Long live the King

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The Fire Kingdom was in celebration as they celebrated for their new Flame King.

Countless citizens came to the Fire Palace to see their new young King. Noble of the Fire Kingdom came as they heard he could cast blue flame and was a Prince from another world.

Meanwhile with F Finn. F Finn was in his new room, he was putting on his new Royal clothes as it had armored pieces on it, almost similar to his mother's armor pieces but they were more dense.

F Finn took a deep breath and looked into the mirror and thought to himself.

'I can't believe that I'm seeing myself becoming a King like this and at this age' F Finn mentality thought and sighs to himself.

'Yesterday, I was Prince of Fire Kingdom in my world, but right now, I was on a date with Phoebe and all of a sudden a portal showed up and I went through it and met myself and another Phoebe. But the other Phoebe was a Flame Princess and the other me was Human and helped them to defend the Flame King and Don Jon and now I'm King of this Fire Kingdom. That's pretty much it' F Finn finished a long sentence in his head.

Then his train of thoughts was interrupted by a knock on the door. "It's open!" F Finn yelled out as the door opened and entering the room was F Phoebe wearing her flame dress and she looked a bit nervous. "Oh, hi Flame Princess, you look… beautiful" F Finn said making F Phoebe blushed at his words.

"T-thank you. You quite handsome yourself, King Finn" F Phoebe said making F Finn chuckled a bit at F Phoebe's comments and smiled.

F Finn stopped chuckling and looked at F Phoebe, "I'm not King yet. So… Flame Princess-" F Finn was then interrupted a bit.

"You can call me Phoebe you know" F Phoebe told F Finn as she looked down at the floor.

"Oh okay sure, Phoebe, I wasn't sure I had the right to call by your name." Finn said to F Phoebe. "Anyways as I was saying. you're not mad that I'm taking the position as the ruler of the Fire Kingdom?" F Finn asked as he wanted to be on good terms with her.

F Phoebe thought about it, even though she needed help to retake her Kingdom, but was surprised when he was announced as King of the Fire Kingdom. she shook her head as she wasn't mad at the slightest which surprised him.

"R-really?" F Finn said in shock.

"Yeah, I was surprised when you were selected to be King, but I wasn't mad in the slightest. Seeing how powerful you and your mom were. You and your mom were so amazing." F Phoebe praised F Finn's amazing strength.

F Finn gave a nervous laughter with a hint of blush on his cheek.

Both stood there in awkward silence until… "Ahem!" The two Flame royalty heard someone and turned their attention toward it and saw it was F Finn's mom leaning against the door Frame.

"M-mom! H-how long you were standing there?" F Finn asked.

Minerva just smug, "Long enough see you flirting with Phoebe here" Minerva said with a teasing tone. This made the two blushed madly and into embarrassment.

"I-it wasn't like that!" F Finn defended himself from his mom's comment.

"Y-yeah! We were just complaining to each other" F Phoebe told F Finn's mother.

Minerva just giggles at their reaction, "Don't worry, I won't tell Phoebe on you, but you do own her another date" Minerva said as she was talking about H Phoebe as their date was cut short.

"Yeah, becoming the Flame King and defeating the previous Flame King really really ruined the moment between us" F Finn said with a disappointing tone.

Minerva walked over to F Finn and pulled him into a hug and rubbed the back of his head.

"Don't worry about it, you're gonna do great as the Flame King. Just make sure that you'll make the right choice" Minerva reassures him.

F Finn smiled and hugged her back.

F Phoebe see F Finn and his mother hugging. F Phoebe finger locked her fingers as this was a family moment. She smiled sadly as she had never experienced meeting her mother.

Minerva was still hugging her son until she noticed the sad expression on F Phoebe. Minerva reached over to F Phoebe and pulled into a hug.

F Phoebe was shocked as she was being hugged by F Finn's mom. The hug of a mother… It felt nice. F Phoebe Gladly hugged back.

They stopped hugging, then someone else walked in the room. F Finn looked to see Marie standing by the door with a smile expression.

