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The Dark Rising of the Cybermen

A Kim Possible/Doctor Who crossover

The sequel to 'Time Sitch'

Chapter 10

After what felt like a prolonged period of time (in reality, it had been no more than 30 seconds), the TARDIS came to a sudden halt. All the crashing and tumbling-about ceased, with the only sound that could be heard being the timeship's calm, pacific humming in the background.

The cuboid object that had previously been attached to the centre console now seemed to power itself off, with all the flashing lights disappearing. Cautiously, the Doctor picked up it up, staring at it with perplexity.

"How…? Why are you doing that?" the Time Lord asked himself. The latter question was probably more important than the first. The Doctor still didn't know what these cube objects were fully capable of, but he knew he needed to find out soon.

Placing the cube back into his jacket pocket, the Doctor went straight to checking the various instruments on the TARDIS console. Meanwhile, Kim leaned against the platform handrail for support, still feeling the effects of that 'bumpy' ride they'd just had. She gingerly let go of the side-railing, and began staggering over to the Doctor.

"Do you know where we are, Doctor?" Kim asked, slowly regaining coordination after all the shaking and spinning around of the TARDIS. Perhaps it was a futile question, especially if the Doctor was having problems with his timeship; but Kim figured it didn't harm to check.

"Haven't the foggiest", the Doctor replied, going over to check the telescreen, and then tapping the side of it after a couple of seconds of nonresponse. "The TARDIS is still not picking any readings about its surroundings; she's continuing to play up. I guess I can't really blame her, the poor thing..."

Kim paused in front of the TARDIS console and leaned her hands against the edge of the panel surface. She didn't know what to ask next; the teen vigilante was still trying to take in everything, particularly her surroundings and the craziness she'd just been through. There was an air of suspense, not knowing what would happen next; but Kim also felt the eagerness to go out and explore whatever was outside those TARDIS doors.

"Well, I did it", Kim said to herself out-loud. "I've actually travelled in the TARDIS…"

The Doctor broke his attention away from the console panel and turned to Kim. "Hang on, you hadn't travelled in here before?" he asked a little confoundedly.

The red-head shook her head, before replying, "You didn't let me and Ron last time, remember?"

"Oooh yeah", the Doctor realised. "Well, you were due. Sorry for the bumpy ride, by the way."

"Yeah, I figured you needed some work on the landing", Kim wisecracked.

The Doctor reacted a little irritably, as if his pride had a taken a hit. "Not my fault if there aren't any stabilisers…", he grumbled to himself, turning back to the console.

Kim chuckled to herself at the Time Lord's disgruntled reaction; and although he was still slightly peeved, the Doctor relaxed, acknowledging the funny side of Kim's comment.

"So, can we check what's outside?" Kim asked the Doctor. She was getting a kick out of all this, not being able to stop the bundle of excitement she was feeling.

"We don't know if it's safe out there", the Doctor replied, continuing to work at the console.

"You don't seem like someone who worries about 'safety'", Kim rebutted back.

The Doctor glanced in Kim's direction. "Maybe not", he said, before moving his attention back to the centre console. "But I need to get the TARDIS operational and back into a fit state. Otherwise we can't scan to check the atmospheric climate, or the radiation readings…"

"But where's the fun in that?" Kim said, deliberately putting on a fake-whining voice. "We could just open those doors and see what's out there!"

"My TARDIS, my rules", the Doctor declared assertively. "Considering she was dormant no more than five minutes ago, to then suddenly take us to who-knows-where, we can't just waltz out those doors like a pair of dodos walking into a trap…"

As the Doctor turned to face Kim again, he halted mid-sentence. He was left stumped by the look on Kim's face; and started to feel a bit guilt-tripped…

"Pretty pleeease", Kim asked pleadingly. She'd pulled the ultimate trump card: her infamous puppy dog pout. Which was something the Doctor hadn't known about, or didn't expect.

"…Is this some kind of sorcery? Or black magic?" the Doctor began to ramble perturbedly, trying to distract himself from Kim's pitiful stare; which continued to display her imploring, round eyes and her small, pouting mouth.

"No, obviously you must have taken some acting classes. And it's paying off… Unless this is just a genetic thing in the family; I don't want to judge…"

Not being able to take much more of Kim's pouting, the Doctor covered his face with both hands.

"I'm not falling for your devious tricks! I'll have you know I'm very unsusceptible to such techniques", he declared, trying to be defiant; but in truth sounding more insecure than anything.

Eventually, he decided to take a peep, hoping Kim had given up…

She hadn't. If anything, Kim's eyes looked as if they'd somehow grown and were even more beggingly endearing. In truth, the Doctor was simply caught in Kim's guilt-ridden trap; once she snared her target, there was no escape.

"Ok, seriously, how do you do that?!" the Doctor exclaimed. "It's like your eyes inflate, but your lips also shrink at the same time…!"

Kim kept persevering with her puppy dog pout, betting on the Doctor giving in to her 'method' of persuasion. And indeed, he did ultimately falter…

The Doctor gave in, rolling his eyes but with a small smile forming on his face. He understood Kim's eagerness to explore whatever was waiting beyond the TARDIS doors. "Alright, you win. I like a good ol' practical check."

"Yes!" Kim responded with a soft, hushed cheer, fist-pumping in celebration.

"But you still need to follow my lead", the Doctor asserted. "Once I get the TARDIS up-and-running, we're going straight back to Middleton."

"Gotcha, now let's go", said Kim impatiently, not waiting around and already walking over to the TARDIS doors.

Finally beginning to feel that buzz he habitually felt before stepping outside his timeship, the Doctor swiftly followed suit after Kim, saying, "Let's see what's waiting to greet us…!"

But just as they reached the bottom of the last set of steps, the doors of the TARDIS suddenly flung open. Pausing in their tracks, the Doctor and Kim stared through the open entrance to the outside world…

Not that there was much to look at. All they could see was a jagged, rocky surface of some kind. It also looked like a fairly dim-lit area; although there did seem to be a faint trace of light coming from one side.

But it was Kim who was first to notice the obvious…

"Errr, Doctor, it's not just me going bananas, right?" Kim asked. "Cause I can't see the ground out there…"

She was right; there was no solid footing of any kind that they could walk on. All they could see was a solid rock backdrop. Even the Doctor was left confuddled as to the situation they were in.

And then a head suddenly popped into view, appearing from the left vertical side of the doorframe. The face was covered by a black mask; with protruding, ear-like spikes sat on top, and an opening to show the person's mouth and chin.

Kim and the Doctor were caught a little off-guard. Not because of the person itself; whoever this was, they seemed human enough… Not that Kim could exactly tell with the dim lighting; maybe she couldn't be too sure.

What caught Kim and the Doctor off-guard was that the masked individual seemed to be staring at them as if looking down into the TARDIS. But how was that possible…?

After a few moments, that person turned their attention away from Kim and the Doctor, and began to talk over their shoulder, to whoever else was in the near vicinity. "Alfred, I think we need to call the League. Looks like it's gonna be one of those nights…"