Everyone has a story. Some have multiple stories. Some walk the line, working sometimes for the greater good, sometimes succumbing to the darkness. Some lead virtuous lives no matter what, and some cling to the darkness so hard it tears them apart. All have stories, but not all stories have impact.

Some say that going to the past and changing one small thing can have devastating effects on the future. But those who can truly see, we know that this is only a tiny portion of the truth. Time is always flowing, and everything that we do has an impact on the future. We may see ourselves as living in the present, but in reality, we are someone's past, someone's future, and something that will never be for others. All fiction is a reality, a different universe, with multiple layers. No one reality is true, but none are false.

Some are born with the ability to understand this, and some spend a lifetime to achieve it. And even those who are born with it, achieve it, don't fully understand it. The universes are not just layers, stacked on top of one another like a cake. They are intermingling. They are not several roads traveling side by side, they converge on some point, travel on the same path at others. Hundreds of roads, converging and changing. Hundreds of layers, intermingling with one another to tell a story. Few can saw they've seen. Most mortals who see burst in flames, turn to dust, or lose their sanity for all time. Those of stronger fortitude will survive, but almost never understand. The mortal mind is too small to understand to infinite loops, infinite universes, all intermingling with each other over and over, in a cycle that never ends.

Some among the immortals are chosen to find a person, strong enough to see and live, and to continue their work in that universe, as a Guardian of Stories. Some universe have several Guardians. The immortals are always at work, guiding the stories to their completion, but never interfering. If a story is interfered with, it could have drastic consequences bringing an end to all stories. The immortals try their hardest, but it is not always possible. The stories I will tell you are collections of some of the most impactful in their universe. Each of these stories has multiple telling's, all true, yet none correct. The immortals have gathered these stories, guided them, and cultivated them, until the time was right to share them.

Who am I, you ask? And immortal? A chosen Guardian, blessed with sight? Or a simple mortal who fell into this wormhole by accident? The answer is yes. I am all of this, and yet none of it. I was the start of the cycle of stories, and I will be the end of it. I was the first to put a pen to paper, detailing the stories, and I will be the last, denoting the final word in the grand scheme of things. I have lived every life, and yet have never lived. I was the first immortal, born at the beginning, and I will be the last, watching as the universes breath their last breath. I am Karinkatoteka, the first and last. Read these stories I have watched grow and die, again and again, for billions of years.

But be warned, these stories are not for the faint of heart. These are stories of love, loss, betrayal. Wars, death, demons and battles. What goes on in the dark of the night, from the bedroom of two young lovers, to the dark pits of Tartarus. Yes, there are happy moments, moments spent curled in front of the fire with the love of your life, moments spent in riding lessons with a father. Baking cookies with a mother, spending nights on the town with friends, and just sitting in silence with a brother, appreciating each other. But life and the universe are not always kind, and they will strive to strip all happiness away from us, and sometimes, they succeed.

One final warning, if you see your story being told, or feel a stirring in your gut that you have done this before, be wary. You may have lived these stories before, in another life, in another time. They may be your stories, in some way or fashion. If these stories start to play out, LET THEM. Stories untold are dangerous. Stories need to play out if the universe it to keep on its course. Do not be afraid of these stories. Let them run their course. This is my final word.