Chapter 1: Tremors (Part 1)


"Tremors?" Ruby asked as she tilted her head.

Keyman nodded.

Yang folded her arms. "Umm… not that the name isn't cool, but what is this world about?"

"It sounds something regarding nature?" Pyrrha questioned.

"So man vs nature story we're going to see?" Velvet chimed in. After her team's last mission which went south in those damn caves. She's anxious to what's to come.

Keys smirked as well without a mouth. "Apologizes… that would be spoiling. But you might enjoy this world. I will say this falls under the category of 'Horror' with a bit of comedy."

Some of the audience glanced at each other. Some curious and some worried.

"H-Horror?" Ruby nervously asked. "How bad is it going to be…?"

Zwei nuzzled his head into Ruby's arm to calm her down.

"It's more B-grade kind of Horror." Keys reassured her. "It's not overly bloody or gory. I think a one or two occasions there's a bit more gore, but the very mild kind."

Ruby breathed a sigh of relief. She likes those kinds of horror movies.

"I'm glad." Tai nodded. "I don't want anything traumatizing my little girl."

"Dad! I can't handle myself!" Ruby puffed up her chest and pouted.

Roman rolled his eyes and muttered to Neo. "She's a Huntress for goodness's sake. How can she not handle horror when you're dealing with Grimm with the carnage in their wake? Honestly..."

Neo giggled. A sign off to the said [Agreed] on the front. On the back… [Like how you don't scream when you saw a Grimm plushie's shadow that one time] to no one in particular.

The gentleman thief glanced at his companion with the oddest feeling she was poking fun at him again.

"I will note," Keys spoke up again. "That this world has strong language. So expect a good amount of swearing."

"I see," Jaune sighed as he laid back so more. He doesn't mind them, but doesn't like hearing them regardless. Hopefully if he does show up he won't be cussing like the last viewing. If any of his family—especially sisters—caught wind of him with a sailor mouth… he shuddered at the thought.

"Kinda hoping it won't be too bad," Tai rubbed his chin in concern.

"Come on Tai," Qrow patted his brother-in-law's shoulder. "I think the girls can handle a bit of cussing. Not everyone has filters in the real world you know."

"I suppose you're right."

"I am really curious about this world you've christen 'Tremors'," Oobleck stated as he had his notebook at the ready. He cannot miss any fascinating details of another world, its history, culture, technology, etcetera.

"I didn't name the world. Though from what I've gathered from my fellow Observers it's quite interesting." Keys said as he got the screen prepped and ready to start. "Also, this world takes place on the planet I previously mentioned; Earth."

Many of the audience perked up about that. They know Remnant for the most part, but another planet and sounded similar to theirs?

"Earth? An interesting name indeed," Ozpin sipped from his mug. "I wonder how similar is it to our world?"

"For the most part, more or less the same. Including the same food. Yes, Nora, even pancakes."

"Yes!" Nora pumped her fist into the air as Ren settled her down.

"Now, I believe it's long overdue we start our first proper viewing."




The screening began with a scenery to that of a barren cliff side with nothing but small bushes littering the ground and a vast mountain range in the back.

A truck parked close by with a few cattle further away eating the plants.

And a lone blonde-haired man stood over the cliff.

He sighed with relief as he zipped back up his blue jeans after finishing his business.

Turning around Jaune Arc, wearing a cowboy hat and in a white tank top, casually walks up to the parked blue truck.


"Look!" Nora pointed to the screen. "It's you again, Jaune!"

The blonde leader blinked. "Wha? I'm staring in another one?"

Yang snickered. "Couldn't get enough of being a star, eh, Vomit Boy?"

"That's wonderful, isn't it Jaune?" Pyrrha smiled with her hands held together. "Perhaps this one would be less… chaotic than the preview."

"Well, it's better so far than what we just saw earlier," Ruby commented.

"As long as there's no more beheading people. I'm… open to see what role your other self will do here." Weiss offhandedly commented. Arms crossed and her right leg over left leg.

Keys glanced at her for a moment.

Coco tilted her shades down. "Hmm… a bit of an old western cowboy look. Nothing special, but not too bad. Could add a few more accessories to really bring out some personalities."

Velvet shook her head with a fond smile.

"Hope we show up," Sun said as he had a banana spit to enjoy.

"Yeah. Though it's cool either way if we don't," Neptune said.


As he made his way to the back of the truck, a man is heard snoring. Sleeping peacefully within the large sleeping bag he was in.

Jaune hunched over the railing, his arm resting on the railing. "Good morning, Mr. Corona. This is your wake-up call. Please move your ass."

However the man continued to sleep.


Jaune looked shock at his crude manner then groaned into his hands. Thank the Brothers his sisters weren't here. While Yang started crackling.

Ruby gasped. "Jaune! Language!"

"I didn't say it!"

Qrow snickered himself. This made him recall some of the antics with his old team in Beacon. Even Tai smiled nostalgically.

Gylnda rubbed her forehead. "Mr. Arc is most likely an adult here and our gracious host did warn us ahead of time. As long as the profanity isn't too much otherwise, this is going to be rough viewing."


Looking a tad irritated Jaune stood up straight and looked over to where the cows were. A mischievous smile etched onto his face as he thought up a fun way to wake up his friend.


Nora smiled wickedly. "Oh, I know that look."

Yang rubbed her hands together. "This is going to be good."

Ren shook his head with exasperation. A lopsided smiling Pyrrha patted Jaune's shoulder as he gawked at what his other self is going to do.

"Ugh." Weiss frowned. "This is too familiar with what happens in our dorm room." Then she glared at Ruby and Yang. "You two better not try something like this when we get back home. Blake and myself have had enough of your 'pranks' to last us a lifetime."

Blake narrowed her eyes on her leader and sister. That fake tuna fish can prank still fresh in her mind.

"Of course! We promise." Ruby nervously smiled waved to appease her teammates.

Yang smiled and waved. "Yeah, yeah. No more pranks." But, they didn't see on her left side that she crossed her fingers. (For now.)

Tai and Qrow but didn't see anything. Knowing full well how much of a jokester Yang is. Still it was good for them to see they have great team and equally good friends too.


He casually walks over to the side of the truck. Continuing to smile at his unsuspecting friend as he jumped onto the side of the truck. Then suddenly bounced up and down as he shook the truck.

"STAMPEDE!" Jaune yelled as the man shook in shock as he wormed himself off of the truck. "Stampede, Chris! Get out of the way! Get out of the way!"

The black-haired man with white hue tips lifted his face up panting and in panic in alert to the incoming danger. His bright blue eyes scanned the area.

Only to see just three cows lazing about their own business.

Realizing he was pranked by his best friend he irritatingly called out to him, "You dumb shit."

Jaune laughed at his friend's misfortune as he quickly got up and aggressively took off the blanket he was encased in. Not amused one bit.


"Swear!" Ruby called out to the bad word.

"Ruby." Blake placed her hand on her leader's shoulder and smiled amusingly. "You don't need to call out to every offensive word you see. Just enjoy yourself."

"Oh." Ruby blushed and nodded. "Of course. Sorry. Just don't like hearing it. People shouldn't cuss all the time."

"I understand."

"Hey!" Jaune pointed out to the black-haired man on the screen. "It's that guy from the previous viewing."

Keys nodded. "Yup. Just like you, this is another variation of Chris I've mentioned. Though, he won't be in all of them, but he is a friend nonetheless. Though this one seems… more prone to cussing."

Ozpin raised an eyebrow to that. "I take it he's similar to Miss Rose in that regard?"

"Yes. He doesn't like using profanity."

Qrow turned towards Tai. "This brings back memories. Remember how we used to wake you up from the slumbers on missions? The girls enjoyed it."

Tai rolled his eyes. "Yeah. Really appreciate having 'Grimm Attack' shouting in my ears and I awake to only see wolf pups in the distant."

"As long as your antics were away from the academy to not distract those who are studying at the time." Gylnda glared as the two members of Team STRQ as they scooted away. "Then, yes, they were funny. Now I hope you don't give the girls any of your ideas, do I make myself clear?"

The students nodded vigorously and nervously.

The boy nodded along with them as Winder smirked as seeing Qrow squirm.

Roman kicked back the recliner theater chair. "Alright. I'm enjoying this so far."

[Popcorn, sir?] Neo offered popcorn to her boss-slash-older brother figure she materialized earlier.

"Don't mind if I do."

"A stampede, hmm?" Peter stroked his mustache. "This reminds me of the time back in my early Beacon days. When a horde of Beowolves, Creeps, and Boarbatusks came rushing down from the mountains. Why my team and I..."

Oobleck patted his friend's shoulder. "Now, now. I know it's such a riveting tale Peter. However, the viewing will be put on hold if you go on your tangent of storytelling. Perhaps when we return to our world you can enlighten your students about it. I wish for us all to see the stories of these world first."

Peter blinked and smiled sheepishly. "Right you are. My apologies."

"It's fine." Keys waved it off.

"Speak for yourself." Someone muttered.


"I was in a stampede once," Chris recollected to lecture Jaune. The man sat in the back of truck as he puts on his boots as he was already wearing a gray t-shirt and dark blue jeans.

"Three hundred head going hell-bent for the horizon." Chris told and Jaune soon joined him at 'going' as he's heard this story plenty of times before.

As Chris was fixing himself up Jaune put on a blue vest.

"Now, exactly how many cows are required for a stampede, Chris?" Jaune asked as Chris carried on putting on his other boot and throwing the sleeping bag back onto the truck. "I mean, is it like three or more? Is there a minimum speed?"

Chris was not amused by Jaune's ongoing jesting. "I wish a stampede up your ass."


A number of people snickered at the exchange.

"That's the playful banter between bros!" Sun smiled fondly.

"You know it." Neptune agreed as they both fist bump each other with their right and left fist respectively.

"Definitely. A sign that they know each other well." Ren said as he observed the on-screen people. Even if the other Chris was not pleased, he wasn't outwardly angry as some would if they were not tight as thieves.

"Indeed, Mr. Ren, Mr. Wukong, and Mr. Vasilias." Ozpin agreed as he took a sip. "Going by their jovial teasing banter and body language it shows they know each other for a number of years and used to each others' antics. Though seeing as they're the focus I wonder what role they're place in the events of this world."

"Hmm," Ghira stroked his beard. "The setting reminds me of home. I wonder if they'll be similar wildlife here as on Menagerie."

"Indeed. If Earth and Remnant are similar in ways, noting the fauna." Oobleck eagerly stated. He turned towards Ghira. "That being, I hope it's alright if I come visit Menagerie sometime. I would love to learn about the people and culture there. Perhaps I could make a field trip with the students to help broaden the world they live in."

Surprised by being suddenly asked, he recovered from his shock. He can sense he is serene with his request. "Of course. I would be happy to show you around. Though they don't often visit a lot, but Humans are always welcome."


Kali smiled. Happy to see her husband see parts of his dream coming true. "I'm glad he's one of your teachers at Beacon, Blake."

"Yeah." Blake is smiled. Knowing that Profes… erm… Doctor Oobleck is a considerate individual and proud to have as a teacher.


After their little banter Chris pulled out a lighter from his pocket as Jaune looked through his pockets to find all empty cigarette boxes and tossed them away. Chris put on a gray cap on his head and searched his brown jacket when Jaune found one box with some cigarettes left.

Annoyed at first Chris throw his jacket onto the back of the truck. Then he took a sit as grabbed a cigarette himself as Jaune helped himself to lighting his cigarette from the lighter Chris's hand. Followed by the black-haired older male doing the same.

After taking a whiff Chris lifted up a brewing canister and then turned towards Jaune questionable.

"No breakfast?"

Jaune looked at him and smiled. "I did it yesterday. It was bologna and beans."

Chris pondered a bit. "No. It was eggs." He smugly looked back at Jaune. "I did eggs, over easy."

The blonde wasn't having it as he argued back. "The hell you did! Bologna and beans. It's your turn."

The black-haired man put his cigarette back in his mouth and brought up a closed fist.

The blond-haired man looked at the fist in annoyance as he put his cigarette back in his mouth again.

The only way they know how to settle an argument.

Rock, Paper, Scissors.

They both shook their fists up and down three times and on the third shake he pick their choice.

Chris with Scissors. Jaune with Paper. Chris won the argument.


Zwei barked happily at the mention of breakfast.

Penny tilted her head. "Why are other world Jaune and Chris doing those hand motions to imitate inanimate objects? Why use rocks, papers, and scissors for it?"

Keys answered her. "They were settling a disagreement between them with a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. It's a fair way for them to prevent themselves from arguing and quickly get back on task with a quick decisive win. Rock beats Scissors, Scissors beats Paper, and Paper beats Rock."

"I understand." Penny smiled. "That sounds quite wonderful. I wish to partake of such a fun game now. Thank you very much Mr. Keys."

"Your welcome."

"I'll play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with you later Penny if you want."

"I would very much like that friend Ruby!"

Sun turned to Neptune with a confused expression. "She doesn't know about Rock, Paper, Scissors?"

Neptune shrugged. "I guess not everyone plays it from Atlas."

"Ooh!" Nora shouted. "We should totally do that, too, when we can't decide something."

Ren hummed and thought it was a good. "That's actually reasonable. I'm proud Nora, you..."

"That way, we can settle what time we should have pancakes or the amount of syrups we can add to them! Or decide on which workout routine to do next. Or anyone who gets the hammer to insult Fearless Leader or Ren's pancakes."

"Sigh… nevermind."

"That being said," Weiss slowly spoke up after witnessing Nora's little tangent. "I see value in this 'settlement'. Quick and simple. No hassles."

