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The Millennium Falcon was greeted with more setbacks than fanfare. They had to find a clear landing spot and when it came to Dagobah, every inch was covered in a swamp or had trees in the way. Even with some help from Luke, Han and Chewbacca stepped out of the Falcon swatting away vines out of every vent and tube from the ship they could muster.

The two adults turned their heads, picking up the signs of the girls hiding behind Luke's robes as they descended.

"Han before you say anything."

The other man waved him off, "I was kidding. I didn't know you were starting up your order finally. Everyone's been asking if you-"

"Han, They are not my padawans." The Jedi Grand Master corrected the man, and it earned a near wide eyed look from the other.

With an accusatory finger Han Solo proclaimed, "Don't tell me you kidnapped them."

"I didn't!" He answered quickly, not moving as the girls huddled behind him.

"Gwaaar" Chewbacca's roar was quickly translated to 'They were sold?'

And a headache started to form just as the girls stared at Chewy as if they never saw wookie before, "No"

Luke brought the two girls into the Falcon to clean them up and after searching around for something to keep them warm, he laid the two at the lounge as Han and his partner looked over the falcon from the outside.

The girls were more than cooperative as he took care of them. Likely thanks to the warm and peaceful presence of the force around him. They stared at the giant hologram at the table of the map of the galaxy, a thought was set aside in his mind for another time. He motioned for the girls to look over the list of planets available.

"Can you find what your home looks like? Anything special about it?"

"The moon was broken!"

Now that was a clear indicator if he ever heard of one. While there were plenty of planetary system with scarrings of natural or artificial devastation, the systems were normally taken care of by clean up efforts. Another sign of a potential answer that Luke did not like.

The controls were given to the girls with quick instruction for them to search for their home and hopefully they would meet their family again within the week. Luke left them in the capable oversight of R2D2 as he walked down the ramp to the hut.

"You know nobody's gonna believe you" Han appeared by his side with a few cabes nested in his arms.

Luke ignored it to motion to the hut, "Just help me get all these scrolls in, and dock the X-wing so we take it with us."

"Already doing it, but I'm just saying-"

He sighed, "Yes I know, Leia's gonna grill me"

"As long as you know." Han finished and at that the group of men quickly got to work. It wasn't much as by the hour they had carried the necessary items uke wanted as Chewbacca brought the final touches of the camps on the X-wing to the underbelly of the Millenium Falcon.

As the men got to the cockpit and with a few fips of the switches the Falcon lifted off the planet without little problem. Han Solo turned to his passenger and asked, "Coruscant?"

"Yes. Maybe they're on record"

Han shook his head, remembering the expressions on the childrens' faces as they looked over the map, "Probably not but fingers crossed"

"by the way..."

The pilot turned accusatory, "I knew it, you stole 'em!"

"I did not!"

Chewy was on the uptake, agreeing with his partner with a roar.

"They're sensitives, how could you not?"

Luke raised a hand only to let it fall and admitted, "They're... okay they are, lucky guess, but still!"

"It wasn't a guess. I can feel it. Me." Han finished, clearly mentioning how obvious the man could feel the children be force sensitive, a residual effect from what happened to them.

He agreed, "Yes, there was a disturbance in the force"

It was incredibly odd how he was acting so much like Ben and Master Yoda before him. And to be honest Luke didn't want to see what his words elicited from his 'always skeptic' friend, opting to look outside the viewport to see the Falcon fly straight out of the atmosphere.

"You had no idea" Han deadpanned at the last jedi.

Maybe Luke was spending too much time alone like some sort of hermit for him to be to vaguely mysterious, but it was the only answer that made sense. He repeated, "They came to me through the force"


"I had nothing to do with it"

"Sure, will of the force"

"It was!"

"Suuuure" Han rolled his eyes as he finished the conversation. The last Jedi sighed, there was no convincing him. From a certain perspective Luke would have been thankful for the timely interruption from Chewy as the wookie rawred, pointing out farther in the center of the view point.

The Last Jedi squinted his eyes, focusing on the forms of a couple of near to salvaged and honesty could have seen better days starships blocking the Millennium Falcon from entering hyperspace.

"I have a bad feeling about this."

"Han, what did you do?"

"Nothing Luke!"