Verona, Wisconsin. December 11, 2014.

Chris Reyes smiled as he hit the mark in the darts board. He cut a decent figure. The young man was slim and muscular. He was dressed his usual attire of a yellow hoodie, jeans, and a Wisconsin Badgers winter hat. His name made people think that he was Latino, but he was only half on his mother's side. His father was white and Chris looked more like his dad than his mom.

"Beat that ├ęses," he said as he turned to his two companions. One of them was a tall, medium-sized young white man named Nathan Byers. The other one was a husky white guy who was named Shawn Klaas.

"Why you gotta make a bullseye every freaking time, bro?" Shawn complained as Nathan tried to aim carefully. He let his dart fly and it landed a few inches away from Chris's.

"Son of a bitch!" He swore as he pulled five bucks out of his pocket and handed it to his friend.

"Easy money," Chris remarked as he pocketed the cash. He enjoyed playing a good game of darts with his homeboys. Every night after work, if you calling growing and selling marijuana work, the guys would crash at their usual haunt: Duffy's Tavern. It was a decent bar and a good place to sell. Shawn went up to the bar where Duffy was cleaning glasses.

"Give me a Mike's Hard Lemonade," Shawn said as Duffy gave the college drop out a dirty look instead.

"It's been two months and I'm calling your tab," Duffy said. "You and your pals owe me 75 bucks."

"75 Bucks!" Shawn exclaimed in disbelief. "What the Hell, man?"

"You guys keep downing liquor and Chris keeps saying that he'll get me later, but later never comes. I've let you boys slide for too long. If you don't pay up this month, I'll have to beat your asses down," he said this and he meant it. Duffy was a businessman above all else and he took his cash count seriously.

"We'll pay off," Shawn assured him. "Don't worry."

Duffy gave Shawn a lopsided grin. "I ain't worried, Shawny boy. You're the one who should be worried." Shawn was very worried. Duffy was a big, tough guy so seventy-five dollars worth of ass kicking was something to take seriously. Suddenly, a cheerful Chris and a glum Nathan came up to the bar and it was obvious who had won at darts.

"Give me some Whiskey, Duffy," Chris demanded.

"Duffy won't give us any more credit," Shawn said glumly. Chris stared at Duffy disbelievingly.

"You serious?" He asked as he stared down the bartender. "Don't screw with us dude, you know we're good for it. When did we ever not pay our bill?"

"Last month." Duffy clarified.

"You said you'd add it on to this month's, you son of a bitch!" Nathan exclaimed. "So I don't see why you can't add a Mike's and two Whiskey shots to that."

"That's over ten dollars and I've seen you over at the Darts board, wagering cash still owed," insisted Duffy. "And like I just told Mr. Saloon Door over here, if I don't get that money pretty soon, I'm going to take it out of all your hides!"

"I'll get you the money tomorrow if you give us the booze right now," Chris vowed.

"Fine..." Duffy gave in to Chris. Almost everybody did. It was a gift he had, a gift for getting away with things. He could talk anyone into anything. "But if I don't get the cash by 10 PM tomorrow, I'll come looking for you boys." Shawn got chilled. He had heard Duffy say that to another guy once and he had also seen the guy after Duffy got done with him. He was beaten so badly, his own mom wouldn't even recognize him. But everyone knew that Chris Reyes told you that he'd have money for you, he'd have it. No knew how he was gonna get it, but he'd have it. After the guys downed their drinks, they got inside Chris's 1980 El Camino. It had been gifted to Chris by his old man before he passed and it was his pride and joy.

"So I was thinking, we order some pizza and have a Game Of Thrones marathon," Nathan said as he climbed into the back of the truck as Chris and Shawn got in the front.

"I'm down," Shawn replied. Chris started the vehicle and off they went into the night.

When Mary finally came to, she saw herself still in the woods, although these were not the same woods and she felt it.

"Hello, is anyone there?" she called out. There was no response. The Scottish Queen got to her feet and made her way through the woods. As she walked, Mary called out for anyone, but silence was the only response. Eventually, she found a clearing and came out to find what looked like a road, but it was black and it was not filled with gravel as most roads were. As she stepped onto it, Mary heard what sounded like music. She turned to see a pair of blinding lights coming towards her.

"Ahhh!" the Queen screamed as her world went white and then back to black.

"Oh, shit!" Chris swore as he stopped the truck. He had seen the girl and swerved out of the way just in time, but it had still been a close call.

"What the Hell happened?" Shawn asked as Chris unbuckled and got out.

"I told you, dude, you gotta warn me when you swerve!" Nathan called out.

"Dudes, get over here!" Chris yelled as his friends exited the El Camino and walked over to him.

"What's up?" Shawn asked as they all looked where Chris was pointing. There, they all saw a woman who was about their age lying on the road unconscious. She was a beautiful young woman, tall and slender, with an oval-shaped face, long black hair, hazel eyes, and a creamy fair complexion. The girl was wearing a fancy looking dress. It was black with gold embellishments.

"Please tell me that you're seeing this," Chris begged.

"If by this, you mean the chick... then yeah," Nathan replied.

"I thought I was high," Chris admitted.

"Who is this chick?" Shawn inquired. "She looks like something out of a Renaissance fair." Chris bent down to touch her neck.

"She's alive!" he exclaimed as he picked her arms up. "Nathan, grab her legs."

"What are you doing dude?" He asked.

"We can't just leave her here," Chris pointed out. "She could get run over or some perv could come along and grab her."

"Can't we just call 911 and have them deal with it?" Shawn offered.

"Hell no!" Chris exclaimed. "We came from a bar, I was drinking! If we call 911 and whoever shows up gives me a breathalyzer test, I'm gonna get a DUI. They'll take my license."

Nathan sighed as he grabbed the girl's legs. "This is bullshit!" he exclaimed as they lifted her off the road.

"Careful guys, don't drop her," Shawn instructed as Chris and Nathan set her down gently in the truck bed. With misgivings and fear as to what they were going to do when she woke up. The boys drove off with their precious cargo.