Lucifer Morningstar, stood on his balcony in his penthouse above his club, looking out over the city of Los Angeles.

Lucifer sighed in resignation of what it was he needed to do, he swore he would not go back, but it would seem fate had other plans, after eight years of him being on Earth, he was forced to return to Hell to rule over the Demon's that resided there.

Lucifer just sort of accepted the reality of the situation. it was after all to protect the ones he cared about. He was just about to leave when he heard the ding of his elevator, He mentally cursed in frustration, turning his head slightly he saw who it was that entered. "Of course it has to be her."

"So, Charlie is back with Linda and Amenadiel." Came the voice of Police Detective Chloe Decker, the woman he loved, but did not love him it would seem. At least from what he had managed to gather. But still the Detective was one of his sole reasons for not wanting to return to his post as King Of Hell. "Why does she have to be here though, she's just going to make what I have to do more harder then what it needs to be."

"So…you know, it's over." She continued as if she hadn't just interrupted his thoughts

"Isn't it? Is it over?" she asked again rather tentatively, fearing what the answer could be. "Not by a long shot Detective." Lucifer thought bitterly

"I'd say yes, detective, but I'd be lying. And...we both know I don't do that." Lucifer replied sadness in his voice as he turned fully around, to look at her and continued talking.

"Tonight we won, but we just plugged one hole in a very flimsy boat. Now the demons know, I've no intention of returning, they'll continue to defy me. It's only a matter of timebefore they come back to Earth, Who knows where next? Or maybe they'll justcome back for Charlie or... maybe you."

"I see. So what..." Chloe swallowed, "what are you saying?

Lucifer stared at her before replying. "I have to go back."

Chloe nodded as she fought the tears in her eyes, "So for how long? Like a couple...a couple of weeks or a month or..."

"You were right." Said Lucifer as he cut her off. "About the prophecy. We did get it wrong, It is about Hell coming to Earth, and we may have stopped it now,

but for how long? I need to keep them must have a king."

"No." Chloe muttered, "No, no, no, see, this is...This is what I meant, Lucifer, when I...

You can't leave me. Listen, I'm so sorry I acted when I first saw your face, I...

It was stupid and...Please. Please don't go. I...I love you. I love you. Please don't leave."

Lucifer's face took on a shocked expression, before a sort of happiness took it's place, "You see..." he whispered to Chloe, as he stepped forward, and caressed her face. "We were wrong about something else in the prophecy. My first love was never Eve. It was you, Chloe. It always has been." And for the first time, Lucifer and Chloe's lips met in a kiss, that they both wished would never end.

"Please." Chloe whispered as she cried. "Don't go." Lucifer looked pained. "Goodbye." He whispered. As his Angelic Wings sprung from his back and he caressed Chloe's cheek one last time. "Goodbye."

He said again, Chloe's eyes widened as she laid eyes on Lucifer's Angel wings for the first time, taking in the beauty before she closed her eyes. And with the sound of a gentle flapping and a small breeze that rustled her hair, Lucifer was gone.


With the exception of the thought process this chapter is pulled from the season four finale, ending scene.

So this is my first attempt at a Lucifer fanfiction, quite honestly at the day of me writing this, I literally only just got the idea in my head for a good version of a Fanfiction, and was like shot, this shit need to be written down ASAP lmao.

But quite honestly I've never attempted something like what I am doing now, so any constructive feedback from fellow Lucifer fans, who have done this before, That would be much appreciated.

As you can probably already guess, (Mainly cause I said at the start of the A/N) the first chapter follows the ending of season four, and for obvious reasons the rest of this story will not have any connections to season 5 (Cause it ain't out yet lmao). I know the first Chapter is a bit short, but they should get longer as the story progresses. Hopefully you all enjoy, it.

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