"My King, the citizens of the Fire Kingdom, awaits for you in the Throne room" Marie said, standing to escort the new Flame King to the throne room.

F Finn nodded and took a deep breath, he looked at F Phoebe and his mother, "see you at the throne room" F Finn said, walking out of the room.

F Phoebe was gonna follow, but then Minerva, "Phoebe, could you kindly stay. I would like to discuss something with you, if you wouldn't mind?" Minerva asked.

"Oh sure" F Phoebe said to Minerva. "What would you like to discuss?" F Phoebe asked.

Minerva sat down on a couch and spoke.

"I've noticed you've been staring at my son a lot lately," Minerva said as she was giving off a teasing grin.

F Phoebe blushed as she thought nobody wouldn't notice.

"W-w-well… I always wondered what Finn looked like as a Flame elemental," F Phoebe told Minerva. "And seeing him now is rather… quite handsome" F Phoebe whispered the last part as Minerva was able to pick-up.

"He is quite handsome and other ladies might agree with you," Minerva added, making F Phoebe blushed madly as Minerva was not making it better.

F Phoebe didn't say anything as she covered her face. Minerva just chuckled as she patted her shoulder.

"Hehe, Sorry, I love to tease when I get the chance." Minerva told F Phoebe, "but be honest, aren't you interested in my son?" Minerva asked with a serious expression.

F Phoebe just looked down at the floor as she didn't know how to respond to this. Of course F Finn was mature and attractive, but she was still dealing with the break up with her Finn, but seeing how F Finn was and how he defeated her father and how powerful his mom is.

F Phoebe cleared her throat and looked at Minerva.

"M-maybe… Well he did just save the Fire Kingdom and Challenge my father for that, but I'm just dealing with my break up with my Finn and I don't want to rush into it right now" F Phoebe told Minerva.

Minerva understood her decision, but she was awfully curious about the break up with the other Finn.

"I understand and respect your decision, but tell me about this break up you mentioned?" Minerva asked as she wanted to know and talked about it.

F Phoebe sighs as she begins to tell her story about her imprisonment and telling her that she has been in that lamp for fourteen years all because of Princess Bubblegum. Minerva gasped in shock. Why would this world Bonnie imprisoned this nice girl?

Then F Phoebe continued her story on how she met H Finn and began hanging out and dating. Things were working out well as she explained how H Finn broke into the Fire Kingdom to get her candles and took her on a dungeon crawl and made a skeleton monster do the split.

Then things get to the reason for the break up. F Phoebe told how H Finn tricked her into fighting the Ice King and melting the Ice Kingdom. F Phoebe felt betrayed that day and after that, she took the throne from her father and began to rule her Kingdom.

Minerva felt like she needed to talk to H Finn about this and how to treat a woman right and other stuff.

Minerva was gonna speak more until she realized that her son's coronation was gonna start soon.

"Shoot! We'll continue our conversation later. Don't wanna be late for my son's coronation" Minerva said, getting up from the couch and walking out of the room.

F Phoebe then followed Minerva to the throne room. F Phoebe continued to follow, but then her eyes looked outside and a mass of crowd outside of the palace, waiting to see their new Flame King.

Minerva and F Phoebe enter the throne room and see a lot of citizens and Nobles as they wait for the coronation to start. F Phoebe sees H Finn talking to her Human counterpart and Cinnamon bun. F Phoebe looked around and spotted her brother flint with a scowl expression on his face and she could tell that he was mumbling.

F Phoebe walked up to him to see why he was behaving like this?

"Hey, Flint." Flint still with the scowl expression. "Seems like you're not enjoying this special day" F Phoebe said as it was kinda obvious that he was not enjoying this at all.

Flint just scoffed, "there nothing special about this." He looked over to Minerva and F Finn, "they had no right to take the throne that was only meant for our bloodline" Flint said angrily as he loathed these false Royalty.

"I know you're upset about these new changes, but we just have to accept it" F Phoebe told her brother.

But this made him furious when his sister said that.