"Unless they try to pull a fast on you to win." Blake pointed out as she looked at Yang.

"Blake. I'm hurt!" the blonde said in a faux hurt tone while placing her hands over her heart. "I thought you trusted your partner."

"It's because I know you so well that I can say that." the catgirl smirked.

Both Ghira and Kali smiled at the interaction. Happy that they daughter found wonderful friends and a team. Proud of the path she's taken as a Huntress.


"Well," Jaune irritatingly frowned. "I guess when I'm your age, I'll forget what I eat, too."

Chuckling Chris hands Jaune the canister as he takes It aggressively and walked around to start making breakfast.

The scene changes location as both Chris and Jaune work on setting up fences with iron barbs to prevent cattle from leaving the area.

Even with work gloves on, Chris grabbed too hard and recoil his hand in pain when one of the iron barbs stabbed his finger through the glove. "Oh, god damn it!"

In a fit he throw the wire onto the ground in anger.

"I ask you, is this a job for intelligent men?" Chris turned towards his friend and co-worker in aggravation. He used his foot to retrieve the wire he threw and placed it on a wooden pole.

Jaune on the hand cheekily replied back. "Show me one. I'll ask him."


Most of the audience barked with laughter and some snickered.

"The sass is strong in this one," Coco smirked.

Jaune rubbed the back of his head. "I'm usually not that quick-witted with responses. Or sassy."

"Maybe you should," Yang smirked. "It's so much fun."

"Totally!" Sun chimed in. "Like when you're battling out with an enemy in a fight or want to fluster someone, it's the best! Don't worry, me and Neptune will help you out to bring out your inner sass Jaune! Right Neptune?"

"Of course." Neptune smiled with a thumbs up. A shine gleaming on his teeth.

"I have tons of experience with being sassy. You can count on me to help out too," Coco joined in the fun.

"Um, thanks guys?"


As he asked him, Jaune placed a nail on top of the iron wire as he got his hammer ready to nail it into the wooden pole in place.

"I mean, if we were real serious about money, we'd quit being hired hands..." Chris vented as he pulled the wire back to keep it steady.

"Handymen, Chris." Jaune interject as he started to hammer the nail down. "We are handymen."

Chris scoffed. "Yeah, yeah. We should quit this job and," he took a moment to imagine a better life as he looked out yonder. "Find ourselves some real employment."

His friend decided to tease him further with a sarcastic answer. "Are you gonna give up all this personal freedom? I don't know."

Jaune continues to swing the hammer down—missing the nail a number of times—until he eventually got it.

As he finally got it nailed down Jaune walked away while Chris double-checked to make sure it was nailed it properly before following his friend.


Jaune frowned. "So, we're just handyman over there? Nothing similar to Huntsman?"

Keys shook his head. "Afraid not. Though I suppose there's Bounty Hunters still in this world in a way. Or being a solider or police officer. Though the you of that world is looking to live an easy life."

"I guess." Jaune mulled over. "I want to help people out like Huntsman and Huntresses do. So I guess being a Handyman isn't too bad as I'm still helping over one out."

"I agree." Pyrrha smiled. "Even if it's not glamorous or thankful every little bit of help that handyman do benefit a lot of relief for people living their every day lives."


Now the both of them are back at their truck in the scene. Driving down the dirt road to their next job.

"Freeway!" Jaune laughed as he drove the both of them down the road. "So, what's on the agenda for today?"

"It's garbage day." Chris answered looking over their schedule for the week.

However, the blond younger man didn't like hearing that as he groaned in displeasure. "Oh, man! Already? Hey, what's Nestor paying us?"

Chris tilted his head up. "50 bucks. And that's 47 bucks more than we got."


"Ugh, garbage." Coco scrunched her nose. "I do not envy your other self there."

"Me either." Jaune agreed.

"Bucks?" Weiss asked. She's never heard of that term before.

Nora giggled. "That's a silly name."

"Another name of the currency for Earth." Keys explained. "Though that's the slang term. The correct term is 'dollars' and money is referred to that in a few countries of the world such as Canada and North America or the United States of America."

Keys waved his hands to show the coins and paper money of their respective regions. "Other countries have different terms for money instead of sharing the name for currency like Lien in your world. Examples such as Yen from Japan, Euro from France, and Pound from Britain to name a few. And they all share an exchange rate transfer system to help switching over using another country's monetary system. Values differ, of course."

"Interesting." the white-haired heiress hummed as she looked at each design of another world's money. She would love to learn more about Earth's history more so now as Keys vanished the see-through money away.

Oobleck jotted down that information into his notebook. "Fascinating. Simply fascinating."


Jaune frowned not wanting to do garbage today. "Tai and Raven's place is closer. Let's do their linoleum today and do the garbage tomorrow."


Upon hearing the name 'Raven' three individuals tensed up. Namely Tai, Qrow, and—especially—Yang. Even some of the Beacon faculty glanced at each other worriedly.

"Raven?" Tai whispered to himself.

Qrow took a sip from his flask. (My sister is here? Well… another version of her.)

"What?" Yang muttered.

Blake looked at her teammate in concern. "What's wrong Yang?"

"It's… well, it's just that Raven… is the name of my biological mother." Yang dejectedly hung her head.

Both Blake and Weiss looked at each other. Knowing how awkward this might be. Even Tai and Qrow felt uncomfortable to address the situation.

Ruby frowned. She might know only bits and pieces about Yang's estranged relationship with her blood-related mother and how much it pained Yang. She wasn't really sure how to comfort her big sister when she needs her.

All Ruby could do was place her hand over Yang's as Yang griped it. A small thankful smile appeared on her face as she looked at her sister with sweet tender look of gratitude. And the crimsonette girl smiled back.

As well as their corgi jumped down and rubbed his head against Yang's leg. Looking quite sad for her.

Team JNPR and Penny didn't know what to say so they choose to remain quiet. Coco and Velvet respected their space too as this was a family matter.

Ironwood closed his eyes and keep his peace. Not something for him to tread on. Winter raised her right eyebrow. She didn't realize Weiss's team had such fated connections.

In the back both Roman and Neo's eyes widen. As they are well aware of Raven's reputation and how dangerous a person she is.

"That explains a lot," Roman shuddered. "We really got involved into something too deep Neo."

Neo slowly nodded. She wondered why she appeared on the train that day. Hearing this she finally understands why, but she's still confused by it. As Raven isn't… known to care about the well-being of others from the stories she's heard. She only looks out for herself.

Or so she thought.

Keys glanced around the room and spoke. "Allow me to address this. As I stated before there are variations of yourselves throughout the multiverse. Some most likely familiar to you. To some they lead different lives and as a result their personalities and nature might be different than yours from the environment they've grown up in."

Everyone looked at him. Especially Yang.

"I apologize if this might upset some of you, but take it this to heart. Sometimes their nature, while offset, can be similar to your version and might give you a bit more insight to their character. You might learn something about someone you never thought before, the circumstances that lead them there, or see what they could've been without the people in their lives."

Keys looked to Yang.

"Even still, never forget the people you still have in your life too. And live a life without regrets. No matter what truth you may learn of the past. Be the best you, you can be."

Yang seemed to mull over what he said a bit and nodded to him. Smiling as a result. Tai nodded a gratitude 'thank you' to their host as everyone turned their attention back to the viewing.

Ozpin glanced at their unusual host. A pleasant smile on his face. He certain is different from the Brothers.


Chris shook his head at that suggestion.

"Nestor's not home tomorrow. Now, look, we don't dig today, we don't get paid today." Chris scolded his friend about his change in plans. "Now, damn it, Jaune, you never plan ahead."

However, the younger man tried to tune him out not wanting to hear this again.

"You never take the long view." the older man continued on like a disappointed father. "I mean, here it is Monday, and I'm already thinking of Wednesday."

Jaune didn't say a word, but took occasionally glances at the black-haired nagging male.

In the middle of his rant, Chris stopped for a second and then double-check his schedule book.

"It is Monday, right?"


The little levity from the scene helped lift the mood up for some of the audience.

Gylnda shook her head. "It would seem as though Mr. Corona is the one responsible for scheduling their job and paperwork. While the Mr. Arc of that world seems to want to change them at the last minute for his own convenience. He has my condolences."

Ironwood spoke up. "I agree."

(Kiss ass) Qrow snorted and Winter glared at him from the side. Knowing what he properly thought.

"However, sometimes one must adapt to sudden changes in plans. As long as they're within reasons of course."

Ozpin added in this own thoughts. "And sometimes that decision may result in a greater boon for the growth of said individuals. As well as help make the world a better place where one would otherwise choose the safe option."

"Of course," the stern teacher rolled her eyes. "It's not like you General or a certain Headmaster to do all the paperwork. Especially for bending the rules a bit without consulting with the rest of the group and then having to deal with the aftermath of their exploits on top of more paperwork. But, yes, within reason of course.

Ironwood shirked backed. "Gylnda, I did not mean..."

Ozpin started to sweat. "I do apology, Gylnda. I should've worded that more carefully. Perhaps I..."

Gylnda glared at the both of them and dared them to continue.

Both Ironwood and Ozpin wisely kept quiet and sit back into their seats. Enraging Goodwitch even further is never a good idea.

Both Qrow and Roman were snickering from the display while Neo covered her mouth to hide her giggles.

Everyone else—sans Winter who frowned, though couldn't disagree—promptly kept out of it.


As Jaune continued driving down the road his eyes narrowed at something in the distance on the side of the road.

Another truck.

"Hey, who the hell's that? That's not what's-his-name, the grad student?"

Chris looked over to his right as well and noticed the truck. "Nah. He graduated. Must be the new one."

Upon hearing those words Jaune his eyes lit up. "The new one?"

He took a deep breath as he recalled one bit of interesting fact about the new student.

"That's supposed to be a girl."

Suddenly, he veered off the road towards where the truck was parked. Chris quickly braced himself on the window frame, placed his foot on the dash board, and his left arm on his seat when Jaune quicken the pace.

Jaune whooped with excitement at the news.

"You will have long, blonde hair." Jaune lifted his fingers up and listed off each one. "Big green eyes, world-class breasts, ass that won't quit, and legs that go all the way up!"

Chris listened reluctantly as the truck bumped up and down from Jaune's crazy driving. He was not having fun with this lust-crazed fool's reckless driving.


Jaune just blanched at the description of the kind of girl the other him said that he's into.

Pyrrha didn't say anything, but fumed a little inside.

"Man's got his priorities straight," Qrow tipped his flask in the air.

Winter rolled her eyes. "Of course, you would said that."

"What can you say?" Roman spoke up. "Man likes what he likes. No shame in that. I can respect that."

Ruby tilted her head. "That kinda sounds a lot like Yang, don'tcha think?"

"Well, I have purple eyes and not green eyes, but close enough. At least he has good taste in women." the blonde bombshell tapped her finger against her lips.

Quite a number of eyes turned towards their Arc.

Yang leaned forward and rested her arms on the Pyrrha's head rest. A teasing smirk displayed. "So, is that right Vomit Boy? Am I your type?"

The blonde boy gulped and backed away as Yang fluttered her eyes at him—while Pyrrha frowned at the teasing. However, it was the murderous glare from her father that turned Jaune pale.

Frantically waving his arms in the air to defend himself. "N-No, no, no, no, no! I-I mean, you are very pretty Yang." The blonde brawler smiled playfully while her father kept his eyes on him. "But, I see you as a friend really. A really great friend even. Don't take this the wrong way, but I don't see you in that way. And that's other Jaune's type. I'm not really into other blondes."

"Hehehe, don't worry Lover boy." Yang smiled even more playfully. "I was just teasing ya. I only like you as a friend, too, y'know."

The Team JNPR sighed and laughed nervously as he sunk back in his seat to relax.

Before Yang returned to her seat she whispered into Pyrrha's ear. "At least you fill in the last three of his type he likes. Good luck P-Money." Which left the blood red-haired girl a blushing mess in the same color as her hair.

Jaune glanced over to see if Pyrrha's alright when he noticed she became flustered, however he noticed Tai's eyes as he pointed to him, then himself, and finally to his eyes and mouthed. 'I'm watching you boy' which in turned made Jaune suddenly snap back to the screen.


As the truck stopped, a wind of sand was kicked up that covered their view. As it died down a female figure was finally shown.

A young woman with red hair tied into a ponytail, some sunscreen dribbled on her nose. Wearing a tan bucket cap, a pink button-up shirt, tan shorts, and tan boots.

Jaune's face fell when he noticed her.


"Pyrrha!" Nora pointed out excitedly. "It's you!"

"So it seems." Pyrrha smiled. Happy to know her and Jaune are appearing together in another world.

Ren said nothing, but smiled to see another version of Pyrrha. Alive and well compared to the preview viewing one.

Jaune, however, frowned when he noticed his other self's expression. "Why does he look disappointed though?"


"Hi!" she greeted them as she approached the passenger side with a smile. "I'm Pyrrha. Pyrrha Nikos."

She and Chris shook hands.

"I'm up here for the semester."

"Yeah, geography."

"Geology." Jaune corrected.

"Yeah, well, it's actual seismology," Pyrrah corrected Jaune's correction. "Earthquakes."

Chris looked back at Jaune with a face that says 'that's interesting'. Jaune looked very disinterested.


"Interesting field of study." Oobleck adjusted his glasses.

"P-Money was always the smart cookie." Yang pointed out.

"Thank you. But, it's really not that smart."

"Don't put yourself down like that. You do study hard and it shows. You and Weiss help me out so much with my classes. I'm really happy to have great friends like you." Ruby smiled at her friend which Pyrrha appreciated.

