Chapter 1 A Different Go!

In the vast blackness of space, near a small blue and green planet known as Earth, a large and menacing spacecraft moves towards its destination. It's an orange-red vessel with multiple sharp appendages and a red circle lens in the front.

Inside the vessel, deep screams of frustration and rage echo through the ship. Two of the ship's crew walk through some mechanical doors towards the source of the scream, passing by multiple beings from other worlds that are trapped in holding cells. The crewmates are large blue and green lizard-men with red eyes and wings on their backs. They are proud warriors of the Gordanian Empire. They carry bladed staffs with lasers at the end to deal with dangerous situations, like the one they're in now.

The screams are soon joined by the sound of pounding on metal as the two approach a reinforced door with a small viewing window. They join two others that are guarding the door, ready to stop whatever is in the cell from escaping.

"The door will hold?" One of them asks.

"It must!" Another responds as the pounding continues. "The alien WILL be delivered on schedule. Lord Trogaar commands it!"

The door becomes weaker and less stable with each hit.

"And if this THING gets loose?" A guard asks nervously.

"Then Zorg help us all." Another guard said steeling himself.

A more powerful blow hits the door, breaking the glass window. A pair of glowing enraged eyes is seen through the glass. A final scream, followed by a final strike, and the door shoots off its hinges and lands in front of the now weary guards.

The prisoner steps out of the dark cell and into the light. It is a orange skinned humanoid boy having spiky scarlet-red hair that reached his shoulders with yellow streaks, with glowing light blue eyes and whisker marks on his cheeks, having a lean and muscular build, wearing a black and silver battle suit with black skintight pants and a metal headpiece that frames his face. This is a prince of Planet Tamaran. His hands are bound by metal cuffs, but that won't stop his righteous fury.

"Zengtha ru maka! Kek zengtha ror!"

The prince charges at the guards and swings his manacled hands and knocks a guard into the wall.

"Zengtha ru maka! Kek zengtha ror!"

Another swing, and two more hit the opposing side of the ship. The fourth one swings his staff at the prisoner, who blocks with the manacles. He uses them to break his staff, then jump kicks him to the wall, making him hit a red button on the side. Red lights and alarms fill the ship, which gain the boy's attention.

"Heska vo." He says with determination.

A side of the ship explodes outward, the prince escapes, heading towards Earth.

On Earth at a place called Jump City

We come to a city where a thug was running through the alley loosing the cops after robbing a place.

"Hehe, easy." The thug smirked.

"You think so do you?"

The thug turned his head to see something coming at him and kicked him to the ground. The thug sat up and turned to whoever attacked him to see a peach skinned young girl having red hair that went to her back with blue eyes, having a slender figure with D-cup breasts, wearing a black skin tight outfit that had a yellow bat symbol on her chest and a black bat eared hood of sorts with yellow gloves, utility belt, and boots finishing it off with a black and yellow cape. This is Barbara Gordon, known as Batgirl.

"Wait a sec, you're-! Aren't you suppose to be in..." The thug said.

"Just moved here. I'm out here to expand my horizons." Batgirl said before cracking her knuckles. "Sadly, you won't in jail."

"Will not!" The thug said picking up his crowbar and charged at the bat-themed girl and took a swing only for her to dodge it and kicked him in the gut before pulling her leg upward and kicked him under the chin making the thug stagger back. Batgirl then charged giving him a one-two-three-four punch before jumping up and back-kicked him in the face to the ground knocked out.

"Sweet dreams." Batgirl grinned.

Just then she heard a noise making her look up to see a light blue comet going over the air and into another part of the city.

"Hmmm." Batgirl frowned in thought. "Better go check it out. But first I need to tie this guy up for the cops." She said looking at the thug.

Mintues later the thug was upside down tied up to a pole as Batgirl went to investigate the crash.

Near the crash site

People gather around the smoking light blue crater and take pictures with their cameras. The smoke clears, revealing the alien boy.

"Slopforn ivortmat! Slopforn! Ond gunshik zerrole!" He yells as he jumps out of the crater and forces the humans away from him. One citizen takes a picture, and the flash blinds the boy. Enraged, he swings wildly at the people, who run away in fear. He then smashes everything around him; cars, payphones, benches, streetlights. Some people are watching the destruction from the top of the Pizza Plaza nearby.

The prince struggles to get the manacles off his hands, with no success. He then eyes the support beam for the Pizza Plaza and swings his arms at it, damaging it and shaking the building full of people.