"Accept it!?" He exclaimed" the throne was supposed to be our birthright! Not theirs. And why are you so calm about this?" Flint asked his sister.

F Phoebe just angrily looked at her brother and her fiery hair lit a bit.

"Because Flint. Prince Finn has more experience on how to rule a Kingdom and he already bested father in a one on one duel battle" F Phoebe exclaimed as she explained it to him.

"He and his mother both possess powerful flames that we could never have comprehended in our lifetime" F Phoebe told and walked off, as she had enough of her brother's obsession and him acting like a child.

Meanwhile with the new Flame King, F Finn was sorta enjoying himself, but he was rather uncomfortable. He was getting a lot of eyes on him as the Flame elemental women were giving him seductive wink as the men were giving him glare and most of them were married as their wife were giving him attention.

F Finn didn't know if the guys were gonna attack him or the women were gonna seduce him. He didn't know which was worse.

F Finn looks around and sees H Phoebe and F Phoebe with each other, but looks around and sees his human counter outside at the balcony talking with my mother, but it seems that she was giving H Finn a lecture. But F Finn couldn't tell what she was saying to him, but he could see that his counterpart was trembling with fear.

F Finn continues to see what this Fire Kingdom had and doesn't have. The coronation would be awhile and he had time to explore his new Fire palaces.

F Finn snuck away without being noticed by anybody. F Finn explored his new surroundings as it was sort of like his Fire Kingdom, but the paintings were different, but they were interesting to look at.

F Finn wandered through the palaces as he was near his new royal quarters or the former Flame king's quarters. F Finn opened the door to enter the room, it had a big desk and a King size bed. It looks pretty normal until he looks over to a single bookshelf, he sees the other bookshelf by the desk, but this was away from the others.

F Finn walked over to the shelf to examine it, he saw a different title but spotted a book with no titles, he pulled the book and a click could be heard, F Finn then pushed the bookshelf and revealed a secret staircase.

"Huh? Where does this lead to?" F Finn asked himself, as he was gonna walk down the secret staircase, until he heard the bell as his coronation was gonna start soon. F Finn groaned in annoyances as he was gonna check this out until the coronation was over.

F Finn closed the bookshelf and walked out of his quarters and headed towards the throne room.

F Finn was near the throne room, he saw Marie walking up to him. Marie gave a slight bow.

"Finn, it's time," Marie told F Finn.

F Finn nodded and smiled, "thank Marie, you may lead the way" F Finn said as she nodded and led him back to the throne room.

Every citizen in the throne room was waiting for the new Flame king. Minerva was by the throne as she saw her son walking toward the throne. Everyone was silent as they saw their new King walkin up to the throne to take his place as the new Flame King of the Fire Kingdom.

F Finn sees his new Friends and family waiting on him as this was a big day for him. This was gonna be his first step as Flame King.

F Finn stood in front of his mother as she held the crown and he kneel in front of her. Minerva smiled as she was proud of her son, and she spoke up.

"Finn Campbell, my son, first-born. you have achieved the role as King, a Leader and a warrior. You free the citizens of the Fire Kingdom from a tyrant, and you've gained the trust of its people by defeating the Flame King in a duel." Everyone nodded in agreement as they witnessed the power of F Finn and Minerva.

"Now Finn, do you swear to hold the responsibility as the Flame King? (F Finn: I swear.) Do you swear to preserve the peace across all of ooo? (F Finn: I swear.) Do you swear, to cast aside all selfish ambition, and to pledge yourself only to the good of ooo? (F Finn: I swear!) F Finn exclaimed loudly as everyone in the throne room heard it.

Minerva smiled proudly and took a step as she placed the crown over his head and he stood up and faced the crowd and Minerva spoke up.

"I announced to you Finn, King Finn. Long live the King!" Minerva exclaimed loudly as the crowd exclaimed together.

F Finn smiled proudly as he was now taking his first step as Flame King. F Finn clenched his fist softly as things were gonna be different for him and others.

The crowd cheers aloud for their new Flame King and the scene shows the Fire Palace as it pan out and the screen darkened and faded.

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