AN)This story I made was to be a one chapter short would not let go so I gave in and wrote chapter aftert chapter now it is a finished work .I hope you enjoyed this story.

pTyrion's letter.

bTyrion Lannister Ambassador to the North ,The Imp of Casterly Rock

To Rhaella Targeryon Mormont Warden of Dragonstone

Dear Rhae

Your letter was shared with new The King of Winter Eddard Stark and with your Daughter Daenerys my Queen. We were informed earlier in fact by Lord Howland Reed confirmed by Prince Bran Stark former Three Eyed raven who is still a powerful green seer.

It was a like a slap to my face ,I lived there you see and it made me very sad. Lady Surestone was there for me ,she is my betrothed a fellow lover of good books .She will be happy to meet you as we decided it would be better if I come to you and we talk in person.

The North has much to rebuild after the long night but they will help us as they can. Northman will volunteer to help in the building process. Well I do ramble so I shall stop here ,I shall ramble on with you and Sir Jorah when we meet .

Kindest regards

Tyrion /p/b

pRhaella read Tyrion's missive and smiled. Tyrion was witty and wise she had heard .Jorah told her he was irritating and would not shut up. Daenerys had told her he can be contrary yet she also knows to never judge a person by the opinions of others. She smiled because instead of cookies and lemonade she must offer wine and chips , the wide fat ones and savory cheese to dip them in. She was eager to meet the woman who loves this dwarf. /p

b-A day at the beach-/p

pArya sits with Gendry on a secluded part of the beach. The ocean water was cold on their skin. They splashed around ,swam where it was shallow not far from a jetty and could see fish and crabs and at least one red and green octopus. /p pThen Gendry went on the beach Arya in tow both nude as they laid on a large bead spread type beach towel that would fit two people quite well. They laid on their backs ignoring the sea breeze and letting the sun bake their skin. They had never enjoyed the beach like this before. /p pGendry and Arya had pale skin . Gendry looked at Arya who had her eyes closed and admired her body. Everything about her to him was right and arousing. Arya turned her head to face him eye to eye. She smiled as she saw his manhood erect as if standing guard. /pp Gendry bent down and kissed Arya at the spot she was stabbed by the waif. Then he kissed down slowly rolling on top of Arya's legs and then buried his face between her legs. He took his time in his journey to Arya's womanhood .Kissing and licking on his way down. Arya squirmed ,she mock protested "Don't get sand in me stupid ." /p

pWhen Gendry tasted Arya ,gently carefully pulling on her hairy vulva lips she gasped. Then she put her hands on his head to keep him there. Gendry then found her pleasure spot and sucked on her vulva flicking his tongue until she came . /ppShe did too .She laid back and in time Gendry rolled off and laid on his back. Arya got up and rode him slow at first not wanting him to lose his passion ,then rocked him faster and faster , then he came .She collapsed on top of him she had another orgasm at the same time. /pp Gendry wrapped his arms around her and they rested for quite some time. Their bond of love was solid. Arya whispered "Gendry ,you are pack," /p


pLyanna rode her horse to a long ship and sailed north east up past the Eyre and then west to the Bite north of the Twins. From there she rode her horse like the wind in spurts then slowed a bit on long stretches until she reached Moat Cailin . /ppShe camped out ,roasted a rabbit in the fire and slept well. She loved horseback riding in another world in a another time she would have enjoyed being a jockey. She reached Winterfell and was sad to see what state it was in. She rode right through the gate and into the court yard. /p

pIt was noon she was met by Queen Daenerys with a hug. /pp

"Sister it's good to see you again come we are headed for luncheon .Jon joined them hugged his mum as he called her and said with a smile ."My wife sister to my father and sister to my mum who I thought was my aunt , Dany you are twice my aunt and my wife .There has to be a jape in there somewhere huh ?" /pp

Lyanna and Dany giggled . Dany was happy to see him smile and not brood "Jon it was a jape indeed well done my wolf." Lyanna was 16 younger than Jon and Dany such was the magical way things are in this new world . /pp

Lyanna sat down, lunch was a stew ,beets, bread and apples. She looked at her brother and his wife ,Ned looked as he did the last time she was alive ,long light brown hair long face typical family trait yet he favored their mother .He was not as quiet a wolf as before. She saw him laughing the weight of being King of Winter was not evident. /ppCaitlyn had striking auburn red hair like her daughter Sansa and bright blue eyes ,she was very pretty . /ppSansa had Stark features a bit of a longer jaw but more oval of a face. Lyanna could not get over how wonderful and strange her fellow returnees were, they were all so young. Johanna Lannister she had never met but comparing her with her granddaughter Myrcella they could be sisters. She thought the lionesses were gorgeous. /pp Her nephew she knew was a good lad Rickon with his wild hair and grin that let you know he was up to something has won the heart of Myrcella . /pp

Lyanna spent the day with Dany and Jon .They hunted together in the wolf's wood where Dany was learning archery . Lyanna showed her "Like this extended arm ,before you fire breathe, line of sight on the target be one with the line of arrow. Breathe now and fire."

