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She was a bit odd.

She had been a receptionist when the Zombie outbreak happened.

But instead of feeling fear at her situation, she was overcome with excitement.

Finally, something interesting was happening to her.

She managed to fight her way to the quickly set up base under the control of the famous Ben Tennyson.

She saw so many famous and strong people and their presence seemed to bring a sense of security to those who couldn't fight.

Even though Magic didn't work now and intergalactic teleporters and communication were down, the Zombie were slow and could still be killed by a shot to the head.

The living had high-tech weapons that can kill the Zombies without getting close, so the war was extremely easy and everybody knew it was only a matter before this passes and they could rebuild.

Then an alien died and the war changed.

They found out that Zombies could use the abilities they had when they were alive while that zombie alien began massacring them and turning more aliens into Zombies.

They had to retreat and thank God that no alien that could breach the walls was turned.

Then the people who were so confident and sure around her turned pathetic, they no longer wanted to go war and just sat around and complained all day.

The change in everybody's attitude was affecting the hero of the world, even though he stopped coming, she could that he was not sleeping because when he came back to the base as an alien, he was slower and looked tired.

The people around him thought he could do better.

And those at the base than had the nerve to be shocked when Ben Tennyson was too tired to avoid the Zombies like usual and fell into a pile of them.

But he wasn't turned, the Zombies ripped him to spreads because he was their greatest threat, the Omnitrix was lost in the horde.

After the death of their hero, everybody went into full panic mode, they had lost their biggest assets and nobody knew when the food would run out.

She stopped eating around this time, in fact, the thought of eating made her feel sick and she would go days without it and not lose any weight.

Nobody noticed that she wasn't eating, after all, she just a low level solider, just barely above a civilian, she had no powers so she was vastly ignored.

So she continued to not eat and still not lose weight, then she began to look at the wall and beyond.

She hadn't slept in days and yet she was fine.

"Oh," she said under her breath. "Is this where I come in?"

She waited a few days to confirm her suspicion and then she snuck off to the entrance in the middle of the night, by some miracle she made it passed the guards and unlocked the gate before somebody noticed her.

Then she ran, she ran like a crazy person.

She ran away from the despair and idiocy of the living and Zombies noticed her and began to walk towards her.

But just when they about to approach she began to shine and then everything came out of her.

She got her true memory back.

The truth was when the Zombie rose, she actually was not s receptionist, she did not even exist before then, she had actually come with the Zombies.

She had lied to herself to infiltrate the living.

She was...

She suddenly grew taller like a skyscraper, a black cloak wrapped around her as her skin turned sickly white and underneath the cloak was nothing but thousands of Zombies inside.

She let out an animalistic roar that shook the whole world.

She was the Zombie Queen.

Everybody living and dead could feel a monster suddenly existing.

She looked back at the wall, she could destroy the living if she simply wanted to.

But where was the endless entertainment in that if she controlled everything?

Her presence disappeared much to people shock, she grew smaller and went on a haunt.

A few hours later she found it.

The Omnitrix.

The watch had managed to hang on to a piece of Ben Tennyson arm and protect it.

She took it within her.

And then found a place to settle down and instructed the zombies to begin building, it took 5 days of constant construction before she had a city with walls and a barrier to make sure the living couldn't see it.

Then she began bestowing intelligence on Zombies, giving them better bodies, new names and gave them work.

She also gave them the ability to control their infection, they could touch things and leave no residue.

The whole city was running in hours and she created pure food and fed it to the Zombies, creatures who didn't need it, just as a middle finger to the living.

How dare they treat her like a mere foot soldier.

And then when she was comfortable, the city watched from screens set up all over as she laid the watch on a stone tablet and began reviving Ben Tennyson.

The living greatest hope and the dead greatest threat.

It couldn't be anybody but her who could bring Been Tennyson back using that arm piece.

Well, not exactly back.

When she was done, the body was whole was once again, she stopped and waited for him to open his eyes.

A minute later, his eyes opened and he sat up.

She said. "What is your name?"

He replied back, emotionless. "Wanderer. My queen. Breathers are fifth disgusting animals"

She smiled and said. "Welcome to the city. Wanderer"

It was then she noticed the watch was gone from her arm but she quickly found what happened.

The boy and the watch had merged and he had gained all the abilities inside the watch.

Basically, he was god now.

The perfect person to battle her.

Ben Tennyson truly was the greatest hero but now that she had him under her control, he would never disobey or think of going again her.

Plus the boy knew what fate awaited him if he ever changed sides and went after his own kind.

Sure he may finish them all off, but the living will either execute him after the war, cage him until he was useful again or experiment on him.

Either to try and cure him or to try to build an army of undead soldiers.

Yes, nothing but misery and torment waited him if he ever switched sides.

Staying in a city where he had the things the living dreamed off was so much better.

And all she asked was that he get on his knees and bow to her if he ever see her in real life or on-screen, which he was more then happy to comply to.

She named the undead city Bloody Reaper and she did not forbid the residence to go outside the city, knowing full well how many takers that would amount too.

After all, who would went to go to a place were everything smelled and looked terrible?

The only reason to go out is for an ego boost.

So she was not surprised when Wanderer began to wander out of the city in a high-tech model car, made by Zombies.

