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Once upon a time there was a lonely little boy. This boy wasn't lonely due to a lack of company, because he had many sisters, but rather a lack of peers. As the youngest of eight siblings with seven older sisters, and all of them living in a small village in the middle of nowhere, the boy found himself simultaneously lonely from a lack of other little boys to play with and smothered by the attention of loving and doting parents and siblings.

His usual method for getting past this feeling of loneliness was to go explore the forests near his home. Out there he could do whatever he wanted with whoever he wanted, he could be a mighty huntsman fighting off Grimm! A brave knight like his great-great-grandfather fighting in the great war to defend Vale! He could even go save the day with X-Ray and Vav! Foiling the plots of the Mad King and protecting the denizens of the city. But, unfortunately, pretend is still pretend and imaginary friends could only do so much to stave off loneliness.

So as he explored further afield than usual this particular day, he found himself wishing for nothing so much more than a friend to spend time with. Someone his own age who he could run and explore with, to be his partner fighting the Grimm, or to be the X-Ray to his Vav. In these musings he stopped paying attention to his surroundings. He didn't notice the way the fog grew thicker as he walked or the rainbow iridescent tint it gained, most importantly he didn't notice the large egg bigger than his own head until he tripped over it tumbling head over heels.

"Owwww… what was that? …..where am I?" He questioned as he looked up from his prone position.

"Huh, it might start storming soon if it's this foggy. I should start heading home before Mom gets ma- Holy Cow! That's a big egg! I wonder where the mother is?" The egg in question was colored red and black in big zigzagging bands and big enough he could just barely wrap his arms around it as he went to go pick it up.

Upon touching the egg though. light shot out from it enveloping the boy and the clearing they were in, blinding him momentarily. As he blinked the darkness out of his eyes, he found himself no longer holding the egg but a small, almost stopwatch looking, device with a blank touch screen face, a gold and red border around the screen, and a red strap coming off the top with a clip attached. As he studied the device he felt something begin to move his hair, short gusts of warm air blowing towards him. The boy froze and slowly looked up, eyes scanning past strong reptilian legs and claws, a white underbelly with a complex black pattern on it connected to a brilliant red body, equally strong looking arms likewise ending in wickedly sharp claws, and up to a large mouth full of very sharp teeth that proceeded to open and ask, "Hello, who are you? I'm Guilmon. Are you my friend?"

The boy stared dumbly for a moment processing what he was seeing and what had just happened and doing what came naturally, opened his mouth and proceeded to-


-dry heave into the trash can in the corner of the airship. Oh colors why did Beacon have to be so far away? Why did he have to fly to get there? This was absolutely horrible, he couldn't even bring himself to react as he felt the familiar clawed hand of his friend patting his back trying to comfort him, likely the only person willing to even come near him right now.

"I'm sorry Mama, Jaune's not feeling well right now. Huh? Yeah he's throwing up again." Jaune could hear the conversation behind him as Guilmon's claw rubbed small circles into his back between his shoulder blades as Jaune heaved again and, oh color why? There was nothing left to throw up. Why wouldn't it stop?

"His medicine? Yeah it helped at first, but it's a long ride and I think an even bigger part of the problem is nerves. Hmm? Oh yeah he's super nervous. Alrighty I'll tell him. Yes'm. Yes'm. Yes'm, I will. Me and Jaune love you too Mama. Bye." Jaune heard the click sound effect of Guilmon hanging up. "Mom sends her love Jaune, also says she'll send another bottle of your motion sickness medicine soon until you can find a pharmacist in town."

"Thanks Gu,i I -uuurrrp- appreciate it buddy, can you -urp- please grab me a bottle of water from our bag? And please for the love of dust and color, please tell me we're close," Jaune moaned piteously as his body tried to vacate a stomach that didn't have anything in it. Truly motion sickness was the greatest evil in all worlds.

