Spider-man: Origin

Chapter 1

"Hey, you must be Peter," the lady said, offering him a small smile. "You have an impressive transcript. We're glad you chose this school."

"Thank you Ma'am," Peter mumbled shyly. His aunt and uncle chuckled behind him.

"We really appreciate you guys offering the scholarship for him to attend here," Aunt May said with a genuine appreciation. "Things are kinda tight at the moment so whatever can help Peter get a good education really helps out."

"Not a worry Mrs. Parker," the lady responded with a kind smile. "We only want the brightest minds here at Midtown, and that includes Peter. Keep in mind, he has to maintain a GPA 4.0 or greater per semester in order to stay here, but I don't think that would be a problem at all."

"It won't," Uncle Ben vowed. He looked at his watch and sighed. "Again, thank you for your help but I really need to get back to work. I'll see you guys at home alright? Love you guys."

"And I should be going as well. Don't want to keep Peter from his first day," Aunt May said with a grin. Uncle Ben kissed his wife goodbye, hugged Peter and soon left the school with Aunt May behind him.

The Dean smiled at Peter. "It's lunch time right now, so why don't you head towards the Cafeteria. You can start your afternoon classes today."

"Sounds good. Thank you Ms," Peter faltered, realizing now she never got a name.

"Ms. May," she supplied the answer before shooing him out of the office. Once he was gone, she took out her phone. "The package is secured."

Peter roamed the halls, trying to get a feel for his new school. With a twist here and twist there, he somehow managed to find the cafeteria. He walked through the door, and immediately felt eyes sizing him up. It's a big deal for a new student, but huge news for a transfer student to show up once school has started. He felt uncomfortable with the stares as he joined the line.

He picked up a tray and was looking at the food when someone spoke to him.

"Whatever you do, don't eat the mac and cheese," a female voice advised him. "Trust me, it's bad."

"Err, thanks?" Peter said, deciding to forgo the ill mac and cheese and grabbed a slice of pizza and a carton of white milk.

"We've all had it," she chuckled. "So you must be the new guy. I'm Liz."

When she introduced herself, he felt a stare drilling into his head, like a 1000 knives. He gulped slightly, knowing whoever sent that wasn't playing around. "Nice to meet you Liz."

"Well, enjoy Midtown," Liz said, a little put off by his reaction. She turned around but paused when she saw him glaring at Peter and immediately understood. "Don't worry about him. He's harmless."

"Easy for you to say," Peter mumbled, knowing she knew about the stare. "You didn't have to suffer."

"Why don't I introduce you?" Liz invited him to her table. She saw him hesitate and smiled. "I understand. When you are ready, I would love it for you to meet some of my friends."

Peter watched as she walked away from him and sat beside the guy. Peter sighed and walked around, looking for an empty table. He sat down and began to eat his lunch. He still felt those daggers into his skull.

"Great Peter, been here for only 30 minutes and you already pissed someone off," he muttered quietly.

"You know, talking to yourself in public isn't a good way to start at a new school," a voice said before someone sat at his table. Peter looked up and found that he had butterflies flying around.

"Gwen Stacy," she introduced herself with a pretty smile, her blonde hair put into a ponytail. "Midtown's best student."

"Congratulations?" Peter replied, cocking an eyebrow.

"Don't you forget it," Gwen said with a wink. "I'm assuming you have a name, or should I call you mumbles?"

"Parker.. Peark... Peter," Peter finally got out sheepishly.

"Well, Peter, nice to put a name to the mumbles," Gwen teased him with a light grin. She jerked her head towards the table were Liz sat down. "I see you already got the welcome package from Liz."

"Yeah, with a dagger attached to it," Peter muttered again, casting a sideways glance at Liz's table.

"My advice, stay away from Liz," Gwen advised him. "She may look pretty but she's the most popular girl in school. Head cheerleader, dating the quarterback of the football team. I'm actually surprised she said hello to you."

"Geez thanks," Peter remarked, watching Gwen slightly blush.

"I didn't mean it like that," Gwen said, her face turning redder at that statement. "I mean, you are .. you aren't ... oh crap."

"Don't worry, I think you are ... you aren't ... either," Peter teased back, his grin widening at Gwen's red face. He noticed someone else dropping into a chair.

"Gwen, you alright?" the lad asked with a chuckle. He looked at Peter. "I think you broke her."

"Hope not," Peter replied, a twinkle in his eye. "She still has to prove she's "Midtown's best student."

The new person burst out laughing. "Something tells me this will be quite the year. I'm Harry Osborn."

Peter's eyes widen at the last name. "Osborn? As in your dad is Norman Osborn, the incredible scientist?"

Harry dropped his head. "Yeah."

"Sorry I didn't mean anything by it," Peter quickly said, seeing the shift in his attitude.

"It's all good man," Harry waved off his apologize though he was grateful he said that. "What's your schedule like?"

Peter grabbed his schedule and glanced at it. "Looks like I have gym next. Oh great."

"Yeah, good luck with that," Harry said sympathetically as the bell rang. "We should hang out sometime, once Gwen starts working again."

Gwen swatted Harry on the arm, before flashing Peter a warm smile as she left for her next class.

"How's he fitting in?" Coulson asked, standing around the console.

"From what I was told, he's doing well, though he hates gym," May said stoically. "He really does take after his mother."

"Meaning he hates gym?" Coulson inquired.

"Yeah," May said. She sighed, looking around the team. "Why are we watching him?"

"Fury asked us, though it was more of a demand," Coulson simply stated. "You are welcome to tell Fury no."

"AC, you might want to take a look at this," Skye said, getting the attention of both Phil and May. She put whatever she was looking at on the main screen. It was 2 simple files that read "Mary Parker and Richard Parker."

"I've tried to look into it further but both files are empty," Skye explained. "It's as if they were wiped clean."

"If the files were wiped, why even keep the files?" Ward pondered, scratching his chin.

"Could it be a trap?" Fitz asked.

"Possibly," Coulson said. "Whoever did it, didn't want that information to be found or public. Odds are, Peter isn't on the radar of anyone right now. Yes his parents were SHIELD agents but there is no record of them having a kid. Let's keep it like that."

A/N: Good morning Spider Man/Marvel fans. How are you people doing? Yes, here is another Spider Man Origin story but I do hope that I have shown that it will be different then the others. In this one, we will have AOS team monitoring him. This will be before Hydra was revealed and Ward proved to be Hydra (Hail Hydra). Hope you guys enjoy this story, and I do promise that chapters will be longer. When posting this, I have the following actors/actresses in mind (if you need help):

Peter Parker: Joshua Bassett

Liz Allen: Isabela Moner

Gwen Stacy: Kaitlyn Dever

Harry Osborn: Kodi Smit-McPhee

Flash: Max Charles