Dany did as Lyanna said and missed a rabbit by a mile. The two ladies laughed . /ppChickens and game hens survived the long night that was a good thing. Huge game was scarce but they made do with smaller animals./pp


Jon shot a wild boar .Meera nailed another boar she then made a face teasing Bran who missed his target. Dany finally had a kill it was the wild boar Bran had missed. /pp

Bran threw down his bow looking seriously at Meera "C'mere you !"

Chased her as she laughed , caught his sweet lady and they rolled in the woods laughing ,smooched they did, till Lyanna and Dany caught them .It was a fun hunt for all. /pp

The three wild boars were roasted and cured ,over night . /pp

Breakfast was ham ,sausage and bacon , winter berry jam and yeast rolls, fried eggs piled high. Ale ,hot green tea ,and northern wine . Theon and Sansa were chatting with Bran and Meera along with Rickon and Myrcella. /pp

Theon was hungry too .He grinned at Sansa .Sansa saw his plate "Theon you've enough n bacon to grow wild boar tusks ,and what three rolls?" /pp

Theon said "It's your fault !" Theon raised and lowered his eyes at her several times quickly . /pp

Sansa then got his point ,her cheeks reddened she looked around "Oh ." was all she said. Bran , Meera , Rickon and Myrcella cracked up at that. Eddard saw and he too was amused he looked at his own pretty wife and winked. Cat playfully swatted him. /pp

Jon and Dany were sitting with Tyrion ,his Mother and Lita .

Jon asked Lita where her house was. Lita said "I am the last Surestone of the Rills. For the last seven years I have been the keeper of the Surestone Library, so many books I have read Jon . Father was at one time Meister Surestone but he fell for a servant cook. It is a wonder I am not large like Lord Wyman ." They chuckled at that. Lita was lean yet ate a lot. /pp

Dany said "I see ,it's a shame that a meister cant marry. " Lita nodded ,"He never quit being a Maester ,not really , he was a smart man ,father taught me a lot .' /pp

Jon said ,not noticing Lita saying 'was' concerning her dad. "I would like to meet him. " Tyrion shook his head, took Lita's hand in both of his patted her being supportive as he said ."He died of the northern fever after the iron born and Bolton wars. " Lita kissed Tyrion's cheek . Father brought back a lot of books from the Citadel and purchased others from who knows where . Our family keep is called Owl's roost." /pp Johanna said "You both will be Lion and owl .Tyrion you are like Lann the Clever its obvious look at the sweet lady betrothed to you well done you both." She grinned and said "As for Lann I know not if he was as well read as you son." /pp

Dany said You three will ride Drogon he is familiar with you Johanna with you will be your 'owls' ." they laughed .Tyrion said "It will be scary fun I always wanted to ride one." He looked up at Lita. Lita was nervous but nodded at him. Lita looked at Dany and said "When should we go ?" She wanted this done and over with and as soon as can be. Dany smiled "I must go with you Jon mayhap you can follow me on Rhaegal?" Jon said "Aye "/pp

Later Dany walked up to Drogon. Drogon had ate and rested .He thought i Here comes Mother and more humans. Aw bird shit ! This is no good. My brother likes his tiny human rider why can't he take them-sigh-? /i/pp

Drogon sighed and a puff of smoke went from his nose. He was now amused iNow the humans are scared .That will teach them ,interrupt my free time will they?/i/pp

Dany reached out and under Drogon the chin and rubbed under his neck."There there my son ,you'll have plenty of rest at Dragonstone." Drogon loved it when his mother rubbed under his chin ,the cold weather made him itch there. /pp

i oh mother you don't play fair , relief sweet relief no more itch. Ask of me and I will give you the world if I could./I/pp

Daenerys brought her three riding companions up to Drogon and he sniffed the air. He could smell each one. Drogon figured that since it was he helping them he had a right to peek so he chose the tiniest human Tyrion. Drogon looked way-y back when his was young .He saw Tyrion loved what humans wrote about Dragons and how he always wanted one .It amused him since he knew that no human can own any Dragon. The tiniest human had a very healthy mind. /ppThen he saw a glow around Johanna he had to look she was one of those humans that glowed of late, a white aura . Rhaegal he knew returned alive but had a green glow. Johanna's mind was misty hazy yet he felt kindness and nurturing it made him think of his own mother. /ppThen he looked at The other female human. This one was deep and he felt wisdom and care . he also knew she was afraid of heights yet she was here that spoke of her being brave .I At least mother chose well among the humans ,I suppose now it will be all right./I/pp

