It is now a month, 2 weeks, 4 days and 2 hours since Sparia's first 'date' and as the sun goes down, Aria and Spencer leave the playground.

"See ya tomorrow, bestie." says Aria.

"Yes. Thanks, bestie." says Spencer.

Both girls are happy and they each go to their home.

The next day, in school.

Aria gives Spencer a cute hug.

"Girl, you're so beautiful today." says Aria.

"You too." says Spencer with an adorable smile.

"Awesome. Wonderful." says Aria.

"Indeed, my sweet friend." says Spencer.

Both of them are happy.

"Cute is what ya are." says Aria.

"You're cute as well." says Spencer.

"Thanks, Spencer." says Aria.

After school this day.

"Spencer, wanna go to the Arcadeopedia?" says Aria.

"I can't...sorry. Mom wants me stay home today." says Spencer.

"Okay." says Aria with a cute smile.

"Yeah." says Spencer with a cute smile of her own.

"Alright. See ya tomorrow." says Aria.

"You sure will, Aria." says Spencer.

They hug each other.

Aria goes home and Spencer goes home.

Once home in her room, Aria change to jammies, grab Snow Baby and takes a nap.

There's a very adorable smile on Aria's face as she sleep.

She clearly is happy.

Her kitten jump up on the bed and goes to sleep next to Aria.

70 minutes later, Aria wakes up.

"Hi, Spencer." says Aria when she notice the kitten next to her.

The kitten seem happy.

Aria gently get up from the bed so she doesn't wake the kitten.

She place Snow Baby next to the kitten and then takes a seat by the computer.

"Yay." says a happy Aria as she play a cute game that she downloaded a few days ago.

The next day, in school.

"Look what I have." says Spencer.

In her right hand, Spencer holds her first own cell phone that she was given as a gift from her mom before going to school this day.

"Wow! Cool." says Aria.

Spencer only show her phone to Aria, not Emily, Hanna and Alison.

The reason for this is that she like Aria so much and want her to see before any other kids do.

"Yeah, it's cool." says Spencer.

"Yup." says Aria.

Aria is happy for her bestie.

Spencer herself is of course also happy.

"It's so awesome that you have a phone." says Aria.

"Thanks." says Spencer.

"You're welcome, my friend." says Aria.

"Nice." says Spencer.

"Okay." says Aria.

3 days later, in Spencer's room.

"Awww!" says Spencer as she hug Sir Goodnight.

Sir Goodnight has blue sunglasses that Spencer bought for him a few weeks ago.

The plush bear look cool with the blue sunglasses.

"You're so cool." says Spencer.

"Thanks, Spencer. You too." is what Spencer pretend that Sir Goodnight says.

"Cool." says a happy Spencer.

Spencer put down Sir Goodnight on the bed next to some other plushies.

"Hmm..." says Spencer as she switch on her computer, go onto internet to check her e-mails.

She see that she has one from Emily.

Spencer reply to the e-mail from Emily.

"Yay." says Spencer, all sweet.

2 hours later, Aria and Spencer meet up at the playground.

"Hi, girl." says Aria.

"Hi, my friend." says Spencer.

They kiss each other, something they can do, since there are no ther kids at the playground right now.

Spencer and Aria take their seats on the blue old set of swings.

Not actually swinging at all, they just simply sit there.

"Aria, I like hanging out with you, much more than I like hanging out with Em, Han and Ali." says Spencer.

"Cute. I feel same for you." says Aria.

"That's sweet." says Spencer.

It is clear that Sparia is getting closer and closer to full love every single day.

"Yeah." says Aria.

"Wonderful is what you are." says Spencer.

"So are you." says Aria.

"Okay." says Spencer.

"Very cool." says Aria.

"Indeed." says Spencer.

"Yay!" says a happy Aria.

"Awww, sooo cute!" says Spencer, being happy too.

Spencer gives Aria a kiss.

They then hold hans until some other kids show up at the playground.

Sparia don't wanna kiss or anything like that when other kids are around and this includes their friends Emily, Hanna and Alison.

Of course, Spencer and Aria doesn't truly know that they are gay girls and that they love each other in a romantic way, they're still just kids, but they are also smart enough to understand that they shouldn't kiss or hold hands when people can see it.

"Spencer, you are my best bestie." says Aria with a cute smile.

"And you're my best bestie." says Spencer with a cute smile of her own.

"That's amazing." says Aria.

"Yes." says Spencer.

Sparia decides to leave the playground.

