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"No, no, no" The wildly sprawling hair of a young Yang Xiao Long followed the shaking of her head, as she tried to reject the reality of what was before her.

The house was ruined. There were holes in some parts of the roof, as the open doorway held nothing but a messed up table and chairs, zero value to be found. Yang rubbed her eyes to let go of some of her forming tears, as howls registered in her ears.

She turned back to greet her sister, who was slowly waking up thanks to the noise and quickly started to run. Sights of a dark, blacky lupine grimm, beowolves, prowled out of the woods.

"Yang?" She didn't respond, a rough tug on her sister's cloak bringing the younger girl in her arms. Yang quickly grabbed a few pieces of wood or trash from the wagon as a makeshift weapon before the first monster jumped. With a yelp, she dropped whatever she was holding and pushed her and Ruby lower into the wagon. Both girls watched, wide eyed as the underbelly of the beast leapt over them, a deep pit of black encased their eyes.

Ruby hiccuped, and it was not a good thing for Yang to hear. It lead her own sniffles and hiccups to start coming as well. In a desperate attempt, she threw a bottle a another beowolf as it snarled, earning them a loud thunking noise.

It didn't gain them much time as another grimm was about to attack. Yang hugged her sister tightly, and suddenly they could feel something warm on them. Ruby's eyes glowed, and that… Was that.

Qrow got there when the grimm started to leap. He dispatched them quickly, only to find an empty wagon.


What in the Galaxy was Luke supposed to do?

It took him a few years, but the Jedi Knight turned Grand Master by proxy (as he was the last member of the Order) salvaged the last of the scrolls and holocrons of the Jedi Temple.

What he gleaned from the records was... not what he had hoped.

It was the revelation of what led to the fall of the Order, the transformation of the Republic into the Empire, and events that brought his father to the Dark Side that had Luke resting in the little hut originally belonging to his master, Yoda on Dagobah. He brooded over what transpired and what options he could choose. Sadly; none of his masters of the other Jedi he could commune to through the Force wanted to reveal any answers.

Luke's moment of dissonance between his ideals and his reality of the Jedi Order were thoroughly smashed quite literally, by the disturbance in the Force. It was primal, untrained and wild to his senses, and the man quickly ran outside to find whatever it was.

Rain poured down into the foggy swamp, drops pitter pattering onto his hood as he searched. Luke easily followed the graces of the Force's gentle nudging, and was met with the wide eyes of scared little humans.

"Hello there, younglings" He greeted with a soft gesture. The two girls he stumbled on looked no worse for wear, aside from a bit of dirt and grime on their faces, plus some mud on their clothes. He stopped and frown to form when he noticed how thin they were. Too thin.

Luke had an idea on how they came to be, considering the planet was uninhabited and no sign of a starship entered or left the planet. It wasn't good, their parents should be looking for them.

"Do you two know where you are?" The yellow haired one shook her head. And he detected a Force connection the two girls had with each other. A sign of familial bond, now that he finally knew what it was after training with his late master.

He smiled to try and put them at ease, "What about your family. A father, or mother?"

It seemed his words had the opposite effect, as the girls sniffled louder and started to cry. The one in the red cloak wailed as she quickly grabbed a hold on his cloak.

"Oh dear."


It took forever for Luke to get the girls calmed down, only for him to carry them back to his shelter, all the while patting on their backs as they fell into a fitful sleep. Soon they were out of the rain, holding each other on a makeshift bed in Yoda's old home, warmed by the fireplace and covered by his outer robes. The girls had refused to take their hands off each other, if their lives depended on it.

"R2, watch over them will you?" The little astromech beeped quietly in an affirmative as he fed the fire with some branches. Luke took a deep breath, mulling over what had transpired and how obviously Force sensitive those two girls were.

Luke closed his eyes to meditate, expecting an answer to many of his questions and revelations from his force masters, but was only greeted with silence. After an hour or two of meditating with no avail, and no improvement over his mood, Luke quickly went over to his communicator. After a quick dial over many contacts he acquired over the years after leaving Tatooine, only one had the freedom to answer.

"Hey kid, How've you been?"

"Han." Luke greeted with a smile, the man hadn't really changed. "Same as ever?"

"Oh you know me. Just finished paying back my debt. And ole Lando went back to taking over Cloud City."

"That's good."

The man nodded over the comm link as Chewbacca waved to him, "So why'd you call? Last I remember you vanished out of Coruscant the moment we won. Said something about finding old Jedi records."

"Yes, but that's not the reason why I'm calling. Could you land over in Dagobah? I remember you have the coordinates in the Falcon."

Han Solo raised a brow, "Sure, but I can't see why. You should still have your X-wing right?"

"About that." Once Luke started, a wail came from the other side of the room thanks to R2D2. He turned to see the red cloaked child poke and prod the astromech droid from all angles, making a lot of 'oohs and ahhs' sounds. Like she never a droid before.


"I can explain." he said quickly.

"Who's the lucky lady?"

"They are not mine."

"They?" Han raised a brow. Under his breath Luke cursed.