Ironwood rubbed his chin. "Seismology? So the title of this 'viewing' is going to be related to what the Pyrrha of that world is doing."

"So it would seem, my friend." Ozpin sipped from his mug.

Qrow raised his left eyebrow. "So, earthquakes after all?"


"And you two must be Jaune and Chris. I've heard all about you."

"We deny everything," Chris joked with his hands briefly in the air. He chuckled soon after with Pyrrha giggling at his humor, but Jaune didn't look like he wanted to be here anymore.


A lot of the students chuckled.

"Nice to know he has a silly side to him." Velvet giggled.


"Hey, listen, I've got a question for you," Pyrrha quickly change to a more serious tone. "Do you know if anybody's doing any drilling or blasting or anything like that?"

Jaune started to laugh. Absurd that something like that was going around this valley. "Around here? No ma'am."

Chris gave Jaune a glance then pondered if he could recall anything, but nothing came to mind.

Pyrrha seemed a little disappointed. "Well, I'm supposed to monitor the seismographs."

As the two didn't seem to know what she means, she continued.

"You know, they measure vibrations."

Jaune tapped on Chris's shoulder. "Vibrations in the ground."

"Yeah." Pyrrha smiled politely. "Well, I've been getting some really strange readings. I mean, the school's had these machines up here for three years, and we've never recorded anything like this?"

Chris understood her concern. "Well, we'll ask around. You know, see if anyone's heard anything."

"Thanks." Pyrrha appreciated it. Though she became concerned as another thought came to her. "God, I hope they're not broken. I might have to bag the whole semester."

As she continued with her worries, Chris gestured to Jaune with his head towards Pyrrha. Unfortunately, Jaune didn't get what Chris was implying as he just looked at him.


Jaune continued to frown at his other self's behavior. He was being quite rude.

Even his team and sister team noticed the odd behavior too.

Some of the adults, however, sighed. Knowing what's going on.


"Anyway," Pyrrha said with a smile. "Sorry to bother you."

"No problem," Chris reassured her as Jaune started up the truck and drove away. "Nice meeting you. Hope you get it all sorted out."

Pyrrha waved farewell. As the truck got furthered away, Pyrrha looked worried and rubbed her nose. Wondering if she looked weird with so much sunblock on her nose and why Jaune looked at her funny.

Back to two driving on the road again, Chris spoke up. "You know, if you wanted, we could—eh—take a look at those... seismographs for her if you want?"

Jaune was confused by the suggestion. "What the hell do we know about seismographs?"

"Nothing." Chris shrugged with a smile. "It sure might be a pretty slick way to get to know her."


A few of the students blinked. With Pyrrha blushing at what Chris just said about 'getting to know her'. Granted he appeared older than her in that world, but no one has really had shown any interest in her before.

"Ummmm…," Jaune senses slowly came back. "Is Chris interested in Pyrrha?"

"Nope," Tai smiled. "He's being a wing-man."

"Yup." Qrow donned the same smile as both he and Tai high-fived each other.


Weiss looked at her classmates and shook her head. "I thought that was fairly obvious. Considering he kept on gesturing to other Jaune earlier."

Blake's mind wondered a bit. Recalling some scenarios of an older male and younger female in some books she's read. Then shook her head. Best to not think about it any further.



Chris grew irritated. "Damn it, Arc. You don't go for any gal unless she fits that stupid list of yours from top to bottom."

"Well, sure." Jaune saw nothing with it.

"Yeah, and it's dumber than my hind quarters!" Chris snapped back. Trying to remember one of them. "I mean, like that Bobby Lynn Dexter."

Jaune took offensive by that and pulled down the sun visor to reveal photos of a woman with long-blonde haired and green eyes smiling in all of them.

"Tammy Lynn Baxter!" Jaune aggressively tapped on the photos.

"It don't matter." Chris argued back. "They're all the same." he emphasized on the next part. "Dead. Weight!"

Chris lifted the back of his hand and looked at his fingernail in mockery of what those girls do with a fake girlish accent. "Ooh! I broke a nail."

He gave Jaune an irritated look and shuddered after doing it. "Ugh, makes my skin crawl."


Jaune looked at the photos other him shown and just looked aghast. "Really other me? Those are your types? I mean no disrespect..."

"Yeah," Yang didn't looked impressive. "I'm way more fit than those girls. And better hair too."

"Yeah." Qrow agreed as he shuddered too. "Those kinds of girls are the worst."

Winter scoffed.

"And boring." Yang groaned. "At least Weiss is cooler than them."

"Why thank y—Hey!"


"Well," Jaune cheekily smiled, flicking his eyebrow suggestively, at his annoyed pal. "I'm a victim of circumstance."

Chris gave him a deadpan stare. "I thought you called it your pecker."

Jaune's face fell.


Roman barked out loud and Neo struggled to keep still. "Classic!"

Neo with a hand over her mirthful smile her other hand held up a sign. [Quite the little woodpecker, isn't he?]

A lot of the people in the audience cracked up. Weiss and Pyrrha blushed at the insult.

"Ha!" Qrow slapped his knee. "That's a good one. Got to remember to use it one of these days." he smirked at the General of Atlas. "Ain't that right Jimmy?"

Ironwood growled. "Qrow… do you have to—"

"Don't you start you two." Ozpin shook his head as Glynda rubbed her templates.

Only Jaune, Ruby, and Penny were not sure what he meant by that.

"Pecker?" Jaune mouthed out the word. "I never heard of that word before. What does it mean? I'm a kisser?"

"One of many definitions of 'peck' does imply a kiss to the cheek," Penny stated though frowned. "However, I believe he is referring to a different definition as I am not quite familiar with."

Nora shook her head with a smile as she leaned into Jaune's ear. "Nope. Here let me tell you..."

"Mmhmm," Jaune nodded as Nora explained. "OK, got it. So what that means… aha… I see… that makes sense… wait." the blonde's eyes widen. "Wait. That's what it means!? And he called it…?!"

The leader of JNPR just stared at the screen and shouted. "CHRIS!"

"I mean, he said the other you called it that, not him." Nora chortled.

Yang wheezed harder and Blake tried to hide her giggling and flushed face. Pyrrha buried her face in her hands not sure how to handle this.

"Wait, what does pecker mean?" Ruby asked. [1]

"I'll..." Yang tried to calm down. "I'll tell you when you're older." Which caused her sister to cross her arms and pouted.


They continue their drove until they reached the town. Passing by a sign that says:

'City of Perfection.

Est. 1907

Pop 14 – Elev. 2135'

Not much of a city, but a small humble town. Passing by a brown-haired teen in a purple jersey and blue shorts playing basketball by himself, dribbling and tossing it into the air.

They pulled up to a red store market that reads 'Klein Schnee's Market'.


Weiss blinked when she saw the words on the front of the store. Winter stared wide eye as well.

"Wait… did they said Klein Schnee?" the snow white-haired heiress asked as she mind with mile of thoughts going through her head right now.

Keys nodded. "That is correct, Ms. Schnee. In that world, Klein is a Schnee on your father's side and is your uncle in that world."

"Our uncle?" Winter asked.

"Yes." Keys continued to answer. "There are many possibilities in the multiverse, such as having people you are not originally related to you being a family member. In this world, Klein is such a person. He is also business savvy, but not as bad as your father."

"Thankfully." Winter breathed easy after she heard the last bit.

Ruby looked over to her partner with a curious glint in her eyes. "Klein? Do you know him, Weiss?"

Weiss nods her head. "Yes. He's a butler of the Schnee family, my caretaker growing up. And someone who was more to a father to me than my own father is. I do miss from time to time."

"Do we think we could meet him?" Ruby asked.

"Hmm, I don't see why not." Weiss smiled at the thought. "Though he is busy taking care of all tasks back home, but I'll see if I can contract him to come visit Beacon some time."

"I'll see if I can't help as well. I would love to see Klein again, too." Winter smiled before turning to the General. "If that's alright with you, sir."

Ironwood nodded kindly. "Permission granted. You do great work Specialist Winter, take some time off a bit when we get back to the Vytal Festival. You never know when you'll spend time with your sister again."

"Thank you, sir!"


As they both got out of the truck, Jaune called out to the teen who is currently bouncing the basketball against a car's wind shield back and forth.

"Hey, pizza face!"

"Cardin." Chris called out as Jaune went into the building. "Cardin! You touch that truck and die."

The teen known as Cardin turned towards him. But, decided to mock him. "Oh, man, I'm really shaking."

Chris glanced back, ignored his comment, and went inside the story as Cardin decided to bounce the basketball against the store's wall instead.


Jaune blinked when he saw his former bully there. "He's here too?!"

Coco and Velvet frowned. "Oh great. The jerk that loves pulling on my friend's ear is here. How nice."

Ghira and Kali looked over to Coco and Velvet as Blake spoke up. "He's a Huntsman at Beacon. Sadly, he..." Blake choosing her words carefully. "Insensitively harasses other students. Especially Faunus."

Both her parents' frowned at that.

"Don't worry. Mr. Winchester is behaving himself as of late." Miss Goodwitch assured the Belladonnas as she adjusted her glasses. "After a few times in detention and the Forever Fall Forest incident him and his team have learned not to trouble his fellow classmates again."

"Glad to hear it."

Coco tilted her sunglasses down. "Well, it looks like he isn't much loved over there as well."

"I just hope he doesn't cause too much trouble for everyone else." the bunny girl muttered.


In the store were three people. One behind the counter was an older man with grayed out hair, gray mustache, wearing a white collared shirt with an apron.

The other was a blond-haired man hunched over the counter examining his purchase. He wore a blue plaid collared shirt. This was Tai Xiao-Long.

Standing on his right, was a beautiful woman with long flowing black hair that was wearing a matching outfit of his, but the colors were orange. Who was packing away the rest of their purchase in a small box. This was Tai's wife, Raven Xiao-Long.

"Thanks, Schnee" an older blonde man said. "Look, these are hollow points, but they're not Hydrashok hollow points."

As he was explaining this both Jaune and Chris entered the scene. Jaune sitting at the counter while Chris took to sitting at the nearby.

"Excuse me," Klein waved his hand dismissively. "I thought bullets were bullets."


The moment the other Raven showed up on the screen Tai and Qrow straighten up and stared at her. It was a strange sight seeing her again after such a long time—for Tai—as both men were slightly taken aback how… cheery she looked. Especially with that friendly smile.

Yang stared attentively and soaked in everything she could about this Raven. She may not be her Raven, but like Keys said maybe watching this one might help her understand hers a bit better. Or at least see a potential version of her that's… something she's kinda hoping she'd be.

Ruby's eyes light up when other Tai mentioned bullets and squealed. "Bullets? *Gasp*! Are they're going to mention weapons? Does my dad from that world have a weapon collections? What kind of guns is he using?! Rifles? Revolvers? The classic old-school style guns?!"

"I'm just a gun user in that world," Tai quirked his head. "I mean, I guess with no Aura or Semblances to help enchant my strength I guess using a gun for self-defense is the next best thing."

"What are hollow points?" Jaune asked not familiar with any terms for bullets. Or any for guns in general.

Ruby eagerly jumped up, as Zwei jumped in Yang's lap as the corgi looked on happily at the young reaper girl. "Hollow point bullets are used for control penetration to avoid causing collateral damage, especially on air crafts. They hit surface level, but they're still lethal. They also have more accuracy and easy to predict trajectory shots compared to Pointed Bullets which are more sensitive to bullet harmonic characteristics and wind deflection."

The blonde swordsman was taken aback and blinked astonishingly at his fellow leader and friend. "I-I see… that's pretty cool, Ruby."

"Well said, Ms. Rose!" Oobleck commented. "And very informative. Dust bullets have a similar casting based off the older bullets. When looking for a certain Dust type bullet, it's important to know what type of casing you use as it affects the recoil and strength and how a Dust change is utilize in combat."

Weiss simply sighed. "If only she could apply that much dedication to weapons as her studies, she's be passing class with flying colors."

Tai laughed. "That's my Ruby!"

Coco eyed both other world Tai and Raven's clothes and hummed. "I'm guess that's the style around those parts? Other Jaune and Chris have a similar style too. I guess, for a Southern look it's not bad. But, could be better."


The black-haired woman smiled and greeted the two who entered the store. "Hi, guys. What you been doing?"

"We ran into that new college student," Jaune explained. Trying to remember this name. "That Pyra."

"Pyrrha." Chris corrected his friend as Klein placed two bottles of beer in front of them. He handed over the cash as he continued the conversation as Jaune took a sip. "Yeah, she's having trouble with her, uh."

He struggled to remember what it was earlier. "Uh, things."


Jaune shook his head. "Really, other me? You forgot Pyrrha's name already?"

The younger white-haired princess turned to him. "You didn't know who Pyrrha was until I had to mention the cereal box she was on."

"Hey! I at least remembered her name after that and never got it wrong!"

"Chris isn't faring much better. At least with tools it seems." Blake noted.

"He doesn't look that old to be forgetful." Pyrrha frowned sadly.

"I guess other Jaune did do breakfast the other day after all." the orange-haired Valkyrie snorted.


Tai spoke up. "You know, those college kids turn up oil or uranium or something out there?" He glanced at his wife before turning back to the two. "Next thing the feds will be at our door."

His wife gave him a knowing look as he continued on with a cheeky smile. "Sorry. Time to move. Eminent domain."

"Down, honey. Down." Raven patted her husband's shoulder.

"Yeah, Tai." Jaune started in a sly tone. "The way you worry, you'll have a heart attack way before you get a chance to survive in World War III."

Chris chuckled before taking a sip of his beer bottle.

Raven laughed and Tai smirked playfully at the jab. "We'll see. We'll see."