To the other passengers of the bullhead they were definitely an….. interesting duo to say the least. A well built young man with blonde hair and blue eyes wearing a white breastplate and gauntlets with red trim over a black hoodie and blue jeans and boots below the waist. The now named Guilmon, currently digging through their shared luggage, was a red dinosaur looking creature with red scales, a white underbelly, and black patterns all over his body. His possibly strangest physical feature was a pair of batwing shaped ears positioned on top of his head and the pair of goggles he wore that were currently perched atop his brow.

Jaune was definitely not having a great start to his day to say the least, his normal issues with motion sickness on flights were compounded by his nerves at his entrance to Beacon Academy, the premiere huntsman school for the Kingdom of Vale. Everything in his life, the training, the early months of he and Guilmon being poked and prodded by doctors and scientists, the laughs, the tears, the disapproval of his parents at having their darling baby boy becoming a huntsman, and the incessant ass kickings disguised as sparring he got from his sisters, who already were huntresses, had led to this moment. All he had to do was not screw it all up. Aaaaaaand there come the nerves again with another bout of nausea.

'Okay Jaune, you just finished with that no need to start it up again. Just sit down, lean your back against the wall, head between your knees, and deeeeep breaths.' Jaune told himself as he assumed the position and tried to calm himself and his stomach down.

'You can do this. You just need to chill out and pretend the movement is from the front porch swing back home. You're not gonna screw up, you've got the best partner a guy could ask for in Guilmon, and you are NOT currently thousands of feet above the ground in a shaky tin can that weighs thousands of pounds.'

Jaune groaned as he gripped his head tighter while fighting the urge to rub the back of his head. The attempts to calm himself down were obviously an ongoing process. If nothing else things had to be looking up from here, yeah? There was no way anyone was having a worse morning than him.


"Hey you okay?" Ruby looked up at the hand that had been offered to her. A gentle smile and blue eyes looked down at her. This had been a wonderful start to her stay at Beacon. Yang had just run off on her, that crabby girl had gotten all angry from an accident, then she had really needed to sneeze from all the dust in the air, then she exploded, then the girl who helped her just walked off and… it really wasn't a great day.

"Can you ask that again in like four years?" Ruby groaned piteously from her position on the ground before taking the offered hand up.

"Heh, come on, let's get you up. You ok?" The older boy asked as he lifted her to her feet.

"Yeah… just embarrassed mostly," Ruby answered as she pulled her cloak tighter around her as her face flushed. "I'm Ruby, thanks for the help….. aren't you guys Vomit Boy and the Dinosaur?"

"My name is Guilmon." The digital lizard tried his best to give a friendly smile but that was a lot of, very sharp, teeth. Ruby shied away from the digimon smiling nervously. Dad had always said Digimon were pretty friendly, overall at least, but Ruby had never met one before.

"Vomit Boy really!?" Ok so maybe not something she should have called him out loud now that she thought about. Ruby was really bad at this whole making friends thing.

"Look, I'm just saying you retching in the corner for twenty minutes is a heck of a first impression. I didn't know what else to call you. At least Guilmon gave me his name." Ruby awkwardly apologized.

"Well this is my buddy Guilmon and my name's Jaune Arc short, sweet, rolls of the tongue, the ladies love it." Jaune grinned while he waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

"Do they really?" Ruby asked with a heavy tone of disbelief in her voice.

"Not even a little bit." Jaune smiled back, managing to get a giggle from Ruby despite the poor joke.

The now named Jaune smiled down at Ruby as he continued the small talk. "So where are you from? Me and Guilmon are from Domremy."

"I grew up in Patch and went to Signal academy for a year. Which was where I made this baby," supplied Ruby cheerfully as she pulled out the familiar, comforting weight of her scythe. All sleek lines and black and red metal. "This is Crescent Rose, along with being a variable scythe it is also a customizable, high impact, sniper rifle," she grinned cheekily as she happily showed off her baby. Maybe it was a bit braggy but Crescent Rose was just so, COOL!.