"Zop!" WHAM! "Yark!" WHAM! "Mesnef!" WHAM! Each strike brings the building closer to collapse. He lifts his arms for another swing.

Only for a bat-shaped projectile to hit his headpiece. He turns and glares at his attacker, who is Batgirl standing on top of a car.

"I'm gonna have to ask you not to do that, ok?" She saids to the boy. His response is to swing his arms at his attacker, with her jumping out of the way and letting the car take the hit for her. The alien prince keeps swinging to hit Batgirl but she keeps jumping and dodging out of the way. Watching this from an alleyway is a blue-hooded figure with indigo eyes.

Batgirl's eyes widen as the alien casually kicks up a car and sends it her way. She ducks low to the ground to avoid the car, which flies into a building with an explosion as she turned to see the damage.

"Hm. The guy's stronger than he looks. Could probably give Kara a run for her money." Batgirl mussed before her attention goes back to the boy, just in time to take a hit from the alien boy that sends her tumbling away. She gets up and jumps away right as he hits the ground where she was. Batgirl then takes out a metal cylinder that extends into a combat staff. She swings at the boy and hits him into a parked car, wrecking it. Batgirl then prepares to hit him again, but the staff breaks in her hands.

"What the?! How hard is this guy?!" Batgirl exclaims in shock.

The alien prince pries himself off the car, cracks his neck, and smirks.

"Zota." He said.

"Oh great." Batgirl frowned.

The boy then jumps and swings at the caped heroine.

Only for a green ram to suddenly appear and knocks him out the way. The ram transforms into a teenage boy that has green skin, dark green eyes, and pointed ears, having a lean build, wearing a purple and black jumpsuit with silver gloves, belt, and purple, silver, and black shoes with a matching mask saluting at Batgirl.

"Ex-Doom Patrol member Beast Boy, ma'am! How can I assist-" The now named Beast Boy's eyes widen in shock. "Wowzers! You're Batgirl, aren't you ma'am?"

"Well yes. But please don't call me 'ma'am', I'm not old yet." Batgirl chuckled to the star-struck green boy.

"Well let me just that it's a great honor to meet-"

"Excuse me, Beast Boy, was it?"

"Yes ma'am?"

Batgirl just pointed at the alien boy, who was holding a bus in the air ready to throw at the two. He hurls it at them, who jump out of the way. Just before it hits the ground, a large figure catches the bus and tosses it to the side. The figure is a large muscular african american teen with a glowing red left eye and wearing a grey hoody that covers his features. This is Victor Stone, a runaway teen from Star City who's been living on the streets of Jump City for some time now.

"Yo! Who's here messing up my neighborhood?!" He yells.

"He started it!" Beast Boy points at the alien prince, who takes a mighty swing at the ground beneath him creating a shockwave that unbalances the group of three for a moment. The manacles finally come off the boy's hands, revealing another set of cuffs around his wrists.

His now free hands start to glow light blue, and he points them at the three people. Flaming light blue orbs of light shoot off the alien boy's hands towards Batgirl, Victor, and Beast Boy who began running around dodging the attacks as the alien kept firing a barrage of his attacks all over the city.

The alien stops before kneeling down at the ground growling. Behind the bus that was thrown earlier Batgirl, Beast Boy, and Victor were catching their breaths.

"Guy's going to wreck the whole city if this keeps up." Victor said.

"Not if I can help it." Batgirl said getting up ready to continue the fight.

The three then ran out from the bus towards the alien boy when suddenly a large black ethereal bird separates them from the boy.

"Maybe fighting isn't the answer," A girl's voice suggests. The girl and guys turn to see the hooded figure from the alley, who is revealed to be a pale skinned girl, having a slim figure with C-cup breasts, wearing a black leotard that was long sleeved and had blue cuffs with a blue cloak around her form that had a yellow/red gem clothes-pin, a yellow thin belt that had the same gem from her clock on it but multiple, and blue boots. This is Raven, who's just arrived in Jump City. She turns away at their looks.

As the spectral bird disappears, Batgirl finally notices the cuffs around the alien's wrists.

"Hey can you guys hang back while I try something, please?" Batgirl requested to Beast Boy and Victor.

"Yes ma'am." Beast Boy saluted.

"I guess." Victor shrugged his shoulders.

