Susan to Lucy, or

BrokenKestral to Scarlett Cash

Dear Lucy,

I assume you've written Peter as well? What did he say? A part of me wonders if he and Edmund got into a discussion about how much names mean—if He has a different one here—but I'm sure they were too sensible for that. It just seems like a discussion a student and philosopher would have. I wonder what the Professor would say?

I've asked our parents if, for my birthday, I could call you all. They said yes, and I arranged it so I could call the Professor when you're down there! I have loved living in America this year, it's beginning to become like home, but at this moment, I want to be with you all more than anything.

All six of you in one place; I'm not sure how a collect call will work, if I can only speak to one of you at once, at least I'll get to hear you in part! All of you-Eustace too.

The change in Eustace won't be easy for him to live with here. Do watch out for him? Edmund had to suffer through it too, but he had us. Remember how all the neighbour kids still flinched from him for months afterwards? And when, after the incident with the dog, the car, and the suffering soldier, they realised he had changed, they found it very difficult to forgive him. A hard thing, because he is too Just to complain about it, instead labelling it his just desserts. I do not think Eustace will have the same fortitude. And even if he did, he doesn't have a brother to guard his back and sisters to run interference. Remember all the times we made it easier for him? Eustace won't have that. I wish I could be there! Make it easier for him while you can. Show him he does have people who trust him in this world, even if Reepicheep is not here. You often had gift for friendship, so I know you'll be able to draw him out. He does have friends—family, even. Aslan made us kin long before He made us family.

To know Aslan in this world—I do not think I will be the one to find Him, Lucy. I was the last to see Him during the gorge.

I will end my letter here, and will probably have spoken to you before it reaches you, but the longing in my heart tonight would not let me rest, and this is as close as I can get to your company. All my love,


P.S. I am sure a lion on the loose in America would raise quite the fuss! I can't imagine my friends' reactions to him.