Tai blinked at his counterpart's behavior. "What the—? I'm paranoid of the government or something?"

Qrow shrugged. "Eh. Nothing wrong about that. I don't always agree with that the Atlas military do either. That said, I'm surprised to see Raven so… relaxed? Easy-going?"

"Agreed." Tai felt odd and bit nostalgic seeing the other Raven act. "Though she did have a few moments like that."

Yang—while listening to the viewing—overheard a bit of what her dad and uncle were saying. Learning a bit more about her universe mother. From the sound of it, she sounded stern and grumpy? If a friendly, relax, easy-going version of her surprising them.

"Eminent domain?" Velvet recalled those words. "You mean to tell me the government would kick you out of your houses over something like that?"

Neptune shook his head. "Not cool."

"Don't blame Ruby and Yang's dad for being paranoid." Coco frowned.

But a certain sentence caught a lot of people's attention.

"World War… III?" Ironwood could not help, but ask. "As in—there were two before?"

Keys sighed. "Unfortunately yes. In that world it's after the events of the most horrific war mankind has ever seen and the brutally of those wars are infamously legendary. As there's no Aura and Semblances as I stated before, they used a number of other cruel methods to win battles. Poison gas, rats, bombs, and such. I rather not go into details. Seeing as war—no matter what side—is ugly and painful."

"Poison gas…?" Winter could barely muttered the word.

"Yes." Keys answered solemnly. "The war of Earth makes the war on Remnant seem like a small skirmish. And WW1 is considered the most bloody one of them compared to 2 as it involved in the death of 17 million lives, but we're both equally bad as WW2 shaped the world after."

"17 million?" Ozpin's eyes widen in shock and the rest of the adults too.

The students all shivered at the implications.

"My word," Peter shook his head. "How dreadful. I cannot imagine what it was like for the survivors. Even if we're from other worlds I pray and wish for their good health."

"Indeed." Ironwood nodded. "The soldiers that fought in these bloody war deserve all the recognition for their bravery and fortitude. As well as the help physical. Mentally, and spiritually for what they went for, for the future of their people. I salute those brave men and women for their services."

"You and I don't agree on a lot of stuff, Jimmy, but this I can agree on." a certain drunk raised his flask in solemn and respect.


Klein enjoyed the friendly banter between friends, but his cooler started before a whirring dysfunctional sound.

He seemed to be in his wit's end with it. "Hey, guys, listen. Bearing going out. What do you think?"

"Could be." Jaune suggested.

Chris stopped Jaune from going to check it out, knowing he wanted out of doing garbage day.

"Catch you later, Schnee. We got a schedule to keep."

"Oh, yeah." the blonde took the opportunity to poke fun at his friend again. "See, we plan ahead. That way we don't do anything right now. Chris explained it to me."

Tai nodded as it was the smart thing to do.


Putting behind the awful revelations of another world's war, they return back to the levity to help but them back at ease.

"Other Jaune ribbing of Chris reminds a bit of us back in our Beacon." Qrow smirked.

"Yeah," Tai nodded. "Good times."


The scene changes out in the desert somewhere. The view panning to the right slowly at a dirt hill. The sounds of rumbling could be heard. As the loose soil tumbled down.

Back with Pyrrha she patted down her bucket cap against her leg as she walked around the school equipment.

She grabs one of the seismograph reading devices before putting it into a hole a burying it with a shovel. A cylinder object with a metal rod sticking out on top with a wire attached to it linking back to the machine.

While she was doing this, she is unaware of the seismograph reading needle started to jag violently three times for a few seconds.

She grabbed her notebook nearby the reading as she jolted down her notes. Still not noticing the new readings were increasing and getting more sporadic.


"So, that's what it looks like," Sun watched as the other Pyrrha buried the device.

"It looks like the seismograph recorder is going crazy with its reading," Velvet pointed out. Sadly, she's not familiar with studies of vibrations so she can't tell how bad it is.

"The needle is going quite crazy." Peter stroked his fabulous mustache. "However, it's suppose to record 'earthquakes' or vibrations at least. I don't see anything in the surrounding area to indicate that."

"You're right my friend." Oobleck also picked up on that. "Any signs of shaking or objects moving even slightly would help signal that. Yet, nothing is shown. Very curious. No wonder the other Pyrrha is confused about this."

"Well, I guess it's a good thing it got a copy of it to show back at her school." Yang mentioned.

"Indeed." Weiss smiled. Proud her teammate is looking at the education side of things. "I'm glad you're invested in other Pyrrha's studies."

"Of course. Because, it looks like other Pyrrha's graph is off the record!" Yang joked as everyone groaned at it. Aside from Penny who thought was very clever.

Weiss buried her head in her hands. "I should've known better..."

"Good one!" Tai barked with pride.

Qrow hanged his head. "No, it wasn't..."

Keys chuckled at the pun.


The view suddenly changed angle in a diagonal shot while looking at Pyrrha from afar.

Then it suddenly changed angle to a first-view viewing. As if an animal tilted its head watching the girl.


The sudden view shift confused everyone at first, until it turned right side up. Almost animal-like which put a lot of people on alert.

Ozpin narrowed his eyes. He knew something was out of the ordinary here. But, exactly what. It seemed strange that this viewing would be about 'earthquakes' and Keys has kept his silence to let them figure out it.

The blue otherworldly made a smirk-like expression on his mouthless face as he noticed the Headmaster picking up the clues of this viewing.


As Pyrrha grabbed her stuff the sound of something moving and rumbling could be heard. As the viewing closed in onto Pyrrha like an animal stalking her. Slowly and steadily.

Once Pyrrha grabbed her big case and a few of her belongings she started to leave the area.

And in response the scene changed to a bump in the ground shifting as it closed in on her.


"What the hell…?" Roman was the first one to say anything.

"There's something moving underground?" Blake's eyes widen.

Zwei whimpered in Ruby's lap as she patted him to calm him down.

"Wait a minute…," Yang looked down for a moment. She began to realize what this viewing is really about. "This isn't a man versus nature movie!"

Both she and Ruby looked at each other and smiled as they both figured it out. "It's a MONSTER MOVIE!"

Weiss blanched. "What?! And why are you two so happy about it?! It's targeting other Pyrrha!"

Realizing what Weiss's said everyone quickly turned to the viewing.

"Oh no, Pyrrha!"


Pyrrha put her stuff in the back of her red truck as the view point kept getting closer to her. The bump shifting through the dirt as it went even faster.

Just as Pyrrha got into her truck, the sound of something growling got close to her leg before the door shut on it. With the college student driving away… unaware she escaped certain danger a second ago.


A lot of people let out a sigh of relief.

"Oh, thank the Brothers," Jaune relaxed as the other Pyrrha managed to escaped unharmed.

"Um, Jaune?" Pyrrha spoke up as the blonde looked at her. "My hand? You're clenching tightly around it."

The young swordsman looked down and noticed that he clamped his hand onto his partner when he began to worry about her counterpart and didn't realize it. Frantically, he let go with a blush.

"Sorry about that! I-I got worried for your other self."

"It's no problem. And thank you." Pyrrha smiled. Though, she kinda regret bringing it up now as she loved the feeling of Jaune holding her hand. Oh well, there might be more opportunities for it.

"Hmm." Ozpin adjusted his glasses. "So, this is what this viewing is about. I thought it rather unusually to be just be about nature and how everyone's counterpart reacts to it. Especially when vibrations was brought up yet nothing of the land mass has changed. You did say there are other dangers aside from Grimm in other worlds, Mr. Keys."

Keys nodded. "Indeed, I did. I didn't want to spoil anything, but note the people will be facing off against something very unique. And I want everyone to see how their counterparts handle the situation they'll be thrust in soon."

Most of the teachers and adults nodded as they know they don't have Dust or powers in that world. Yet, learning how they adapt without such feats could provide new teaching methods for the students.

And for the kids they gulped. Knowing that monster movie are themed with people getting eaten. They pray their counterparts survive.


The new scene starts off with a bulldoze pushing large amount of dirt with some garbage buried in it to the side.

Chris was operating the machine wearing his handkerchief as a mask to avoid the dirt getting into his mouth.

As the older one of the pair was doing that, Jaune—always wearing a masked handkerchief—was in the back picking up a bag of garbage. Which sadly, ripped out and emptied out all its content in the ground.

Much to the blonde's frustrations.

After Chris was done with his part, he parked the bulldozer called CAT, got off and took down his mask. Patted his hat against his leg as he sat down on a beat up broken black couch.

With Jaune sitting on a battered brown cushion chair next to the couch, drinking a cold one. His legs crossed and resting on a toilet as a footstool.

"Cocktail?" Jaune asked as his moved his feet to pull out the drink from the toilet. Using it as a 'cooler' for their drinks.

"You bet." he answered as Jaune opened the can and handed it to his buddy.


"Ooh!" Nora pointed to the big yellow machine with the giant claw shovel. "Renny, Renny! Look at that! It looks so cool! We have to get one!"

Ren looked at her and the machine. "...Do you even know how to drive one?"

Nora laughed. "Silly Ren. I'll just learn how to while I smash everything in my smash. Can't be too hard. Or I can get Jaune to teach me."

Ren sighed. "At least keep outside of populated areas."

"I don't know how to drive a construction vehicle!"

"CAT?" Ruby tilted her head curiously, yet smiled. "That's such a cute name of a construction vehicle."

Zwei barked happily at the word 'cat'.

"Eew!" Weiss scrunched her nose. "Are they using a broken down toilet as a cooler? That's disgusting!"

"And highly unhygienic." Winter agreed with her sister. "And they shouldn't even be drinking on the job! Even if they're on break!"

"Hey, leave off, Ice Queen." Qrow defended the otherworld counterparts. "If you had a cool one after a long day you'd understand. Plus, it's like not the liquid itself was in the toilet."

"Stop calling me that!" both Winter and Weiss shouted before glancing at each other.

"A cocktail, huh?" Roman nodded as he had one materialized himself. "Now there's a fine drink to relax in the afternoon."

Jaune shook his head. "Not sure how I feel about a version of me drinking."


As they were sitting there drinking, Jaune swatting at a fly around his head. "Well, I'll tell you. Nobody handles garbage better than we do."

Chris looked to his side and smirked. "Yup."

Jaune glanced at Chris. Dropping the joking tone. "Oh, come on, Chris. Now this is low." He gestures to the two of them. "We have got to set our sights a little bit higher."

The scene changed once more. Back in town, both Jaune and Chris were working on Klein Schnee's portable Septic Tank that reads 'Schnee's U Rent. Cesspool – Septic Pump I' as they unhook the hose from the tank.


"Septic tank?" Sun questioned.

"The pipes are used as a waste management system to remove sewage and wastewater from your house." Kali answered her. "Other words, it disposes water created from sinks, showers, and the like."

"Oh, I see." the money Faunus understood. "Thank you very much, Ms. Belladonna."

"Please. Call me Kali."

"Sure thing!" Sun smiled as he turned to Blake. "Your mom's really nice! I guess that's where you get your winning personality from."

Blake rolled her eyes, but smiled. "Yeah. Sure do. Thanks."

Kali giggled while Ghira growled at the boy.


Nearby sitting in a chair at his family's green trailer camper was Cardin twirling his basketball on his finger.

"Hey, Cardin, why don't you give us a hand?" Jaune called out to the teen. "Most of this shit is yours anyway."

Instead of helping he cockily asked them a favor. "Listen, run down to the store and pick me up a six-pack. I'll pay for it."

"Son, beer is for adults." Chris wasn't having it. He walked off back to the tank and readying the machine.


"Is Cardin related to…?"

"No." Keys flatly stated. "Cardin's parents are away in Las Vegas. The city that never sleeps and with lots of gambling. His folks don't care about him that much. Leaving their neighbors to look after him. Sadly, his bad attitude doesn't make him well liked with the community." [2]

The adults frowned at that. Especially Tai.

Heck, even Yang got angry. At least her dad and uncle were in her life and cared for her and Ruby.

Velvet's ears even folded in sadness. "That's really sad. I feel bad for him now."


"You know," Chris spoke up to Jaune as the blonde went over to where he is. "Not having a plan is what keeps us doing jobs like this."

"Just doing jobs like this is you dragging your feet." Jaune fired back as he turns the valve controls quickly.

Chris walked around Jaune and then walked back at what Jaune inferring getting heated as a result.

"Are you gonna stand there and tell me, in broad daylight, that I'm the reason," he gestured his hand to himself. "We're still in Perfection?"

The two stared angrily at each other.

"You know how close I am to leaving this place right now?"

Chris twisted the hose attached to the machine and pulled the side lever to lock it in place as Jaune stomped right in front of the dark-haired man.

"I'll call that little bluff. How close?" the two stared off.

The tank started to rumble and then the hose had a hole burst on the side. Sludge spewing from the hole which unfortunately hit both Jaune and Chris got sprayed with in its filth. As the two quickly backed off yet a trail of waste continue to pour on them.

"Shit! Jesus Christ!"

"God damn! God damn!"

Cardin laughed at their misfortune from the side. Enjoying the show.


The audience were a bit surprise at how hostile the two were being and thought a fight was about to break out.

Until the Septic Tank pipe broke and hit both of them with the waste it had.

"Ugh!" the girls gagged.

Jaune just stared at the scene. "Aw, come on."

"Oooh." Qrow winced. "That's just bad luck."

Roman shook his head. "Better them than me."


The new scene starts with Jaune coming out of a green trailer carrying an old vacuum cleaner with his hat on top of it and some magazines in his mouth.

"Don't forget the TV."

