AN)RowdyRobbyD check list if ya smelllll what Rowdy is writin' anti-reality-check, AU -check, OOC- check, Fluff warning -check . Something different Several positive Resurrections will take place and that could put this fix-it story in a class all its own .We start at the scene with Daenerys staring through a window at Dragonstone . She may be pissed off but she isn't -wait mad means insane .She isn't mad she is demoralized, devastated, damn depressed and in shock .

Dany stood unmoved by the window looking out at nothing. Going over everything in her mind. Just thinking about everything that had befallen her.

When Daenerys was little all she wanted was a return to the house with the red door and the lemon tree. She only ever wanted family really.

There was a family, but only her brother . He had grown cruel , bullied her , he sold her as a broodmare to get a Dothraki army.

Accepting her plight and in spite of the cultural ,language and age difference she fell in love with her husband .Then she had a family again. He the moon to her stars.

Then, sadly her brother was drunk and threatened Daenerys and her unborn baby. He was stopped by her husband and was made to wear a molten gold crown as he fell dead . She watched it happen and felt horribly numb ,empty like this feeling now -almost .

Now alone for as far as she knew there was no longer any family and she was the only Targereon left in the world. She had Jorah who was like a father figure the only father she ever knew .

He was found to have betrayed her .He had this look as she sent him away ,it wasn't fear for his own safety it was sadness .

She would not kill him so she sent him away. He met her again but grey scale made her send him away to get healed and she expected he would die.

How happy she was ,later in Winterfell to see Jorah cured when he came back ,she had adopted him as a father already in her heart. Then to see him killed while defending her ripped her heart out .

Nobody seemed to care ,her Jon did not even attempt to comfort her.

The North treated her and all she brought with her like trash. One old man spat at her even as she was close to entering Winterfell !

Jon's family was not to be hers either and it hurt. They would not see her as anything but a threat ,if only they knew she was needing a family so bad. She loved Jon so much.

They misunderstood her, were ungrateful for all she brought to help and lost in the process and it compounded her sadness with anger .

Jon ,oh Jon her soul , her heart , insisted on telling his sisters his true heritage. He was not only distant from her when he found out who his real parents were but also became a confused fool.

Sansa hated her from the start without even trying to accept her as sister.

Jon failed her by her miserably telling Sansa his true heritage .

Her second child was killed before her very eyes. Rhaegal shot out of the sky by that monster Euron Greyjoy. This loss so ripped her up emotionally no different than a mother seeing her child killed .

Before she could even grieve her child she saw her dear sister , her Missandai decapitated.

Such a sight left her with an unwanted gruesome memory .Left her totally shocked then numb, sad ,angry ,demoralized and doubting why she ever even came here. The damned iron throne .

No one seemed to care. She had nobody .She trusted nobody .

She could not eat, she did not bathe and her hair was left to grow wild.

She had cried so much no more tears would come. She just stared at nothing in a pure unadulterated state of bitter sadness feeling utterly alone.

Jon walked slowly into his Aunt's room. Therein was a huge 4 posted bed un-slept in, a dresser unused by the side of the bed. There was even a privy that was in a smaller room adjoined to this room in Dragonstone .

A room fit for a Queen. Only one window was there to let the sunshine in yet it was blocked by Daenerys whose back was facing Jon.

The rays of light shone around her ,her hair was unkempt. She was already a tiny lady yet now she was very skinny for she hadn't eaten for fear of poison .

The tiny broken lady before him , the very sight , the very idea chided him for being so distant. Not any more, for now his heart ached for her even more ,he wished he could take away all her pain. He whispered a prayer to the Old gods to comfort her.

Jon slowly walked up spread his arms around Daenerys waist and held her lovingly , she hadn't washed but it didn't bother Jon because her unwashed smell was still Dany .His Dany the only other woman who has ever truly loved him.

He affectionately buried his face in her tangled greasy white hair and sighed .

Ygrett loved him but Daenerys is so much more she is blood of his blood.

It doesn't matter that she is his Aunt. No not anymore .

It took him grieving over Rhaegal to understand the magnitude of the grief his Dragon Queen must have felt.

When Rhaegal was killed Jon felt a sharp pain in his neck. Jon felt Rhaegal's shock, fear ,outrage and sadness then felt nothing and knew that Rhaegal was gone. Then Jon knew too late that he had unwittingly bonded with Rhaegal the first time he rode that huge green dragon. In fact he was named after his real Father.

Then Jon had shed tears over the Dragon he was learning to ride now that was over too soon. If only he would have gone to Dany right then. He felt sad for The Mother of Dragons knowing how this loss alone would crush her emotionally but he could not allow himself to get close to her . He realized now what a fool he was.

