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Kakashi didn't remember falling unconscious, but he must have at some point because he felt the familiar sensation of waking in unfamiliar territory. Like any good shinobi, he showed no outward sign of waking up as he silently surveyed his immediate surroundings with his other senses as he faked unconsiousness.

The first thing he noticed was the pain in his right ankle. It felt sprained and there was something hard and heavy on top of it, most likely debris from the cave-in earlier. It would be an annoyance, but he could have been much unluckier.

Unlucky like Obito.

The next thing he noticed was that he was lying on something soft. He took a breath in through his nose to get a whiff of the air, and he smelled flowers along with the dampness of a cave. 'So I'm in the cave still,' He thought, 'or at least somewhere underground.'

He knew that he wasn't captured; there would have been restraints if he was, and he couldn't sense any other shinobi with his limited sensory ability. Not that that meant much.

He could also see an inexplicable faint beam of light through his eyelids, shaded slightly by his ANBU mask, and the enemy would certainly put him somewhere without a light source.

'Probably how flowers could grow down here,' he mused.

That left him with a couple of possibilities, the most likely of which being that he fell down that damned hole. 'I suppose I ought to start making an effort to get out of the damned thing.'

Satisfied that he was in no immediate danger, Kakashi opened his right eye.

Flowey had been lurking in the bottom parts Ruins when he felt the telltale ripple in the barrier that meant something had come through.

'Another naive little brat to play with.'

Quickly, Flowey dove into the ground through the thick layer of reddish leaves and sprouted where the humans always walked by in order to get into the ruins. He rustled his leaves against the compact earth that formed a pathway to the Ruin's entrance and shivered in anticipation. His wide, maniacal grin seemed to break all physical bounds as it stretched to cover more than half of his face.

Only, the newest brat was taking too long.

It was rare for fallen humans not to survive the fall. The thick bed of golden buttercups below the hole from which they always fell did a surprising job of cushioning the fall, so the worst injuries tended to be broken bones brought about from awkward landings.

A monster couldn't have killed them yet either. They were all afraid of incurring that annoying goat woman's wrath should they be caught harming a fallen human. She was too protective for her own good. Why protect them when they'll inevitably die anyway?

Lost in his thoughts, Flowey was caught off guard from the sudden sound of chirping echoing from the next room over. Immediately after, came the sound of an explosion.

'Could that be the brat?'

Flowey soon arrived at the scene to find that the human child was, in fact, alive, and that they (Flowey could not discern the human's gender with the quite foreboding white and red mask) seemed to be nursing an ankle wound with green magic.

'A shinobi then. Interesting.'

The area around the shinobi (Flowey had a suspicion that shinobi were not quite human. Especially not the first one fallen down) was littered with large boulders and debris. a large chunk of the debris near the shinobi was scattered out in one direction like it had been blown away by something.

'Must have been a jutsu of some sort.'

Flowey had to keep himself from flinching when the shinobi looked over at him with mismatched eyes, one of which being a very familiar shade of red.

He took this opportunity to fully take in the shinobi, and he could feel the shinobi doing the same with those piercing, cold black and red eyes.

A quick CHECK showed that this shinobi was unlike any of the other shinobi fallen down (not since them). Their eyes were cold and tired, not unlike the trashbag's, and they had a hauntingly high LOVE to match. This shinobi was no child, not like the mere genin that have fallen before. This was a cold hearted monster.

A look at their SOUL only reaffirmed the flower's suspicions.

Their SOUL was a mess. Plain and simple. The base color was a very light shade of purple. It different from the other child with a perseverance SOUL in that it had a white, almost monster-like tinge to it. It was, however, distorted, cracked, and stretched to the very limits of how far a SOUL could go, and there was an out of place and definitely unnatural red splotch of determination that clung to it like a bloodstain.

Flowey suspected that the shinobi, in turn,could sense the darkness lurking inside of his deceiving front as a cute little flower. He put on his fake friendly face.

"Howdy," Flowey spoke up in his obnoxiously cheery voice, ending the standstill, "I'm Flowey, Flowey the flower."

"How creative," the shinobi replied with a perfect tone of disinterest and sarcasm, though his hand went to the sword sheathed on their back, tense, and ready to eliminate the new threat at a moment's notice.

"Aww, you really think so?" Flowey tilted his head (if you could call it that) and widened his fake smile even more. "Usually I welcome humans to the Underground and tell them how things work around here, but..." he trailed of, looking up at the ceiling, "I think you already know, don'tch'ya?"

The shinobi wasn't given a chance to respond when, suddenly, the annoying goat lady appeared out of seemingly nowhere, fire blazing, and ready to shoo away Flowers who wanted to harm her poor little children.

Flowey burrowed back underground to leave the shinobi to deal with that annoyance.

I'm going to rant about some lore now.

In this story, Chara fell during the warring states period and they were and Uchiha with the sharingan. Chara grew to hate humanity because of the never ending fighting that the Uchiha and Senju instigated upon their young children over a feud that no one remembers the source of. The rest of the Undertale backstory played out about the same as in cannon.

With Kakashi, I'm saying that the Hatake white chakra is a forgotten kekkei genkai that allows them to use monster magic. I'm doing this for a couple of reasons. One: Kakashi is the copy-nin, and I want him to piss monsters off in fights by stealing their moved or just surprising them by being able to use monster magic in he first place. Second: If I end up finishing this story, I want to write an epilogue in the Naruto world where it changes because of what Kakashi learned and experienced in the underground., and pulling monster magic out of his ass sounds like something that he could utilize.

Regarding Kakashi's SOUL, I don't think I need to explain why it's purple. Kakashi basically embodies perseverance. The splotch of red is a part of Obito's SOUL that latched onto him when he gave Kakashi his eye. Because of this, Kakashi hears Obito's voice in his head, probably narrating like Chara does in the cannon. Also, Flowey can no longer reset because the determination left by Obito is just about the same as Flowey's, making it impossible for either of them to reset.

Also Also, since Obito lost a part of his SOUL in this universe, I think that make him more prone and susceptible to doing malicious deeds. That combined with the determination SOUL of a shonin protagonist, makes him a force to be reckoned with. If I do end up making that epilogue, Obito's SOUL connection with Kakashi will probably come up.

Another thing, Flowey's powers are kinda similar to wood style, so I'm saying that the gooey stuff monsters injected with DT turn into in basically the equivalent of Hashirama cells, and Flowey uses wood style. (I think that would be ironic too, considering I made Chara an Uchiha)