In the middle of the fight against the tenth Angel bearing the code name: Zeruel, Eva 01 awakens through this act the pilot called shinjin ikari will use it to save Rei Ayanami without caring about the rest of the world, nor his life, nor his soul. I just wanted to save him.

Unit 01 was now standing in front of Zeruel's shattered face, which attempted to fire lightning. The EVA simply crushed the remains of the head with its arm, before lifting its back and onto the core. The Core made the sound of a crack as bubbles began to form under the EVA's hand.

Shinji: Rei, please tell me where you are! * pleaded, trying to see through his input socket for his friend *

Rei: It's too late for me ... * Shinji gasped at the sound of his voice, hearing the emotionless tone he was holding as he apparently lost all hope of returning * I can't live anywhere else but here. ..

Shinji: R-Rei, don't say that!

Rei: Okay Shinji ... * she replied calmly, her voice echoing through the plug as she continued * Even if I disappear, I will be replaced. I can be replaced ...

Shinji: NO, NO, I REFUSED TO TAKE THAT AS AN ANSWER! "Rei's voice gasped as Shinji continued, his eyes shining bright red once more * From what I know, there is only one Rei Ayanami and that's you! AND THAT'S WHY I WILL SAVE YOU!

Unit-01 growled as its halo began to change in size and color, growing rapidly as a disk of red and black lines began to slowly spread across the Geo-Front. The meat around the core of Unit-01 glowed like the AT Field arm. The Evangelion was lifted off the ground as streaks of light energy began to escape from its chest and returned to the giant disk above all, almost as if they were wings ...

Maya: OMG, Unit 01's physical limiters are disappearing! We can't do an analysis! * he explained, looking towards the EVA with the others. Only one being was known to possess this power, and that being or beings could destroy Antarctica *

Ritsuko: Unit-01 is returning to its true form as it has finally broken free of its human restraints ... * she explained in depth, watching as the wind began to rise rapidly around her. They watched as Unit-01 and the body of the Tenth Angel began to rise higher, as the rubble rose slowly along with the two * He managed to break the human curse we forced upon it, definitively overcoming the early stages of pseudoevolution Evangelion ...

Ritsuko: Within those waves of complementarity, it spins Heaven and Earth and all of creation at once, transforming into a powerful condensed form ... * She continued, watching through the haunting silence as Misato clutched her cross necklace more stronger than ever * And as a result of this, fulfilling a human being's wish ...

Shinji's voice roared louder than ever as the energy turned like that of blue fire, with Unit-01 shouting in synchronized harmony. Unit-01 raised its now pulsating glowing arm, forcing it down onto the Angel Core. The nucleus imploded within itself, creating a large dent in its shape. Shinji felt her body pull away from the now torn controls, crawling towards the front of the Input Socket.

She felt her body give way, with the fire coming out of her back and head when she saw

Shinji: ... REI! * tried to scream, but all he got from his throat was a growl of struggle. She was so close but so far, so he just needed to get the space between them closer *

Fire began to escape from the opening of the Core, with the godlike entity EVA emitting a roar when it sank into the Core.

Rei: * saw in pure silence in the Core of Zeruel, apparently floating forever. For her, although it didn't matter; she had saved Shinji and everyone for the price of her own life * It doesn't matter, * she thought as he kept his eyes closed. I will be replaced, and everything will be right ... *

She breathed softly as the coldness of the Core made her shiver continuously, but she still felt no reason to leave. There was no reason to escape this twisted reality that was now the world she would live in. Felt so peaceful

Shinji: ... "Rei ...! * The young man looked up into the dark sky, watching with growing interest as he saw Shinji's glowing body *

Shinji's body apparently became a plague of fire when his hands found the front of the Input Socket. He growled at this; Rei was so close, she wasn't going to let this get in the way! He screamed beyond the limits his body could allow, finally forcing his hand through the Plug, which apparently gave way like water. As soon as he did, he now came face to face with Rei, her body now glowing just pure white.

