Events in this crossover mainly take place after 'The End of Time' and around the start of Series 5 (Doctor Who); and within the time of the second season of Kim Possible.

This is a sequel to the first crossover, which was simply titled 'Time Sitch'.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kim Possible or Doctor Who. Disney owns Kim Possible, and Doctor Who is owned by the BBC.

Here's the first entry of this crossover, the sequel to my first KP/DW crossover! I really hope you all enjoy what's to come!

This prologue was re-edited, as of 23/07/20. I took out unnecessary elements to the original version, did a lil bit of rewriting, and moved the original intro of the first chapter (next entry) into this prologue.

Note: this prologue is inspired by one of the final scenes of 'The End of Time' (Doctor Who).

The Dark Rising of the Cybermen

A Kim Possible/Doctor Who crossover

The sequel to 'Time Sitch'


Powell Estate, Peckham – 1st January 2005

The Doctor watched on as Rose disappeared, bounding up the stairs to her flat. He knew his time was nearly up.

He had taken a 'state of grace', stalling his regeneration. After everything he had achieved, and after everything he had been through, the Doctor felt he had deserved a reward. He had wanted to see his past companions and loved ones one final time, before everything these eyes had seen were forgotten to time.

No, not forgotten. That was perhaps an exaggeration. But stored at the back of a dusty, cluttered memory bank system in his mind.

His thoughts; his memories; his character… Everything that made the Doctor who he was would soon be replaced by another man.

He had visited pretty much everyone he had wanted to see. Martha; Mickey; Jack; Sarah-Jane; Wilf; and Rose…

These weren't the only ones the Doctor had seen one final time. He had watched Jo sail down the Yangtze River in a tea chest; visited Hame before she passed away; had Verity – the granddaughter of Joan Redfern – sign a copy of her book 'The Journal of Impossible Things'; and witnessed Donna's wedding to Shaun Temple. Alongside many other trips the Doctor made to see his closest friends.

He was very proud of them. Every single one of them.

There were two others the Doctor would have liked to have visited. Two brave kids he had briefly met one time… Not just kids; they were heroes. The Doctor had hoped he would meet them again. As this face, as the man he was futilely clinging onto. But they were from another universe. With a heavy heart, the Doctor knew it would be too demanding in his current condition to see them.

The Doctor had just been talking to Rose, although that hadn't been his intention. But when one holds back their own regeneration and is overdue, some discomfort is to be expected. The Doctor's painful groans had given away his hiding spot. Although he had been concealed by the building's shadow, so the Doctor felt assured Rose hadn't see his visage.

She probably just thought he'd been having 'one too many'. Struggling to get home after a wild New Year's celebration. The Doctor was certainly struggling. Maybe he was drunk, from all the regeneration energy inside him? But no… Being drunk was supposed to numb the pain. The Doctor was feeling every last pain, prickling and sting in his body.

When talking to Rose, the Doctor had seen the sad look in her eyes, despite her chirpy, light-hearted approach towards him. But even then, her body language had suggested a more low-spirited, despondent nature. No inkling of her direction in life.

The Doctor knew that would all change for her very soon.

They had exchanged new year's wishes, and then the Doctor had planted a seed of hope. Something to help her dream, to believe that better things would come. The Doctor had said that this year – for Rose – was going to be…


That wasn't the word the Doctor actually used. But it would have been so appropriate. It reminded him of the man he once was when he first met Rose. The first Doctor she had fallen in love with…

As Rose completely disappeared from view, the Doctor started grunting in pain. His 'state of grace' had come to an end. The regeneration process would soon begin.

Pain overwhelmed the Doctor. He started to slowly trudge back towards the TARDIS, initially holding himself on the side of the wall for support. As he turned around the corner of the building, his vision became hazier. He began stumbling more. Even just walking proved to be a painful burden.

The Doctor trudged along the snow, in the middle of the estate, all alone. His only companion was the silence, besides the small gusts of wind. He whimpered in pain, and also sadness. But right now mostly in pain.

He then cried out in agony, collapsing to the ground. The Doctor just about managed to stop himself crumbling completely by holding himself up by the arms.

For a while, the Doctor couldn't find the strength or the will to lift himself up. He continued to whimper. He was very afraid.

And then he began to hear ethereal singing around him. Or was it just in his mind? It seemed somewhat disturbing. The Doctor looked up, and there standing before him now was Ood Sigma. Not for the first time either, remembering post-Mars…

"We will sing to you, Doctor", Ood Sigma said calmly. "The universe will sing you to your sleep."

