Finn and Phoebe.

Swap AU


Hello I'm doing an alternate universe story where Finn and Phoebe swap lives.

Don't own adventure time or any of the characters. Except the AU.

In prismo Time room. Prismo was doing some time stuff until an alternative timeline appeared."huh, what is that?"prismo usually take care of alternative timeline, but he decided to observe this timeline instead if erasing it.

Prismo tap onto this alternative universe and was shocked to find out it was like ooo."hmmm, this universe made be interesting to watch"prismo said as he look around for Finn, but was shock as he see him as the flame prince of the fire kingdom.

"That shouldn't be right"prismo scan around for phoebe, but was shocked to see her as a human in this universe but as it hero in this ooo" huh, this universe should be interesting to see"prismo said as he countine to watch what happened.

So what do you think of this story?

I look through different stories and never found a swap story, so I decided to write my own.

Fav and follow and comment on it, and PM on who should I start on?

Finn or Phoebe?


And Peace.