Dany knew Drogon's thoughts ,she allowed him to bond with him deeply as deep as he could. So when she talked out loud to him he could understand her words. /pp

Drogon let down his wing Dany climbed aboard first ,Lita pushed Tyrion up as she climbed , Lita said "You have a fat ass Tyrion." Johanna and Dany laughed at Tyrion's expense. Johanna was last ,she walked first to boldly pet Drogon's nose then she climbed his wing up .Dany was up front The two slim woman had Tyrion between them. Tyrion had his arms around their legs clutching their skirts tightly. /pp

The flight was smooth easy and scenic. Unlike Jaimie who kept his eyes shut when he rode the dragon ,Tyrion was looking around . He had his chin on Lita's bum . It made Lita giggle. Dany glanced at the trio and smiled. Jon flew on Rhaegal mellow and rested he enjoyed the scenery ,the warmth and camaraderie he felt from being bonded .It was so good to be back on his giant winged son. Jon felt like a father to his Dragon and Rhaegal did not mind. /pp

-Wolves or moochers-/pp

Lady ,Ghost .Shaggy Dog & Summer began a habit of going to as many humans or hang out in back of the kitchen. They got treats and affection by many. /pp

People were less afraid now as they began to consider these dire wolves giant mooch mutts. The kitchen staff put out food for the four dire wolves. /pp Lady loved being pet . /ppShaggy Dog was aloof but certain people he allowed to pet him as long as they had meat treats. /ppSummer was similar to Lady , he liked the affection . ppGhost liked the children even when they pulled on his fur. He would gladly roll on his back or give them rides as some kids thought him a wolfy horse.. /pp

/ppSummer and Lady were a team and since Lady was in heat those two would disappear often .They ran quickly to the seclusion behind the castle. /pp

-great minds thinking alike-/pp

Ned Cat Jaimie Brienne Lyanna Sansa and Theon meet to brainstorm .

Ned opened it by saying."Gods this our home is near ruin. We must consider her the seat of the Winter King. "/pp

Lyanna said " I think some keeps need to be torn and rebuilt." /pp

Sansa thinking of Bran spoke up "That old Tower bran fell from ." /pp

Jaimie felt a sharp stick to his conscious .He looked down.

Cat said "We must tear down the old keep its said to be haunted ,I know not but it can stand to be rebuilt, along with the castle walls." Ned said "Aye." /pp

Ned scratched his chin "I should think we can rebuild Moat Cailin so our son Bran can be the Lord of it ,it is near Meera's home." Cat nodded "Will be a great wedding gift ." Brienne smiled "How sweet ,I agree my lady." pp

Jaimie asked "King Ned I heard of the Northern mines my father knew of potential for wealth he was selfish and glad you did not hire anyone to work them. Can the North mine Iron ore ,mine silver harvest Iron Wood ?" /pp

Ned said "Many years ago it was mentioned but Northmen shouted it down. They have a king now, they won't shout me down I say Aye ." he smiled " Good idea Ser Jaimie." /pp

Cat chipped in "Yes indeed and we can harvest Ironwood trees." /pp

Theon was eating so he was thinking of food when he suggested "As for food ,now that the wall is down we maybe can go on

joint hunting expeditions north of the wall, for elk, mammoth and bear meat ?" /pp

Sansa perked up " We can eventually buy glass houses." Ned nodded and said "A lot of ideas I say we begin mining silver for payment and aye Theon we have fished together I think we can hunt ." he slapped his back and chuckled. /pp

-/pp Meera was happy she never dreamed her Bran would ever return to her whole and energetic. She had spent years with him in hardship. She was one who loved someone it was for the long haul. /ppShe got as close as she could to Bran who stole a kiss from her before they found the Tree with that horrible raven .That mere kiss was what set the course of her heart . /ppIt was so sad when Bran was not Bran anymore. She had no hope to be anything but an old maid after that .Then Bran reached her in a dream and it was so real. He walked up to her kissed her again and placed his face on her shoulder her hair in the way. He said "Come back to me see me in Winterfell I am here please Meera ." /ppShe had woke and wept. She had thought her crying was over .She went to her father and Howland told her "Daughter I dreamed of Bran Stark he is free from the Three Eyed raven asked me to bring you to Winterfell. Then I saw him in a vision and if I saw right he walks!" /pp

