"So what's she like?"

Jaune glanced back towards the scroll laying on his desk as he rummaged through his closet pulling out two button down shirts. "She's awesome, she's… she can make me feel like the greatest man on Remnant and a tongue tied idiot at the same time somehow. She was there for me a lot during a rough patch at the start of the semester and she didn't have to be. She didn't stop being there after it was over either. She makes me feel like I don't have to hold back when she's around." Jaune answered truthfully as he held up both shirts to the screen.

"Oh bless your heart," The tinny voice of his sister giggled through the speakers. "That was very poetic Jaune, but I meant stuff like her name and what she's actually like doofus. And no don't go for the solid yellow one. Ya look better with patterns. Do you still have that blue and black plaid I got you? The flannel one?"

"Yeah it's in the back of my closet. Plaid though? Really?" Jaune asked as he went to fetch the shirt in question.

"Mhmm, the blue should help bring out your eyes and both your eyes and the blue in the shirt lean towards jewel tones so the black offsetting it should help make the color pop even more. Also what kinda rough patch?"

"Nothin' bad," Jaune did his best to wave her off as he moved back to the closet to look for the shirt in question while avoiding eye contact through the video call. "I just had one of my funks. You know how I can get. It was fine, really. Plus she helped out a lot! Even when she didn't have to."

"Well that certainly earns her a few points, and it was just a random funk with nothing causing it? Really?"

"Yep! Absolutely nothing wrong and everything has been smooth sailing the entire time." Jaune lied through his teeth to his older sister as he grabbed the shirt in question. Plaid flannel or not it really was quite nice.

"Uh-huh… Gui, honey, wanna be the favorite brother for a bit and tell me what actually happened?"

"There was a racist butthead at the start of the semester that was making life difficult for a bit and then he found out about the study from when Jaune and me were little and found out some stuff about Nora too, she's the girlfriend by the way, and spread it all around campus but me and Jaune handled it months ago and it's been quiet ever since." Spoke the filthy traitor from behind Jaune as he played some kind of video game with Ren. Useless the both of them.

"Nothin' huh?" Turning Jaune witnessed the familiar sight of Violetta Arc's Look of Displeasure number forty-eight. This particular model boasted a surprisingly even mix of unimpressed and irritated allowing her to transition quickly and easily into another look if the situation required it. Part of the secret was the way she tightened her eyes while keeping her brow and forehead relaxed and her rabbit ears tilted back and away.

"Vi could we not get into this right now, please?" Jaune begged off as he walked up with the shirt in question and held it up for her to inspect. "It got handled months ago, I'm fine now, and I still have a date tonight I need to get ready for."

"Fine, fine." Vi acknowledged over the phone and Jaune breathed a sigh of relief. He didn't need well meaning over protection right now. "Why didn't you just say it was Nora though? I actually liked her the couple of times I spoke to her. And yes definitely that shirt, you look positively dapper."

"Honestly this is still new and I'm really scared of messing everything up and I don't want y'all to give me or Nora a hard time if it doesn't." Jaune admitted quietly as he rubbed the back of his head. "You know I've never actually gone on a date before. I was gonna skip on telling any of y'all for a while but these three are useless." Jaune shot back over his shoulder at the tail end of his explanation to his friends. All three of his friends.

"I don't wear clothes." Shot back Gui in what was honestly an airtight argument as the only article of clothing the digimon had on was his typical goggles hanging loosely around his neck.

"I already gave you my advice." Spoke up Sun from his spot on Pyrrha's bed where he looked through Jaune's comics for something to read. "Do what I do, show a little skin. She'll be drooling over you in no time as long as you've been following those workout tips I told you."

And that left Ren to round out the pack as he proceeded to decimate Gui in their match. "I told you there was no need to worry about it. Nora is pretty laid back and will be happy no matter what the two of you do as long as you do it together. That and if you do anything to actually hurt her I trust her to break your legs like dry twigs"

"See what I mean?" Jaune continued to his sister as the rest of the group went back to what they were doing. "Plus I kinda didn't want the heat of y'all finding out that I'm kinda living with my girlfriend already since we're on the same team."

