Chapter One: Where it all Began

Sky Chambers liked to consider herself a normal girl. Well... for the most part. She was conceived because of a careless night at a bar and on the night of the 13th of October she was born much to her parents dismay. Sure, she thought that maybe it would have been better if they had given her up for adoption, but then she wouldn't have gotten the best thing that could ever happen to her: Seth Clearwater.

They had been best friends for as long as she could remember, pretty much all her life. She was grateful for their decision to move to La Push, Washington. The only reason they did was due to a distant family relative passing away when she was 6 months old and giving the house to Sky's mother. So however small the amount of Quileute her and her mother were, they had enough of the Quileute blood to allow them to live in the best place in all the world.

As the doting mother she was, Sue Clearwater (Seth's mom) made a batch of cookies and brought them over to her new neighbors the night she saw them move in. It didn't take her long to realize that Sky's parents were nothing like her and her dear Harry (Seth's dad). Thinking back, Sky figured she probably saw a bunch of empty beer bottles lying around and her parents drunkenly leaning on the door frame scowling at each other. Or rather, her dad probably swung the door open and his eyes roamed every inch of her body. Whatever he saw, he liked, because every time Sue came over to pick Sky up, he would check her out and let out a loud billowing wolf whistle. He just had to be her dad.

Every baby needs a loving parent to change their diaper and feed them, but for Sky, she had to learn to find food when she was old enough to walk. Unlucky for her, she wasn't a fast enough learner. Her parents would feed her once a day when she was really young and change her once a day. But, she did have luck: the Clearwaters. Every time Sue invited her over, her parents gladly accepted, shoving her out the door. After just a few weeks of her inviting Sky over every day, they just left her on the Clearwaters doorsteps every morning at 7. Then they strolled back to their house and went back to sleep. And yes, that meant that they were leaving their child, less than one year old, alone for someone else to take care of.

Great parents, she knew. They constantly reminded her that she was the reason they got married and they hated her for it. They hated each other and everything about the life they had.

Sky, on the other hand, was grateful for her life because it gave her the Clearwaters. She knew they were her family, even if she didn't live with them. The Clearwaters were a wonderful, caring family and she knew that without them, she would be lost.

A/N: This is a rewrite of a story I had written about 10 years ago. And this is more of a prologue than a full chapter. Getting you to know Sky a little before launching into the chaos. Of course, I do not own Twilight or any of the Twilight characters.