"It's. So. Cool!" responded Guilmon excitedly. Haha, someone with good taste, maybe dad was right about digimon being cool after all.

"I use a back mounted rotary cannon for ranged combat, it fires up to a hundred high caliber rounds a minute at full rotation and I can switch modes to a central cannon with explosive ordnance for long range. My goggles also have a built in targeting system, magnification, and night vision." Along with his explanation, Guilmon put down the heavy case he had been carrying and revealed the second most beautiful thing she had seen in her entire life. Sleek smooth lines and six barrels made to spin around a single central barrel obviously larger and made for ammo that packed a bigger thump. It was almost a religious experience taking it in.

"So you're a ranged fighter? What do you call your weapon? What do you do for short range combat? How hard was it to make? What metals did you use in the machining process? I had been looking into high impact ceramics and composites myself to reduce weight." Ruby rattled off her questions for Guilmon rapid fire, finally someone with enough sense to talk weapons.

"Yes, De-rezz, and technically hand to hand with my claws, tail, and teeth but honestly I just let Jaune handle it most of the time," responded Guilmon smiling excitedly back at her.

"Oh?" Ruby turned to her other new companion as she saw him watching the conversation with a bemused smile. "And you Jaune? What's your weapon?"

"I have a sword," Jaune explained as he pulled it from his hip. A simple hand and a half sword of an old Valean design aesthetic with a cyan gem set into the pommel, a simple gold colored crossguard, and a crimson fuller going the length of the blade. She should probably go back to listening to him explain the weapon too. "And its sheath expands into a shield and both are slotted to accept dust crystals for casting. Together they're called Gardien Rouge" The shield itself was fairly simple in design, a classic kite shield with two golden arches set into the center, probably a family or personal sigil, and a crimson border wrapping the outward edge of the shield.

"Ooooohh…. very cool, what else does it do?" Ruby asked expectantly. Maybe the was a shot gun or submachine gun hidden in the shield?

"Uhhhh nothing really, it stabs things really well," responded Jaune self-consciously as he reached up to rub the back of his head. "I used my great- great- grandfather's old weapon from the war as a basis. I usually use hardlight dust in it so I can do some interesting things with it though."

"Well I for one appreciate the classics. I think it's a very nice weapon Jaune," assured Ruby as the two continued their meandering walk around the campus. "Plus crystal casting is pretty hard, you must be really good to incorporate it into your weapon."

"I still think he should carry a sidearm or shotgun or something," quipped Guilmon in a teasing tone as he gave Jaune a look that Ruby couldn't quite decipher. "Gardien Rouge is nice and all but what it really needs is an auto rifle mode but he won't listen to me."

"Oh that does sound like a good idea!" Ruby chipped in, supporting her fellow weapon nut. "Maybe we could incorporate it into the shield? But that runs the risk of lowering its durability. Oh! Oh! Maybe we could mount it to the inside of the shield leaving the body alone. It can fold out when he collapses it to the sheath form!"

"Naw," Guilmon pushed back. "I think what Jaune needs is something simple and accurate at range. Maybe a scout rifle or sniper rifle?" Guilmon quipped as Jaune groaned. There it was again. There was obviously some kind of inside joke she wasn't quite catching yet. That was okay though! Now they were all friends and they could make their own inside jokes to share together and Yang with her entire posse from Signal wouldn't be in on it and it would be great!

Ruby stilled, actually… where was Yang? Or everyone else? "Guys? Which way is orientation?" Ruby asked with an embarrassed blush burning across her cheeks, as she realized she was hopelessly lost.

The two both started at the sudden change in conversation. "We were both just following you, I figured you knew which way you were going," Guilmon admittedly sheepishly.

"I have no clue honestly, you got any idea Ruby?" Jaune put in his two cents.

"Nope." If she had known she wouldn't have needed to ask them.

"Well alrighty then," Jaune sighed as he shrugged off his duffle bag. "That's not great, let me head back to the docks real quick. Maybe there'll be a campus map or something."