"Temptiiiiin'," Vi's tinny voice hummed as she nodded on the screen. "But it kinda doesn't count since y'all're teammates like you said. Plus you're also living with her brother. And your brother. I'd be really surprised to see you getting up to much of anything," his sister laughed. "Where is Nora anyway?"

"She's getting ready too." Jaune answered simply as he shrugged on the shirt over a black undershirt. "Apparently Velvet's team leader offered to take her shopping when she heard about the date. I think it might be an apology kinda for how the mission went the other day. Two of our other friends, Weiss and Blake, should be with 'em."


"Alright short stuff. I get it. You're cute and you like cute things but a pale pink dress with your skin tone isn't doing you any favors." Argued the fashionista as she stared down at Nora.

Nora however wasn't having any of it though. "I'm sorry. Who's gonna be wearing it? I think the dress would work great with the right jacket. Besides, Weiss-cream is paler than me and she wears white. What's wrong with pastels?" The pint sized berserker argued back as she clutched the dress.

It really wasn't supposed to be this complicated. The plan had been to just head out and pick up some nicer clothes that weren't her school uniform or armor reinforced. She had invited Blake, Weiss, and Velvet to come with so they could make a day of it. Apparently Velvet had mentioned it offhand to Coco though so the older girl had invited herself hoping to use Nora to play dress up and it seemed that now wherever Blake went Gao followed by default. Much to the raven haired faunus' horror and consternation.

Speaking of the hound in question was walking up with a look of disappointment written clear across his face. "Pardon me madam, I asked the sales clerk if they had any of the items you requested but unfortunately they seem to be out of stock at the moment." Credit to him, Gao was a perfect gentleman and incredibly helpful, with a personality that somehow naturally leaned towards the kind of behavior Nora had seen from old timey butlers on tv. At the moment though Nora would kill for him to be a little less helpful.

"Hmmm did you ask Coral or Clementine?" Coco asked as she turned to the mon, giving Nora a short break from the too dedicated fashionista. "Clementine is the taller one with hair the same color as Shortstack here. She's been working here longer than Coral and is better at finding where some little things are hidden. Go talk to her and tell her Coco is the one asking. Actually while you're at it see if you can bring a selection of earrings as well, soooomething silver." Coco finished as she gave Nora another once over and the courteous canine was off with a nod. Really he could stand to be a little less helpful, someone would end up taking advantage of him. Wait.

"Who are the earrings for? I don't have mine pierced." Nora asked hesitantly both knowing and vaguely dreading the answer as she saw the corner of Coco's mouth pull into a smirk once again.

"Yeah I have a trick for that using aura if we find any you like that look cute." Coco smiled and Nora felt a shiver down her back as the woman, who Nora was fairly certain was either a mad scientist with fashion or a sadist, looked her up and down and nodded once again before pulling out another longer dress in a deep blue. "And to answer your other question it's a matter of detail. She looks really good in white and the dress has a gradient building to a darker shade of blue. That stacked onto the red lining inside the inside of the jacket to give a splash of more vibrant color leading to an outfit that is deceptively simple at first glance with plenty of detail. Also Weiss has dresses that cost more than this shop that were tailor made specifically for her."

"Yeah? Weiss also has more money than at least two of the four kingdoms put together." Nora snarked as she took the dress from Coco and tried it on. Blegh, she hated longer skirts like this, they were so much harder to move in. And there were no pockets! Why were there no pockets? Her combat skirts had pockets and the beacon uniform at least had shirt pockets. The displeasure must've been clear on her face as she stepped out because she caught Coco trying to hide a snort behind her hand while Velvet and Blake both just facepalmed.

"Really don't think this is my style guys." Nora grumbled as she faced her current panel of judges. Where was Weiss anyway? The heiress had kinda just wandered off when she and Coco had started arguing.

"Maybe something a bit more casual or sporty?" Velvet hedged with wince as she and Blake shared a grimace and Nora felt her mood sour more watching the interaction.

"Hmmm probably," Coco admitted with a tilt of her head as she circled Nora, looking her up and down and very much leaving the valkyrie feeling like either a cut of meat or a monkey in a zoo. She wasn't sure which. "I wanted to give the sexy yet elegant thing a try but it might be a bit much for a first date. Plus the long dress isn't doing much for her legs and it'd be a shame not to let her show them off a bit. Can't see how someone so short can have legs so long. Still think we should try some other colors though. I know we all have our signature colors and everything but maybe we could give forest green a try? Maybe break away from pastels just a tiny bit and go for darker, richer colors."

