Tumblr Prompt #2: Person A gets stood up on a blind date and Person B decides to take pity on them. Bonus points if they already know each other.

A/N: In this AU, Chimney did come over to help Maddie move, but he didn't come over with the DVDs because he was too shy and thought she'd say no. They know each other peripherally but only through Buck.

Like other AUs I've done, Maddie's relationship with Doug was toxic but not abusive as it was on the show. Enjoy :) ~Meowser

Chimney knew it was a long shot, but he'd reinstalled the dating apps on his phone after he'd bumped into a very pregnant Tatiana. It had been a blow to his ego, that was for damn sure. He just didn't want to be stuck.

He thought back to Maddie Buckley, and how she'd looked at him when he and Eddie had helped her move, but he quickly dismissed that thought. There was no way a woman as gorgeous as her would be interested in him. Besides that, Buck would freak out, and Maddie was getting over a very toxic marriage, and he just didn't want to put Maddie or Buck in an awkward situation.

That wasn't his place. Even if he still thought about her sometimes, late at night. It had been four months, though, so he really needed to just get over it. Sure, they still saw each other sometimes when Buck brought her with him to things, but he'd hung back, restraining himself even though all he wanted was to ask her out.

He checked his phone again. He'd been chatting with women online since the Tatiana run in, but he hadn't met up with anyone yet. This one's name was Elena, and they'd been talking for about three weeks now. They had gone as far as exchanging their phone numbers and getting off the apps. She was around his age, probably a few years younger, and she worked at a high rise downtown. She'd seemed intrigued by the fact that he was an EMT and firefighter, and he was hopeful that sparks would fly.

It was getting closer to seven, however, and there was no sign of her. He'd keenly remembered how many times she'd joked about how she had to be early to everything, and yet she was nowhere in sight. He already had a funny feeling in his stomach, he knew where this was going.

Should he just leave now, spare himself the humiliation? He forced himself to wait until 7:15, realizing that there may have well been traffic, but considering that she still hadn't texted back...he very much doubted that.

The server came back to check, and Chimney brushed him off. "She got stuck in traffic," he offered, but from the pity in their eyes, he knew they weren't fooled. "Could you bring another martini?" He asked. He rarely did hard alcohol, but he didn't feel like beer or wine tonight.

The alcohol hit his bloodstream, made him less nervous, helped ease the pain starting in his heart. He dared to text her, one more time. This time he saw the bubbles, and he wanted to throw his phone.

If you're going to ghost me, just tell me now… He texted. Give me that fucking courtesy

The bubbles appeared again. She was typing. He waited for what felt like an eternity, and then finally Met someone else. Good luck out there

No apology. No nothing. He'd made them reservations at a fairly highend restaurant, and she didn't even have the decency to apologize. He should just be grateful that she'd put him out of his misery.

Fuck, now he had to figure out a way to leave without humiliating himself.

It was past 7:15. The server came back. "Are we still waiting?" He asked, pity cloying his voice. "I will have to ask you to give up the table if you're not planning to order, it's our policy."

"No, of course," Chimney said. "Listen, to be honest-"


The voice was thrown across the restaurant, and he turned to see Maddie Buckley standing at the bar. She walked through the crowded room, parting it as if she were a queen.

"I am so sorry, when I asked at the host stand they didn't seem to have your reservation under the right name," she said, smiling at the server, who had straightened in shock. "Could I please get a chardonnay?"

"Of course," he said, disappearing.

Chimney was shocked to silence. Maddie Buckley was sat across from him. Maddie Buckley was wearing a black dress, and he didn't think he'd ever seen her dressed up before. Maddie Buckley's hair was down and curling over her shoulders, and he didn't think he'd ever seen her look quite so breathtaking. He wondered what she was doing here, on a weeknight.

"Hi," she said, feeling awkward, beginning to doubt this move. Chimney was just staring at her in shock, and she hadn't meant to intrude on his evening. Well. She had, but she meant to rescue him from an awkward situation. "I was at the bar with a friend and she had to leave early, but then I saw you."

"Yeah," he said, clearing his throat and taking a sip of his drink. Martini. Interesting, she didn't think that was his lane.

"It looked like someone had cancelled on you," she said. "So I came over."

He fiddled with the napkin ring before meeting her gaze. "More look stood up completely," he said drily. "I'm not in the best of moods right now so don't feel the need to stay."

She crossed one leg over the other, trying to figure out where that had come from. He was trying to give her an out if she wanted one, but she could see from how tense he was that he probably was hoping she wouldn't take him up on it.

"Might as well get dinner," she hedged. "As long as I'm welcome to stay, I don't want to intrude on your evening."

He straightened a little, took another sip. "You're welcome, Maddie Buckley," he said, and met her gaze. "You're always welcome."

She smiled, and he smiled back, as if he couldn't help himself. "I will say that your date is an utter ass for leaving you like this," she said. "This is a pricy place."

"What can I say, I live to impress," he said, as the server returned to slide a glass in front of Maddie.