"Wait I'll come with you," responded Ruby as the three set off back to the bullhead docks. Chatting the entire way.


A quick bit of backtracking, plus additional five minutes for Jaune to figure out the map, and Jaune was able to lead their little group the rest of the way to the ballroom, where all the incoming students were gathered for orientation. It was a large circular room with floor to ceiling windows and a stage at one end with a microphone on top of it. Young men and women moved about inside catching up with old friends, making new ones, and just generally mingling. Ruby apparently saw someone in the crowd that she knew as she dashed off with a bye and nice meeting you.

Jaune sighed at the apparent loss of his new friend as he turned to Guilmon, "Well buddy guess it's back to just being you and me."

"Uhhh, heh, about that," Guilmon started nervously, as he sent a guilty look Jaune's way.

"Gui? What's wrong buddy?" Jaune asked, feeling his brow knit together in concern.

"I kinda actually wanted to wander around and see if I could find any of my friends from Pharos," Guilmon said apologetically. "I can still hang here with you though if you want?" Guilmon quickly added on, apparently catching some bit of discomfort on Jaune's face.

"Naw it's ok buddy," Jaune assured his friend. "You go and have fun, I'll see you later on ok? Say hi to everyone for me?"

"Yeah!" Guilmon nodded happily as he lifted on claw in a rough approximation of a thumbs up.

As Guilmon walked off, Jaune found himself defaulting to the oldest standby of the socially awkward and antisocial. He looked around awkwardly for a moment, stuck his hands in his pockets, and found a nice comfy corner separated from the rest of the crowd to kill time in. Spot secured Jaune dug through his pack for a book or comic to read in the meantime. Entertainment secured Jaune took a seat on the floor and nodded politely to his corner buddy who apparently had the same idea, some girl with black hair and a bow, and began reading.

No sooner had he gotten properly comfortable than he heard the slight feedback of a microphone, and looked up to see a silver haired gentleman in a green suit beginning to speak.

"I look around this room and I see unrealized potential and wasted energy. You hope to correct this with the knowledge and training you will receive here, but you will find that these things can only carry you so far. What you accomplish is up to you and the work you are willing to put in. Welcome to Beacon Academy, I leave you in the hands of my deputy Miss Glynda Goodwitch. She will handle announcements and instructions for the day. I hope to see you all in class."

That was... interesting to say the least. There wasn't anything particularly wrong with the speech but weren't these kinds of things usually a bit more long winded? Regardless Ozpin was soon replaced by a stern looking blonde woman in glasses, "You will gather here in the ballroom tonight, tomorrow your initiation begins. Some of you may have also noticed someone possibly unexpected in the crowd. If I could have misters Jaune Arc and Guilmon come to the stage please?"

Surprised by the unexpected request Jaune did as the woman asked. He and Guilmon made their way through the crowd, Jaune in particular shrinking from the stares and curious looks he received from the crowd. Soon enough the two made their way up the steps of the stage going to stand next to the stern huntress.

Glynda side eyed the two for just a moment before addressing the crowd once again, "These two are among the first of the new digimon tamer teams, and as part of the new Digital Hunter Initiative Guilmon himself is the first digimon in Vale to receive proper huntsman training and have his aura unlocked. Due to their bonded nature he and Mr. Arc will be treated as a singular entity in terms of team rosters. I expect you all to treat them with the due respect and consideration you would grant any other huntsman. That will be all."

After finishing the fairly succinct speech and announcements Glynda left the ballroom and Jaune quietly made his way off the stage more than a little uncomfortable with all the eyes on him. As the two made their way back to Jaune's original spot they found themselves face to face with what could only be described as the human lovechild of caffeine, sugar, and crack cocaine.

