Hello! Yes don't worry I will continue the Starkids Parting Ways fanfic. But I'm kind of sick of it right now and can't really think of anything. :( So I'm just gunna try this.

Chapter one: Is it time?

December 27th

Lauren lay on her dorm room bed dreaming about a fantasy world she only prayed would happen.

Darren Criss.

He's all she wanted for a perfect guy. She's been looking for that perfect guy all her life and as soon as she laid eyes on him on their first day of college she knew he was the one.

Anyway as she was day dreaming she got a text from Julia her roommate.

Julia: Hey Lauren guess what I found out?

Lauren: What is it Jules I'm kinda busy.

Julia: Your gunna wanna hear this!

Julia: So you know Darren Criss? Your secret crush ;)

The only people that knew about her secret crush were her two roommates Julia and Jamie.

Lauren: Of course I do!

Julia: Well he's throwing a New Year's Eve party this year.

Julia: This will be a perfect opportunity for a New Year's Eve kiss ;)

Lauren: Omg! Thanks Jules!

Julia: Your at home right?

Lauren: Yep!

Julia: I'll be there in five.

Julia: Jamie says hi!

Lauren: K see you then Jules! And hi Jamie!

Lauren was SO excited! This is what she's been waiting for!

December 31st

5 o'clock that night Jamie and Julian were helping Lauren to get ready.

"Lauren we got ready in like an hour you have been getting ready since 2 and your still not ready!" Jamie said as Lauren tried on a 7th dress.

"Tonight needs to be perfect!" Lauren exclaimed.

"We know, but Darren's probably married at this point!" Laughed Julia.

Lauren gave her a playful nudge.

An hour later they were in the car outside Darrens apartment.

"Okay Lauren get ready for a night of kissing Darren and starting a beautiful relationship!" Jamie announced.

Lauren sighed. "I'm ready."

Okay there's the end of chapter one I know that it seems more like Crisspez than Richpez but I promise that it will come! ;)

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