Then he found out about sweet Missandai decapitated right in front of his Dany . It horrified him just to hear about it yet Daenerys was there . She saw it happen. Even for Jon this was like a sock in the gut to find out that such a gentle women was murdered. Seeing Grey Worm in grief and anger was a silent rebuke to Jon .

It scared the dragon-wolf realizing how much his one true love had lost in such a short period of time.

Jon knew he might to lose Dany to madness if he didn't make the right decision straightaway.

Jon had distanced himself from her like a fool. His honor held back the raging passion that he had for her .Jon knew if he gave in, allowed himself to feel then no one or nothing would ever come between them, ever .

On his way to see her his firm ironclad decision was secure, Jon chose her to be his and his alone .

Whispering in her ear speaking what he had been thinking about and lost sleep over. he told her everything in his heart.

"Oh Dany I am here now. Grey Worm lost so much ,I swear before the old Gods I won't lose you too."

She turned to scold Jon yet the Dragon-wolf kissed her lips again and again as she began to catch up and they smooched .

Jon stopped , got on his knees and said.

" I need to ask you a question its burning in my heart since I made my decision, since I wept over Rhaegal, since I saw poor Grey Worm in the pall of anger and grief. Oh Gods ! how much I failed when you needed me the most. Not any more . Daenerys Stormborn Targereon Queen of the Andals ,The First Men ,the Roynar ,the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, The Unburnt ,The breaker of Chains ,the Mother of Dragons and one half of my heart forever.

Could you even marry a foolish man like me?

Daenerys looked at Jon and thought as a tear rolled down her cheek and she thought ,

Oh Jon it was truly I that had failed you too . I could have helped you come to terms with you heritage but I was so distracted by everything else .

She was surprised Jon had wept over her child Rhaegar

My wolf you must have really bonded with him she reasoned .

She was also sad about Grey Worm and yet did his grief open Jon's eyes to his Dragon side?

She said

" You know nothing dear wolf , even if its Snow or Targereon or any other name I say YES!"

Jon stood up ,helped her to her feet . She walked with him hand in hand looking bedraggled yet was beaming now .She could not walk fast enough to the Meister .She was in a happy daze.

Jon had the Meister marry them without pomp or circumstance. Without witnesses but 3 singed copies . one for Winterfell, one for The Citadel and one saved for King's Landing. Jon said I take this women to be my lawfully wedded wife from this day and for all my days as long as I shall live.

Daenerys looked at Jon happily looked at the Meister and then repeated the vows as she was led through patiently. Jon gladly took the name Targereon as is it was his real sir name anyway.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Smut alert ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

back to the room

Daenerys was then shaken , Jon? Is this real or is this a dream ? She felt his arms around her ,breathed in the smell of Jon all sweat with that peculiar aroma she knows all too well, no its Jon all right .my husband now .

She turned to face him happy about this wonderful change and before she could speak Jon's lips collided with hers as he once again stole a kiss from her, one she so had delighted to return the smooch. She gave up the idea of chiding her dragon-wolf for waiting so long and kissed him back with vigor and passion.

They stumbled as they kissed tripping and falling on the bed , she fell over Jon as he caught her on the way down. She landed safe on top of him as she looked wide eyed ,her eye brows angled up and then she giggled . Smooching like young lovers on a Saturday night then they stood up again lips as if glued together in transit and their tongues danced the lovers waltz.

She ripped off Jon's leather doublet then his t-shirt as Jon reached below and slid her shiff off from the bottom hem. Jon quickly pulled it with her dress all up and over her head. Then she held Jon to balance him as he lost his boots and pants with her help .

He looked at Daenerys lovely amethyst purple eyes and saw her pupils dilated with desire. He could see her nostrils open and close she was breathing heavy in anticipation . He smiled at her ,picked her up gently placing her on the bed .He fell to his knees ,got between her legs and then buried his face in her silvery haired women hood. Jon knew every carnal part and he worked her. His cock was very hard but he would wait as he relished her taste, aroma and texture.

She felt that special fire , she felt the waves of gratification beginning at her bottom as it rippled up her body like a sweet dragon flying straight up in the air. As she came she shouted DRACARYS! Then tears, but these were of joy such as many women can get when they have such pleasing gratification . Multiple orgasm for the Dragon queen on her wedding day was awesome.

Jon was glad she enjoyed him and felt he owed her that .Gallantry has a place in the marriage bed as well.

Jon was so happy even after the fact he thought she-she really said yes after how I treated her before . He knew he gave her pleasure but this made him want her more than ever, it was the wolf's turn and he won't be denied. Inside her she always had a hot body temperature and that made sex with her wonderful. They had made love after that for hours.

The next morning after a hot bath and change of clothes Jon brushed Dany's hair as best he could .It was detangled and tied in a pony tail ,simple and acceptable .She was ravenous so they made their way to the Unsullied camp and broke their fast with Grey Worm .The food was safe there and was also simple ,hot and hearty. She ate so fast she was given another bowl right away. It was like stew savory with a bit of spice.