"OH! MY! KNIGHTS! That's so cool! So you guys are like new super hunters? Special Agent Hunters? A Huntsmon? And you, you're the Guilmon right? What are you a dinosaur? Dragon? Can you breathe fire? Lightning? Bubbles? Syrup!? We're gonna be best friends! You should meet my brother! Ren come here! Meet our new best friends! Ohhh maybe we should team up together!"

"I- I'm Guilmon," responded the red dinosaur dazed and confused by the onslaught of questions from pink and orange blur circling around him.

"Nora, maybe let them breathe a bit," came a new voice who Jaune could only assume was Ren. Ren was apparently a young Mistrali man of average height maybe three or four inches shorter than him, dressed in green with a streak of hot pink through his black hair. Nora, the hyperactive carrot top , was quite petite sitting at maybe five feet tall dressed in black and pink clothing

"Hello, I am Lie Ren, it is nice to meet you." Said the quiet, laid back young man. "You've already met Nora, sorry for her, she can be a bit much at first."

"Ha! Rennie you're such a kidder!" The girl laughed as she slapped Jaune on the back, hard. "Everyone loves me! Can't you tell? We're already best buddies, right Jaunie?"

"Sure, why not?" Jaune smiled, in spite of himself Jaune found himself drawn to the girl's manic energy. "After all, like my mom always said, a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet."

After all the two seemed nice and it would be good to make new friends. Still though probably also best to ask his brother as well, "What do you think Guilmon? New buds?"

"Sure! Ohhh, Nora! We should have a secret handshake or a signal or something so that way we know it's us when we meet in the field!"

Nora gasped in delight as she clapped her, "That's a great idea! I know I'll coo like a sloth!"

"And I can roar like a monochromon!" Guilmon responded excitedly.

"I have no idea what that sounds like!" cheered Nora.

"That's okay I don't know what sloths sound like either." Chipped in Guilmon with equal energy and maybe just a hint of friendly sarcasm.

Jaune just smiled and shook his head as the two continued on with their conversation, each now trying their best to explain to the other what their respective animal call sounded like. Jaune was glad for having met the two huntsman hopefuls. While digimon weren't a complete unknown over the past decade or two, some friendly examples choosing to stay on this side and live in human cities or villages, they were still fairly rare in Remnant.

There was maybe one friendly, sapient digimon per thousand humans? And even then Guilmon wasn't exactly the cute and cuddly type, so while there hadn't been anyone they'd come across on campus yet that was outright hostile to him there hadn't been anyone so downright welcoming either and Jaune told Ren as much.

"Ah, there's a reason for that," Ren nodded in understanding. He spoke quietly and slowly, as if he was picking his words one at a time. "Nora and I grew up around digimon. The woman who took us in fostered several other children as well, including both digimon and human over the years." Ren explained quietly and dipped into silence before piping up again. "One of our teachers at combat school was also a ProfessorAgumon." Huh, he must've just remembered that.

"They let a rookie level digimon teach at combat school?" Jaune asked, surprised.

"It was general studies," Ren explained as Jaune nodded in understanding.

"Huh, cool. What were they like? I'll tell you my stories if you tell me yours?" Jaune proposed.

"I think that sounds like a good way to spend the evening," responded Ren in that same monotone, and so the four of them bedded down for the evening, chatting and sharing stories until lights out.


It was early morning, the sun was shining, birds were probably singing, and Nora was sneaking in a quick phone call home.

"Hey Mom, I'm not catching you at a bad time am I? I'm still getting used to the time zones." Nora asked with a small smile and only a little of the manic energy she displayed most of the time.

"You're good kid," Nora heard a gruff, but not unfeminine voice chuckle from the other end of the line. "It's only a little after six in the evening out here. Did you two have a safe trip?"

"Yup! Smooth sailing all the way." Quite literally actually. Boats were way cheaper than cross continental flight and the voyage had been blessedly short and sweet for the distance traveled.

"Anyone try and give you kids any trouble? Do I need to make a trip out there?"

"We're fine mom," Nora groaned playfully in response to the, mostly, joking question. "Me and Ren are all grown up now, we can take care of ourselves. I promise."

