Maura Isles had become a household name in the late nineties when she got a lead role in a primetime drama series called Wasteland. While the show didn't do well on the air, it got Mauras name out there and land more roles. Since her first show she has starred in 20 movies and tv shows. She has hosted award shows and won awards herself. Despite being a well known name in the movie industry Maura Isles was lonely.

She realized from very early on her fame made it hard to keep friends or potential suitors around. They seemed very uncomfortable with the paparazzi following her around and constantly taking her photo or ending up on the front page of the tabloids, and while Maura got used to it, no one stayed long enough to get used to it with her. Even though the media's presence didn't bother her most days, sometimes she just wanted to be normal. She wanted to be able to go out to her favorite coffee shop without seeing her picture the next day with a comment on her weight or hair or skin or whatever else the media was focused on at the moment. No one was ever good enough for the tabloids and it got exhausting reading negative things about yourself. That is when Maura came up with a role of her own.

She named her Jennifer Grant. She was a redheaded beauty who was shy and quiet and tended to stay to herself. She was basically everything Maura wasn't. It was refreshing to Maura to have the alter ego be completely opposite from her so she was able to live the "normal" life. Any time Maura went out as Jennifer she would leave her house as herself. She would then drive to a garage she had bought in the middle of the city and slip inside. She would then don her wig and change her make up to something a little darker than she would normally wear. For good measure she would add a nose ring. Maura knew it was a small change to what she normally looked like but she looked normal and no one even looked twice at her. She would trade her Porsche for a Toyota Camry so not even her car would draw attention.

When out as Jennifer she was able to do whatever she wanted without being followed or photographed. She has had her alter ego Jennifer for over two years now and she hasn't even talked to anyone, until now.

Jane Rizzoli is a blue collar detective in the homicide unit of the Beverly Hills Police Department. She had not only been the youngest recruit to be promoted to detective, she had the most solved cases in her first year than any other recruit in their first year. She was also the only female in her unit. She knew she had to work twice as hard to make it in the "boys club" and it worked in her favor because she quickly became the best detective in the whole department. Ten years later she has more closed cases than anyone and was promoted to unit lead because of her work.

Jane's work was her life. She never had time for a relationship because she put all her energy into making the world a better place. In fact, she had been broken up with too many times to count because she refused to put anyone before her job. The only friends she had were the people in her unit, which in her opinion they were all she needed.

Jane wasn't the best for no reason. Jane was able to see things no one else could see and it often helped in breaking open cases and bringing bad guys to justice. Nothing was more rewarding than the feeling of getting murders off the street and making the world safer for her family. Aside from her work, her family was her everything.

Maura was visiting her favorite coffee shop, Boston Joe's. She frequented it every time she decided to come into the city in her disguise. While she was waiting in line she heard a bit of commotion in front of her. The woman in front of her was a tall and thin dark haired woman who was begging the barista to let her have her coffee.

"I already told you Rizzoli, after last time I'm not allowed to do IOU's anymore." He said sternly.

"Oh come on, I forgot to pay once," the woman argued.

"No you forgot to pay for a month straight and owed $120 before I was forced to get your payment or get fired." the barista deadpanned.

"Come on, I forgot my wallet on my desk, I promise I'll pay after my shift. I need my coffee man!"

"I'm sorry Rizzoli there's nothing I can do for you. I have other customers."

Maura had learned from a young age that it paid to be nice. She strongly believed in "paying it forward" and since she had more than enough money to buy a coffee for a stranger, she did. She shyly stepped up and got their attention. "I'm sorry to interrupt, I was just wondering what this woman ordered."

"Just a regular coffee," the woman complained.

"I would like to add a french vanilla latte to that please and two bagels." Maura told the barista, not giving either of them a chance to argue with her before pulling enough money out of her wallet to cover the bill and smiled at the woman.

"Hey thank you, you didn't have to do that though, he would have caved eventually." the taller woman laughed.