"Hey, what's that vacuum cleaner for, man?" Chris asked when he noticed what Jaune was carrying.

"I like this vacuum cleaner." Jaune argued back as it puts his stuff onto the back of the truck.

"Hell, you never use it."

"Well, it's good for parts." Chris places their TV into the back on the driver's side. As Jaune continues on why the vacuum stays. "And, besides, maybe we'll hire a maid. Now had you thought about that, Chris?"

Chris frowned. "Get in the truck."

The older male started the truck as the blonde got in and drove backwards out of their abode. Which was only a small green trailer and a white beaten up trailer behind it. A few tables and chairs with lots of open desert space.

As he backed out he grabbed their plate 'C. Corona and J. Arc' from the fence and drove off through the town ahead.

As they were passing by, one of the neighbors got off from her chair in the front yard of her large white house and waved to them.

"Guys!" a Cat Faunus lady called out as she hurried over to their oncoming truck down the road. "Hey, guys, wait!"

She had some sunglasses on with green blouse, blue poker-dotted, and yellow long skirt with brown dots on them. As she came up to the passenger side of the truck as the boy came to a stop for her.


The Belladonna family were surprised to see another version of Kali in this world.

"Mom?" Blake muttered.

"Look dear, it's me." Kali nudged her husband as he smiled.

"Yes, I can see. And just as beautiful as you are now and will be." Ghira lovingly said as he held his wife's hand.

"Oh, you."

Blake tried to hide her face with her face. Embarrassed by her parents. "Mom. Dad, please. Everyone's looking."

Roman rolled his eyes and left his head fall backwards. "Ugh, please keep the PDA to a minimum while everyone is watching the movie. Thank you."

Neo snickered at her boss. [Does someone need a hug?]

Yang snickered as Ruby patted her friend's shoulder understandingly. Her dad embarrasses her from time to time too.

"So, I take it Earth has Faunuses as well?" Oobleck asked their gracious host.

"Mainly? No." Keys shook his head. "Earth is only dominant by solely humans in many realities. This said reality has both humans and Faunuses as it's reflect of the two worlds in a way. Also, Faunuses are far more accepted there compared to your world."

"Fascinating." Oobleck tilted his glasses.

The Belladonnas overheard the conversation and wonder what life would've been like on Earth. Maybe not as bad as Remnant, but it seems like Earth is far more accepting of others.

Perhaps they can find a way to visit. How well will people of Earth react to Cat people?



"Sorry, Kali." Jaune greeted his sweet neighbor. "We're not delivering firewood anymore. We're heading for Bixby permanently."

"Oh, sure." Kali smiled teasingly. Thinking they were joking again, until she noticed all their stuff in the back of the truck and removed her sunglasses in response. "Oh my God. You really are!"

As this was going, a small Cat Faunus child, was bouncing down the street on her Pogo-stick. Her hair tied in a ponytail and her cat ears had headphones on them. She wore a cute pink checkered tank top and blue checkered pants.

"Hey, Blake," Chris called out happily. "What's the count?"

"Six hundred and forty!"


Both Ghira and Kali perked up when they saw the Blake's counterpart on the screen as she was as a little kid.

"Blake, you're here too!" Ruby excitedly pointed to the screen.

"Aw," Yang cooed at the younger version of her sister-in-teammate. "Look how cute you were when you were little! Were you this cute in our world too?"

"Ooh! Look at my little kitten. Just as adorable as I remember." Kali smiled at the sight of a younger version of her daughter again. "This takes me back when Blake was so little. She'd do various of hobbies. Climbing trees. Chasing mice in the fields."

"Do you have any pictures we could see?" Yang asked Kali who looked positively giddy with joy to talk about her little girl with her friends.

"Certainly! When you come to visit, I'll happily regale all of my little kitten's adventures. I even have a picture when she jumped into Ghira's shirt and poked her head out as he did chores around the house."

And the grown-up version of Blake's face started to get heated and buried her face as her mother told her friends and the teachers about her younger days. Why she asked.

Weiss sent her a sympathetic glance. She may not know the smoldering of an overbearing doting parent, but she understands unwanted attention.

"By the way, where am I?" Ghira asked their host.

He froze for a moment and shook his head. "Sadly, sickness took you from them before Blake was born." [3]

"Oh." Ghira frowned and his ears folded.

Hearing that Kali gasped and then hugged her husband's arm. Blake's eyes widen a bit and frowned, knowing that her counterpart never got to know her father. Even though he's worries too much, she can't imagine her life without him.

Yang dripped her head down in sorrow knowing what it's like to lose a parent. Ruby felt like crying now.

Despite the sad news, Ghira gave a smile nonetheless. "Even though I'm not there, I'm glad to see my wife and daughter even in another world doing well on their own. That's all I ask."


Both Jaune and Chris smiled with how much fun Blake is having for trying to beat a World Record.

Kali smiled briefly at her daughter playing before looking desperate at the boys. "Guys, look, I don't need firewood. I have this big order to fill, and I have to build my new pottery kiln."

Sadly, for her both Jaune and Chris wouldn't bend. As much as they wanted to help, they wanted to leave this valley for good.

"Come on, it'll be at least a month's work."

They kept their silence and Jaune looked away while Chris tilted his head towards the ground.

"I'll throw in lunches." Kali glanced between them and they still wouldn't budge. Though she had one more thing to sweeten the deal with a coy smile. "And beer."

For a moment Jaune looked back at her and then to Chris who looked back to Jaune.


"Oof." Qrow clenched his teeth. "Free beer for a month? That's a hard deal to pass up on."

Jaune rubbed the back of his head. "I would help out—beer not required—but seeing as my counterpart and that Chris don't want to be living in that town anymore I'm not sure."

"Oh, don't worry about it. You boys planned for to leave for a long time. Be far it from me to stop that. My counterpart is going to need to ask for someone else to help or make adjustments to her own plans, that's all." Kali reassured the young man.

"Oh, thank you Miss Bell… um, I mean Kali?"

"Of course dearie."


After that… the boys are seen driving down the road away from the City of Perfection. The two hollered with delight.

"I can't believe we said no to free beer!" Jaune exclaimed.

"We did it! We did it! We faced temptation, but did not bend!" Chris cheered with jazz hands before placing them back on the wheel. "God damn! Praise the lord!"

Jaune had a big grin as they were finally free of this place. "Now there's nothing, and I mean nothing, between us and Bixby but nothing!"

Chris gave Jaune a low five and then Jaune clapped with his other hand for a high five.




"They just jinxed it." Coco smirked.


As they two were driving down the road, Jaune noticed something. "Hey, look at that guy!"

Looking at the electrical tower up ahead there was sitting high at the top of it. Apparently, working on the wires.

Chris commented at the sight. "Oh, that is one job I'd never do. Working around electricity."

As they got closer Jaune took a closer look at the man and he became familiar to him. "Hey, hold up. That's Edgar Deems."

Chris chuckled with disbelief. "Come on."

"No. He only wears that one damn jacket." Jaune pointed out. "That's him I'm telling you."

Chris drove back and packed at the foot of the tower as the two men stepped out and looked up to where Edgar was. Wondering what the hell happened this time.

The dark-haired older male shook his head. "Man, oh, man, he sure must've been drunk this time."

Seeing as he hasn't moved or stirred, Chris yelled out to him to get his attention. "Edgar, get your butt down from there!"

No response as the two walked closer. Jaune let out a sigh.

"Well, shit." Jaune looked over to Chris. "We can't leave him up there."

Chris chuckled as he has no desire to climb something that high.

The two looked at each other and had another round of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Jaune went with Paper. Chris went with Scissors.

The blonde looked at his hand before looking up at the drunk stuck in the tower.

"Thank you, Edgar."


"And there it is." Qrow sipped from his flask.

"I'm glad I won't leave a guy hanging for their life." Jaune said with a concern frown.

Both Tai and Yang snickered which confused the other blonde. "What?"

"Ah… Jaune!" Ruby gasped as she wagged her finger at him. "I can't believe you!"

Blake shook head and crossed her arms. "My disappointed is immeasurable and my day is ruined. I thought you better than that Jaune."

"Good one!" Yang snorted.

"Not bad kid." Tai nodded sagely.

Jaune darted between the four and it realized what he said in this situation. "That's not what I mean and you know it! I wasn't trying to make a pun!"

The others just shook their heads.

"I feel like we're going to be infected at this rate and everyone will be making puns."

"If that happens, Neo please kill me."

[Certainly. And I'll follow soon after.]

Keys looked at everyone. "What do you folks got against puns?"


And so, Jaune proceed to climb the electrical tower to get his drunk friend down. "You owe me on this one, you damned old boozehound."

He complained as he grabbed the next pole to get higher up the tower.

"One of these days, you're gonna have to get your ass on a wagon and stay there." Jaune vented as he got closer. "Jesus! It's not like I don't have better things to do than climb towers and drag your hairy ass down."

And once Jaune finally reached him… his face morphed into shock. "Jesus Christ!"

Edgar Deems was revealed be dead. His face looking dry.


A lot of screams were heard. Especially from the kids.

"Shit." Qrow cursed to himself.

"Wow, what?" Yang pulled back and Blake's mouth hanged.

"Oh no, poor Edgar!" Ruby cried out with both her hands clasped on the side of her face.

Even poor Zwei sadly as seeing the elderly man pass away like that.

"What a horrible way to go." Velvet shared Ruby's sorrows.

Kali slowly shook her head sadly. "That poor man."

"For the love of the Maidens!" Roman shouted.

Keys rose one of his brows at that exclaim. "Excuse me?"

"Wha— B-But, why?" Weiss covered her mouth.

Ozpin initially shocked calmed himself and focused on what they've been shown so far. "Hmmm, I would have to say are 'mystery' creature might be responsible. Yet, I'm not sure how. If Edgar been at that tower surely the creature would've left to find easier food or climb it."

"You're right, Ozpin." Oobleck got his notepad at the ready. "This monster might be more dangerous than we thought."

"I'm so sorry, Mr. Deems." Penny bowed her head. "I do not know you, but I wish you well in your next life."

Keys glanced around. (Is no one concerned with what Roman just said?)


Cut to scene change where Edgar's body is covered in a white sheet on the back of Jaune and Chris's truck.

"Was it a heart attack, Doctor?" Jaune asked.

An older man in a white long-sleeve collared shirt and red pants walked off the truck after examining the deceased body of Edgar.

"No." he walked to the side of the truck as Jaune, Chris, and the doctor's wife—Megan—stood behind him. "He died of dehydrated. Thirst."

Jaune was confused by this. "Well, that doesn't make any sense. That takes a couple of days, doesn't it?"

Dr. Jim Wallace nodded. "Maybe even three or four."

Chris scoffed. Bewildered by the statement. "You mean he sat up there for three or four days?" He just couldn't believe it. "He sat up there and just died of thirst?"

The doctor nodded again.

Jaune and Chris looked at each other. It was the strangest thing they ever heard of. Unfortunately, they were blissfully unaware what this means for them.


"Thirst?" Winter repeated what was said. "Given the condition we saw him in, that is the most likely outcome to his fate. Yet, three or four days he stood up there?"

"These creature might be more relent in their nature than we previous thought." Peter calmly assessed the situation. "But, it seems to stay underground for the most part. Can it travel on land? Can they even scale towers? Fly?" [4]

"I don't think I want to meet it." Roman shuddered. It's one thing to run from the cops, but being possibly staked out by a monster that won't leave you alone until you die of starvation of dehydration. Yeah, he rather face the coppers and possible Grimm over whatever this was.

At least he seemed to have a fighting chance.


The location changed to a small farming patch. A scarecrow dressed with a purple blouse and a farmer hat.

A hoe came down in the garden patch. The aging farmer minding his own business. He wore a simple white shirt, a farmer's cap, and farmer's pants. He was bald except for the strands of gray hair around his head.


"Hey, look!" Ruby pointed out to the old man on the screen. "It's the old shopkeeper from Vale. I didn't realize he was here too."

"Ah, yes I remember. The night me and Red first met while I was robbing him." the master thief chuckled.

"And what got me into Beacon early. Thank you." Ruby smugly replied back.

Realizing if he haven't choose that shop to rob Dust from he wouldn't have to deal with Red and her team as he does now. He facepalmed. "Goddammit."

Neo patted her boss's shoulder with a teasing smirk. [Fortune favors the bold.]

"Go, sis!" Yang gave her little sister a high five.


While his flock of sheep started to freak out. Bleating in panic as they ran around in their pen.

The farmer looked yonder to his sheep wondering what the fuss was about.

He looked around and saw nothing. Thinking his sheep were just restless. "Hmm."

So he went back to shaping the soil around his vegetables. As the sheep continue to be nervous about something.

Suddenly, the scarecrow shifted and tilted on an angle behind the farmer.


Everyone began to have a feeling of dread crawl down their spines.

Zwei started to growl at the screen.


Sensing something was off. The farmer stopped and turned around.

He saw nothing.

Until a strange screeching sound was heard and dirt shoot up from under him. As the farmer screamed bloody murder as he suddenly sink below the viewing.


The sheep cried in terror and helplessly ran in the pen as they watched the fate of their beloved farmer.


"AHHHHH!" the girls and Jaune screamed.

"Mr. Shopkeeper, no!"

Zwei scampered under Yang's leg and whimpered. As Yang picked him up and pet him to calm him down.

"Brothers Light and Dark!" Ironwood cussed when he saw the old man disappear and the bloodcurdling scream that soon came after.

Gylnda placed her hand over her mouth. It's never easy to see good people die left and right because of Grimm and similar forces that rob them of their lives.

"Being eaten alive is one of the worst ways to go." Qrow clenched his teeth.

