we find Haru sitting cross-legged in the ground, he takes then a leaf from a bush and puts it on his forehead. This is one of the most basic Chakra control exercises. The Chakra is a mixture of physical and mental energy, and while the former is weak, since his rebirth he has meditated to calm the anger that seethes inside him, probably due to his awful death not too long ago. It went to the point where he can feel the space between one thought and another so it should be fine. He sighs, shakes his head to remove any unnecessary thoughts and presses the leaf on his forehead. He closes his eyes and feels his mind detaching himself from reality, along with something like a pool of hot water at stomach height. Haru tries to draw that heat closer to himself and he succeeds when he feels it rise and reach his head, and then gently moving to the support area of the leaf. He then removes his fingers from the leaf, but it doesn't fall off. Seeing the progress with his work he tries to move the Chakra a little further to the right of the leaf, which moves as if it were a small piece of metal attracted to a large magnet. And so, he keeps practicing for he doesn't know how long, adding more leaves when he is able to move the ones he had effortlessly.

The training lasts until he hears someone approaching, so he stops the flow of energy and the leaf falls. Haru opens his eyes and sees the orange sky in the bushes. Had it really been that long? It was 3 p.m. when they arrived at the park and spring has just begun so it should be somewhere between 6 p.m. no? He gets up and wobbles, then leans against the tree nearby to avoid falling. Was he so exhausted? How did he not notice that?

'I feel sleepy'

"Haru, we have to go!" Shouts the voice of Gorou.

"Coming" Haru replies weakly and walks over to his father who raises an eyebrow when he takes notice of his son's face.

Not that anyone could blame him, now it seems he hasn't slept in a week. Even so he did not miss the mixed look of concern and suspicion from Irina's parents, who if he remembers correctly are members of the church, even if he doesn't know which one.

"Nii-san what's wrong with you?" the childish voice that calls him is Issei. He has short brown hair and brown eyes, chubby like a normal 4 year old boy, he asks worriedly.

"Yes! You look like crud!" Another excited voice, this time from Irina. Unlike the sexy angel that many remember, she is also a child, like all children, she has the usual tender features, with cheeks that you would like to pinch without end. She has brown and rebellious hair, a short cut and purple eyes. She doesn't really act like a girl and she looks more like a tomboy with a strange tone of voice.

'And Issei believes she's a boy …' Haru can't suppress the slight upward movement of his lips at the thought "I took a nap under that tree, but I got tired of sleeping there and now I'm sleepy."

The answer, accompanied by a yawn, causes a large drop of sweat to fall over the adults' heads. They knew that Haru was a very smart child for his age, even if he has trouble writing and sometimes with some accent but his eyes have always been too sharp for a child. And then there is the lack of emotions aside from the boredom and indifference that accompanies him all the time, except when it comes to Irina and Issei. That's the only time they can see the ghost of a smile. Needless to say, the child's apathy worries the parents a bit.

"Eeeeh? Are you lazy nii-saaaan?" Issei's childish response makes Haru yawn again.

"Do you really like to sleep so much onii-chan?" Irina chuckles as Haru rubs her eyes.

Gorou takes his son and puts him on his back. "Being too lazy is not healthy Haru! If you keep being like this, you will never find a girl"

"Zzzz …" His father's words have been ignored in favor of a nap.

That night...

After a dinner, hot shower to relax and get into bed, I thought another dreamless night would come as usual, but it didn't...

"Hello again little human" Ddraig's gruff voice makes him open his eyes with annoyance.


"What a speaker today. To what do I owe this so cold treatment?" I ignore the amusement of the dragon and look at him with displeasure " nevertheless I am curious about one thing, how did you use the Chakra before? Usually only Yokai and few other species can do it."

I raise an eyebrow to the affirmation.

"What does that mean? The Chakra is obtained blending the physical and mental energy of the user, anyone can do it if they have a net to channel and use it, unless the escape points are defective".

at this Ddraig seems confused.