"It's really no issue, but you should eat with me. It's really the least you could do, I am buying the coffee you so desperately need." Maura asked playfully. Well, she hoped it was playful and the woman didn't take it the wrong way.

The smile that broke out on the other woman's face let Maura know she had taken it the right way and further surprised Muara when she actually agreed to sit with her. They got their coffee and food from the barista and picked an empty table by the window to sit.

"I've never had coffee with a complete stranger before. Thank you for my coffee. Jane Rizzoli." She stuck out her hand.

"Jennifer Grant." she smiled as she shook the woman's hand. "Nice to meet you Jane."

"And you as well. Are you new around her? I'm here like, everyday and I've never seen you?"

"No, I'm not new, I just don't live around here and only stop when I'm in the area." Maura explained.

"Oh okay. I've lived in the area my whole life. I'm in here everyday because the precinct is right around the corner and cops love their coffee." Jane joked. She noticed Maura's eyebrows go up at the word cop and smiled. "Yeah I'm a cop, well detective technically. Beverly Hills PD, Homicide." Jane stated proudly.

"Wow that's awesome. Thank you for the service you do." Maura replied. "That must get very scary at times." Maura had her share of police roles and maybe real life was different than movie life, she was sure there were a few similarities.

"It can. I've been shot, kidnapped, poisoned, stabbed, jumped off a bridge, stalked by a serial killer," she paused to think and Maura's eyes widened. "Yeah I've been almost killed in pretty much any way you could think of." She laughed. "It's okay, really. I have the best team to help me and I've always made it through so there's no worries here. I love my job. But what about you, what do you do for a living?"

Maura froze. A little fun fact about Maura Isles is she wasn't able to lie. She hasn't been able to for as long as she can remember and will break out in hives if she tries. The only loophole she's found is saying the lie is part of her role. She's not lying, she's acting. But this felt different. This didn't feel like she was acting and she didn't really want to try and lie in front of one of the best detectives in the city. "I'm actually in between jobs right now." she said carefully. She was aware of how it sounded, like she didn't have a job but really she just wasn't working on a movie currently. "I have an interview in a few weeks though." she added. Interview meant an audition and she had been preparing for her audition for months. It was a huge movie and she needed the part.

"Oh thats cool. I wish you well on your interview then Jennifer." The use of her other name caught Maura off guard, and for a second she forgot she was supposed to be someone else. Conversation just came so easy with the detective she had forgotten who she was or was supposed to be doing.

Just as she was about to suggest she should get going, the other woman's phone started to ring.

"Sorry, excuse me," she said to Maura before answering the call, "Rizzoli… oh come on it was supposed to be an easy day. Yeah yeah text me the address I'm on my way." she turned to Marua as she hung up her phone. "I'm sorry I gotta run, people can't stop killing other people for one day." She complained. Jane stood up and then paused for a second before sitting back down.

"Hey you got a pen in your purse?" She asked Maura. After digging in her bag for a second she handed a pen to Jane. She watched as the detective took the napkin her bagel was wrapped in and jotted something down on it. She slid it over to Maura and smiled. "See you later Jennifer thank you for the coffee and food. I owe you one." She smiled at Maura before heading out the door.

Maura picked the napkin up and read what Jane had written. It was her name and number and a smiley face saying "call me". Even though Maura knew she probably shouldn't, she couldn't stop the smile that spread across her face. She knew it was a bad idea to befriend someone as Jennifer but she felt like Jane was going to be different and refused to let the opportunity pass.

She slipped the napkin in her purse and stood. She'd give the detective a few days to solve her case and she would give her a call.

Maura left the coffee shop and went about her day, although she was in a better mood than she had been in a long time. She could hardly take the smile of her face, nor did she want to. She was excited to have a new potential friend, or maybe more if she was lucky. Although the disguise made it difficult. However she would cross that bridge when she came to it. Right now, she just wanted to be happy.