"SHE is right here." Nora deadpanned with her arms crossed as she looked up towards the girl who was still wearing her sunglasses indoors for some reason. "Coco all I wanted was casual clothes that weren't my combat gear and maybe something a tiny bit nicer for the date. This is kinda a lot. Plus most of the stuff you've had me try on is way outside of my budget."

"Don't worry about that part." Cut in the voice of Weiss Schnee as she rejoined the group, arms full of clothes. "My allowance is more than some people's yearly salaries, I can afford to spoil a friend every now and then as long none of you try to abuse the privilege." The heiress finished as she looked Nora up and down once before shaking her head. This stupid dress she was wearing…

"Blue isn't bad Nora but that's too dark for you. You need something lighter to go with it." The Schnee began as she dropped the clothes in a nearby chair before digging through the resulting pile and tossing two pieces of clothing in particular her way. "Go back and try these on instead if you don't mind. We're running short on time."

Rushed by the heiress Nora stepped back into the dressing room and began changing into the new clothes. Weiss' urgency carried the tiny berserker along, with her not thinking to ask Weiss exactly how they could be pressed for time when it was only one in the afternoon and she and Jaune were supposed to meet up for the date at six. Still as she finally properly looked at what Weiss had grabbed for her Nora couldn't help the wide grin that split her face.

As Nora stepped out she was met with a satisfied looking Weiss, an exasperated Coco, a surprised Velvet and a blushing Blake who was slowly climbing down from where she was standing on her chair while the other three weren't paying attention. But why…? Oh. Gao was back. Blakey really needed to work on that whole thing. Like he looked like a dog yeah, but he wasn't. Was it a phobia (she was LOVING that word a day calendar) or was it that the black cat faunus just disliked dogs that much? Also people were saying things? Oh it was about her outfit!

"The skinny jeans are definitely good for letting her show off her legs I'll admit," Coco said begrudgingly as she took in the sight of the much more energetic Nora. "But blue and pink plaid really? You couldn't go for something a little classier?"

"Nora likes clothes that are blue, pink, and easy to move in." Nora heard Weiss explain as showed off to the group before eyeing the pile of clothes that Weiss had brought over. Was there anything else good in there? Oh Weisscream was still talking, "I have ticked off all of those boxes and she looks good at the same time. You're just jealous because she likes what I picked out better." Weiss said with a triumphant grin thrown towards Coco and Nora hadn't thought it was a competition but maybe that was changing considering Coco's brow had just furrowed and Nora was pretty sure that the fashionista was glaring behind her sunglasses now.

Oh by the King and Knights they were gonna escalate into a fashion fight with Nora as the battlefield/model if she didn't do something to distract at least one of them. "Hey Gao, did you find any of the stuff Coco was looking for?" She called trying to catch the attention of both the polite digimon and her competitive upperclassmen.

"Oh! Pardon me." Responded the dogmon as he turned away from his blushing partner. "I'm terribly sorry Ms. Adel but I spoke to Ms. Clementine and she was unable to find the items you had asked for. She did however assist me in gathering a number of earrings and other pieces of jewelry as you requested."

"Well, if that's how the shortstack wants to dress we can at least see if we can fancy her up with a couple of accessories then." Coco grumbled as she waved over Nora and the smaller mon. "Well carrot top? See anything here you like?"

Nora sifted through the small pile of admittedly and thankfully cheap jewelry. At least Nora hoped it was cheap if they were willing to just let Gao bring a pile of it over here with no supervision. Digging through Nora was about to say no to the entire pile before something caught her eye. "Hey Coco what was that trick you said you had?" The tiny valkyrie asked as she held up her prize. A small pair of stud earrings shaped like hearts.

"Huh. Well no one can say it isn't on brand." The brown gunner mused as she looked at Nora's choice. "If you're sure that's all you want then I'll help you out when we get back to the dorms. It's nothing complicated though. I'll pierce your ears and then while the earrings are in you flood the area with your aura. Skip through the whole healing process in about two or three minutes. You'll still need to keep them in pretty consistently for a few months though if you don't want the hole to seal back up though, fair warning."

