Chapter 2 The Team

It was nighttime and we come to a prison with the entrance being knocked down and the guards were firing at something. It was a large stone thing that looked like it was made of cinderblocks with red eyes. This was the villain known as Cinderblock.

Cinderblock roared at the guards before stomping the ground and making a wave of rocks come out that collided with the guards knocking them down. Seeing that no one was stopping him Cinderblock made his way back into the prison to meet his objective.

Only for him to be stopped by a voice.

"Y'know Cinderblock, normally the bad guys break out of jail." Beast Boy's voiced echoed out.

"And I can think of 5 good reason why you don't want ot break in." Batgirl's voiced echoed out before she landed in Cinderblock's path. "1."

Naruto flew in and landed on Batgirl's right. "2."

Beast Boy leaped in on Naruto's left as a cheetah before turning into his human form. "3."

Raven leaped down and landed way on Batgirl's left. "4."

Cyborg jumped and landed in between Batgirl and Raven. "5."

The five heroes stood before Cinderblock who glared at them.

"No matter how the math is done it all adds up to you going down, Cindy. So you wanna come quietly...?" Batgirl asks grinning.

"Or is this gonna get loud?" Cyborg finishes smirking.

Cinderblock roared before charging at the five heroes.

"Titans, go!" Batgirl said as she charged at Cinderblock as did Naruto, Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg.

When both sides were near each other Batgirl leaped into the air and swift-kicked Cinderblock across the face making him stumble back.

"Over here!" Naruto said firing lasers of starbolts on Cinderblock's back making him roar in pain.

"Open wide!" Cyborg jumped towards Cinderblock and punched him only for the stone being to meet his punch with his own sending gusts of wind out around them before they leaped away from one another.

"Heads up dude!" Beast Boy exclaimed running towards Cinderblock who tried to stomp on the green teen only for him to jump of the way and into Cinderblock's face where Beast Boy turned into a kangaroo and double kicked him in the face slamming Cinderblock into the wall.

Cinderblock growled in anger and got out the wall before charging at the four teens with his fist pulled back to punch them. But Raven got in front of her friends and use her magic to lift up a flat slab of concrete to act as a shield to Cinderblock's punches giving the team enough time to get out of the way. Batgirl and Cyborg then tried to get the jump on Cinderblock but he saw them and backslapped them away through the air.

Seeing his friends down Naruto started firing starbolts at Cinderblock who shrugged them off before grabbing Naruto with his hands and brought him to his face.

"You may have me in your clutches big guy." Naruto said before smirking. "Unfortunately I'm stronger than I look. Allow me to show you!" Naruto headbutted Cinderblock in the face causing him to shout in pain but was then knocked down to the ground as Naruto swift-kicked him in the chest. "Never underestimate a Tamaranean's strength." Naruto grinned crossing his arms.

Cinderblock started to get up but was suddenly thrown in the air due Beast Boy knocking him away as a stegosaurus.

"Raven incoming!" Beast Boy yelled.

"I got him." Raven said before focusing. "Azarath Metrion Zenthos!" Shen then twirled around firing a wave of darkness hitting Cinderblock as he slammed into the ground.

"Nice one Rae." Beast Boy grinned giving her a thumbs up.

"Naturally." Raven said give a slight smirk.

Cinderblock got up to attack the young heroes but stumbled at Batgirl jumped on his back and wrapped her arms around his head.

"Hello Cindy." Batgirl smiled.

Cinderblock yelled moving around trying to shake Batgirl off him.

"No use big boy. Thrashing around only made me hold tighter. Yeehaw!" Batgirl said not letting go on Cinderblock.

As Cinderblock tried to shake her he grabbed a beam from the side of the cell and slammed it towards Batgirl to hit her, but she leaped off in time and made Cinderblock hit himself.

"Now there's an idea." Cyborg smirked pulling his own beam off a side of a cell.

"After you my good sir." Batgirl smiled waving her hand towards Cinderblock.

"With pleasure." Cyborg said before charging at Cinderblock.

Cinderblock and Cyborg attacked each other with their beams trying to overpower the other as they kept attacking each other. Cinderblock managed to get the drop on Cyborg sending him flying from a hit on his beam. He looked behind him to see Naruto and Raven floating behind him and prepared to hit them only for his beam to melt curtesy of Naruto who snickered at Cinderblock making him growl before turning around and ran off, feeling he's wasted enough time with the heroes and need to finish his objective.

Batgirl was helping Cyborg up as he dusted his shoulders.

"You okay?" Batgirl asked.

"I'll be fine." Cyborg said.

"So feel like giving old Cindy the sonic boom?" Batgirl grinned.

Cyborg smirked before turning his right arm into his sonic cannon. "I got the 'sonic' if you got the 'boom'." He and Batgirl suddenly chased after Cinderblock catching up to him. "Yo rock-head!"

Cinderblock stopped running and turned around to see Batgirl and Cyborg leaped at him as the former tossed her exploding disk and the latter fired his sonic cannon both hit Cinderblock and caused and explosion knocking him down.

Unfortunately the explosion was so strong it sent Cinderblock crashing through four prison walls, which held prisoners who saw the state of the walls and took it as a chance to escape.