"Do you like calamari?" She asked him, and he nodded. "One order, please," she directed the server and he nodded before sliding away again.

"So what brings you out on a weeknight?" Chimney asked. "Dressed to the nines."

"Ah," she said. "Buck didn't tell you?"

"Our paths didn't cross today," he shrugged. "Tell me what?"

She smiled again, sipping at her wine. It had been a good day, a good week. "My ex signed the papers," she said. "I'm a free woman."

She saw something light in his eyes, and then he ducked his head, taking another sip of martini. She mirrored the motion, grabbing her wine again. There was a sudden sticky tension in the air.

Did he...could he…

She had been very interested when they'd first met, and she'd thought she saw the same interest from him, but as the months had passed, their paths hadn't crossed again except at group gatherings. Those weren't exactly conducive to getting to know one another.

Was he interested after all? Had he held back for a reason other than lack of interest?

She licked her lips, and found that his eyes followed the motion before again jerking away.

He was such a gentleman, he probably hadn't wanted to make things awkward between them. Especially since she'd still technically been married.

The calamari arrived, and they ordered. Maddie wondered if Chimney even knew what he'd requested. She munched at the fried food, letting a little silence fall to give him time to answer.

"Congratulations," he said, his voice warm. "That's a big day for you."

"It is," she said. "I wish Amanda's sitter hadn't canceled on her, I was planning on a late night since I don't have work in the morning."

"We have that in common," Chimney said, and she felt the vibe shift, again, this time to distinctly sensual.

She fiddled with the stem of her wine glass. Their entrees came, and she felt like every bite she took was foreplay. She met his gaze, again and again, and their eyes danced away from each other.

She wanted this.

"You know," he began, taking another sip of martini. "I always wanted to…"

He looked up, met her gaze, and this time it was like they couldn't look away. Her face grew flushed, and she felt uncomfortable, but not in a bad way. She shifted in her seat, licked her lips.

"I wanted to ask you out," he finally finished, and her lips parted. She took another bite. "But not while your life was…"

"A work in progress?" She finished.

"Yeah," he said, exhaling like the words had been hard to get out. "I didn't want to put you on the spot or anything."

She licked her fork off, saw his eyes follow the motion before again skirting away. "So are you?" She asked, voice dangerously low.

He cleared his throat, looking up again. "Am I what?"

"Asking me out," she finished, and he smiled for the first time in a while. It cut through some of the tension, eased the ache between her thighs, yet made it worse.

"That depends," he said, leaning forward. His hand was on the table, and she found herself placing her own hand down to join it. He extended his reach, his fingertips brushing against her wrist.

"On what?" She asked, fork down, food now the farthest thing from her mind.

His fingers were caressing her hand, lighting her up, making her want this even more. "On what your answer would be," he said softly.

The server came back then. "How is everything?" He asked, voice too loud.

Maddie had to shake her head, as if clearing a fog. "Can we get the check?" She requested. It was too soon to ask, they hadn't even finished their plates, he'd barely just dropped them off.

"Of course," the server answered, disappearing again.

Chimney didn't even look away from her to grab the bill when the server returned, sliding his card in before Maddie could even react.

And that...that was attractive.

"Let me walk you to your car," he offered, as they left the restaurant.

"It's in the parking garage at the block," she replied, and he was left to just staring at her. The black dress was clearly showing every curve, and she leaned down to put her phone back in her purse, giving him an all too brief glance at her cleavage. He wasn't that type of guy, he jerked his gaze away. He wondered if she felt it too. She had to, wasn't that why they were leaving like this? Both a little tipsy, both very horny.

They'd barely made it her car before he was kissing her, his hands on her body, backing her against the practical SUV. She was kissing him back, making noises that were driving him even more wild; moans from deep in her throat, sighs when he paused to adjust his positioning, gasps when his lips touched her neck.

He wanted to take her back to his place and just spend the rest of the night in bed, getting to know her body. He desperately wanted her, but he refused to do something that might make her uncomfortable. So his hands stayed on her arms, her shoulders, never venturing to the areas he really wanted to touch.

She moaned, cutting off the kiss, and he pulled away, wondering if he'd done something wrong. "Are you okay?" He panted, and she shook her head.

"I want to go home," she breathed, and he felt his heart plummet to his feet.

"Yeah," he said, starting to pull away, disappointment keen, but this was okay. She was allowed to change her mind.

She grabbed at his jacket, pulling him back in, and he stopped short. "No," she said, embarrassed. "I didn't mean it like that. I meant I wanted you to take me home. With you. To your home."

She ducked her head. "Oh god, I'm just being embarrassing now," she groaned. "I'm sorry."

His heart had stopped beating for a second when she'd been speaking, and now it restarted in double time. "Yeah," he said. "Of course we can. Maddie." She raised her eyes to meet his again, and it was all he could do to not just explode from the look in her eyes. Pure lust. "You aren't being embarrassing."

"Take me to bed, Chimney Han," she ordered.

It was an order that he would gladly obey.