"Cool! Thanks Coco," Nora nodded as she smiled at her upperclassman. "Does it hurt a lot?"

"Naw, not at all." Coco promised.

The sharp yelp that came from the team CFVY dorm later that afternoon proved Coco to be a dity, rotten liar.


Jaune gulped nervously as he waited for Nora by the airship docks. What if she got held up? What if she changed her mind? What if she…. blegh, Jaune needed to get his head on straight. She had been just as if not even more excited for this date than he had been. All he needed to do was follow the plan and show Nora an awesome time and not fuck up….. oh by Color he was going to be sick.

No! He could handle this! He and Nora already really liked each other and the plan for the evening was rock solid! He just needed his stomach to stop tying itself in knots. Maybe he should head back to the room to take another anti nausea pill? Jaune was moving to do just that when a small body crashed into his back and strong arms wrapped around his middle from behind.

"Hey Jaune-Jaune! Ready to go?" The chipper voice of Nora Valkyrie asked as she tightened the hug around his middle and swayed from side to side, Jaune following the motion.

"Yup!" Jaune laughed as he stretched a grin across his face and even with his stomach flip-flopping and his nerves he didn't have to force it. She was here! He was actually on a date, a real date, with one of his best friends. "You ready?"

"One sec," Nora requested and Jaune paused, about to ask the pint sized berserker what she needed when he felt the familiar sensation of Ms. Valkyrie jumping up onto his back and wrapping her arms around his shoulders while cinching her legs around his waist. "Onward Cornelius the Twenty-Fourth!" Commanded Queen Nora imperiously.

"At once my liege!" Jaune responded in mock seriousness as he hooked his arms under her legs and started walking. Wait, "The twenty-fourth? I thought I was Cornelius the Second?" Jaune asked with a teasing lilt in his voice as he walked.

"I'm certain I don't know what you mean Cornelius the Thirty-Third." Jaune heard Nora answer behind him in that same imperious voice. "As far as I remember you've always been Cornelius the Sixteenth. You must be mistaken."

"Whatever you say Nora." Jaune laughed as he stepped onto the airship and moved to find a seat.

"So what's the plan for the evening Jaune-Jaune?" The carrot top asked as she dropped from his back and moved to take a seat next to him allowing Jaune to finally get a decent look at his date for the evening. Funnily enough they were matching kinda. She was wearing her own flannel shirt except hers was in pink and light blue with black skinny jeans and most eye-catching was the pair of silver, heart-shaped earrings she was wearing. Actually, "Have you always had your ears pierced? I feel like I should've noticed that before."

With a nearly imperceptible flinch Jaune watched Nora reach up and lightly rub at one of her ears before shaking her head. "They're actually kind of a recent thing. Do you like them?" She finished shyly and Jaune was fairly certain you could fry an egg on his face from the heat of the blush that had spread across it as she looked up at him.

"I think they look great and you look amazing." Jaune answered honestly as he reached up and began absently rubbing the back of his head. "Of course I think you always look amazing so maybe I'm biased." the young huntsman laughed.

"I mean I do tend to look pretty great all the time don't I?" Nora giggled even as Jaune saw her own blush spread across her pale skin. "Thank you though," she smiled bashfully. "Now what's the plan for our date? Quit changing the subject!"

"Alrighty, alright!" Jaune laughed as he held up his hands in surrender. "There's a pretty nice Mistrali place that Yatsuhashi recommended, apparently he took Velvet there on their first date and I figured we could try it out. For after dinner I got us tickets to that new Spruce Willis movie that just opened this weekend. And I figure after that we could figure things out. Maybe a walk in the park? Maybe that all night bowling alley with the arcade in it? I kinda left the end of the evening open ended since I wasn't sure what you'd like to do more."

"It all sounds pretty good to me Jaune-Jaune." Nora assured him with a smile, much to Jaune's relief. "I'm just glad we can get some time to ourselves tonight honestly. Is it just me or have our friends been a little more clingy lately since we made it official?"

"Hmmm… maybe a little a bit?" Jaune responded, but honestly it at least felt like it was kinda a lot. "I think it's just 'cause it's new so everyone is interested. It'll probably calm down after awhile." That or he and Nora were just noticing it more because they were actively looking for more time alone than before.