"Oh man!" Cyborg complained at the screwup.

"Oooh, that's bad." Batgirl winced.

"I think we should take care of this." Naruto said coming beside the two.

"Yeah. Before they escape." Raven said.

"Then lets get these convicts." Beast Boy said.

With that the heroes spent the last few minutes rounding up the prisoners and making sure they got back in their cells with the guards helping them.

"Well that's that." Raven said pulling her hood off her head.

"But it wouldn't have happened if me and Batgirl weren't more careful with our sonic boom." Cyborg said scratching his head.

"It's okay Cyborg. It was an accident. We know you two didn't mean for this to happen." Naruto said patting him on the back.

"Yeah no worries, dude. You can't learn to be better without making a few mistakes." Beast Boy said.

"Beasty's right. We just use this to learn how we deliver the combo from now on." Batgirl said coming to the team after talking to the warden.

"What's the situation?" Naruto asked.

"Well Cinderblock managed to get away. All the while he took a prisoner called Plasmus from here." Batgirl said.

"Why break in a prison and take only one prisoner?" Raven asked.

"Don't know, but I'm sure we'll figure it out." Batgirl said.

"I don't know about you guys, but I could use some sleep." Beast Boy yawned.

"I agree with BB. We can figure out Cinderblocks' whereabouts tomorrow." Cyborg yawned as well.

"Sure lets get home and rest." Batgirl laughed.

And with that the five heroes left the prison.


We come to the island where our heroes first became a team only for a large tower in a shape of a T to be standing there.

This was the headquarters of our heroes. When Batgirl proposed the five of them becoming a team she went to the mayor and told her idea to which the mayor agreed, announcing the five to be Jump City's protectors. They would be notified of crimes and each member would be given a hefty allowance per month for their heroic deeds. They had a little help in creating their base from the scrapes from the Gordanians ship and other stuff, and the members were each given a role.

Batgirl was decided to be the leader and tactician.

Cyborg was the technician.

Naruto was the air artillery.

Beast was the surveillance looker.

Raven was the magic supporter and crime alerter.

Together they formed the team called Teen Titans. And have been going strong for about 2 months.

Right now everyone was in the common room doing their own thing.

Cyborg and Beast Boy were playing video games, Raven was reading a book, and Naruto and Batgirl were in the kitchen while the former was showing the later one of his Tamaranean dishes.

"This is Wonder Meat's Knuckle." Naruto said showing Batgirl what looked like meatloaf but th sauce was orange that had red chili power on top and yellow flakes all over it.

"Kinda looks like an improvised meatloaf." Batgirl said.

"It is similar to your earth's meatloaf, but it's made of the finest meat products. Since I don't have an Tamaranean ingredients I had make do with what I had." Naruto said.

"What's it made out of?" Batgirl asked.

"Hamburger meat, chopped chicken and turkey, sweet ham, a mixture of ketchup and mustard with chili power, pepper flakes, and a filing of honey and hot sauce on the inside." Naruto smiled proudly.

"...Is it good?" Batgirl asked after pausing.

"Yep." Naruto said before cutting a slice and handed it to Batgirl. "Go on. Try it."

"...Okay..." Batgirl said grabbing the peace before eating it and her eyes widen as a explosion of flavor hit her tongue. "Whoa! That's pretty good!" She said as she ate the rest with gusto.

"Thanks. It's one of the recipes that energize you from my world." Naruto.

"So like coffee or an energy drink?" Batgirl guessed.

"Yes. Except they will make you feel like you could fight for three days straight. But even then that's considered a light sparring." Naruto grinned.

"Wait are you saying your people can fight for days in a row and not feel tired?" Batgirl said in shock.

"Yeah, we Tamaraneans are a warrior race and thus we have high stamina and endless energy." Naruto chuckled scratching his head. "Even stranger how my race has nine stomachs and not look like it."

"Alien physiology is so strange." Batgirl said.

"As a alien I second that. However in some cases, what seems strange to you is normal for other people." Naruto said.

"Touche." Batgirl agreed.

"BOOYAH! In your face grass-stain!" Naruto and Batgirl turned to see Cyborg dancing with Beast Boy pouting and grumbling, figuring that Cyborg beat Beast Boy in another game.

"You got lucky! I'll even the score!" Beast Boy shouted.

"Please! I'm up by ten wins! As if you'll be able to catch up!" Cyborg bragged.

"Never underestimate the power and skills of a beast!" Beast Boy said.

"Empty threats!" Cyborg waved.

"Your earth video games still baffle, but intrigue me." Naruto said.

"Yeah, it takes a lot of time and process to make games. The whole thing's an a aggressive schedule." Batgirl said.

"You don't say." Naruto muttered.

"Personally I don't see what the big deal is in video games. It seems pretty mindless." Raven said flatly.

"Don't diss video games! They are treasures of the world!" Beast Boy said praying as if giving thanks to the wonders of video games.

"Yeah! All you do is read boring books!" Cyborg huffed.

"Reading keep your mind healthy and strong." Raven said.

"It also helps you plan things out in life." Batgirl said.