"Boy I've been living for a long time and I assure you that it' s the first time I've heard something like this" now it' s my turn to be confused "I've never dabbled in this particular subject, thus I don't know much about it, but if humans were actually capable of doing so then the war wouldn't be over...or you're an exceptional case, I have to look into it".

"Is it possible that Natuto doesn't exist for this?" the mumbling intrigues the dragon but he doesn't have time to ask "Rather, when I was... reborn you were aware, but how is it possible? In theory you are not conscious when the transfer from one guest to another occurs".

"I can't tell you exactly what happened, as I have no idea exactly how the sacred gear distribution system works, but I sensed an extraneous force invading a space close to my partner and when I checked, I found you. The event shook me enough to wake me up, but you were just a shadow when I last saw you, now you are a 4 years old child. Pretty weird if you ask me"

"Even so you shouldn't be here, even with Issei sleeping next to me."

"I had heard about it from Albion, but sometimes twins have a strong enough connection to allow this" he says, shrugging his shoulders (?).

"Alright?" he has little to say, before a light bulb turns on above his head "If I tell you I'm from another dimension and I'm reincarnated here, what would you do?"

I look up at Ddraig and smile sinisterly at sekiryuutei, making him shiver for some reason.

" Prove it" I have nothing to do anyway, so I might as well kill time.

"Can you see my memories?"

"Yes?" Ddraig's instincts have always been one of the finest as it befits a creature at the top of the food chain, but now his instincts are telling him not to follow what he's going to do, yet he decided to ignore it...




"Nuooooo~" only to regret it shortly afterwards.

And here comes the sound of the legendary heavenly dragon's horror cry/agony. I find it quite funny and a bit pathetic to see the state of the crying dragon in front of me. Bah who is he kidding? this scene is damn funny.


"How can you laugh like that?! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW HUMILIATING THAT IS FOR ME?!" Ddraig yells at me. Yes, he knew perfectly well, but that's what made it even funnier. "I, the dragon who made the gods tremble, reduced to...THAT!" keeps yelling at the red dragon.

In another universe, another Ddraig cries for his counterpart who has learned of the horror called Oppai Dragon, frightening his wielder.

If I remember correctly, did I read up to the battle with the Trihexa? That's where his memory comes in, but many things are blurred and not too clear.

"I... feel I'm going to be sick..."

"But if you don't have a body, how is that possible?" the skeptical question seems to cause him more distress.

"and do you have a heart?! That disease infected Bellzard too!"

"It happens" I reply flatly "rather, what am I going to do now? I don't want to give up my humanity, but to stay human I need to become stronger."

The change of topic seems to be a good distraction for Ddraig.

"*Sniff* keep training with the Chakra, you will probably never get to God class without the booster gear but you will become much stronger and more durable than any human, given how it has affected your exposure inside your mother's womb" Ddraig answers by wiping away the nervous tears, and pulling up the mucus.

"Exposure?" possible luck I didn't know existed?

"You don't have the booster gear, but having been in contact with its power while you and my partner were in your mother's womb, the dragon's power crept into your body as it formed, giving you a much more durable constitution than a normal one, if trained it will become more durable than Siegfried's after eating the heart and drinking the blood of the original Fafnir" he sighs massaging his temples.

"Is there anything else? "I ask with hope for any available advantage.

"You will have a magic resistance and energy reserves far beyond the norm as my blood is flowing inside you from the booster gear, but I don't know as to how it has affected you in other ways," Ddraig replied sincerely "now go away, you've done enough damage as it is".

With this I am thrown out of the deep layer of the sacred gear. When I opened my eyes it was early morning.

"At least I am not completely unarmed now..." I say sitting down and looking distractedly at the form of my sleeping brother.

He seems incredibly quiet while sleeping and sucking his finger, with no care in the the innocent state of the child Haru would not want him to fight to be honest. Is that what they call big brother instincts? He just hopes to lighten the load on his shoulders a little.

With that thought, Haru messes up his hair affectionately, gets up to change and goes for a run.

Only to be yelled at by his mother for going out without saying a word to anyone when he returns.