"Kazooie you sure you fixed this thing?" The bear asked his Breegull buddy.

"Of course I did, why wouldn't I have?" The bird snapped to her furry friend.

Banjo and Kazooie were partaking in a race around Spiral Mountain against their various SEGA friends, with them being attacked by Gruntilda who wasn't part of the race but served as the opponent from the outside to add more stakes to the race.

"My place is firm and my judgement is fro," Grunty began to rhyme while cackling and firing off a combination of her witch magic and technologically advanced missiles from her metallic plane. "I'll make these chumps lose their heads and a toe!"

"Man you really reached for that 1!" Alex Kidd pointed out only for him to be put in his place from getting turned into a frog as his vehicle went crashing into the spiraling mount in the middle of the grassy meadows used as the race track.