Batgirl nodded as she aproached the alien boy. He noticed her coming to him and got back up and raises his glowing hands at her, making Batgirl back away.

"Go'ta!" He shouted.

"Easy. My name is Batgirl. I don't want to hurt you. I just want to help." She said as she reaches for her utility belt.

"Go'ta! Go'ta bu ogda!" The alien exclaimed.

"It's okay, look." Batgirl says revealing a lockpick. The boy stares at Batgirl for a moment before allowing the glow to leave his hands and eyes, revealing his eyes to be sapphire blue and the sclera being light blue. Batgirl picks at the locks of his cuffs and the cuffs soon fall off his wrists.

"There, now maybe we can be - MMPH?!" Batgirl smiles but then gets cut off as the alien grabs the back of her neck and pulls her close and kisses her. The others gain shocked looks on their faces as Batgirl blushes bright red. The kiss lasts for only a moment before he pushes her away from him as Batgirl falls on her butt with the aliens eyes now glowing again.

"If you don't want to be destroyed, you'll leave me alone!" He then flies away from the wreckage, leaving four strangers in behind.

The alien he was flying over the city enjoying being free from his shackles. Suddenly he has the need to feed himself and decided to look for food before continuing with his escape. He'll hide here somewhere on this planet until his captors leave the area.

His mussing is interrupted by a large shadow being cast over him. He look up and see the alien ship that brought him to Earth. The large ship, about half the size of Jump City, hovers over the skyscrapers as it makes its way across the city.

The ship stops over an island in Jump City Bay. A cylindrical-shaped object detaches itself from the main body and lands on the island. A hologram projection comes from the top, revealing a Gordanian, only bulkier and wearing a spiky crown on its head.

[People of Earth, I am Trogaar, Lord of the Gordanians. We come to your planet hunting an escaped prisoner. A very dangerous prisoner. Do not interfere, and we will leave your city with only minimal damage. But if you attempt to assist him, your destruction will be absolute.]

The hologram shuts off, its threatening message delivered. The probe opens, revealing an army of Gordanians. They take to the skies with their wings and head straight for the city.

"Looks like I'll have to be quick in getting food while making sure I'm away from the Gordanians." The alien frowned.

He uses his nose to smell for food til the senses of something yummy entered them and he made his way to the area where the smell was coming from.

He comes to a place that said 'Video' on it before he busts opens a hole in the building and walks in. There he sees a shelf full of food. The alien licks his lips before chowing down on all the food in a frenzy pace.

"Um, those taste better without the wrapper."

The alien stops eating and slightly turns his head to see the people from earlier standing there. He wipes his mouth before growling and raised his fists up as they glowed light blue, the same with his eyes.

"Easy. We're friends, remember?" Batgirl said holding her hands up as they all backed up.

"Friends? Ha! I'm no fool. Why did you free me?!" The alien growled.

"Just being nice." Batgirl laughed nervously.

"Nice? We do not have this word on my planet. Closest is 'rutha'. Weak!" He seethed.

"Yeah, well aroud here "nice" means "nice". And if you want us to keep being nice, you're gonna tell us why the lizard king took you prisoner." Victor said.

The light blue glowing dies down as his angry expression turns into one of depression.

"Not prisoner. I am a prize. The Gordanians are to deliver me to the Citadel, to live out my days as their servant."

"And the Citadel are?" Raven asked.

"Not. Nice." He frowned.

"Then you're not going back. I won't let it happen." Batgirl said walking up to the alien with the others behind her.

"Don't you mean we?" Beast Boy smirked.

"Oh! That's right we haven't done the proper introduction. You already know who I'm am." Batgirl smiled.

"Beast Boy." Beast Boy waved.

The large teen in the hoodie pulls back his hood, revealing a head devoid of hair and mostly covered in white and blue machinery, leaving the mouth and right side of his head flesh as his left eye glows a ruby red.

"Just call me Cyborg, for obvious reasons." Victor now calling himself Cyborg said.

"Raven." Raven said.

"And you?" Batgirl asked.

"In your language my name is Foxfire, but my friends call me Naruto." The alien named Naruto said.

"Naruto." Batgirl smiled.

"I said my friends." Naruto frowned.

"Don't worry. I betcha by the end of the day we'll be friends." Batgirl said.

Naruto would've said more if he didn't sense something.

"INCOMING!" Naruto shouts.

Everyone jumps away as an explosion hits the area where they stood. The group recovers and sees a squad of Gordanians land in front of them.