Shinji: Rei, please give me your hand! * he screamed, forcing his hand towards the girl *

As she ducked lower, her white skin began to sag, coming out to reveal a dark brown like the flesh Shinji now had. He struggled to overcome the pain as his flesh seemed ripped out, his now red eyes narrowing as he pushed further.

Rei gasped at Shinji. Never in her life did she believe that someone would care so much about her, including the Commander. She was always told that she could be replaced, that death made no sense to her due to her bond with EVA and Lilith. But now, no, now Rei felt that she had a purpose in life and that it was more than just piloting EVA much more.

She felt the need to go beyond that now, to see the world and know it, to have friends and people to love it. And above all, she felt the desire to be with Shinji, who had supported her in dark and silent times, literally, she was ready to end the world just for her.

Unit-01 roared furiously as it began to lift its right arm, while lifting something it found. Now, a second later, she completely withdrew her arm, with Zeruel's core and body exploding into nothing more than a wave of floating blood.

The blood stayed there floating around Unit-01 and the debris, before being removed and easily forming a body. Rei's body, her form completely crimson red as the pair continued to ascend into the air.

Kaji: So, Unit-01 activated early, huh? * he asked calmly, holding his ear while looking at Unit-01 and Rei * Sad that SEELE is not so happy about this, Commander Ikari ...

Fuyutsuki: So, as we predicted, both Rei and Shinji were able to truly awaken Unit-01 in its divine form ... * spoke to her colleague, who was by her side half soaked in EVA blood *

Gendo: Actually * replied the Commander, with a smile on his face as he watched Unit-01 and the red Rei * It won't be long until our stage is finished. Almost there

Shinji: * hugged Rei very tightly, too scared and at peace to let her escape * Rei, about my father ... * He started, before finally sighing and looking at her with a smile * Thank you ...

Rei: I'm sorry that I couldn't really help you, by far Shinji ... * she spoke softly, her once emotionless tone erased with a voice of soothing clarity and apology *

Shinji: Don't apologize ... * he replied, pulling her tighter as Rei hugged him gently. When the light began to shine around her, Shinji's last words before she and Rei disappeared from the face of the Earth were simple * I'm fine with this ... as long as I'm with you ...

Mari: * sighed as she fixed her glasses, gently leaning over the remains of Unit-02. "Wow, shit was really something else, huh? * She wondered as she watched * Maybe it's because she smelled better than LCL ...

Unit 01, no Shinji and Rei now floated in the calm and disturbingly silent air, the couple intact around the world and seemingly at peace. The previous Soul of Unit-01 saw through the darkness as she watched her son, happy to see that her little one had found peace with someone who could truly say that he loved. It only seemed fair to protect them now, from Gendo, NERV and SEELE, from everything ... that might come for them and that was where I take a wish that would keep them protected from this world.

Unit-01's core gleamed like a star in the distant night, Rei's body faded through the EVA and into its Core as 2 pairs of Wings of Light formed on Unit-01's back. Tokyo-3, above the action, was shattered by the power that Evangelion now harbored, which apparently collapsed as the Gates of Gul, of fury and death, spread across Japan.

But at that moment, at that precise moment, everything changed.

The Guf Gates that began to shine a white light. The radiant white light that spreads in all directions when EVA 01 emits a powerful burst of energy all over the place. The force of the explanation pushed anyone nearby, everyone looked in shock at this act.

Ritsuko: WHAT ...! She said trying to get up next to misato and maya before what happened * what is happening?

Misato: * stood up clutching her necklace as she looked back at Unit 1 her eyes began to cry from her childhood memories of that day * Those wings look alike ... Exactly like 15 years ago ... "She spoke through fear, watching the wings spread out into the dark void of the red disk that was now illuminated by white light * Is it really…?

The white light that comes out of the Gates, as it advances toward Unit 01, joining the EVA like tentacles. These tentacles begin to touch the core of the EVA where the two pairs were. All NERDs watch what happens from the sky, since none of them can expect what will happen next.