The ethereal singing stopped. And then another song began. Again, it was probably all in the Doctor's mind. But it sounded very clear to him. There was one very distinct, poignant voice that began to ring out…

Vale decem…

'Farewell ten'. This was his swansong. With all the strength and willpower he had left, the Doctor gradually stood up. He continued to whimper in pain.

Far away, on the Ood Sphere, a Chorus of the Ood sung in dedication to the Doctor. Every Ood on the moon was singing as one.

For the final time, the Doctor began to stumble towards the TARDIS.

"This song is ending", Ood Sigma said to the Doctor. "But the story never ends."

Putting on a façade of dogged determinedness, the Doctor continued to walk towards the TARDIS, holding back the pain. Eventually, he arrived, and leaned one hand against the door as he unlocked it. And then he stepped inside.

The Doctor closed the door behind him. And then the realisation came to him. This was it. This was the end.

The Doctor began walking up the metallic gangway, once more supporting himself on the handrails. He took off his well-used Duster-type overcoat, and flung it onto one of the coral pillars.

He then lifted his right-hand up, and noticed it glowing with regenerative energy. The Doctor knew this would be his final regeneration. There wouldn't be another one afterwards. He'd wasted a regeneration to keep his current incarnation alive, such was the vanity he used to be guilty of. But there was no get-out this time.

This next one would be his final run.

After a long moment looking at his right-hand glowing, the Doctor paused the regenerative energy very briefly. He began to circle the TARDIS console, setting-up the flight path for the ship so it could enter spatio-temporal orbit around the Earth.

The singing in the Doctor's mind was now at full chorus, ringing loudly within his head. The swansong was coming to a close… which would mean the final nail in the coffin for his own song.

With the TARDIS now flying above the Earth, the Doctor finished walking round the console. And then he stopped in his tracks. He started panting, with his eyes beginning to well-up with tears. He wanted to cry, but he felt it would show weakness.

But he did feel weak. His life, as this person, had been too short. And now he was so alone. He was going to die alone. No Rose to comfort him. Or Martha. Or Donna. Not even Wilf… This was the curse of a Time Lord.

And then he finally broke.

"I don't want to go."

The Doctor's face started to glow. The regenerative energy was really starting to boil-up. But even now, the Doctor was vainly fighting back against the regeneration process for as long as he could.

The Doctor looked down at his hands, which were also glowing with the regenerative energy. He was so scared. And so petrified.

His panting increased. Tears continued to build-up in his eyes. His eyes looked raw with emotion. All the while the regenerative energy continued building-up to the climax.

He couldn't hold it back anymore. The Doctor suddenly exploded into regeneration, setting the TARDIS on fire and causing massive damage to the ship. The coral structures crumbled all around him.

And before he knew it, he was gone.

In another universe...

A young, red-haired girl lay quietly in her bed, hugging her much loved Pandaroo. Her name was Kimberly Ann. She had just finished her first full week at preschool, and it had been very tiring for the four-year-old.

Yet, Kimberly couldn't drop-off to sleep. Her parents had long gone to bed, and the little girl had been twisting and turning agitatedly for a while. She had eventually given up, and decided to simply lie still, looking towards the clear-night sky through her window.

But she didn't like lying still, or not being able to go to sleep. Because it meant she would have to listen to the silence of the night. And if it was silent, then she would start to get spooked by the quietest of sounds.

On this particular night, Kimberly could hear faint creaking from downstairs. But this time, it felt different to the other noises in the night. Kimberly felt a little bit scared. She pulled-up a bit more of the bed sheets covering her, and continued to hug her Pandaroo tightly.

Suddenly, the creaking noises from downstairs stopped. Kimberly didn't know why. And then the leaves of the trees began to blow more vigorously, as the little girl began to hear a faint, strange sound from outside…


Kimberly sat-up, staring towards her window with curiosity. She had let go of any idea about going to sleep, and jumped out of her bed. She crept across the room to where her bedroom window was, and sat on-top the windowsill.

The young girl took in everything she saw from her bedroom window. All the stars seemed to be out tonight, sparkling in the night-sky. She was easily mesmerised by them, forgetting about all her worries.

She then looked down towards her family garden below, and saw a small glimmer of blue lighting coming from behind the trees. She couldn't see anything else though, and soon the weird whirring sounds stopped.

As she continued to look down, a figure suddenly appeared from behind the trees. She couldn't clearly see the person yet, as they were in the shade of the trees while it was dark. But it looked like a man, and it looked like his clothes were very tattered.

Kimberly wondered to herself who this strange man was. But as the mysterious visitor began to stumble towards her house, the young girl suddenly heard the creepy creaking noises start-up again from below her…