One of the Gordanians speaks up. "Surrender the prisoner, humans, and we will not blast you into oblivion."

The group of five looked towards each other before nodding and engaged the Gordanians in a brawl.

Cyborg hammer-strikes the closest alien, then clotheslines another two. Beast Boy shifts into a rhinoceros and charges right into a group of Gordanians with the force of a truck. Naruto takes out a clump of them with a flying fist, then spin kicks several others away from him. Batgirl pulls out her spare metal staff and takes out the physically stronger Gordanians with her years of martial-arts training. She also throws in some grenades for good measure. Raven uses her dark magic to throw the aliens around her all over the street.

Naruto goes in the air, using his starbolts to take out his captors. Two of the aliens dodge his blasts and fly up to meet him. One of them throws a punch at Naruto, but he dodges the punch and throws his own, sending his attacker to the ground. The last one gets in his guard, though, and strikes Naruto down to the street, leaving a crater where he landed. He struggles to get up, leaving himself open for the last Gordanian to blast him with its staff.

Or at least, that would have happened. Fortunately, Batgirl sees him in trouble and gives him some help. She uses her staff to send a Gordanian flying in his direction, making it crash right into its ally. Naruto turns to her human companion and gives her a grateful smile.

Cyborg, meanwhile, is having problems of his own, grappling with a Gordanian for its staff. The alien wins the struggle by tripping the hero with its tail. Cyborg rolls and flips out of the way to avoid being blasted by the staff. Unfortunately, several manage to hit him, ruining his outfit and exposing the mechanical armor that covers his entire body. Cyborg retaliates by destroying the alien's staff with a single punch. He then lifts the alien off the ground and throws it at some of its allies in the air.

A few other flyers shoot at Cyborg with their staffs, but a green pteranodon swoops in and rescues the metal hero. Raven then uses her magic on a lamppost and swings it at the group, sending them to the ground. All the Gordanians are on the ground in severe pain before they all fly away back to ship to lick their wounds.

"Thank you." Naruto says hesitantly to the other heroes.

"Aw man, my suit!" Cyborg whines as he sees his shredded hoodie and jeans.

Beast Boy gives a thumbs-up to his new friend.

"So what? You look way cooler without it." He grinned.

"Yeah, like I'll take fashion advice from a guy wearing a goofy mask," Cyborg retorts.

Beast Boy gains an offended look on his face. "Goofy? My mask is cool, isn't it, Raven?" He asks her as she and Cyborg shook their heads no.

"B-but what about my secret identity?" Beast Boy said gripping his mask.

"What secret identity? You're green." Raven said.

Beast Boy tries to give a response to this but fails. He then takes off his mask, revealing his face and his dark green short spiked up hair.

"This isn't over. Now that we've interfered..." Batgirl said.

"Trogaar will strike harder." Naruto finishes. "It is only a matter of-"

[Fools!] The hologram of Trogaar reappears. [The Earth scum were warned; your insolence will be punished! Your city shall be destroyed!] The hologram disappears again as the large cannon at the front of the alien ship points itself at the city below and begins to charge.

All five heroes have their eyes on the Gordanian weapon.

"Great." Raven grumbles.

The Gordanian superweapon has its sight set on the team as Beast Boy complains.

"So, after trashing a pizza place, several streets, and a number of buildings, we've managed to make a humongous space gecko mad enough to vaporize our entire town?!" He griped.

"Go team." Cyborg deadpans.



"We are doom! I can't believe I let you dragged me into this mess!" Beast Boy complains to Cyborg.

"Me?! I was ready to walk on out! You're the one who got me into this!" Cyborg yells back.

All this arguing is witnessed by the dark sorceress, who has a neutral look on her face.

Raven approaches the squabbling quartet and puts her fingers to her head and takes in a big lungful of air.

"QUIET!" All arguments stop. Raven gains a sheepish look at all the attention she's now getting. "Hi." She said nervously waving.

"Look. It doesn't matter how we got into this mess. We're in it, and we'll get out of it together." Batgirl said smiling at the group.

The new heroes all have confident looks on their faces at Batgirl's words.

"Let's go. We got a city to save." Batgirl said.

Gordanian Ship, hallway

A large black bubble of energy appears in an empty corridor, before splitting open and revealing the five heroes, who were transported on-board the ship using Raven's magic. Beast Boy gives a visible shudder.

