Donna was at dance rehearsal, watching a clip of the "Phineas and Ferb" episode, "Meapless In Seattle". She was watching the clip of the false preview of Meap Me in St. Louis"

"I'm glad they did the warning that the trailer is fake so they won't confuse the viewers for a real one." Donna admitted, "That's what caused the production of Meapless in Seattle."

"I Am Groot(What do you remember from the trailer?" asked Groot.

"In the false trailer" Donna recalled, "they showed Baljeet water skiing, Jerry The Platypus at a birthday party, Phineas mentioning something about being extinct, Meap abandoning his exploding spaceship and Jeremy objecting to a wedding."

"Speaking of water skiing" Emma replied, "My sister, Robin has entered a water-skiing competition and has invited me to join them.

"Really?" Donna asked as she showed the flier:

Galaxy Obelisk Water Skiing Competition

"Galaxy Obelisk?" asked Donna, "Isn't that the astronomy manufacturing company?"

"It is," Emma answered, "My family and I went their once when I was a kid and they had the best telescopes ever."

"Really?" asked Donna, "I just hope it's able to find Meap."

Meanwhile in the outposts of Planet Meap, Meap was scanning perimeters for any danger. As his sattelite passed Earth, it started going haywire, meaning that there was something wrong. *According to the result* Meap thought to himself *There's something strange going on under the Galaxy Obelisk manufacturing company."

In the basement, a bunch of scientist were genetically altering some saber-tooth tigers. "This is brilliant" smiled a scientist, "This will get us a chance to win that water skiing competition."

Meap knew that he had to act fast. As quick as he could he contacted the info on Donna's phone.

After Donna looked at her message, she saw the alien footage of the scientists cloning sabertooth tigers, "Aren't they suppose to be extinct?" Emma asked, "Because this is not like the 'Fairly Odd Parents' episode 'Lights Out.'"

"Yes" answered Donna, "Yes, they are."

Not wanting to get Robin or any of the other competitors hurt, they decided to go to St. Louis fast.