Screen Title: #LockedInAtTheMall

Sam, Cat, and Dice are at the mall with Jade and Tori not realizing it's about to close

Cat: Thanks for inviting us to the mall.

Tori: No problem Cat.

Dice: It feels weird that I'm at the mall with 4 girls.

Sam: You hang out with us everyday.

Jade: Not being mean, but don't you have any friends your own age?

Dice: Yeah but they couldn't hang so I hang with Sam & Cat.

Sam: Reminds me of my friend Spencer.

Cat: Why?

Sam: Since he always took care of Carly, he never hung out with people his own age. We tried to get him friends his own age for his birthday, but it didn't turn out well.

Tori: I got to go to the bathroom.

Jade: Me too.

Dice: Now I have to pee.

Cat: So do I.

Sam: Same.

They all go to a bathroom and as they walk back out, the lights go off

Announcer: The mall is now closed and will open up again tomorrow at 9AM.

Cat: What?

Jade: No! We are not locked in.

Sam: The doors are locked.

Dice: Crap.

Tori: Not again.

Sam: Again?

Cat: Back in 2012, we went to this store called Wanko's Warehouse for a sale.

Tori: But we got trapped all night.

Jade: And Cat went through laser beams and we all ran.

Dice: That really happened?

Cat: Yeah. See for yourself through this flashback.


Jade: Someone just get me a sandwitch!

Cat: Kay Kay.

Everyone: Cat NO!

Cat goes through it and sets off the alarm

Cat: I'm sorry.

Trina: Oh, my god, the alarm!

André: Man, the cops will be here in five minutes!

Tori: We got to make a run to the car.

Beck: No, they've got security cameras in the parking lot.

Trina: They'll get us on camera. They'll find us and arrest us.

Tori: Bins! Everyone cover your heads with bins!

André: Yes!

Trina: Good plan, Jade.

Beck: Perfect.

Tori: Give me one.

Trina: Oh, I want the orange one.

André: I don't care.

They grab the bins

André: Everybody, go, go, go!

They run past the Twiplet Twins

André and Beck head bump them and Robbie goes under Tori's bin

Robbie: I like where this is going.

Tori: I do not.

They run out of the store and in to the car and drives off as Sinjin looks

Sinjin: Crazy bin heads.

End of Flashback

Sam: Dang.

Jade: Because of that, we've all been banned from that store.

Dice: That sucks.

Cat: We got to keep the bins.

Tori: Theoretically, we stole them so they didn't find our faces.

Sam: Why didn't you tell me this?

Cat: I didn't think you would want to know.

Jade: Well we better find a place to sleep for the night.

Dice: Never thought I would sleep in a mall before.

Sam: Me either.

Cat: Sleepover.

Tori: What will we do about food?

Jade: There's a food court other there.

Jade points to a food court

Dice: But wouldn't that be stealing?

Sam: Better safe than sorry.

Cat: I am getting hungry.

Tori: Let's go grab some food.

They go to the food court and they grab some chips, dip, and drinks

Dice: Now what?

Jade: We go to a hiding spot.

They find a hiding spot which is the bathroom

Cat: We're hiding in the bathroom?

Tori: Yes.

Sam: Oh, I get it. We hide in here overnight so that way when they open up tomorrow, we look like we haven't spend the night here.

Jade: Exactly.

Dice: That's a very good idea.

Cat: Why didn't we do that when we got trapped at Wanko's?

Jade: We didn't thought of it back then.

Tori: We were worried back then.

Sam: Well let's hope we don't get caught.

Dice: Of course we got to hide the bag of chips, the dip and drinks after we finish them.

Jade: No kidding.

Tori: Hey he's just a kid.

Cat: He's too young to go to jail.

Dice: I'm 14.

Sam: That's still young.

5 hours later

Dice: I'm so bored.

Cat: What time is it?

Jade: 3 in the morning.

Tori: Which means we got 6 more hours to go.

Sam: How is it that none of us are tired yet?

Dice: Good question.

Cat: I got to pee again.

Cat goes to a stall and pees

Jade: Feel better?

Cat: Yes.

Tori: Are we going to hide in the stall doors when we go to sleep?

Sam: It's the only place to where we can't get caught.

Cat: My brother sleeps in bathrooms all the time.

Dice: Why?

Cat: He's messed up.

Another hour passes and they all decide to go to sleep

Sam: Well goodnight you guys.

Everyone: Goodnight.

Jade: Alarm set for 9 AM.

Tori: That way we can get out.

Cat: We should buy something so it doesn't seem suspicious.

Dice: She's right.

Sam: We will.

They all go to sleep

The next morning, Jade's alarm beeps and they wake up

Tori: That was a rough night.

Sam: Now let's get out of here.

They quickly walk out so they don't get noticed

Cat: Now let's buy something so we don't get in trouble.

Dice: Let's buy some gum.

Sam: I need gum.

They buy the gum and they walk out of the store and into Jade's car

Jade: That was a close one.

Tori: We did it.

Sam: We didn't get in trouble.

Dice: I'm going back to bed when we get back.

Cat: Me too.

Tori: Can I get a weird but nice sleepover on 3? 1, 2, 3.

Sam, Cat, Dice, Tori, and Jade: Weird but nice sleepover.

Note: This story is very similar to the Victorious episode Wanko's Warehouse

Note #2: The events of Wanko's Warehouse are mentioned and flashbacks are shown

Note #3: Cat breaks the 4th wall by mentioning the flashback

Note #4: Carly and Spencer Shay from iCarly are mentioned

Note #5: Sam mentions the events of the iCarly episode iFind Spencer Friends

Note #6: With the exception of the final scene where they are in Jade's car heading for home, this can be considered a bottle episode

Note #7: Besides the flashback, Jade and Tori are the only Victorious characters (excluding Cat) to appear