"Lame." Beast Boy and Cyborg said making Batgirl pout and Raven huff.

"Earthlings are uniquely strange." Naruto thought.

Later in the evening

"Sounds like you made quite the friends, Foxfire."

"I know. Each one makes things amazing in their own way."

Naruto was in his room on his bed, as the room looked like a light blue spartan bedroom, talking to his sister through a transmission device.

"Well I am most glad that things are going well for you on Earth. Everyone misses you." His sister said.

"Hey did you find anything about, 'you know who'?" Naruto asked.

"Sorry. Nothing."

"Oh." Naruto sighed.

"Do not worry, brother. Everything will turn out good after some time. Just be patient."

"I guess your right."

"Anyway I must go. It's training time."

"Ok, talk to you later."

"Love you."

"Love you, too."

The transmission ended and Naruto put the device down before he fell back on the bed.

"Sister is right. I just have to be patient and wait for there to be word." Naruto said easing his body to relax.

Suddenly the alarms went off making Naruto rise up and flew out his room into the common room where the other were looking at the screen.

"What's the trouble?" Naruto asked.

"A break-in at the chemical plant." Raven said.

"And that's not all Cinderblock is on the move." Beast Boy said.

"What's the plan chief?" Cyborg asked Batgirl.

"Me, Raven, and Naruto will go to the chemical plant, while you and BB go after Cindy." Batgirl said getting everyone to nod at the plan. "Titans, go!"

Chemical Plant

At the plant there were vast amount of chemicals being poured into barrel, and on a line was a walking purple sludge monster with light green eyes drinking barrel after barrel all while growing bigger. This was Plasmus.

Just as Plasmus was drinking another barrel a starbolt hit the bottom making the chemicals fall out of it. Plasmus turned to see Batgirl standing there with Naruto and Raven at her sides.

"Pretty sure inhaling chemicals is unhealthy for you, Plasmus." Batgirl said.

Plasmus threw the empty barrel away before burping really loudly.

"I believe this is where Beast Boy would say, 'Nice one'." Naruto said.

"That's gross." Raven gagged.

Plasmus roared before charging at the heroes.

"Maneuver 28." Batgirl said.

"Right." Naruto and Raven said as flew over Batgirl and headed towards their opponent.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" Raven said making dark energy wrap around Plasmus as Naruto fired a barrage of starbolts at him making the sludge villian roar in pain.

"HA!" Batgirl leaped at Plasmus and smacked his face with her staff making him fall down to the ground dazing him. Batgirl then got on top of him and placed a batarang on top of him before pressing a button on it before jumping off making an electric shock go through Plasmus. "Raven wrap him up in a cocoon so he can't escape at the batarang does the job of knocking him out.

"Rodger." Raven said doing just that as Plasmus was shocked before the sludge dissolved showing a sleeping man in black underwear.

"So this is his true form?" Naruto asked.

"Yep. From what I was told last night he's only human when he's sleeping. They've been trying to find a cure for him, but nothing." Batgirl said taking out her communicator. "Cyborg, Beast Boy, how are things with Cinderblock?"

"It went great. We tried that maneuver you came up with and Cindy was out in no time." Cyborg said.

"And we did it with no collateral damage at all." Beast Boy said.

"Nice work. Our training has paid off. How about when we all get home I order pizza for everyone." Batgirl smiled.

"Alright!" Cyborg and Beast Boy cheered making Batgirl laugh, Raven sigh shaking her head, and Naruto chuckle.


"Impressive. Even when divided they took out Plasmus and Cinderblock down in no time." A deep male voice said in the shadows looking at the footage of the Titans. "Clearly Batgirl is a more effective leader than I originally thought."

"Please I can take down that female bat impersonation." A female voice said behind him.

"Patience my dear. Soon everything will flow into fruition." The deep male voice said.

Titans Tower

At the moment the Titans were enjoying their pizzas, with Cyborg having meat lovers, Beast Boy black olive and mushrooms, Raven plain cheese, Naruto pepperoni, and Batgirl sausage.

Batgirl frowned as she took another bite of her pizza.

"Something wrong Batgirl?" Naruto asked.

"Just something seems off." Batgirl said.

"What do you mean?" Beast Boy asked.

"Well Cinderblock breaking into jail and releasing Plasmus, Plasmus to attack the chemical plant while Cinderblock goes into another direction. The whole thing seems too smart for the rock-head." Batgirl.

"I was thinking the same thing." Cyborg said.

"So someone was pulling the strings behind the whole thing." Raven theorized.

"Like a puppeteer using puppet pawns." Beast Boy said.

"Question is; who's doing the pulling and why?" Naruto frowned.

"We'll figure it out. After all we'll show them what the Teen Titans are made of." Batgirl grinned raising her hand up.

"Yeah." The team agreed as they all high-fived.

Naruto x Batgirl x Supergirl x Wonder Girl(Donna Troy) x Starfire x Blackfire x Miss Martian

Beast Boy x Terra x Raven

Cyborg x Bumblebee x Jinx

As you can see I decided to give Raven to Beast Boy and took out Argent since that was my favorite pairing in Teen Titans, and I took out Ravager from Naruto.