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Chapter One: Reawakening

Enyv's violet eyes opened to what he could only assumed was the afterlife. He was drifting in pure whiteness, from what he could see. He knew what had happened, and knew what had been done.

Do homunculi go to heaven or hell? We don't even have souls to dictate where we would go... he mused. Then, he felt his body being slowly squeezed by black tendrils.

"Hello, little brother," a higher-pitched voice that was all too familiar said. Envy exhaled through his nose, annoyed. "What is it, Pride?" he asked.

"Talk about rude. Anyways, Father told me to give you a message," Pride said. Envy crossed his arms. "Oh, yeah? And what's that?" he asked.

The tendrils suddenly gave him a brutal squeeze. "What the hell was that for?!" Envy snapped.

"The other homunculi have perished, but they all had accomplished something in terms of helping Father. Lust lost her life after nearly killing the Flame Alchemist. Sloth did nothing but what he was told... useful, even if he was bad to complain. Wrath became the Fuhrer. Greed inhabited a powerful human. Gluttony wound up being an assistant in my own endeavor. And what did you do? You were nothing but an annoyance," Pride explained.

Envy trembled with anger. "Hey! I was the one who killed Hughes!" he brought up. Another suffocating squeeze. "Stop that!" he demanded.

"I don't care. Neither does Father. The other homunculi will rest in peace with myself. You, however? Father has no further use for you. You have lost your priviledges as a homunculus. You will live the rest of your pathetic existence as a lowly human," Pride sneered.

Suddenly, Envy was dropped by the tendrils. Even though he was released, he cried out in pain as one stray tendril forced its way into his chest and ripped out his Philosopher's Stone...


It was that visual that awakened Envy. Once he woke up, he coughed and hacked into his arm. A bit of blood splattered onto his pale arm. Once the fit passed, he looked around around and could only determined that he was in a hospital.

Worried by Pride's earlier words, he tore a hole in his hospital gown at his left thigh. Sure enough, his Ouroboras tattoo was gone. So his older brother was right.

Envy was really no longer one of the homunculus.

Although one part of his life was over, he had strong feeling that he was about to get in over his head with a new part.

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