"Maybe" Nora acknowledged with a quiet hum as she drew out the eee. "Still, for now let's just have some fun tonight yeah?"

"Definitely. Like I said I got everything all planned out. Everything should go perfectly!" Jaune promised. Halfway through the flight his anti-nausea medication wore off suddenly. The other passengers became very much aware of this fact in a hurry.


"Ooooo that's rough, at least he managed to make it to the trash can in time."

"How's Nora reacting?"

"Very supportive," Gui answered as he spied on his brother and teammate on their date. "She's ran to one of the vending machines to get him some water and now she's rubbing his back. Oof this is a bad one."

"Didn't you three make sure he took his pills before leaving?" Cut in the harsh whisper of Weiss Schnee from behind Gui.

"We did!" Defended Sun as the monkey faunus whisper shouted behind Gui's back. "But he was all nervous and panicky so he left like half an hour early to make sure he was there on time and you guys had Nora there a bit late so maybe they wore off?"

"Ughhh that idiot." Weiss groused and Gui heard something that sounded like a slap and he was willing to bet it was Weiss facepalming. Looked like Jaune was able to keep the water down and now they were both smiling, that was a good sign. It seemed like the Plan was coming along nicely. Happy Jaune and nieces and nephews for Gui to spoil, it would be perfect.

"I mean you have to admit it's kind of adorable in an innocent, dorky way though." Cut in the sardonic voice of Blake. "Also why exactly are we out here? This feels kinda stalkerish..."

"Gotta support the bros."

"I'm ensuring that our friends' first date goes smoothly. After all, I bought Nora those outfits."

"I simply go where you go ma'am."

"I had nothing better to do and Gui and Sun made me come with."

"I need to make sure this date goes smoothly. I'll be having that boy happy and I'll be having my nieces and nephews." Finished Gui as he felt the airship land. "Come on, keep track of them."

"Wait Gui, what was that about nieces and nephews?" Called Blake nervously from behind him.

"No time for that! Let's move out."


"Look Gui all I'm saying is they're a little bit young to be thinking of or pushing for things like that." Blake brought up the previous conversation as Weiss used her chopsticks to lift her next bite to her mouth. Really this place was a goldmine. The service was exquisite and while the menu was possibly a bit much, (high end steak and lobster for lo mein really?), the food was oh so very delicious.

"I'm a digimon, remember? I have plenty of time." Gui responded as he lifted a steamed pork bun to his mouth. "I don't age like you guys do. We kinda live forever as long as we don't take enough damage to force us to reformat. The only way old age gets us is if we choose to intentionally reformat."

"Wait, digimon are immortal?" Weiss asked in surprise as she set down her chopsticks turning towards the red dinosaur. To her surprise though the one who answered her question was Gao as Gui happily chewed on his food.

"To a certain extent yes madam, it might be better though to say that we are ageless." Explained the blue canine as he made a so-so gesture with his boxing glove clad paw. "As master Gui has stated sufficient damage or a conscious choice can cause us to reformat and reformatting is…. Well it has some cursory similarities to the concept of reincarnation in your world."

"How so?" Ren asked, the curiosity clear on his face as Weiss watched him lean into the conversation.

"Oh! Sham actually explained it to me once," jumped in Sun as he swallowed a bite. "So when a digimon reformats what they come back as is kinda random. It could be them exactly the same, it could be someone completely new with nothing at all in common, it could be their mind in a completely new body, and it could be a completely new person inside a body just like theirs. It's a complete crapshoot."

"Indeed Master Wukong," continued Gao, ignoring the response of 'just call me Sun, dude' from the monkey faunus. "There is a definite element of randomness to it. As such death is… different for digimon. I can understand Master Gui's desire to make sure both that his companion is happy and possibly see about companions in the future. Connections are important after all. He's simply being a bit more proactive about it than I'd recommend."

"So you'll outlive all of us?" Weiss heard herself ask as she looked to her digital friends both new and old. Gui simply nodded woodenly as he continued to slowly chew on his food.

The somber mood that had overtaken the table managed to drag on just long enough to be uncomfortable when Blake made a simple observation. "Guys where are Jaune and Nora?"