"Poor man." Peter offered a prayer for the lost soul.

Roman and Neo sat there stunned. They didn't expect it to be so stealthy.

"Well, crap."


Back to the seismograph recorder. Its needle scrapping up and down on the paper. Long strokes.

Pyrrha, who was sitting down in a pull-up chair, noticed this and walked over to the machine. Confused why it suddenly spiked like this when nothing out of the ordinary was happened, she twisted one of the nodes and pulled a part of the machine out to examine.

Nothing broken. Much to her confusion.

We return back to Jaune and Chris driving down the road. Two construction workers drilling on the side to fix the roads as one of them handed over headphones to block noise. As Jaune and Chris passed them by.

"You reckon he hated Perfection more than us?" Chris asked. Still troubled why Edgar would die like that. "Do you suppose he wanted to kill himself?"

Jaune didn't believe that shaking his head. "Come on. Someone must've chased him up there."

Chris scoffed. "What, you mean someone who ain't afraid of a Winchester Rifle?"

Jaune just shrugged his head. He got no clue.

"Then what'd they do?" Jaune looked over to Chris continuing the conversation. "Camp out down below and just wait for him to die?"

The black-haired man let out a deep sigh.


Ruby sighed. "Not even the sight of an old classic gun like a Winchester Rifle can cheer me up after what happen to Mr. Shopkeeper."

"It seemed like Mr. Deems was good friends with other Jaune and Chris, too." Penny said with a sad smile. "I know I would be quite sadden if I ever lost a friend as well."

"I wonder how thick this creature's skin is if that rifle didn't help as much." Qrow thought out loud.

Ironwood sighed. "Seeing as it's mainly underground. Mostly pointless. Which is a damn shame. No one should go out like that."


As they continued down the road, he spotted something unsettled to his left.

"What the hell?"

Tired screeched as Chris took a sudden stop on the road. Ominous music played as both Jaune and Chris got out of the truck and hurried over to the old farmer's patch.

Lumps of tore pieces of sheep flesh littered in the bend out of shape pen. The sounds of flies buzzing around.

Chris exhaled after smelling the rotten meat and Jaune just looked on in horror and confusion. "What the shit?"

Concerned both of them start looking for the farmer.


"Oh no." Ruby muttered. "Those poor sheep."

"Nothing, but lambs to the slaughter." Roman shook his head.

Neo had an unreadable expression on her face as she stared. [Who wants lamb chops? It's all you can eat.]

"That's not funny." Yang frowned at Neo's sign when she turned around.

The pink and brown-hair colored girl shrugged. [It's how I cope.]

Sun grimaced. "Jeez. Those sheep had no where to run."

"And there were so many of them." Neptune gulped. "How hungry was it?"


"Hey, Fred!" Jaune called out. "Hey, there, old Fred!"

Chris knocked on the small green shack nearby. "Hey, Fred!"

Not getting an answer, Chris opened the door and checked inside. "Fred!" While Jaune was circling behind the shack and then to the small garden.

Chris exited the shack when he didn't see him and joined up with Jaune as he shrugged his arms in defeat. They were confused and flabbergasted to the whole situation. Nothing like this has happened in Perfection Valley.

Both of them looked near the gardens and noticed old Fred's hat on the ground. Nested in a small crater of dirt.

"This is weird." Chris stated.

"This is real weird." Jaune agreed as they both approached the hat.

As Jaune bend down to grab the hat for clues. Once he plucked it off of the ground…

They noticed old Fred's severed head in the ground. His facial expression one of fright in their last moments.


Nearly everyone screamed at the severed head of the farmer.


"Jesus!" Chris shouted as he backed off in panic. Along with Jaune who was also freaking out.

"What the hell's going on?!" Jaune exclaimed in terror. "I mean! What the hell is going on!?"

Jaune looked at the hat in his hand and threw it on the ground in disgust. As Chris couldn't look away at the horrified sight.


"I cannot blame them." Gylnda sympathetically said. "They're mostly civilians with no experience of death of people."

"And seeing the… beheaded face of someone you knew is equally terrifying." Winter rubbed her neck. "They had no way of preparation for such a situation."

"Indeed." Keys spoke up. "They're used to wildlife like coyotes, wolves, snakes, and other predators but never to anything to this extent."

"First Edgar, now old Fred." Nora shivered. "I hope we don't see anything worse than what they went through."

Ren said nothing, but placed his hand over Nora's to calm her down. He didn't like seeing people die too. Reminds them too much of… home.


Back to the construction workers minding their own business. The blue truck of Arc and Corona's return in a hurry. Honking their horn as the two stopped on the side of them.

"Everybody get the hell out of here! There's a killer on the loose!" Chris exclaimed in a frazzled tone. One of the construction worker looked at him in worry while the other took his headphones off wondering what he just said.


"A murderer, man! A real psycho!" Chris explained as best as his nerves let him. Stammering out his response. "He.. He's cutting people's heads off! I'm not kidding!"

As he drove away to warn the City of Perfection of his unsettling development.

The other construction worker didn't believe as he went back to work. "They're pulling our chain."

"Yeah." his co-worker said. Though he sounded unconvinced with his agreement.

The construction worker continued to drill as the spooked other worker went to their vehicle and grabbed himself a red crowbar for protection. Just in case.


"At least one of them is getting prepared." Tai pointed out to the nervous worker.

"Sadly, I do not think it will help" Ozpin sighed.

Neo raised her sign up. [Ding, ding, ding. Next victim.]

"There's two of them this time." Pyrrha pointed out. "Perhaps if something were to go wrong, the other can help his friend out. If there's one of them, surely it can't get both of them."

"Let's hope so." Ren calmly agreed.


As the drilling construction worker continued on… his drill suddenly hit something screeching in response. Orange-y red liquid starting erupting from the ground.



"Excuse me… what is that liquid?" Roman nearly barfed at the sight. "Doesn't look like oil."

Oobleck lifted his glasses up and down. "I believe… that's blood."

Roman snapped in the direction of the Beacon Professor. "Blood? I've never seen orange blood before!"

"Hmm." the green-haired doctor rubbed his chin. "Perhaps a chemical reaction in the air? Reflection of the light?"

"Maybe… wait. If that's blood doesn't that mean he hit something alive underground?"

And the dread returned to the room.


In a whiplash the drill flung from his grip and rammed through the concrete road as it ran at high speed to his surprise. "Shit."

Unluckily for him, the core of the drill wrapped around his right ankle and he dragged him where the drill was going. Screaming in terror, he called for his friend to help.

"Howard! Howard!"

His co-worker suddenly took notice of his screaming and turned over as he screamed. Being dragged up the hill.



He screamed one final time after the sound of something swallowing him into the earth at the top of the hill. Unable to see what happened.

"Carmine!" Howard called out to his friend as he ran to the side of the hill. Which was sadly a fatal mistake.

An avalanche of boulders came falling down. As Carmine screamed in terror as the boulder crush him to death.


Nearly everyone was too stun at the several of events that took the lives of the two road construction workers.

"God damn!" Qrow clicked his tongue. "What a horrible way to go. And I thought my bad luck was awful at times."

Winter was having trouble finding words. "It… this creature managed to drag one away when it got unintentionally hit. Most likely about to attack him. Then his co-worker died trying to save him as rocks fall from the ledge? By pure accident?"

"I know, right?" Qrow felt insulted. "What's this thing's luck anyway?"

"Why were there boulders on the ledge there?" Tai thought about the event. "It's that dangerous to conduct construction work there in a valley?"

"Perhaps, when the creature ran away with the jackhammer in its body it caused a chain reaction." Oobleck deduced. "It must've loosen some of the rocks up there. Coincidentally, this creature burrows underground which most likely causes a large vibrating shock wave to its surroundings."

"And I thought we'd have to watch out for monster eating folks." Roman got out of his stupor.

Neo raised a new sign up. [Looking at a chance of a heavy rain of boulders this afternoon. More at eleven. Back to you Roman.]


At Klein Schnee's market, Klein is seen talking to another patron of his establishment. A rather large man with a white mustache and hair wearing a tank top.

"Who could be doing it?" Klein rubbed his chin.

"I'm not accusing anybody." Peter stated. Choosing his words carefully. "I'm just saying, some of my cattle are missing."


"Peter my good man!" Oobleck exclaimed when he saw a familiar face appear on the screen.

"I said, I look quite dashing in that getup." Peter stroked his mustache and smiled proudly to be in this world. Surely, his expertise at survival will help their counterparts' town.

"Just to note, your counterpart owns a ranch and herds cattle. Primarily cows." Keys told the Huntsman teacher.

Peter hummed. "Hmmm. Though, not a glorious occupation like a Huntsman, but nonetheless taking care of cattle is a fine job too. Why on one of my many missions as a Huntsman, I provided aid to ranchers with their stock life and the learning experience..."

Keys coughed into his hand. "That's quite fascinating, Peter. Perhaps another time. Don't want to put the viewing on hold now and waiting to see what happens in this world."

"Right, right. Apologizes."


Suddenly, the door to the store flung open spooking both Klein and Peter as they looked back at the entrance. Shouting could be heard.

"Are you serious?" Cardin's voice could be heard. "Old Fred's dead?"

Jaune, Chris, Cardin, and another man came into the store. Three adults wore a serious expressions on their faces as Cardin was skidding on Jaune's side asking for answers.

The man wore a yellow plaid long-sleeve shirt and blue jeans walked behind Chris. His cap nearly covering his brown hair as he blue eyes furrowed.

"Dude, something like that." Nestor couldn't believe it.

"Come on, you're bullshitting me, right, pal?" Cardin patted Jaune's arm. As the blonde ignored as he walked over to the pay phone on the wall.

"I mean, that's..."

"What happened to Fred?" Klein asked his friends.

"No worse than Edgar." Chris explained to Nestor.

Peter became alert. "What happened to Edgar?"

"You won't believe it." Nestor tried to explain to Peter.

"Here, I need one of those candy bars." Chris asked Klein as he placed some changes on the counter. Something to help calm his nerves. But, not before handing some coins to Jaune as he inserted them into the machine to call the authorities.

Not getting any sound from the pay phone, Jaune smacked the machine in frustration. He couldn't believe their luck.

"I don't believe this. The phone is dead." Jaune bellowed at shopkeeper. "Klein, your phone is dead!"

"I didn't do it!"


"I do not blame Chris getting some candy to calm his nerves." Pyrrha sadly said.

Qrow shook his head. "Bad time to not have phones working."

Weiss frowned. "Doesn't Klein not do maintenance on his store?"

"He's a bit eccentric and somewhat lazy." Keys answered. "He's not as bad as your father, but he really doesn't have any help around the store. And they're in the middle of nowhere to put it in perspective. So getting supplies to fix things around there takes so time."

"I suppose. Especially with a small population." she sighed. Still it was annoying to say the least. Klein in her world was on top of everything and wouldn't leave anything broken in the event of an emergency like in that world.


Jaune shook his head as he beckon Chris after he got a candy bar and left the store with Nestor, Peter, and Cardin following them.

"Nestor, what's happening?" Peter asked his neighbor. He didn't fully grasp what kind of situation this is.

"Somebody killed old Fred."

"What should we do?"

Klein left in the dark called out to them. "Hey! What's going on?"

Out in front of the store, Jaune and Chris heading to their truck. Ready to get some help for the crazy situation they're all in.

"Now, look, Arc," Nestor instructed. "You gotta go to Bixby, and you gotta get the police up here."

Chris tossed the car keys to Jaune as he hopped into the driver's seat.

"And you gotta step on it."

Jaune looked back with a steely gazed in agreement. "Considered it stepped on."

Driving past the sign that said 'Leaving Perfection Valley Come Again' as the two are once again back on the road to Bixby. Except, not for starting a new life, but getting help to protect their old home.

"Man, we decided to leave this place just one damn day too late, you know?" Jaune grumbled.


"I hear ya." Jaune agreed with his counterpart. "However, that would mean leaving everyone behind to their fate if someone knew what was going on beforehand."

"Right." Ren pitched in. "Both other Jaune and Chris found Edgar and Fred's body because they were leaving. No one else in the valley was, so they'd be unaware of what danger was lurking."


Chris agreed. Drained from the recent events. "Well, there's sure as hell nothing to stop us now. Everybody we know between Bixby and here is already dead."

The boys looked away to the side in lament, but Chris suddenly snapped his head forward in an instant when he noticed the danger ahead. "Look out!"

Jaune slammed on the brakes and stopped inches away from a landslide where the construction workers were at. A pile of boulders blocking their only way out of the valley.

Chris looked at their situation in disbelief. "Is there some higher force at work here?" He scoffed at their misfortune. "I mean, are we asking too much of life?"


"Oh, right." Tai hissed. "Forgot about the boulders would block the road."

"I feel you buddy." Qrow agreed with Chris's frustration as he took a sip.


"Where the hell are these guys? What are they doing? Blasting?" Jaune looked for the construction workers to no avail. He furiously called them out as they both walked of the truck.

"HEY! Where are you guys? It's not like there's another road, assholes!"

As Jaune stepped on one of the flat rocks to look around. Chris stood closer to the truck to scan the area until his eyes landed at something on the ground. Causing him to freeze.

One of the construction worker's helmet… with small chunks of meat nearby.


"Blagh!" Ruby gagged.

"That's the worst of it, I believe in this world." Keys told Ruby.

"Thought they'd be more… body horror from the way you said it before the viewing." Roman accused the blue man.

"I said mild. Not extreme."

"Wait." Ren stiffened. "If the meat is still fresh. Doesn't that mean, that creature is still nearby."