"I know," Rena's voice supplied full of warmth. "Still though, I worry. It's a mom's job after all. You'll learn one day when you have your own brats." The conversation dropped into a pleasant lull for a moment before Rena broke the silence anew.

"So you and Ren make any new friends yet?" Nora heard the voice ask curiously over the phone.

"Yeah actually!" Nora cheered, brightening up at the memory of the two from the night before. "Two of them actually one of them is actually a digimon who's trying to become a huntsman too. Guilmon and his tamer, Jaune Arc." Nora mumbled a bit at mentioning the tall boy's name.

"Ohhh?" Nora cursed internally as Rena's voice took on a teasing tone. "And what can you tell me about this Jaune Arc? Does my little sparkplug have herself a boyfriend already?"

"Mooooooom, stop it! It's not like that, I just met him. He just seems really nice, and tall, and maybe kinda cute in a really dorky way but I just met him. Anyway I think he'll be a good friend."

"And if I call up Ren right after this he'll say exactly the same thing?" her mother questioned the teasing lilt in her voice ramping up in intensity.

This was getting bad, Ren was such a blabbermouth and couldn't hold a secret for anything. If Rena asked he'd cave immediately and then he'd inevitably spread the info to Jaune and Guilmon by accident and it would make things awkward. There was only one thing left to do. Nora quickly worked her eyes to watery tears, quivered her bottom lip, and switched the scroll call to video. "Please don't," Nora pouted into the call as she stared back into frosty blue eyes framed by straw yellow hair.

It was a battle of wills pouting Nora versus playful Rena but eventually mother caved to daughter. "Alright, alright I'll leave it be for now." Nora wiped away the weepy pout instantly breaking into a victorious grin but her mother wasn't done yet apparently. "Just promise me you'll be careful and call me if anything does happen please? And just call in general, I really appreciate it."

"Of course," Nora assured her with a cheerful nod of her head. "I'll call as often as I can I promise!"

"Thanks," Rena responded quietly. "I miss you kids, you know? Love you, Sparkplug."

"Love you too, Mom." Nora smiled warmly into the screen. "I do need to start getting ready soon though. They have us using communal showers for today and I want to grab mine before everyone else starts waking up."

"Alright baby, you have a good day and do your best. Call me after ok? And give the flower a hug for me ok?"

"Yes momma, love you lots!" Nora assured her as the call ended and moved to go about her morning. Whatever happened next the day couldn't come soon enough for Nora's taste. She was ready to go and kick all kinds of butt!


For Jaune, the next morning came all too soon, and with it Jaune's nerves slammed back into full gear as he prepared for whatever came next, going over an impromptu checklist with Guilmon.

"Ok, extra dust rounds?" Jaune asked as he tied on his boots.


"What about explosive ordnance? Did you remember to mark your aura meter on your goggles' heads up display?" The familiar creaking of leather and snapping of clasps filled his ears as he pulled on his breastplate over his hoodie.

"Check and Check, De-Rezz is topped off with three high explosive rounds as usual" Guilmon responded with a bored tone Jaune could tell was insincere, as he saw his partner's tail flick back and forth with nervous energy.

"What's today's blend for your explosive rounds?" Jaune further questioned as he pulled on his gauntlets and belted on the attached armored pads that rested on his elbows.

"Let's see extra dust crystals for Gardien Rouge along with it being sharpened and polished, check and check on my end." Jaune said as he inspected his gear and ran a sliver of aura into both of the round polished crystals. He felt them respond in kind with the quiet and resolute yet malleable strength that was so very unique to hardlight dust.

What else was Jaune forgetting, he had to be forgetting something..."Healthy breakfast?"

"As soon as you calm down so we can get going," laughed Guilmon. Jaune ducked his head apologetically in response, but who could blame him for nerves? Today was the day! If he could make it through this he was gonna be a huntsman! It was everything he'd worked towards and all he had to do today was not mess up… Oh colors he was gonna be sick again. Maybe something light to settle his stomach would be the best bet.