Dany seemed to be able to get Grey Worm to open up to her about his feelings speaking in Valyrian and intermittingly glancing and Jon and patting his leg affectionately knowing Jon can't speak it- yet.

They talked for a long time until Grey Worm had allowed himself to finally allow tears to run as Dany hugged him. Then they wept together Dany needed this too . It was simple yet more therapeutic than the greatest Psychiatrists couch. Greyworm felt somewhat better. He even smiled at Jon Snow when Jon told him in front of Dany how Greyworm was unwittingly responsible for opening his eyes to his love for Dany by seeing the unsullied Commander's grief over the loss of the love of his life in such a horrible way. Grey Worm was happy that Jon married his Mysha.

Greyworm also allowed his anger to diminish to a razor thin point and zero in on the real culprits in the murder of his Missandai. Instead of every Lannister on the planet his hatred and rage is directed at only two individuals ,Cersie and The Mountain.

Then Dany told Jon that they were keeping Sir Jaimie Lannister in Jail.

Jaimie sat in a cell feet chained at the ankles. He knew he screwed up. Cersie that damned evil sister once again. He remembered the Queen Of Thorns' statement ,

"My boy your sister has such a hold on you."

Jaimie wondered now about that statement . His plans to take Cersie to Essos somewhere to live out the rest of their lives together was over. He realized that as he pulled on his ankle chains which were digging into his calves. Given time to think ,hours and hours he thought of nothing but her and Brienne .Then somewhere along the way he began to separate himself from any illusions he had for his twin and think of Cersie objectively for the first time in his life. In every case she was selfish ,cruel and wanton. In her grief over their children she soured to the point of ,if possible, being even more evil then King Areys.

Jaimie used to feel sorry for her and when he did he too wanted to bed her . Then something he fought more fervently than anything else in his life won. Guilt a shame that bit him in the ass. Reality poked him in the eyes, Brienne loved him ,really loved him and he threw her away .

Guilt over how many poor decisions he made unbecoming a Knight because of his father too. Guilt over not being able to protect Queen Rhaella from Evil King Ares. Guilt over his houses complicity in the death of Ella ,Rhaenys and Aegon Martell. Guilt over the rape and banishment of Tysha the young commoner wife of Tyrion Lannister. Jaimie sat there covered his face with his hands not wanting to look at anyone ,he wore his shame like an itchy flea infested cloak.

Dany and Jon decided to keep Jaimie in Jail for the duration of the war. His meals were hot and plentiful enough as they were brought by Unsullied guards .Tyrion was unhappy but Dany told him the fate of his brother rested on how Tyrion behaved .Tyrion wasn't dumb ,he realized the wisdom behind her decision.

They sat in Dany's Solar now .Jon was seated at her side and quietly listening.

"Your grace I realize that Cersie is doomed, might I at least be given some wine to drown in?"

Dany smiled "Tyrion of course " She handed him a big mug of arbor gold ."I am not cruel ,look at me Lannister."

Tyrion looked into those amethyst eyes and could see hurt ,sadness and kindness. One thing he was good at was reading people. Dany then spoke "Of late as my Hand you have been a disappointment to me .It was strange then as I pondered why that was until it was made clear. You love your family still. Tyrion I like you. I don't want to have to hurt you for betraying me for your family. Therefore you shall take a break from being my hand until the war is over ."

Tyrion looked sad and nodded then said "Ah indeed very clever now point me to the biggest Barrel of Arbor Gold and I shall be content."

Daenerys laughed " Not quite Tyrion you see In the mean time you will be very important . I say as rightful Queen you will be my ambassador emeritus. I am sending you North to negotiate an alliance with the North . You are tasked with finding an acceptable way for me to grant independence to the North ! That my friend will keep you busy don't you think?"

Tyrion smiled knowing his brother will be safe and accepting the fate of his sister who was never dear to him , for all she had done Cersie needed to face justice.

"Your grace if I didn't know better I swear that I have influenced you more that you may think. You are getting wise of late ." Tyrion turned to Jon and smiled,

"By the way bastard, good show marrying this wise and pretty dragon .Very well then I shall shove off at first light and bundle up for Winterfell dear Sansa here I come."

Tyrion waddled out whistling .

Jon turned to Daenerys hugged her tight "Gods I am so proud to just know you and love you .You are a good Queen! Now my love I am afraid the part where you must deal with the spider is upon us. I am here to be your rock and I believe in you."

Unknown to Jon ,Ghost had been traveling. Ghost turned around ,left Tormond Giantsbane and headed to Dragonstone .He hunted along the way and after days and days arrived that very morning. Ghost passed Tyrion unnoticed and then scratched at the door.

Both Jon and Dany looked at the door .Jon rose smiling and reached the door as Dany questioned "Jon?"