"That dark energy stuff gives me the-" Raven's glare cuts his comment off and makes him do a complete reversal. "Uh, I mean, it's cool!"

Batgirl, who had been scouting ahead, turns back to the group. "All clear. There isn't much time."

Batgirl heads off with Naruto following her along with Beast Boy. Raven straggles behind the team. Beast Boy notices this but continues following the group. Raven sulks at this.

"Mind telling me why you're always by yourself?" Raven is startled as she sees Cyborg next to her.

"You heard the kid. I don't exactly fit in."

Cyborg gives the sorceress a comforting hand on her shoulder. "He's green, half of me is metal, and he's from space. Add in the walking peppy she-bat herself, I say you fit in just fine." His comment puts a small smile on the girl's face.

Up ahead, Batgirl take the lead scouting ahead, with Naruto right behind her.

"I want to say...sorry...for our fight when I landed." His words cause the girl bat-themed hero to turn back to him.

"Don't worry about it. I didn't know the whole story." Batgirl reassured him making Naruto smiles at this.

"And again, you are all...nice. On my world, only my k'norfka and my twin sister has shown me such kindness." He said.

"Well things are different here." Batgirl comments smiling making Naruto smile back softly.

"Um, guys I think they know we're here." Beast Boy said pointing upward.

The group looked ahead to see a group of Gordanians coming to them.

At the Gordanian ship bridge

The sound of button-mashing and beeping computers fills the multi-level bridge. The Gordanians work overtime to prepare their ultimate weapon for complete annihilation. At the center of the room is Lord Trogaar himself, watching over the scene with a sadistic gleam in his eyes. What's about to happen may lose him a partnership with the Citadel, but it'll be worth it to destroy the pests that cost him his prize.

One of his subordinates in charge of the laser cannon turns to him. "Lord Trogaar! The weapon is fully charged."

"Then begin the firing sequence." Trogaar orders. His men activate a countdown sequence on the main monitors. Rings on the cannon itself begin to light up, starting from the base and moving down the chamber.

Trogaar stands from his throne, a wicked grin on his face.

"The Earth scum shall learn; it takes more than five juvenile heroes to defy the mighty Lord Trogaar!" He chuckled.

An explosion behind Trogaar knocks him out of his gloating. All Gordanians turn their heads to the gaping, smoking hole where their entryway used to be.

And the five previously mentioned heroes standing before them.

"First of all, I find the word 'juvenile' extremely offensive." Batgirl states. "Second of all, we're not five heroes. We're one team."

"Get them!" Trogaar ordered his troops as they charged at the heroes.

"Go!" Batgirl begins the assault by charging in and taking a Gordanian down with a flying kick. She then leaps towards another one and launches a fist into a scaly face. Another two aliens are taken out with a swing from a metal staff.

Cyborg uses his robotic strength and slams both of his fists to the ground, with the resulting shockwave taking out a group of aliens. He then works through the rest of the surrounding enemies one by one with a series of punches and tackles.

Naruto flies right into the thick of the battle, eager to remove the obstacles in the way of his freedom. He uppercuts his first enemy, then sends a volley of starbolts at the remaining lizards in his vicinity. He takes care of the remaining Gordanian with a punch strong enough to send teeth flying.

Meanwhile, Beast Boy makes liberal use of his many animal forms. Two lizards get a kangaroo double kick right in their guts. Two others get crushed by the fists of an enraged gorilla. The kangaroo returns with a vengeance to kick a Gordanian away before swinging a heavy tail at another.

Before the onslaught can continue, Trogaar decides to intervene. Growling at the damage his forces are taking, he leaps into the fray and slams his fists into the ground. The shockwave sends Beast Boy flying into a wall. Trogaar approaches the shapeshifter to finish him off, but Raven appears from a portal and throws up a black shield around herself and her new teammate. Trogaar punches with all his might at the barrier, each strike putting strain on the sorceress. Eventually, he breaks through the shield and prepares to destroy both heroes.

His plans are foiled when Batgirl comes up behind him and sends a left jab at the lizard lord's face, followed by a kick that sends the lord back. A violent barrage of fast strikes ensues on Trogaar who couldn't blocked them in time. Trogaar finally ends it by grabbing Batgirl and sending her crashing into the wall.

Naruto gasps as he sees what happened to his new friend.

