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Chapter Six: Are you kidding me.

It's been a week since the audition. And the cast was going to be confirmed today.

Lauren was super excited and surprisingly not at all nervous. She was confident she was going to get the part and she new it would be so much fun.

"Ok Lo you are definitely going to get the part-" Jamie said before Julia cut her off.

"She shouldn't get her hopes up! Someone else could get the part there was loads of good actors there!"

"Yea sure but lauren was the best." Jamie added.

"Whatever happens I'm glad I at least tried." Lauren announced.

"That's the spirit!" Jamie said.

About an hour later they were just hanging out in their apartment talking when Lauren and Jamie got a text.

"Oh my god! Guys I got the part!"

"Yes!" Jamie squeaked "I'm in to!"

Lauren, Jamie and Julia spent the rest of the night getting ready for the first rehearsal tomorrow and Lauren was also getting ready to try again with Darren.

She needed him! And no loser like Joey was going to ruin that for her!

"Guys I need to advise on how to get Darren to like me more then friends."

"Oh- your trying again so soon?" Julia asked.

"Well yea. Why?"

"Just wait a bit. You don't wanna seem desperate." Jamie said.

"Oh ok." Lauren replied.

The next day and it was rehearsal time. When they walked into the rehearsal room they saw a noticeboard with one thing pinned on to it.

"It must be the cast so that we know who we're working with." Joe Walker said as they walked in.

"Okay we have Joe Walker, Joe Moses and...oh great."

Joey Richter.

Just when she thought she was getting away from him. He comes back.

Lauren looked around but didn't see Joey. Why would Darren cast him?! He doesn't even show up.

But she didn't care.

Brian Holden came up to Lauren and started saying something and Lauren knew it was going to be about Joey.

"Lauren, you kinda have to-"

"No brian I've told him before I DON'T want to see him!"

Lauren wanted to protest but Brian said:

"Lauren you need to get along with him, you have a duet together!"

Oh, shit.

He's right isn't he.

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