Now they are making their way to The neck and to her home .It was happy times. Bran was so happy to ride his own horse and Meera had her horse trotting at her side. /ppBran was so frustrated chained in his own mind while The raven turned him into a lifeless emotionless boy. Once he was free ,he had never thought he would be, it was as a dream. It was so good ,his Summer was back ,his brother was back. His brother's Shaggydog was back. Now they all were quite a group. /pp Bran liked Myrcella she was good for shy Rickon. They seemed to know what each other was thinking without any green sight .At that. Her chuckled as he thought of that. /pp

Myrcella was riding a horse. Cersie would never have allowed that ,she would say it wasn't ladylike. It was not hard to learn to ride her Rickon taught her ,kisses was the price she gladly paid him. he was shy and quite handsome. Last time she had seen him was in the afterlife and she was sad to see how he died. Her heart went out to him. It did not take long for that shy young Prince to fall for her. /pp

-Drogon n and Rhaegal back to Dragonstone-/pp

With a happy roar Drogon saw Dragonstone and knew rest was soon. He landed easy . /ppTyrion scooted off rolling down his wing acrobatically and lands on his feet ,he turned and waited for Lita. /ppShe felt the wing it was smooth so she sat and pushed and slid down like a slide laughing with Tyrion as he caught her and they both rolled on the ground out of the way of lady Johanna . /pp Tyrion's mother was trying to climb down like a noble lady descending a latter. She slipped and landed face first and sat on her ass , she blew hair out of her face then stood and walked away. /pp Drogon saw each one and laughed he thought i humans/i. Dany slid off easily ,walked to Drogon 's face kissed him and said "Go my child rest ,thank you." /pp

Drogon loves his mother so he smiled on the inside .He roared in response and flew to the other side of the Island and slipped into dream land. Rhaegal followed soon was catching Zs with his bro. /pp

Jon ,Daenerys , Johanna Lita and Tyrion got baths and then dressed in fresh clothes. Wine and sweet rolls with Rhaella awaited them .This was special for Rhaella. /pp

Dany sat "Mother I heard you flew one of my children." She smiled . Rhaella smiled back ,"yes Viserion named after my son well done daughter." Dany said "Sorry about Vicerys mother. " Rhaella assured her "I saw what your brother did in the afterlife what happened ,he became bitter and I saw Areys in him and well it's in the past dearest ." /ppDany was at first sad then she looked at Jon and laughed. /pp

Jon was munching down he had 4 on a plate because he forgot to eat when they left Winterfell He had a guilty look when he reached for a fifth. Rhaella smiled "Jon my grandson has a wolf 's appetite." /pp Tyrion had one it was round in shape like a wheel, it glistened and was sticky. he took a bite and it was good to him. He ate it ." /ppLady Rhaella what is this called? It is very good." Tyrion licked his fingers. Rhaella said ,"That oh it's a round fritter rolled in melted sugar from canes grown in YiTi. We make them by the dozen." /pp

They all ate and laughed and it was a nice get together . /pp

-The Plan -/pp

Daenerys was pregnant she said with a serious look "It would seem I have no throne and King's landing is gone."The magnitude of almost a million people gone made her gasp . /pp

Jon squeezed her hand as a tear rolled. Dany said "Oh gods all those people." Her mother was nearby, Jon was at her side ,Jorah was there he knew her from the beginning and so she felt safe to let go. Dany covered her face and wept shaking all over as she bawled and squalled. So much loss it was a nightmare to her .Jon had to take her to carry her to their room ,her face buried in his shirt weeping. /pp

It was quiet for a few minutes. Rhaella stood."My daughter was affected by this more than I thought she would be. Right, well we shall still discuss what must be done." /pp

/ppJorah said, "It will be very costly to rebuild King's landing it will take many years. The Iron bank has already been sniffing around King's landing and Westeros in general. They are dangerous when owed gold." /pp

Tyrion said "Castamere has below it ,under flood water wealth in gems ,gold and silver .If I could drain it we could afford some ideas ." /pp

Rhaella said "Very well Tyrion how soon can you make arrangements ,for it is a start?" /pp

Talisa said "If we must wait where can a temporary throne be for the realm?" /pp

Rob said "Stannis fancied himself King and he ruled from here in Dragonstone." /pp

Johanna said "Maybe somewhere near. The King's wood ." /pp

Tyrion said "If we are agreed two things are set or at least seem to edge of the king's Wood as a new capitol .The next is the importance of draining Castamere am I right?" /pp

Johanna smiled ,proud of her son .It made sense to her. His betrothed did not mind her sons appearance and it made her happy, she liked Lita. Lita said "Tyrion might you share the other ideas you have ?" /pp