As he turned to head towards the cafeteria he tripped over himself slamming directly into someone using one of the lockers next to his knocking both of them over. "I am so, so sorry," Jaune began apologizing before freezing as he went to get up himself and help up the person he ran into.

Pale blue eyes set in a flawless face aside from a scar over one eye which instead of detracting from her looks only made her more fetching, like a warrior princess or wild snow fairy, this was Weiss Schnee. He must've stared just a bit too long cause the moment was broken as said angelic face twisted in anger before shouting, "Ugh, watch where you're going dolt!" Chastened Jaune quickly stood up stammering out another apology as he offered a hand to try and help her up. An offer which was likewise rebuked as she slapped his hand away.

Jaune stepped back and away trying to stay out of her way while she picked up, and laughed nervously as he did so. Taking a quick look around he saw what he could only assume was her friend standing nearby, and ok what the hell? Deep emerald green eyes, and dark red hair, with smooth pale skin, between this new girl, Ruby, Nora, and the irate songstress it was like every girl he'd met in this school so far was a supermodel. How the heck did that happen? Still though best to at least try and be polite.

"Hi! Sorry again about running into you. I wasn't paying attention while I got my and my partner's gear set up. Is there anything I can do to make up for it?" He asked as diplomatically as he possibly could, nervously rubbing the back of his head.

"Hmph, stay out of my way during the initiation if all you're going to do is trip over everything like lummox and we'll be just fine," she grumbled. "Wait, aren't you that experiment of the headmaster's?"

Jaune's mood dropped like a stone at the mention of the "E" word but he maintained his friendly demeanor. "Heh, yeah I'm Jaune Arc! Hunter trainee extraordinaire!" Gotta remember, dad always said confidence is key. As long as you come across sincere and confident people will definitely respond to it.

"It's nice to meet both of you. I actually know you," Jaune said, turning to the heiress. "You're Weiss Schnee right? One of my sisters loves your music! She has all of your albums."

"Hmph, well at least you're somewhat knowledgeable of those of higher standing than you but how do you not know of Pyrrha Nikos!? The Invincible Girl? Undefeated Champion Duelist!?" At Jaune's lack of recognition and questioning look she groaned, "She's on the front of the Pumpkin Pete's cereal box!"

With a gasp Jaune spun to face the tall red head, "That was you!?"

"Heh heh, yeah it-it was pretty cool. The cereal isn't really good for you though." The now named Pyrrha Nikos acknowledged as she gripped her left arm with her right hand.

"I mean it's still cool," Jaune assured her. "Plus Gui loves the stuff, he's basically a black hole when it comes to food and loves sweet cereals. Thanks to him I was actually able to save enough boxtops to get the limited edition hoodie," Jaune gushed.

"So, how would either of you ladies like to join team Arc? Future best team in Beacon! Slots are mostly filled up but I might be able to squeeze one of you in if my friends are cool with it." Jaune flashed his best attempt at a winning smile at the two, receiving a dry look from Weiss and kind smile from Pyrrha for his efforts.

"Actually Jaune," asked Pyrrha, "where is your partner anyway?"

"Right here and headed to breakfast," piped up the dry voice of Guilmon as he walked by with what had to be an eighty pound gun strapped to his back. "Jaune, come oooooon, I wanna eat before we have to go!"

"Alright buddy," Jaune laughed. "Weiss, Pyrrha it was nice meeting both of you. Good luck out there today!"

"You as well!"

"Reliance on luck is unbefitting of a Schnee."

As Jaune and Guilmon walked away the two slipped into a companionable silence broken by Guilmon after the ladies were out of listening distance. "So how did it feel to meet your celebrity crush?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Jaune responded woodenly.

"I mean she was definitely really pretty in real life. The hair, the eyes"

"I was merely scouting out potential members for our future team."

"Did you tell Weiss that you were a fan and had bought all of her albums."

