It is 2006 and Let's All Dance Until We're Sick has reached Down Under. Six singles and six pairs comes from all over Australia to compete for 10,000 dollars and a trip to Melbourne, Australia.

Hosts: Charli Shearer


Kyla Batts

Armani Hughes

Alexia Longstaff

Choreographer: Lucille Hargrave

Theme Of The Week

90s Weeks, Nautical Week, Alice in Wonderland Week, NKOTB Week, Futuristic, Backups Week, Game Show Week, Cartoon Week, AC/DC Week, Disco Week, Ice Cream Week, Hinter Week, Disney Week, Semi-Finals, and Finals.


Jayceon Ikin (Gamer)- It's not easy being a 35-year-old arcade prize booth bloke from Byron Bay. After ten years of working at Wondercade Arcade, I finally get to go back to dancing. Recently, the manager installed a Dance Pants Revolution and it played songs from Zanzibar, Ricky Mathis, and Britney Britney. With the words from their music, it inspired me to start dancing again.

Kayson Hunter (The DJ)- Life can be hard when you work as a 21-year-old DJ in Sydney. The Loophole is a kids club where children go after school to make friends. I'm very likeable there and I'm supportive to everyone from employees to newcomers. In my spare time I bake and learn self-defense. Recently, I uncovered a book on dance self defense at the City of Sydney Library. Wanting to use it for good use, I joined LADUWS.

Jaxton Hollands (The Glee Leader)- I'm a college graduate from Canberra. Back in the days, I was leader of the glee club and a member of the track team. I'm approachable, instinctive, and and prideful. Over the past year, I've been getting involved in auditions. Unfortunately, nobody wanted me. Those stage hogs think they can kick me out, their wrong. So, I'm joining this dance show.

Oakley Gray (The Skater)- Like isn't easy for a 27-year-old surfer from Gold Coast, Australia. In the daytime I polish surfboards, repair pipes, and give surfing lessons to middle schoolers. I'm a tribal dancer and I sing karaoke in my spare time. After one of my favorite students broke her leg while doing a stunt on her bicycle, I decided to dance again on the show to help her.

Kailani Giles (The Class Clown)- As a 24-year-old reporter for The West Australian in Perth, I've reported many dance troupes and visiting dancers. I always crack jokes during my reports, i's the scoop of deliciousness. While gardening my hibiscuses, my mother gave me a flier of Let's All Dance Until We're Sick. She figured that it would be a good way to commemorate my late maternal grandmother, who was also a tribal dancer.

Aviana Trask (The Camper)- For a 33-year-old camping goods shop worker in Darwin, I hardly had time for other things. Although I was quite a salsa dancer in my early days. I'm an honest and likable person. I won four trophies for dancing. During a shipment unload of smores and guidebooks; I saw that someone unintentionally got a dance book in the mail. After a month of reading, I decided to use the dancing on live TV.

Ava and Fernando Seward-Campo (The Hipsters)

Ava is a courteous, superior and dependable computer repair-girl while Fernando is a secretive and friendly retirement home nurse. After Ava's mom and Fernando's dad got married, they moved to Brisbane in order to get along. Unfortunately, they didn't. During an indie band concert, Ava found a flier for LADUWS and thought that she could take back everything between her and Fernando by joining.

Nylah Plyhurst and Kameron Wicksay(Hip Hoppers)

Nylah and Kameron are both coworkers at Portssoll Records in New South Wales Nylah is a 30-year-old music producer who loves language learning television, coffee and explosives while Kameron is a 28-year-old choreographer who loves writing and vegetarian meals. Before dancing till he's sick, Kameron was an ambulance driver at Mercy Vale General Hospital. While Kyla was visiting her brother, who broke his arm while camping, she discovered Kameron's gift for dancing in the cafeteria. Due to a choreographer shortage at Portssoll Records, she gave him a job opening. After five years of working, Kameron decided to repay her by getting them on LADUWS.

Kensley Sterile and Ronan Taundoun (The Parkours)

Kensley and Ronan were parkour mates in high school. After graduating, they went their separate ways. Kensley is now a 26-year-old relator who's arrogant, honorable and gregarious while Ronan is a 28-year-old karate teacher whose risk-taking, egotistical, and sentimental. During a high school reunion in Adelaide, Ronan was looking for a dance partner for Let's All Dance Until We're Sick. During a dance off, Kensley unintentionally stole the spotlight from the performing band. Inspired by her dancing, Ronan decided to make her his dance partner.

Maliyah Ellingree and Killian "Killer" Blainbo (The Goths)

Maliyah is a 22-year-old beautician while Killer is a 26-year-old tattoo artist. They both work at the The Deep Cavern makeup store/tattoo parlor in Mount Barker. For as long as he can remember, Killer was a closeted gay who was picked on without reason. The only friend he had at The Deep Cavern was Maliyah, who clearly understands people who are gay. After seeing an American VHS from his cousin in Orlando, he decided to compete on LADUWS. Not wanting to be picked on by the other contestants, Maliyah joined in.

Anaya and Corbin (The Sunflowers)

Anaya is a hotel maid at The Greenburg Hotel in New South Wales while her brother-in-law Corbin is an elementary school teacher. Anaya met Corbin's wheelchair-bounded sister, 'Edith' during college. Unfortunately, they dropped out because of their sexuality. While cleaning a room for an American dance troupe, she spots a magazine poster for LADUWS and contacts their manager about it. Inspired by the words, she and Corbin decided to go on for Edith.

Annalise Virtry and Louis Martel(Wallflowers)

Annalise is a 28-year-old fundraiser organizer/bassist while Louis is a gardener. They knew eachother through their modern dance lessons in Burderim. Out of all the members in their dance lessons, their the most shyest of them all. After their instuctor spotted them not getting along with the others and decided to let them join LADUWS.

Backup Dancers

Yaretzi Banister, Mckinley and Martel Porch(Lucille's cousins), Cruz Vivas, Jeffrey Blue, Aylin Wen, Marlee and Madelynn Adamo, Elianna Joyner, Hattie Humphrey, Maia Kimberly, and Jayleen Keys.