Everyone immediately got worried and scared for the two in that world.

Nora nearly jumped out of her seat. "Run, Fearless Leader! Run, Chips!"

Ren rose his left eyebrow. "Chips?"


Panicking Chris suddenly backed towards the truck as he calls out to the blonde. "Jaune! Jaune!"

Annoyed Jaune looked back at his friend as he pointed towards the ground. He followed his finger to see the bloody helmet. The sounds of flies buzzing a bit.

Realizing the danger they were in, both of them cautious looked around as they got back into the truck.

As Jaune jumped back into the driver's seat, Chris grabbed a brown wrapping paper from the foot of the passenger seat and unwrapped it to reveal a silver revolver.

The blonde quickly backed up the truck and hit the side of the hill in his anxiety.

The whiplash caused Chris to look at Jaune irritated by his blunder as he ready the gun. Jaune gave an apologetic look before he switch the truck into drive and started to move.

Or it would if it didn't stop in place.


"Oh, come on!" Pyrrha and Nora shouted.

Though who knew Pyrrha snapped in her direction as she looked away sheepishly for a second.

"I'm sorry."

"Still, what rotten luck they have." Qrow agreed with the students.


Jaune started to rev the engine again. Cursing his luck. "Jesus! I don't believe this!"

"You're hung up." Chris irritatedly stated.

Jaune looked behind the truck and saw nothing.

"I am not!"

The blonde started the ignition again. The engine continued to stall.

He tried again and the engine finally roared. However, they still couldn't move.

"You're hung up, I tell ya!" Chris shouted. "You're gonna burn the clutch!"

Jaune ignored him and frowned. He looked back and saw the tired just swiveling in place.


"What?!" Yang was getting angry. "I don't see anything that could prevent it from moving in place!"

"Could it be the monster?" Ruby pointed out nervously.

"Would we not see some part of it already?" Sun thought out loud.

"And it would've been pulling the truck already if it did grab." Neptune added.

"No way it's that strong to hold or pull a truck back." Qrow argued. "Other Pyrrha would've been in trouble then if that were the case. Also, it's against the hill."

Ozpin wasn't convinced. "Don't be so sure, Qrow. Even though this creature burrows underground, we don't know enough about it to safely say it could attack from the hill."


Growling he looked at the manual transmission stick switched it to a higher gear.

Back and forth the truck seemed to be in place… until he finally manage to get out of the spot it was in and the two drove away unharmed.


The students let out a sigh of relief.

"Thank the Brothers."

Qrow hummed with vindication. "See. Nothing. No creature."

Winter snorted. "Oh, how I wish you were wrong."


"You know, you could break an axle like that." the black-haired one offhandedly said.

The blonde didn't like that one bit. "Could you. Shut. Up?"

"Hey!" Chris snapped back. "I don't need to spend the night out here."

Jaune looked back at his friend annoyed.

The two stayed silent on their drive back.


Chris just glanced at Jaune.


Nearly everyone laughed, snickered, and snorted at the banter in the end.

"Don't blame the man, blondy." Roman chuckled. "Camping with a monster outside your tent isn't so fun."

"Yeah, yeah." Jaune waved the criminal off.


Back at the store, all of the townspeople have gathered to discuss what is happening.

"Could it have been coyotes?" Kali asked.

Nestor disagreed. "No."

"No way."

"No." Peter agreed with Nestor. "Coyotes didn't kill Fred."

"They were tore to pieces." [5]

As the adults were talking Blake was minding her own business until she looked out the window and noticed Jaune and Chris have returned.

"Hey." Blake called out to everyone. "It's Jaune and Chris."

Everyone stopped their talking and see it was true as they hurried to the windows. Confused.

"They shouldn't be here already." Raven cocked her eyebrow.


"Unfortunately, Rave, there's some bad news." Tai sighed tiredly.

Qrow looked at his brother-in-law.

"Sorry, force of habit."


Everyone came out to see Jaune and Chris had returned as they all exited the store.

"Thought you two would be in Bixby by now?" Tai questioned.

"You're never going to believe this." Jaune started.

But, before he could continue Blake shouted when she noticed something.


"Oh, my God!"


"What?" Blake blinked.


Taken aback everyone turned their attention to where Kali and Blake was looking.

Tai tossed his can of soda under a car, Chris got his revolver ready and aimed, and everyone stood behind them as the looked behind the truck.

There… latched on the underbelly of the truck was a long snake-like creature wrapped into the railing. An orange-brown skin color. With what looked like half of its body tore off.


Everyone stood still and stared at… the creature.

No one was sure what to say.

"I'd thought it be bigger." except Roman.

Neo did her best to not put up another sign.


"Oh, Tai, be careful." Raven worriedly asked her husband.

"Unreal." Cardin looked at the snake-like thing. "Where'd you get it?"

Jaune quickly glanced at Cardin before looking back at the thing. "I didn't know we had it."

Kali scrunched up her nose. "It's disgusting."

"Some kind of snake?" Nestor asked.

Peter didn't think so. "Looks more like an eel to me."

"Eels live in the water, don't they?"

"Big mother slug, maybe?" Chris tossed in his theory.


"So," Yang regained her senses. "Everything that has been happening so far were caused by this little thing?!"

"Hard to believe." Kali placed a hand on her cheek. "No wonder no one had seen it before."

"That man with the jackhammer had quite the lopsided luck to accurately hit it beforehand with how small it is." Ghira commented. Recalling the previous scene at the roadside.

Ozpin listened in, but in the back of his head something didn't seem right. If this was the one to be hit, where was the gaping hole in its back? On the other half? And there was the matter of the sheep.


Tai returned with a shovel in hand as he began to remove the creature from the back of the truck's passenger side tire.

"Don't touch! Don't touch!" Klein worried that provoking the snake-thing would wake it.

"Relax." Tai reassured them. "It's dead."

As he pried it off he used the shovel to bring the rest of its body in the open. It was orange and brown in color, no visible eyes, and little sharp stubs on the top and bottom of its mouth.

Seeing where the thing was, Chris came to a realization to what happened to them earlier. "Hey, it must've grabbed us! That's why the truck stalled out."


"No way." Qrow refused to accept it.

Winter smiled smugly in his direction.

If the kids weren't here, Qrow would've given her the bird.


Feeling vindicated Jaune looked back at Chris with a frown. "Next time I tell you I'm not hung up..."

Tai overhearing this because confused and concern. "Hey, wait. This stalled out your truck?"

He looked at the dead creature and shook his head. Worried learning what this thing was capable of. "It'd have to be one strong son of a bitch."


"I agree with my counterpart." Tai nodded. "Trucks are heavier than most people. For it to stall it with the two of them in it."

"I can see how it can effortlessly dragged people underground." Oobleck wrote in his notepad.


Raven scrunched up her nose. "Stinks, too."

Klein looked at the snake and an idea came to him. "I'll give you boys $5 for this."

Both were briefly stunned at this turnaround and looked at each other.

"$20." Jaune negotiated.

Kali looked over to the three of them in disbelief.

"Okay, $10!" Klein haggled for a smaller price.

"$15." Chris raised the pot.

Klein looking back at Chris and thought about it. "Okay, $15."

Jaune nodded with satisfaction. "Damn right, $15."

"I don't believe you guys." Kali frowned at them.


"Klein!?" Weiss was shocked at what she was seeing.

Winter did not looked amused. "That is something Father would do."

"Well, they're not in immediate danger." Qrow pointed out. "Plus making a living and pocketing some cash after they take care of this problem goes a long way."

"I'm a little disappointed in my counterpart thinking about money right now." Jaune annoyingly sighed.


After that settlement, they go back to the snake-like thing as Tai lifted its 'head' to examine it closer.

"Could be a snake!" Tai studied it not taking his eyes off of it. "Some kind of mutation?"

"Yeah." Raven reasoned.

Tai put the thing down and wore a serious look. "Whatever it is." He shook his head. "Just one of these couldn't eat up all Fred and his whole flock of sheep."

Jaune furrowed his brow. "So you think there's more of them out there?"

Everyone glanced up and then onto the horizons. Worry, fear, and concern about what these new creatures are and where will they strike next.


Everyone's eyes shot up wide open when they brought up the possibility of more of them out there.

"Well…," Tai got out of his stupor. "Considering how many sheep there were. Yeah, there's bound to be more."

"So, they hunt in packs?" Ruby asked her father.

"I'm not sure."

"Sheesh." Roman adjusted his collar nervously. "They're like piranhas then? Or a group of Sulfur fish Grimm? I do not want to be caught by any of those things."

"From my record of piranha attacks from media, they grossly exaggerated how dangerous they are to humans." Penny corrected. "At most they damage the hands and feet of their victims. Rarely are they fatal."

"Well, thanks." Roman shrugged with a sarcastic motion. "I guess I can sleep soundly now tonight knowing piranhas aren't that dangerous anymore."

"You're very welcome Mr. Torchwick"

The orange-haired man blanched. "Don't call me that. Just Roman."

Neo hide her mirthful smile. [I'll make sure you won't be sleeping with the fishes. Mr. Torchwick.]

He looked at his silent comrade and gave a deadpan stare. "Really Neo?"

However, Ozpin still isn't sure. If they were really pack hunters then when was there a single bump in the dirt when they were chasing the other world Pyrrha a while back? Should've there be more bumps or a few more mounts passing through the ground.


Late at night we returned to the doctor and his wife from earlier. The wife moving their belongings out of the back of their jeep and as the generator vibrates to the side powering their lights.

"I'm dead." Jim sighed as he plopped down in the back of his car. "Let's put this stuff up in the morning."

He pulled off his white heavy gloves as his wife sat down next to him.

"Nah-ah." She said. "We have to go to Bixby in the morning."

Jim looked at her confused. She smiled. "The cinder block are in."

He groaned. "Oh, the cinder blocks. Oh, my God!"


Both Roman and Neo frowned when the word 'cinder' was uttered. Yet no one noticed a thing.

Except Keys.


She giggled as she looked up towards the sky. "Just keep looking up at that beautiful sky."

He was shaking his head at the mention of cinder blocks, but looked up when his wife mentioned the night sky.

"That's the sky that's gonna be over our roof every night when we're done."

"What if we don't finish the roof?" the doctor suggested. "Then we can look at the sky all the time. Huh?"

She giggled as he brought her in for a hug. Laughing and enjoying their time together.

Suddenly, the lights went out.

He sighed. "Oh, that damn thing."

Getting up from the car he grabbed the flashlight in the back and walked over to where the generator was.

"Maybe it's time we buy a new generator, huh?" Megan teased as she lounged back in the car.

As he arrived at the spot, the generator was missing.

"It's gone!"

"What do you mean, it's 'gone'?" his wife asked as she got up and came to him. "You sure this is where it was?"

Looking at a small little indent in the ground, the generator's cord is seen going under it where the machine was last located.


Fear griped the audience. Zwei started to bark worriedly.

"Oh no."

"They have to run!"

"But, they don't know there's a monster out there!"


"It was right here!" he pointed to the ground. "There's the cord." He handed her the flashlight. "Hold this."

He began to pull the cord out from the dirt.

"Yeah, maybe the ground caved in. There's a lot of mines and stuff around here." Jim explained to his wife as he keep on pulling the cord out from the ground.

Concerned with his safety she started to pull him back. Not wanting him to fall in those mines too. "Well, don't then. You don't wanna fall in."

As she managed to get him up, he pulled the last of the cord and noticed the tip end was snapped off. The generator was gone.

Abruptly, a strange roaring is heard as the generator is shot up from the ground like a geyser. The generator came crashing down and breaks on impact.

Both Jim and Megan looked surprised.


"It spited it right back out?" Ghira jumped at the sudden upchuck scene.

"Guess it didn't like the taste." Qrow slurred his sentence.

"Wait, isn't it bigger than its body?" Jaune pointed out.

"It could expand its mouth and body like a real snake?" Ren questioned.

"It's mouth structure doesn't appear to support unlatching its jaw." Penny analyzed.


A feeling of dread ran up her spine and decided it was time to leave. "Let's go."

The doctor scrunched up his nose at the odor in the air. "God, what is that stink?"

Sounds of something lowly roaring could be heard.

Confused Jim took the flashlight to investigate. "Do you hear that?"

Feeling that unsafe and anxious she wanted to pull back. Nothing about this seemed right. "Come on. Come on, let's go." As she grabbed her husband's arm and tried to prevent him from going further.

"Let's go back to town or something. Please, Jim!" she begged him.


"Listen to your wife, man!" Tai shouted. "Get out of there!"

Kali latched onto her husband's arm. "Oh. I can't bare to watch."

Ghira gently rubbed his wife's arm. "Let us pray they realize something is wrong and they leave."


He was just too curious. "Maybe it's a geological thing or something like natural gas or a geyser. They stink like that."

He tried to rationalized the strange event happening before them. "Remember in Yellowstone?"

Suddenly Jim sank into the ground.


"Ah!" Jim yelled. "Something's got me!"


"NO!" most of the audience shouted.

"That poor woman is going to watch losing her husband right in front of her." Gylnda lamented the fact they couldn't do anything but watch.

"I know how you feel, but this viewing is like watching events that happened in the past." Keys bitterly informed the audience.

They didn't like it, but understood.


Her wife screamed as he continued to sink. "No, Jim, no!"

"Something's got me down here!" He shouted in horror. The sounds of something swallowing him through the dirt.

His bones began to crack. "AH!"

"Oh, Jim!"

He flailed in pain. "Oh, God! Oh, God! Get something! Get something! Get me out of here!"

She quickly grabbed one of the long wooden beam from the stack that was close by to them. She handed it to her husband to latch up and try to prevent him from sinking further and pull himself up.