In walked Ghost he went straight for Dany and stopped tilted his head and looked at her with those red eyes. Before Jon could assure Daenerys that his faithful dire wolf won't bite her Dany rose. This was the first time she saw Jon's wolf up close. Ghost looked gorgeous to her, thick white coat ,big red eyes a real albino for sure. Such a Dire Wolf was probably rare .He was tilting his head looking at her. She remembered the first time Jon had gotten close to Drogon and placed his bare hand on her child's nostril now it was her turn to trust a potentially dangerous creature. She placed her hand on Ghost's cheek and Jon's wolf sniffed her hand and licked her hand then face making her and Jon both laugh.

Daenerys said "Now I have two wolves stealing kisses ." and giggled.

Varys sat and wrote raven scrolls proclaiming Jon Snow as Rhaegar Targereons son and rightful heir to the Iron Throne negating Daenerys claim. A little girl sat in front of him .

Varys "Has her grace eaten yet?" The girl shook her head "No m'lord."

Varys sighed."Has she drank any of our wine?"

Again the girl looked apologetic and said "No she had nothing M'lord."

Varys nodded gave her a bag of gold and said," Off with you little bird go to Essos ,this will get you aboard a ship and when you arrive do stay in Volantis find Illryo Mopatis ,send me a raven."

The 'little bird' left and not long after there was pounding on the door. The ship she w2as on sank she never made it to Valeria and her death was Varys' fault.

Varys burned a stray scroll and stood .He opened the door which was unlocked and held out his hands. As they took him to the cells all he said was "for the realm."

Sandor and Arya make a detour to Dragonstone so Arya could see Jon before she goes with the Hound to kill Cersie. They arrive at night and walk in right smack dab at Varys' trial. They stood by quietly watching.

Jon Snow stands in his leather and armor with his hand in Daenerys hand looking at the accused. Ghost is at Dany's side and he is staring at Lord Varys.

Daenerys "You stand accused of high treason how do you plead Lord Varys?"

The Master of Whisperers said "For the realm your grace for the realm."

Jon Snow scowled he could no longer stand holding his tongue and said

"Spider tell me what if you had someone so dear to you that you wanted to spend the rest of your days with her. Then you found out a man who she knows and trusted has tried to poison her." through his teeth Jon asked" What would you do to that man be honest Spider ."

The Spider was unmoved head held high he just said "For the realm."

The Hound said in a low voice to Arya "What a cunt!"

Arya "Aye he is a stupid man."

Dany looked at Jon and said "Jon I leave it up to you to pass the sentence."

This was the old Dany the one who wanted family more than anything else. To the people gathered here this was uncharacteristic of her, but Jon knew .She will be queen and he will be her rock to lean on always and forever.

Jon nodded gripped the hilt of his sword tight "Right ,he that passes the sent-"Before he could finish a flash of white fur slammed into the Master of Whisperers and tore his throat out!"

Ghost walked back red blood on his maw and stood once again beside Dany.

Dany knelt and scratched him behind the ears saying "Justice is served isn't that right boy."

Ghost turned and licked her face with his bloody furry maw. She would have to wash her face after this trial. Jon smiled at his love with the glistening blood 'beard ' on her face from Ghosts dire wolf kiss all slobbery. If the situation wasn't so dark Dany would have looked funny.

Hours later all cleaned up. In the main room all black walls ,fire in the hearth keeping it a little warm Jon ,Dany ,Torgo Nudho , Arya and The Hound are seated at a huge table. The aroma of hot food added to the delight of this late meal which is a midnight snack that was more like a small feast .

Boneless chicken breasts stuffed with Dornish spices , ham and cheese all melty, hot fresh bread rolls like baguettes, butter, apple jelly ,fig jam and ale to wash it all down.

Dany" Arya I never had thanked you for killing the Night King and saving the world. You dear sister are a hero".

Arya nodded " It was according to plan your grace the red women reminded me of something she had seen .Blue eyes among other colors she saw me stopping she said and then I knew .I am here with The Hound because I wanted to see how Jon and his Dragon Queen are doing . I am also here to join you in the fight against that stupid cunt Cersie."

Jon nearly choked at that as Dany laughed and said

"Well put ,"

Dany scowled

" She is a filthy murderous cunt ooh my hatred for that women who smirked while The Mountain took Missandai's head I will never forget."

Dany sighed " Dear girl you are welcome to join us."

Dany looked at The Hound ."You r brother is-"

The Hound interrupted Dany as he said

"Another cunt and I look forward to killing him."

Arya spoke up

"Sandor hates the hound more than you do your grace."

Jon watched them talk and nodded here and there ,he was really hungry so he ate a lot which kept him quiet just listening to the conversation. Jon had a funny feeling something really big was going to happen this very night. He could not shake that feeling, he looked at everyone and wondered if what he felt was good or bad.