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Chapter Twelve: Happy Birthday

The weeks passed, and Ed and Envy kept travelling and researching. Envy mostly stayed out of trouble, despite a few little... incidents... here and there.

He'd actually been making money to help Ed, picking up odd jobs under the alias of Evan Khaos. Ed had stable funds, but his boyfriend's gesture was appreciated nonetheless.

As time went by, the temperatures dropped and the night they spent together so passionately became longer.

Ed was still young, but he had the money saved and he knew that it would take time regardless. If Envy was even in agreement and up for the idea, that was.



The voice was enough to pull the ex-alchemist out of his sleepy nighttime state. He looked at his love, laying next to him. "Yeah, Envy?" he asked.

"Tomorrow is my birthday, but... what the hell do humans do on their birthdays?" Envy asked.

Ed couldn't help but feel a little sad for his boyfriend, who had never had the pleasure of a proper birthday in his 182 years of life. Not even one.

"It depends. Normally, the person whose birthday it is decides how they celebrate. What do you wanna do?" he asked. Envy thought, scratching his cheek. Then, his voice softened.

"I just want to spend it with you, Ed. You, and only you. And I want some cake. I know that humans eat that on their birthdays," he said.

Ed smiled. "Okay. We'll get your cake in the morning."


The next day, after Ed had finished his research, he and Envy went to a nice restaurant where Envy could get his cake. And indeed, they had a delicious dinner and chocolate cake. Currently, the couple was sitting at the table, waiting for their check.

Ed fished into his jacket pocket, holding a small package under the table. Although the movement was subtle, Envy still had sharp senses. "What was in your coat?" he asked.

"A gift for you. It's special," Ed said. He slid a small box across the table. Curious, Envy opened it.

Inside was a black band and a golden band.

"I got them for us to wear," Ed said, his voice quieting. Envy took the black band, admiring the beauty of it. "It looks nice, but... explanation?" he asked. To his surprise, Ed took his hands.

"Envy... I love you. And I know that I'm always going to love you. But I know that, right now, I'm too young legally. So promise me this," he said seriously. He slid the black band onto Envy's left ring finger.

"Please wear this, and promise me that you'll be mine for the rest of our lives. That someday, you'll marry me."

Saying that Envy was shocked was an understatement. His jaw was practically on the table. He was frozen, staring at the band around his finger.

But as taken aback as he was... he knew that something about it felt so right. It felt like this was the piece missing. The piece he needed to continue on. He finally picked up the golden band from the package and put it on Ed's left ring finger.

"I'll marry you when we're ready," he agreed, smiling. Then, they met for a kiss. Although some people who had been watching around them clapped, that didn't matter to them. Ed and Envy only knew that their matterred in this moment.

Finally, Ed pulled back, smiling.

"Happy birthday."

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