However, the beam broke from the weight as Jim was further dragged down. Sounds of something chewing him underneath.



"What about a rope?!" Yang started to panic. "Would that help?"

"Remember earlier?" Blake clenched her teeth angrily as she stared sadly at the scene. "One of them were strong enough to stall truck. Even if she attached to the car and drove it wouldn't work. And it might tear her husband in half."

"And we're suppose to do nothing?!"

"I don't know." Blake folded her cat cars behind her bow and shook her head. "I'm not sure what to do. If there was a way to attack them underground without harming him we would take it."


"Something's got me! Oh, God!" his head barely above the ground as dirt started getting into his mouth. "Please get me out!"


Megan held onto his arm for dear life as he was finally swallowed whole. His screams silenced.

"Jim!" she cried as she started to dig through the ground.


The audience bowed their head and prayed it was quick death for the doctor.

"May the Maidens guide his soul to peace." Penny clasp her hands together.

Keys did a double-take. (What the… was that a saying in their world?) [6]


As she dug, a strange snake-like head reared itself and snarled at her. Before she could realize what it was it lunged at her, cutting her cheek as she screamed in terror and ran back to the car. Shutting the trunk close to prevent the creature from getting in.

As it smashed its head against the window.

Megan crawled to the front of the car in fear. Knocking everything around her, including turning on the radio by accident. She goes to take the wheel when she noticed that the keys were not in the ignition slot.

It was on her husband before he was dragged underground.

"Oh, my God." she cried.

Looking back she noticed there were THREE snake-like creatures rubbing themselves against the windows.


Ironwood glared. "There were three of them this time?"

"How fast do they eat?" Qrow didn't want to imagine it. "They already got the doctor and they're already moving onto the wife?"

"Is it possible there's more?" Tai growled. "While the rest are with the doctor a few of them went after her?"

"I don't even want to think about it." Weiss shivered.


She began to lock the doors and tried to secure herself in the front seats.

Just as quickly as she locked the doors, the snake monsters left and went back underground.

Seeing she was safe for the time being she started to break down tearing knowing that her husband is most likely dead as the radio played.

Just then rumbling could be heard as she snapped her head up in alert.

Dirt clouds spewed around the car. She looked around in terror.

The creatures were SINKING the car into the ground. Dragging the back end of it down to the earth.


"Are you serious with this?!" Jaune shouted in disbelief.

"They're sinking it?" Ren's eyes widen.

"Oh, gods!" Pyrrha clasp her hands over her mouth.

"That's cheating!" Nora roared in anger.


As the car is tilted into the air, the toolboxes fall backwards as the glass window began to break and dirt started pouring in.

Desperately she started to honk the horn. Someone or anything to come help her or scare the creatures away. The headlights turned on as she looked back as more dirt came in the creatures roaring could be heard.

The car tilted with its back end going under the dirt as the front end aimed towards the sky.

She screamed as the car sank, the lights beaming straight up into the night sky.

The last thing she saw before her screams were silenced and the lights gone.


The audience looked on in horror on what befell that woman. Some covering their hand and offered a silent pray.

"By the Brothers," Port muttered.

Roman and Neo blinked several times.

"I'm glad most Grimm are above ground now."

Qrow slouched into his seat. "God damn. Maybe they're not strong enough to fully stop a truck, but sinking a car? Holy crap they're aggressive."

"Remind me never to take my truck out to anywhere that has lots of dirt in all directions." Tai said firmly. He loves his truck and would never put it in harm's way. However, if his daughters were in danger in anyway he would abandon his truck without hesitance.

Nothing is more important to him than his little girls.

"That poor woman." Pyrrha's heart went out to her. "I can't even imagine the terror she must've felt when the car sank into the ground. And after just losing her husband."

"I know." Yang somberly agreed. "If that happened to Ruby, I'd be devastated. And beyond furious knowing they'd be nothing I can do."

"Don't worry Yang!" the crimonette tried to cheer up her sister. "I'm way too fast for them to grab me. I'd get away before that happens."

Yang smoldered her sister in a bear hug. "Of course, it won't happen. I'll be sure not to!"

Zwei barked in agreement.

"Yang! Can't breath!"

And the little corgi started licking Ruby's face much to her annoyance.

"If it had legs, I'd break 'em!" Nora raised her fist into the air.

Ren placed his hand over her fist and lowered it. But the feeling was mutual.

"They've already killed a few people." Weiss clenched her fists. "I'm worried about the others in the town. I really hope they find out about what these creatures really are soon. I don't want to see Klein die. Or anyone else."

Blake nodded her head. "Same. I don't want to see myself or mom die too."

Both her parents embraced her to placid her nerves.

Sun and Neptune glanced at each other.

"Those things kinda remember me of the Blind Worm Grimm."

"I know. Kinda scary isn't it? If there's no Grimm, think those are the equivalent of those things?"

"I rather hope not."

"And they're disgusting to look at too." Coco stuck out her tongue. "And apparently they smell too."

"Well, at least the smell is a good indicator to know they're nearby if you don't see them."

"Incredible stealthy creatures this underground beast is." Oobleck wrote down what he knows so far of them. "We saw no dust trail. Perhaps it only happens when in pursuit? I'm not sure what weakness it might have yet."

"Even a great Huntsman as myself would have trouble with these things." Port frowned. "However, I would prevail in helping all civilians escape before I would ever succumb to these things."

Ozpin drummed on his armchair. A frown etched his face.

"Something wrong, Oz?" Ironwood asked his friend. He knows when he was something mulling over in his head.

"Not quite. I don't have the clues yet, but I suspect there's less of these creatures than we're led to believe."

"What makes you think that?"

"I suppose a gut feeling. Not to mention we never saw the other half of the creature."

"Are you all alright to continue? Or do you need a minute?" Keys asked his audience.

Ruby shook her head. "No! We're ready to continue. I want to see how they beat back this monster."

"Yeah." Jaune exclaimed. "After what they've done, I want to see how my counterpart beats it."

"Well." Ozpin smiled at his students. "Though it has been a harrowing experience in the last few minutes. I think we're fine. Huntsman and Huntresses wouldn't let something as monster attacks to slow them down."

As soon as the audience got their bearings Keys slowly nodded back to the viewing. "As we shall. Let us continue with this viewing."




Fun Tidbits

[1] When I watched this movie for years and only until a couple years back, I didn't know what Earl meant by 'pecker' so I looked it up. I thought it might he was a kisser or something. I was a little off, but kinda close. So I wanted some of the more innocent members of the audience to ask that as they were clueless as I once was.

[2] I actually had to look this up as I thought Nestor was Melvin's father, but no. Honestly it didn't even seem like it until I looked it up. Melvin's parents are never seen and they're out of town doing their own thing which results in the way Melvin behaves.

[3] I looked this up this year and see if I can learn of anything about the father as the films never mentioned it. Apparently, they went they're separate ways as Nancy (who Kali is playing as in this film) is a former hippie and thought it weird a pipeline dream to move to the valley. Given that he's a former ex-rocker, so for this viewing I decided to change it to sickness that robbed them of the husband.

He's never mentioned or seen in even the other films and TV series, so I thought this was a fine little change as it doesn't really change that much.

[4] A little fun foreshadowing for Tremors 2 and 3.

[5] I listened to this scene many times even with captions on. I could NOT make out the entire conversation in that scene so I added in the tail end of it. I wish I could provide the full context, but I can't unless someone else knows.

[6] Mmhmm. A little curious thing is it not? Considering the world has fairytales and myths about gods why not use them as religious beliefs? Also, I'm sick and tired of seeing people use "Oh, Oum!" all the time. I understand, he's one of the main creators if not the main one, but the characters in the show always said "Gods" and the like and only until later volumes did they add in "By the Brothers!".

I get it, you want to pray respect to the creators like Monty with RWBY or Faust with MLP, but characters already have sayings in those shows. If I made a series and people love it, great! Though please refrain from using my name for like "For the love of Author's!" or "Oh, Author!". Just letting you know.


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I am not good at scheduling myself proper time. Especially for writing stories where I want to play video games and enjoy them. As well as use what I've seen as ideas and such to write my tales. But, these events for some games.

Though it's still on me. Sorry for taking SO long to get this world started. I was re-watching the first movie over and over again to make sure I remember it as I love it so much.

Here's the current sitting arrangements as I don't think I wrote it well enough for everyone to get a good grasp of it.

[BACK ROW] - Roman, Neo

[MID BACK ROW] - Port, Oobleck, Goodwitch, Neptune, Sun, Blake, Ghira, Kali

[MID FRONT ROW] - Ozpin, Ironwood, Winter, Weiss, Ruby (Zwei laying on her lap), Yang, Tai, Qrow

[FRONT ROW] - Coco, Velvet, Penny, Jaune, Pyrrha, Nora, Ren

I originally was going to do the Alternate Opening involving Edgar and Fred before the events of the movie. Though watching the opening and reading the comments, as nice as it is to learn more about Edgar and Fred it revealed WAY too much too soon so I dropped it. I plan on adding it after the viewing is done.

Also, I started this chapter early December with just template info and got back to 20 days later to write it. I wanted to get a head start so I could release it for Christmas a presents for my readers.

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I try my best to write the dialogue as best as how the characters would react to the scenes and each other. And I had to re-read my Prologue chapter—which I updated when I noticed some errors and added more stuff—to remember how I wrote everyone. I feels strange looking at your previous work and thinking… did I really write them like this? Not in a good or bad way. Guess it's because it's been a long time since I wrote it, it feels alien in a way.

And I kept forgetting I added Zwei and had some difficulty trying to incorporate him into the scenes. The same goes for the other cast too. But, I'll keep on doing my best. I want to be as accurate as I can be and fun with the interactions.

Especially with a character that never met in the show.

*There was a question in one of my reviews regarding my OC in this story and worried I might focus on them too much. Though I did put a lot more effort on my OC in the end, not ALL of the worlds will be OC focus.

*Only a few ones like Tremors, Mega Man X, Sherlock Holmes, Persona 5, and FF7 Crisis Core story will have my OCs. The rest will involve mostly the RWBY with sometimes the original characters from that world for example Yoda will be Yoda and not Ozpin.

*I added my OC as I wanted to spice up the viewings a bit, but don't worry. I will refrain for going overboard.

Also, I went back to the Prologue chapter and touched up on some mistakes I made. In case you've noticed something different. Not too much.

Here at the cast roles for this story:


EARL BASSET – Chris Corona (OC)

RONDA LEBECK – Pyrrha Nikos

WALTER CHANG – Klein Sieben (as Klein Schnee)

BURT GUMMER – Taiyang Xiao-Long

HEATHER GUMMER – Raven Branwen (as Raven Xiao-Long)

NANCY STERNGOOD – Kali Belladonna

MINDY STERNGOOD – Blake Belladonna

MELVIN PLUGG – Cardin Winchester


NESTOR CUNNINGHAM – Nestor Cunningham (unchanged from Tremors)

EDGAR DEEMS – Edgar Deems (unchanged from Tremors)

OLD MAN FRED – Shopkeep (called Fred for this story)

DR. JIM WALLACE – Jim Wallace (unchanged from Tremors)

MEGAN WALLACE – Megan Wallace (unchanged from Tremors)

HOWARD AND CARMINE – Howard and Carmine (unchanged from Tremors)

My mind was set on these cast when I first thought of of writing Tremors including my OC. Like I said, I thought it would be a fun spin to include an OC into the mix to shake things up.

Though I have wonder if I should change it. I thought about Tai and Qrow for a moment, but who would play Burt and Heather would be tricky as I thought Kali would be good as Nancy along with Blake. Not to mention their status in the sequel so Tai and Raven were a perfect pick.

I could've picked Sun and Neptune, but I already have plans of having Sun as Grady Hoover in Tremors 2 who fits him good for that role with the guy with a 'sunny' disposition. And Neptune will be in Tremors 3 as Weiss takes over Schee Market as the niece of that movie did for her uncle hence why Klein is the one here.

Jaune was going to be Valetine though Ren could've been Earl even with the change of personalities yet I don't know Nora as Dr. Kate Reilly. Might've been an interesting dynamic to see their act differently.

I mean maybe I should, but where's the fun of that? Anyway Velvet is planned as Kate in Tremors 2, though I did thought of Gylnda for a moment. But, I think the whole 'Miss October 1974' might've had her kill her colleagues! XD

I kept some characters the same as the movie version as one they're mostly one-offs except for the Shopkeep and two not EVERY characters needs a RWBY replacement. There's so many people after all in the world.

One thing to note I learned a few months back that the actor who played Earl Basset, Fred Ward, passed away of May 2022 last year. I was sadden when I learned this fact and I love this character he played as and wished we got that proper Tremors 5 film where Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, and Micheal Gross come back together to tackle a new Graboid threat in Australia.

Sadly never came to pass. Another actor of this series who passed away is Tony Genaro who played Miguel Sanchez in May 2014. I pray they find rest and thank for the giving us great memories such as their roles in the Tremors movies.

Sorry for not getting around to this right away. But, I hope you enjoy what you've read so far!

Here's an update on the list of stories I plan to write for this fanfic:

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With Pokemon ending with Ash's journey, I was originally going to do the Digimon Movie after Tremors, but I decided to add in the first episode of the Pokemon anime as a reminder of the wonderful memories that Ash gave us when he started his quest.

Honestly, I felt like I had MORE ideas to view other worlds. Though that's for the Other Version if I get to it. Though I got requests for other shows like Lucifer, which I haven't watched. I'm not sure yet, but I like to do viewings on these stories as I'm surprise more people haven't done yet.

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