Weiss picked her head up and leaned back in her chair to catch a glimpse of their friends' table and as Blake observed they were nowhere to be seen. Quickly Weiss grabbed the attention of the waitress as she walked by, truly the service here was impeccable. There was always someone right nearby.

"What can I do for you Ms. Schnee?" Asked the waitress, a twenty-something year old woman with blonde hair and brown eyes.

"I'm sorry to bother, but do you know what happened to the couple at the table over by the window? They were both dressed in flannel?" Weiss asked politely as she looked to the slightly older woman.

"Did anything happen ma'am? Were they causing problems? I can have them banned from the premises if you like?" The waitress finished to Weiss' mounting horror.

"Wh-? No!" Spluttered Weiss angrily as she felt her face flush with her temper. "They're our friends and they're on their first date! I just wanted to make sure their dinner was going ok and if they had left!"

As the waitress' face became downcast and her demeanor grew nervous, Weiss felt her stomach plummet. "What happened?"

"I… uhhh… let me go check and see if I can find out who was supposed to be waiting on their table and I'll get back to you." The nervous woman stammered before rushing off.

"So we're following her to eavesdrop and find out what actually happened right?" Sun asked the group nonchalantly as Weiss began to fume.

"Yep." Answered the heiress simply.

A quick walk by the doors to the kitchen had the group listening in on a damning conversation.

"Shit! How was I supposed to know they were her friends!?" Came the voice of their waitress in a whisper shout.

"Well if you had done your job and waited both tables properly there wouldn't be an issue now would there?"

"Oh screw you Terry." The voice of their waitress snarled. "One table has two kids dressed in denim and flannel. The other had Weiss-Friggin-Schnee and her large group of friends. That's a tip and table of a lifetime. I figured the couple were just planning to dine and dash anyway. I got them their water and then I was gonna starve them out." Weiss felt her stomach drop to somewhere in the vicinity of her knees at the admission. They had ruined Jaune and Nora's dinner. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…...

"Which you accomplished wonderfully." 'Terry' responded sarcastically, cutting off Weiss' train of thought. "What are you gonna do now?"

"Make some shit up on the fly I guess." Relented the waitress. "Gonna see if I can come up with a lie before I get back to the table." What she was actually met with was a group of unimpressed huntsmen and huntresses staring her down the moment she opened the door.

"I'll be taking the check now please." Weiss said with the cold finality of a blizzard.


She should've known better than to join in this madness. She could've had a quiet evening in the dorm reading with her new friend who-was-definitely-not-a-dog-she-just-had-to-remember-that. She could've done some proper research and preparation for hunting the White Fang in Vale as well as her new duties with the DHI. She could've been doing anything other than this.

How one date could go so wrong Blake would never know because this was ridiculous. The medicine being taken too early and Jaune throwing up on the airship made a certain amount of sense and was very in character for Jaune. Heck it was even adorable in a weird, dorky way.

The restaurant had been more than a little bit messed up and Blake couldn't help the twinge of guilt as she remembered her part in that going wrong. The waitress had been mortified at being found out and Blake couldn't help feeling a surge of sympathy at being faced with the wrath of an angry Schnee. But that just reinforced Blake's whole point considering they probably could've avoided the trouble by just not showing up and tailing Jaune and Nora on their date.

But this? This newest problem? This had to be a middle finger from some kind of deity. Blake groaned and did her best to shake off the sense of vertigo as she led another group through the iridescent mist. Seriously a rift randomly opening up around the theater right as their movie was about to start? The universe either had a sense of humor or it hated Jaune or Nora. At least the most recent group was the last of the movie goers that she and Gao had been able to find.

"What were you doing out here anyway Blake?" She heard Jaune ask from her left, curiosity clear in his voice, and Blake just hoped the suspicion she also heard was just in her imagination.

"I've been trying to hang out and bond with Gao more." Blake answered and it wasn't completely untrue. "My issues with dogs haven't been very fair to him, so I'm hoping spending more time together will help me get better at being around him."