The boy would just drive around, sometimes he would eat food or he would blare music loudly from the windows.

With how frequently he did it, it was enviable that he would come across breathers.

And own day he did, he saw a small group of breathers being surrounded by a lot of zombies coming up on the road ahead of him.

They heard his engine and then saw the car.

They tried to get his attention but he passed them like he didn't see them, he kept driving and should have continued but something in him made him sigh and turn around.

He drove back to the place and opened the doors and said. "Get in"

The group of 4 didn't need to be told twice.

They got in, he locked the doors behind them and drove off.

It was then that all the breather realised how amazing the car they stepped into looked on the inside and how he, a teenager who was driving, was looking picture ready when they were all thin, smelly and starving.

All of them were understandably shocked.

Wanderer said. "Don't get me wrong. I didn't save you. I'm bored." Before he asked, "So which base do you guys belong to?"

They were all silent.

He suddenly turned the car wheel rapidly and the car began to spin, he didn't stop despite their yelling as the breathers found nothing to cling to.

"I'll ask you again, breathers. Which base do you belong to?" he said, calmly as the car continued to spin, they others were screaming and yelling for him to stop.

"Central base!" Suddenly somebody yelled.

He stopped being crazy and stopped spinning the car and said. "There, was that so hard?"

They were dizzying and looked green.

"If you throw up in my car. I will kill you" he said, stunning them. "You guys have no idea what you got into a car with. Use your minds, if a teenager this clean is driving around in this kind of car in this kind of world then you got into a car with a bigger monster. Do anything to my car and I'll kill you."

They all shut up and looked fearful.

They drove in the nice car for ages in silence, and the breathers began to notice the heating hugging their sense for the first time in who knows how long, Wanderer put on some music as he drove.

He heard stomach rumbling.


Of course.

He pressed a button and out came a long tray and on it was a steam hot cheese Pizza.

They were stunned.

"Eat it or don't eat it. I don't care" he said. "The Pizza is safe for you guys. My car isn't a place for something ridiculous like hunger"

They stared at him, before they began to take a hot slice and, for the first time in who knows how long they had something hot and fresh in their mouths.

One of them began crying.

"It's so good," she said.

He didn't turn his head, as they enjoyed the slices.

He then said. "Here."

He gave them a box of wipes much to their shock, and then he opened something below and it revealed to be a cooler for cold bottles of fresh water.

The breathers could not believe their eyes, as he handed it to them while thanking him.

He pressed a button and a screen came down and it started playing an old T-show with sound and everything.

This was something else now.

"...Who are you?" Said the man next to him, to have so many godly resources and look so healthy and clean.

"My name.." He said. "Is Wanderer. Where I come from, this is nothing. You could say, I come from a completely different world to you. My leader is far more competent and dangerous than your own." Before he said. "Honestly you weren't supposed to see me, I shouldn't even be helping you but here I am"

They were stunned.

"We have 5 minutes to go," he said. "When I get to the gate. You will get out of my car and enter. If you don't, well I'll make sure you leave in a body bag. I can feel the need to kill all of you. Would you like to see my true face?"

And it was safe to say, all four of them promptly got out when they were at the gate.

The group walked to it, waving their arms around and making sure the guards saw that they had no bite marks on their arms.

And then he began to back up and drove away.

He drove away at his very top speed because he had a sinking feeling that if he didn't, some mode of transportation would catch up to him.

He then hit the cloaking on the car and the car seemed to vanish from view and the tracks he made as well.

An hour later he saw the city.

His home.

He glanced at the mess the breathed a made to the other seats.

He drove into the city and headed straight for a car repair shop and then got out.

He said. "I don't care how much it costs, I want you to remove every seat but the drivers, burn them to the ground and then replace them. Then when you're done, burn my carpet and replace that too. I let something disgusting hitch a ride in my car"

The Zombie Mechanics were stunned by compiled.

Wanderer couldn't understand it.

Why did he help those filthy breathers?

#An hour or two later#

Kevin Levin car came back and out was Gwen.

"The trace went cold," said Kevin. "The guys long gone"

"The tracks stop after a bit. It's like he just vanished" said Gwen.

"It was the most amazing thing," said one woman. "The inside of the car was so nice and clean. There was heating and tv. He gave us got hot cheese pizza, water and wipes"

Of course, those who heard it were shocked.

"He was so clean," said the man. "He said nobody starves in his car and then he treated us"

"I didn't want to leave," said the woman, who had cried earlier. "The pizza was so hot and delicious and the water was so fresh. It was so warm in his car. I don't care if he's a monster, he was so good to us"

"And you sure there was no watch?" Said Grandpa Max.

"Yes, there was no watch," said a man. "He looks like and sounds like Ben Tennyson, but he doesn't act like him. He said his name was Wanderer and he's from a place that has far greater resources then we do. He said we were never supposed to see him"

"Alright," said Max, before given orders. "If any of anybody see a vehicle matching the description of him. Try to see if he's willing to meet us or pass along a message on.

We have a year at best of resources."

Ben had saved too many people, there were too many mouths to feed.

If there really was a place with a huge amount of resources, they would even talk to a monster.

But as they tried to contact this guy, they would meet nothing but shock as he revealed just how privileged he was.

That and how twisted his mind could be.

And scene!