Ritsuko: Those things, "he said with a disturbed expression on his face, he had no idea what was happening or why it was happening nor was Maya giving him data on what was happening * They are touching the core of the eva. But why?

Misato: Ritsuko, is this the third impact…? * She asked her friend *

Ritsuko: I don't know * answers *

With Mari

Mari: Well, that's unexpected, "he says when he sees the white tentacles of the Gates * That too. If it's not the Third Impact, what is that supposed to be?

No one knows what happens to EVA 01 and the Gates of Guf. No one at NERV. Gendo Ikari and Dr. Kozo Fuyutuski together with kaji observe the event that occurs while they are surprised by what happens.

Kaji: Something tells me that this was not in your plans, right commander? * he said sending his question to Gendo who did not give any answer to his question, but Fuyutuski *

Fuyutuski: No, actually this is an event that should not happen in our plans * he said while looking * This is something unprecedented ...

While in Commander Ikari's thoughts without thickening any emotion, he felt somewhat nervous inside.

Gendo: "What is all this, it doesn't go according to the stage, it doesn't make sense ..." * he thought, hoping that this didn't ruin his plans to see his beloved Yui again, it was something he wanted very much

EVA 01 opens its mouth and roars as the white tentacles begin to merge within its core. Through this, a huge white ball of energy arises, mowing all who look at it, expanding around it and in the sky.

Misato: Ritsuko, "she said as she narrowed her eyes * What's going on?"

Akagi was unable to answer her friend's question.

The group, no, the entire race held its breath as what was believed to be death approached. It seemed like time slowed down in the end, with nothing capable of stopping this. But sadly, the Angels were not so kind as to give humanity the pleasure of dying yet. From the top of the Third Impact ritual site, on Earth, even a single entity hovered over the Moon.

As she did so, she withdrew her arm and pushed the object of continuity forward. The object runs from the Moon to Earth's surface, tearing apart the Third Impact disk before penetrating deep into Unit-01.

And so, everything stopped.

The Gates of Gul vanished faster than anyone could breathe, the strange event ended the rubble began to slowly return to the surface when Unit-01 stopped glowing, now it apparently lost all life from before as it descended to the surface .

Misato: W-What is that ...? * She asked, surprised by what happened now. Unit-01's eyes were now dull and dead, with a large spear-like object sunk into its back and trapped in the Core and chest * A spear….?

At one point death was right before them, and now they were safe?

Maya: W-Look, it's ...! * gasped aside, watching as the humanoid object apparently descended from the Moon * Is that….?

Misato: An Evangelion? * she finished, watching with the others as the humanoid approached the now frightened surface of Earth. The Evangelion was sleek and slim as Unit 01, though deep blue with yellow trim on the arms, legs, and shoulder pylons. His helmet had two horns, but the horns stood like a single horn, a very strong resemblance to the Unit 01 horn, with a pointed red visor covering his bright white eyes, ending with a halo that apparently gave an angelic echo as the EVA dropped.

Kaworu: The time has finally come, Shinji Ikari ... * Kaworu Nagisa, the Fifth Child and pilot of the Evangelion Mark Unit. 06, spoke in a low voice as the light fell on his back from the field-of-view design that the inlet plug gave him. * And this time ...

Kaworu: And I'll make sure I can make you happy * he finished, a serious and severe look in his eyes and voice *

But without anyone knowing at the time not even the fifth child. He would have noticed inside Unit 01 that no one was there in the core. Because in that very instant before he launched his spear, the great ball of energy launched a small sphere towards the Gates of Gul. That same sphere contained shinji and rei who are now aimlessly on a path that will change them forever.

Hello this is the Prologue of my first Evangelion Rebuild and Marvel crossover fanfic as this will be joined from the MCU movies AS A Remake of it.

In the next week the first chapter of this story will come. I hope you are not bothered by the shipp that I will put of ShinjixRei since I am a fan of this couple.