Tyrion smiled "My lady and I have thought a lot since we heard what happened to Kings landing by one Howland Reed of the neck ,a good man unassuming yet a powerful green seer the likes of one Bran Stark ." Tyrion smiled at Rob Stark "Do tell what is it about such abilities and Northmen?" he was kidding. /pp

Robb chuckled "We are of the first men ,there are rumors that both Starks and reeds have ancestors both human and children of the forest." /pp

Rhaella "Noted Tyrion ,please share with us what you and Lita and you have come up with. The ideas you have will of course take time but they shall give us a goal." /pp

Samwell Tarly spoke up " Lady Rhaella I s-shall look among my scrolls among them I am sure i have a book about mining Bauxite to make something called light iron . Lighter than lead it is said it can be used to make all manner of goods from flat sheets for roofing pipes and even eating utensils. It- is a th-theory mind you but Horn hill and surrounding hills are rumored to carry such ore. It may be rock they throw away in favor of Iron." /pp

Tyrion nodded "Thank you Sam that is helpful for I plan on building a proper sewage system .This time the smell of ship will not be a part of the normal air of the new King's Landing. Lighter pipe will be less of a burden on the workers." /pp

Jon was back "Daenerys is resting and sent me back here to listen for her .I heard of The King's Wood being the new Kings landing ,yet is not a port so why not call it by another name." /pp

Rhaella smiled her grandson was a good husband and he had a good idea." The Dragon Wood?" /pp

Sir Jorah said ,why not The Crown Capitol? It will be easily remembered. It might be called be called ' CC' what say you all. "/pp

Elia said "I do like that sir Jorah. It reflects all the realm not only one house." /pp

Rhaella had to respect what her good daughter had said. Protector of the realm must mean all houses of the realm so she nodded and smiled.

" Well put dear daughter ,Jorah well said do we all agree say 'Aye'.

Everyone said " AYE"./pp

Tyrion in the future paved roads leading to the kings road will be built .I also have designed plans for an Aqueduct for fresh water .Any new Keep, home or tavern will be linked to both sewer and Aqueduct." /pp

Lita said "My man the plumber ." Tyrion smiled as everyone laughed. /pp

Over the next years The north was rebuilt better .the North had paid off the iron bank by the next year. Three years later Meerish Glass Gardens were bought and set in every castle and hold. Mammoths were bred in the North and used as beasts of burden for hauling, moving and building. /pp

Elk were tamed and domesticated like cattle so were bison .A new bounty of animals was everywhere as if Spring had brought t hem forth. /pp

Dire wolves from the litter of Lady and Summer multiplied until Dire wolves were the norm in the north once again. Northmen highly prized them as companions. They bonded with human even more readily than the most affable dog breeds. /pp

Winterfell was expanded in size by the castle walls. Many new keeps were designed and built. Tyrion ,Sam and Bran worked diligently for both the north and the realm. /pp

Every Castle in the North like Last hearth ,The dread Fort and so forth were built up and remolded. /pp

Aqua Ducts were built in the Realm there was three of them and two in the North. /pp

Tyrion had the bauxite mines busied over the years as he was happy to place a sewer system in each keep and castle from Storms end to Old Town . /pp

Marriages were happy affairs. The following were married: Meera and Bran Stark, Myrcella and Rickon Stark, Jaimie and Brienne Lannister ,Missandai and Torgo Nudho , Rhaenys and Edric Dayne, Lyanna and Jason Flint and Johanna found love with one Stevron Redwynn. /pp

Over the years a special bond was between those brought back to life. They are forever people as they cant die. /pp

The realm grew and prospered as did the north. Wars were few and always from Essos ,bitter former slave owners seeking revenge. Rob, Jon and Jorah kicked ass and took names/pp

Years later the wheel was broken politically. A political system was set up to keep the royals in high esteem but lessen their influence in favor of a type of republic. /pp

this meant an executive leader or Prime Minister was elected every four years .A senate with a commoner and a noble was voted in every two years .A house of representatives was also formed and likewise elections every two years. /pp

This provided a system with checks and balances. To give common man a voice in government. It was intended to prevent Tyrannies.

In the modern times the returned were revered as saviors of the realm and responsible for the continued prosperity and success. /pp

Jon and Daenerys lived a long life together. Their passion for each other never died. Daenerys had a set of twin daughters, then one son after another until there were three of them and after that no more. They lived to see their great grand children. They went down in history as the best example of the best example of a solid relationships of their time. Once a year ,every year the Bells were rung to commemorate the anniversary of Jon and Daenerys and the returnees. Called the Day of Miracles./pp