Erik placed his cloak on the rack before he removed his mask.

After placing Matt to bed and thankful Clara was already sound asleep, he made his way to the bedroom where he knew Christine was. As he entered, he smiled when she rose on her hands as she softly asked,

"The chandelier must have worn him out, right?"

"Yes, my angel," Erik answered as he made his way over. Once he was in the bed, he turned and placed his hand on her cheek as he finished,

"He sure wore Daroga out, too,"

Christine nuzzled her husband's hand as she answered,

"I remember when I was pregnant with him. He sure was a kicker,"

Hearing this, Erik met his wife's eyes before he repositioned himself in a sitting form, and opening his arms out wide, he asked,

"Can I make love to you tonight, my angel?"

When Christine made a seductive growl in her throat, Erik soon had his angel in his arms and thankful that the doors were locked…