"I have no idea what you're talking about. That was Violette who was the fan."

"Oh really?" Guilmon asked snarkily. "So when I call home later to say hi Vi's going to say so as well when I ask her right?" Guilmon needled Jaune relentlessly to which Jaune clammed up and hurried on his walk to the cafeteria.

A slightly tense meal with Guilmon's teasing in the background and a short bus ride later, Jaune, Guilmon, and the others found themselves on a cliff overlooking the Emerald Forest. Tiny specks he could only assume were Grimm could be seen in the distance and he thought he may have heard the roar of something else in the far off in the forest.

As each of them was directed to a small metal platform, they were given their directions for the assignment. Run in, find your partner by almost pure chance and then go to the ruins to find a relic. He could do this, he could definitely do this. …...Wait how were they getting down?

Said question was almost immediately answered when he heard the clank of machinery and saw Weiss being launched off into the distance. "Really?" Jaune groaned in mock despair. "Why can't you people keep your feet on the ground?"

"Don't worry Jaune," piped up Ruby next to him, Crescent Rose deployed and her stance ready. "I'll see you when we get down there. Plus free falling is fun!"

Jaune could only groan and tighten the strap of his shield as the catapults slowly counted down to him at the end of the line. Guilmon closed in tighter, wrapping his body around Jaune's lower half and in spite of his complaints Jaune couldn't help the grin that slowly spread on his face. After all this was the start of his adventure.

50 years ago, a good decade or so before I was even born, the world of remnant experienced the creation of a grand invention, the Cross Continental Transit System or CCTS for short. This system of four main towers supported by numerous smaller towers across the world kickstarted the beginning of Remnant's digital age. Information could now be passed back and forth across the planet at barely a moment's notice. Audio, visual, and even text based data could be transmitted in the blink of an eye and thus global communication became the standard for almost all people from all walks of life, but what most people aren't aware of is that to help streamline the creation of this wonderful piece of technology Atlas used a Relic from a bygone age.

The Staff of Creation that was used to power the floating city of Atlas was also used to help jumpstart the first tower of the CCTS. Broadcasting the signal that would soon be met by the towers of Vale, Vacuo, and Mistral. What no one was aware of however was what the coming age would mean in regards to the technology developed, the attention it would draw from outside forces, and the connection it created at the moment it was first switched on. A connection with a different world, a digital world, a realm simultaneously only as old as the CCTS and billions of years older than Remnant itself.

This connection would go unnoticed for some time. The pathways between our worlds too narrow and ephemeral, the connection itself tenuous but given time the denizens of this strange new world would begin to make their way into our own through rifts forming in the border that separated our two worlds.

The denizens refer to themselves as digital monsters or digimon for short, they appear to be creatures of flesh and bone but are actually beings of pure living computer data given physical form. The digimon, in time, would come through for any number of reasons ranging from exploration, fleeing from problems in their own world, or even just a playful sense of curiosity. Over time a friendship of sorts developed between our peoples for the good of both worlds.

This is the story of those first few years of the rifts opening. Digimon both good and bad crossing over into remnant and our mutual battle with the creatures of Grimm and those that ruled them. More than anything though this is the story of my friend and former student and his experiences as one of the first digidestined in the world of Remnant, Jaune Arc: The Huntsman of the Hazard.

-Excerpt from "A Digital Destiny" by Batholomew Oobleck


Hey everyone! Welcome to Huntsman of the Digital Hazard or HoH for short! Some of y'all who have been with me for a while will notice this is the rewrite I've been mentioning for proper editing, a couple new scenes, and some cleaned up grammar. I hope all of you enjoy the story!

Just a heads up for those of y'all who are new, no knowledge of digimon will be necessary for this story since rather than crossing over with any specific series I'm crossing over with digimon conceptually and pulling from overarching lore spots. Any digimon knowledge that is necessary I will either explain in story or as part of a Digital Destiny excerpt.