Instead they go to the Hastings house and up to Spencer's room.

"Adorable." says Aria when she sees Sir Goodnight, who sit on the bed.

Sir Goodnight wear a white tank top and his blue sunglasses, looking like he's been to the beach.

"Yeah." says Spencer.

Spencer sometimes like to dress up Sir Goodnight in clothes and such so he doesn't look the same all the time.

None of Spencer's other sweet cute plushies get this special honor, only Sir Goodnight.

"I'm gonna check my e-mail." says Spencer as she takes a seat by her computer.

She log into her e-amil inbox and sees that there are no new e-mails.

"Anything?" says Aria.

"No." says Spencer.

"Okay." says Aria.

"Yeah." says Spencer.

Aria gently grab Sir Goodnight and hands him to Spencer.

"Sir Goodnight, you're so sweet." says Spencer.

"He sure is." says Aria.

"Yay." says Spencer.

Spencer hug Sir Goodnight.

"Awww!" says Spencer.

Spencer hasn't yet reached the maturity that makes her feel too old for her beloved plush bear.

"Yay!" says a happy Spencer.

"Cute." says Aria, being happy too.

"So true." says Spencer.

"Yup." says Aria.

Spencer change Sir Goodnight's outfit from the tank top and sunglasses to a blue formal tuxedo.

"He's a noble plushie." says Spencer with an adorable smile.

Spencer place Sir Goodnight on the bed.

"Yeah. He's awesome." says Aria.

"Indeed. Sir Goodnight is a friendly, smart plushie. And he's the leader of my plushies." says Spencer.

"Cool." says Aria.

"Yes, so cool." says Spencer.

The next day, Aria enter Spencer's room again.

"Hi, Aria." says Spencer, happy to see Aria.

Sir Goodnight sit on the bed along with a few other plushies.

On this day, Sir Goodnight is no longer in his blue tuxedo, instead he wear a gray t-shirt and baggy violet sweatpants, looking more casual.

"Hi, Spencer." ays Aria.

"Awesome that you're here." says Spencer.

"Thanks." says Aria.

"You're welcome, girl." says Spencer.

"Cute." says Aria.

"Indeed." says Spencer.

"Never could I ask for a better bestie than you, Spencer." says Aria.

"Awww, so sweet and nice!" says Spencer.

"Yeah, very adorable." says Aria.

Spencer and Aria kiss each other.

"Kissing ya is always very sweet." says Aria.

"I feel same for you, Aria." says Spencer.

"Wonderful." says Aria.

Almost a week later, Sparia once again goes on a 'date' and this time it is to a Greek restaurant in Brookhaven.

Spencer wear black clothes and Aria wear red clothes.

Mrs Hastings drive Spencer and Aria to the restaurant.

"This will be so sweet." says Spencer.

"Yup." says Aria.

"Girls, I hope you will have fun." says Mrs Hastings.

Nobody know for certain if she does, but it seems almost as if Mrs Hastings can sense that Spencer and Aria love each other as more than best friends.

"Aww. Thanks, mom." says Spencer.

"Not a problem, Spencer. I want you girls to have a lot of sweet fun and to be happy." says Mrs hastinsg and she truly mean every word.

"Wonderful." says Spencer.

"Yeah." says Aria.

"I've already made sure you girls get a table at Marco's." says Mrs Hastings.

Marco's is the name of the restaurant.

"So sweet." says Aria.

Spencer and Aria has never been to Marco's before, because kids aren't usually allowed there, but Mrs Hastings has secured special permission for Aria and Spencer this one time.

"Okay, here we are." says Mrs Hastings as they get to the restaurant.

Aria and Spencer exit the car and enter the restaurant.

"Welcome to Marco's." says a waitress, speaking in a Greek accent.

She show Spencer and Aria to the table that's already reserve for them ahead of time, once she get who they are.

"We'll have the King Blancard fish with pasta and cheese bread." says Aria after checking the menu.

Aria look at Spencer who nod in agreement.

"Oh...and some walnut tea." says Aria.

"Nice." says the waitress and then walk away.

"I'm sorry, Spence...maybe you wanted to pick out our food." says Aria.

"Not a problem. You and I like the same food and since I picked last time it was your turn now." says Spencer.

"Thanks, sweet Spencer." says Aria.

"You're welcome, cute Aria." says Spencer.

"Yay!" says a happy Aria.

12 minutes later, the waitress show up with the food and the tea.

Aria and Spencer starts to eat.

