Two hours of sleep later, and I'm BACK! I have realized by this point practically nothing I'm putting down is canon, so I will try and make little footnotes of when characters have been there and how long and ALL of those little shenanigans. I have a lot of angst, fluff, and story lined up for this. Enjoy!

The Night At The Bar

Meredith and Izzie arrived at Joe's first, as they had planned.

They grabbed a table in the back, away from most peering eyes.

Their relationship wasn't a huge secret, more of a unknown thing.

Most people didn't know, and they just weren't entirely ready to go full blow public like Mark and Derek.

After about ten minutes and a drink later, they saw George walk into the bar.

"George!" Izzie calls him over.

"Hey," He waves.

"Where is your date?" Meredith questions.

"They will be here soon," George replies.

Meredith's phone then dings, she sees a text from Christina.

Christina: Sorry can't come caught up at work.

Meredith looked down at her phone and sighed.

Izzie's hand went instinctively to Meredith's back, "What's wrong?"

"Christina can't make it, she's caught up at the hospital."

"I just came from there, Christina was gone," said George.

Meredith, Izzie, and George looked at each other and started to laugh, like they did when they were interns, roommates. After a night of drinking. That laugh.

Meredith: Christina you don't have to lie, I know you are with your mysterious lover.

Christina: Yeah, I just don't feel comfortable talking about it in front of everyone. How about later?

Meredith: Sure! Bye!

Christina: Bye.

Meredith looks at her friends, as they keep laughing, speculating who Christina could be with.

George got a ding on his phone, "Oh, I'll be right back," he said as he walked out the door.

"He didn't take his jacket so he must be coming back right?" Izzie inquired.

"Yep," Meredith said planting a reassuring kiss on her lover's lips.

They watched the door, after about a minute they saw George walk in, hand intertwined with the hands of-


Mark had just finished up his last surgery of the day. He smiled knowing now he could hug Derek whenever he wanted, kiss him, or even smile lovingly his way and not be bombarded with questions.

The rumors were spreading fast, yet it didn't even faze him. He walked into the attendings lounge where he found Derek waiting for him.

"Well hey there," Mark said in a husky voice.

Derek jumped a little in his seat, "Damn Mark you scared me."

"Did I now?"

"Yes," Derek said, "You have to kiss me to make it better," he said as he pulled him into a kiss.

Mid-way through the kiss they heard a cough.

"I was just coming to get my wallet," Callie said.

Derek, pulled away, but Mark kept a hand on his waist.

"I'll just be grabbing it then," Callie laughed.

Derek blushed harder and Mark snickered, at his best friend and boyfriend.

Mark leaned back in and kissed Derek, "Let's head home."


Meredith looked at Izzie as they saw who George had brought into the bar and smirked, "We are idiots."

"Yes we are," Izzie agreed, "Gone at the same time. Off work around the same time-"

"Ok, we get it," George responed.

"Yeah, and come on. With that face how could you not fall for O'Malley," Alex said with a smirk.

George blushed, making Meredith and Izzie laugh.

"How did this happen. We went into intern year straight, innocent-" Izzie started.

"I wouldn't say innocent Bethany Whisper."

"Alex!" George said as he hit his boyfriend.

"It is fine, everyone has seen me naked at this table no big deal," Izzie replied.

Meredith sighed, "I guess that is what happens when your girlfriend is a whore."

It was Izzie's turn to hit Meredith.

"Ok calm down," Alex said, "Wait where is Yang?"

"She had to miss it." Meredith replied.

"With her lover again I suppose," George said.

"Yep," Izzie rolled her eyes.

"Cut her some slack, all her friends are gay, she might just want a little heterosexual space," Meredith defended.

Little did Meredith Grey know what she was doing was far from straight.


Christina Yang made it home, it was late, and she just wanted to crawl into bed.

With her lovers. Her two perfect amazing lovers.

Teddy Altman and Owen Hunt.

Six months ago Teddy had made an appearance, a gift from Owen to Christina.

Little did he know of the gift he had given her.

Six months ago Christina Yang told Owne how she felt a week after Teddy came to town.

Five months ago they approached Teddy with the idea of being together, all of them.

Five months ago she agreed.

Four months ago Teddy moved into the firehouse.

And that is how they were here. Happy.

Christina woke up every morning to the two most important people in her life, next to her.

They had to keep it hidden, not that they thought people would judge, just for the sake of the rumor mill.

But after seeing Mark and Derek earlier, Christina felt like she needed to tell someone.

"Hey, Christina. You're home!" Owen called.

Teddy and Owen turned to look at her smiling.

"Hey Christina," Teddy said.

Christina greeted both of them with a kiss on the lips.

"So, I was wondering," Christina started.

"Yes?" Teddy asked.

Owen nodded questioningly.

"If I could tell Meredith," Christina blurted out.

Teddy and Owen looked at her, shocked but not surprised.

"Well, I don't mind, but should we all talk to her, it is OUR relationship after all," Owen said.

"I agree with him, but only if you are comfortable," Teddy said.

Christina sighed, but she agreed. They needed to talk to Meredith, just not her alone.


The next day

Christina: Hey Mer, can I come over today, I want you to meet someone.

Meredith: Sure, Izzie is going to be here, and George and Alex is that ok?

Christina: Uhh, sure. Why are George and Alex there?

Meredith: They'll tell you. Cant wait to meet this special someone.

Christina: You'll love them.

Christina drove her way over to Meredith, Owen upfront, and Teddy in the back.

"I'm terrified," Christina admitted.

"So am I,"Teddy said.

"So we are all scared for life?" Owen said.

The three then broke out laughing as they pulled into Meredith's driveway.

"Ok, ready?" Owen asked.

Teddy and Christina nodded as they headed to the door.

*knock knock*

Meredith walked to the door, as she opened it she felt a quick peck on the head as Izzie walked up behind her.

"Hey Christina!" Meredith said.

"Hey," Christina said timidly.

Teddy and Owen waved from behind Christina.

Meredith waved them inside.

As Christina was walking in she saw George kiss Alex in the kitchen and snickered to herself.

"Meredith, can we go talk?" Christina asked.

"Yeah, follow me." Meredith said as she waved Christina upstairs.

When Owen and Teddy were hesitant to follow Meredith waved them along.

Meredith sat Christina down and listened, she listened to every detail.

And at the end she nodded and said,"Well I'm glad your happy," and hugged Christina.

Christina started to get emotional, and Meredith left to let her be comforted by her people.


The end of chapter 7, I'm thinking of wrapping this up really soon, I have a few Slexie stories/ AUs I want to write. I hoped you liked what I did. I got inspired by a Ao3 rabbit hole, also, I have an Ao3 account now! Same name, nothing is posted yet, maybe soon though. Tell me your thoughts, and I hope you enjoyed!

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