"Batgirl!" His eyes glow light blue in rage and he launches himself at Trogaar. He throws starbolt after starbolt at his archenemy, creating a smokescreen to go around his form. Surprisingly, Trogaar jumps out of the smoke unscathed and grabs Naruto in a chokehold, slamming him into the ground. Struggling to break free, Naruto finally knocks Trogaar away with a starbolt punch.

Naruto then hit Trogaar with a fury of punches joined by Cyborg able to get some edge against the Gordanian leader, only for him to get his bearings and knocks the two back to the wall.

During the landing, the panels on Cyborg's his right arm pop up, revealing the circuitry inside with Batgirl noticing this.

"Can you rewire that into some sort of weapon?" She asks her metal partner.

"I can try." Cyborg said looking at his arm.

"You insolent little maggot!" Trogaar snarls with his forces behind him. "This changes nothing. I will personally crush every last one of you heroes until you're nothing but worm food. And then I will turn your entire planet into a smoldering husk!" As they all got ready to finish them.

Their efforts are thwarted by Raven, who appears in a portal between them and their target as Beast Boy was beside her with a cold fury in her eyes.

"Get away from my friends! Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" The sorceress expels her energy all around her, destroying most of the bridge and knocking out her enemies. This causes the ship to spiral out of control and crash land into Jump City Bay next to the lonely island.

The five heroes slowly recover from the crash and check themselves for injuries. They notice that the ship is slightly sunk into the water but is surprisingly less damaged than expected as all the Gordanians unconscious.

The group hear movement next to them. They turn to see a Gordanian soldier still conscious and ready to eviscerate them all. Their demise is stopped by a blue-and-white beam that knocks out the Gordanian. Everyone's eyes are on Cyborg, who's right arm has now become a sonic cannon.

"Alright, I'm only gonna say this once. Booyah!" He grins.

The next morning.

The sun is just peeking over the horizon, casting an angelic light over Jump City. Batgirl, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven whose hood was down showing off her face and shoulder-length indigo hair with a red black trimmed diamond gem on her forehead take in the scene in front of them on the island shore, ignoring the smoldering ruins of the Gordanian ship.

"That's quite a view." Raven comments.

"Someone should think about building a house out here," Cyborg adds.

"Yeah, if you like sunshine and the beach," Beast Boy jokes as he nudges Raven, getting a surprising giggle from the goth girl, this makes the green boy's smile widen.

"So how do I look?"

Everyone turns to look at Naruto, who has changed his outfit since last night. The headpiece is gone, along with most of the armor. He now wears a crimson sleeveless shirt, crimson pants with a silver belt, and crimson boots that had silver soles with silver cuffs at the top. He also had a silver neck corn collar with a light blue gem in the middle, silver gauntlets with light blue gems on the back of his hands, and a silver armband on his right bicep.

"Incredible." Batgirl says immediately, gaining knowing looks from her other colleagues.

Naruto smiles at this. "I want to ask to remain here, where your people are most strange, but kind." He requested.

"You don't need our permission," Raven states.

"But if you want our friendship, you've got it." Batgirl adds.

"Guess we all could use some new friends." Cyborg said.

"Then you guys are allowed to call me Naruto. As a sign of our new friendship." Naruto smiles.

"I told you we'd be friends." Batgirl bragged giggling making Naruto chuckle.

"I gotta say, we make a pretty good team." Beast Boy points out.

"I couldn't agree more, Beast Machine." Batgirl says, gaining a grin from Beast Boy for the nickname. "In fact, I was wondering if you guys would be up for making this a more permanent thing." Getting everyone's attention is on her now.

"Seriously?" Raven asks speculatively. "I'm not exactly the hero type."

"I respectfully disagree." Batgirl responds. "You, me, all of us did amazing work last night. Sure, there were a few bumps when we first met, but we pulled ourselves together and saved millions of people. Just imagine what we can do for this city on a regular basis. And hey, we can take all that scrap behind us and make a base for us in no time".

"I didn't think you were a team-player." Cyborg comments.

"Oh, no. That's Batman's other sidekick, the boy wonder." Batgirl giggles. "Besides, this will be a new experience for all of us. So, what do you guys think? You with me?"

"Absolutely!" Beast Boy cheered.

"Totally." Cyborg smirked.

"I'm up for it." Naruto grins.

"... I've got nothing better to do anyway." Raven said giving a small smile.

"Excellent. I have a feeling this is the start of something grand." Batgirl smiles.

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