"So yummy." says Spencer.

"I truly agree." says Aria.

"Wonderful, my friend." says Spencer.

"Yup." says Aria.

4 days later, in Alison's room.

Alison gives Emily a kiss.

Emily wear blue clothes and Alison wear yellow clothes, colors the 2 girls will continue to like as they get a bit older, even though Alison will develop a fear of yellow for a while, but later start to like it again.

"You're so cute, sweetie." says Alison.

"Thanks, Ali." says Emily.

While this happen in Alison's room, Spencer and Aria are in Aria's room.

"Awww." says Aria as she feed her kitten.

"Your kitten is adorable." says Spencer.

"Yeah." says Aria.

The kitten make a cute sound.

"So sweet." says Aria.

Flashforward to when Aria and Spencer are 12:

Aria is crying very much because she has just lost her kitten.

It was run over by a motorcycle.

"So, so, girl..." says Spencer, trying to comfort Aria.

To have her bestie there, makes things a little better for Aria.

" feel safe when you hold me like you do right now..." says Aria ina very sad tone.

When she saw that her kitten was dead, Aria's heart broke.

"Girl, your kitten's soul is flying up to Heaven." says Spencer.

This help Aria to feel better and she can stop crying.

End of the flashforward.

Aria and Spencer think the kitten is so cute and the kitten feel very comfortable with both of them.

"Lil' kitten, ya are so adorable." says Aria.

"Cute." says Spencer.

12 minutes later, the kitten sleep on Aria's lap.

"Adorable." says Aria, speaking in a soft sweet tone so she doesn't wake up the kitten.

"Yes." whisper Spencer with a cute smile.

The next day.

"Do you want a new kitten?" says Ella.

"Thanks, but no. No kitten can replace the one I lost." says Aria.

"If you want a new kitten, tell me and I'll buy one for you." says Ella.

"Okay." says Aria.

Aria drink some chocolate milk and eat a cookie.

"Kitten..." whisper Aria in a sad tone.

22 minutes later.

"Mom, can I go over to Spencer?" says Aria.

"Yes, of course." says Ella.

Aria get happy.

She grab a bag and head over to the Hastings house.

"Hi, bestie." says Spencer in joy when Aria show up in her room.

"Hi, bestie." says Aria as she hug Spencer and then gives her a kiss.

"Awww, wonderful." says Spencer.

"Yup, girl." says Aria.

On this day Sir Goodnight wear a pink t-shirt and white sweatpants.

Sir Goodnight sit on the bed, next to 4 other plushies.

Aria think that Sir Goodnight look happy.

"Looks like Sir Goodnight's havin' a cute day." says Aria.

"He is. He is happy." says Spencer.

"Cute." says Aria.

"Yeah." says Spencer.

"Awww." says Aria.

"Indeed, Aria." says Spencer.

"Spencer, you're so awesome." says Aria.

"You too." says Spencer.

Okay, so sweet." says Aria.

"Adorable, yes." says Spencer.

"Yup." says Aria.

Spencer and Aria play with Spencer's plushies.

It's clear that both Aria and Spencer are happy.

"Yay!" says Spencer as she grab Sir Goodnight and move him as if he was dancing.

"Cute!" says Aria as she walk over to Spencer's computer and switch on some music so Sir Goodnight has something to dance to.

"Thanks, sweet Aria." is what Spencer pretend that Sir Goodnight says.

"No problem, Sir Goodnight." says Aria.

"Yay." says Spencer.

Aria wish Snow Baby was there.

Flashforward to when Sparia's daughter Jasmine turns 9:

"Girl, this is for you." says Aria as she give Snow Baby to Jasmine.

"Thanks, mommy." says Jasmine with a very cute smile.

"You're welcome. This plushie is named Snow Baby." says Aria.

"Awww! Cute name." says a happy Jasmine.

"I'm glad ya like her." says Aria.

End of the flashforward.

"Yay." says Spencer.

"Next time I'll bring Snow Baby." says Aria.

"Awesome." says Spencer.

Spencer gives Aria a kiss.

After this day, Sparia won't take any major steps on the path towards full love until they begin the final year of high school.

Even so they will still be very close friends in between now and then and there will also always be a very special sweet bond between them that only breaks once, but fortunately is repaired.

Once they are done with colllege, Sparia goes into full love and get married.

This can be seen in my story 'Viva la Sparia'.

The End.

Author's note: That was the finale of this story. I hope you enjoy this sweet story about Sparia as kids.