"Well that's really cool of you Blake! I'm happy to hear it." Jaune smiled back genuinely and Blake smothered the guilt of her small lie with the ease of practice. "Anyway you guys have fun. Me and Nora are still in the middle of a thing and I'd kinda like to get back to it. Maybe I'll figure out a way to salvage this absolute disaster." The last part had been muttered quietly but the cat faunus' sensitive hearing had been able to pick it up anyway.

"You know Jaune," Blake began neutrally. "Nora agreed to go out with you after having been friends with you for months. I'm pretty sure she's plenty happy just doing stuff together with you. Maybe you should just go and do your regular thing together?" The black cat faunus finished as she did her best to offer her friend some support.

"Yeah… that might be the best idea honestly." Jaune nodded quietly. "Thanks Blake, you and Gao have a good night ok?"

"You too Jaune." And with that the two went their separate ways as Jaune tried to salvage his date and Blake began the work of wrangling her nosey friends back to the campus.


Nora groaned happily as she bit into the juicy burger. She was starving! Hard to believe how rude those people at the restaurant were. Over an hour of waiting and no service. They weren't even that busy!

"I'm sorry…" Her boyfriend quietly said as he stared at his burger.

Well that wouldn't do. "Jaune for what? I'm having a great time!"

"But everything went wrong?"

"So? None of it was your fault. Sometimes stuff just happens. I'm just glad I still got to spend the day with you." Nora encouraged as she nudged her knight with a playful elbow.

"I mean I did kinda toss cookies on the airship," and despite what he was saying Nora felt her smile pull a bit more wide and become more genuine as his tone switched from dour to sardonic.

"Ehhh I knew what I was getting into when we started dating." Nora reassured him with a wink and a giggle before continuing. "Plus, ya know, burgers and fries on the pier as we look at the ocean kinda makes up for it I think."

"Well I aim to please," the blonde knight said in a sarcastic tone as he waggled his eyebrows and Nora couldn't help laughing.

"Look at it this way, it'll be an awesome story later." Nora reasoned after her giggle fit calmed down. "Plus the next date will have to go better by default at this rate."

"I'm getting a second date?" Jaune asked, surprise clear in his tone.

"Of course you are dork," Nora said as she leaned into the taller boy's side and wrapped an arm around his middle. "We could've done the same thing as always or had the date go even worse and you'd still get a second date. I wanted to go out with you, not a restaurant or a movie theater and I got plenty of alone time with you today." Really he could be so silly sometimes. That's what she was here for though.

"You really are awesome, you know that?" She heard Jaune say from above her with naked honesty and Nora allowed herself to preen at the praise.

"I know Jaune-Jaune." She said as she looked up at him and reflexively gulped. Their faces were REALLY close together weren't they? Oh and his was getting closer to hers. Or was hers getting closer to his? All Nora knew was their faces were getting really close to each other and she let her eyes close as her lips pursed.

The moment was then immediately ruined by an alert from their scrolls. Another rift in the same night!?

Nora wanted to rage at the injustice! The moment was perfect! It was gonna be their first kiss! Why couldn't they wait- Nora's train of thought came to a screeching halt as something soft and warm pressed against her lips and she reciprocated the kiss immediately as she felt herself melt bonelessly into the embrace.

"Ready to go save the day?" Jaune asked playfully as he broke the kiss and stared down at Nora.

"Shit I'm ready to go save the year!" Nora cheered as she stood up and offered a hand to her boyfriend. "Let's get moving flashlight!"

"I'll be right behind you spark plug." Jaune laughed and Nora grinned her customary manic smile. If this was what their relationship was gonna be like Nora was perfectly fine with it as she ran in the direction of the address on her scroll and began to dial her rocket locker. Maybe if they finished things up fast enough they could get back to the good part!


Hey y'all sorry it's a day late! Had to take a trip to the optometrist yesterday because my glasses pretty much got ruined and I've been half blind with blurry as heck vision for the past week which has made writing and editing difficult, that and the ten days straight on shift at work lol. Hopefully my new pair will be in by next friday and I do have like at least half of next Friday's chapter finished so I'm gonna see if I can push through and get it done. I just feel bad what little buffer I had from Christmas is already gone as life got weird and I haven't been able to crank out chapters like I used to. Anyway I hope y'all enjoyed a fluffy little chapter about our favorite couple's first date. Take care everyone! And don't forget to love each other!