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The Dark Rising of the Cybermen

A Kim Possible/Doctor Who crossover

The sequel to 'Time Sitch'

Chapter 4

Monday, first thing in the morning – Middleton High School

It was the start of another school week, but already Kim was in a foul mood. No thanks to the evening before. Her hang-out with Ron and Monique had been ruined, which led to Kim chasing down Drakken and Shego, only to be caught in the middle of a cyber-robot heist by Dementor at Drakken's warehouse lair.

Speaking of cyber-robots, she wasn't forgetting the fact that one of them had attacked the megaplex theater. A cyber-robot with a human brain. A freaky thought that Kim didn't really want to think about, but one which she had no choice in the matter. Because Dementor had stolen its carbon copy from Drakken. And Dementor was another level of maniacal compared to his lesser evil-rival. This could now be considered a case of the cyber-robot 'being-in-the-wrong-hands'.

Kim also remembered there was that strange man at the megaplex; the one with the bow-tie, who had bumbled into the theater just as the cyber-robot started attacking the audience. Although right now, that seemed like a rather trivial concern.

And then there was the most stressful thing in her life to think about… the Christmas Dance.

Yes, it was 'only' late November. But Kim was the chair of the school dance committee, which meant loads of planning and organising.

Add in the task of asking/getting asked by someone to the dance… And that 'someone' she hoped was Josh Mankey. Not yet, of course. She didn't want to seem desperate. Maybe the week before the event.

In any case, Kim wanted to 'plan' her move carefully. She kept trying to tell herself it would be 'no big' if she didn't go with Josh to the dance. But considering how major her crush was on him, that was a fat lie.

Basically, another hectic time in the life of Kim Possible. But what was new? So not the drama…

Even so, Kim maintained her huffiness. She strode towards her locker, and swung it wide open without care, only to find the locker door slamming into someone's face that she hadn't seen coming.

"Ow! KP!"

Kim looked from behind her locker door in shock. "Sorry Ron!" she yelped.

"Man, you did a real one on me", Ron said, rubbing his nose.

Kim returned to collecting her books for classes, now slightly self-conscious of her own moodiness.

"Still bummed out?" Ron asked.


"Attacked anyone else?"

"Not yet. Although I was this close to decking the Tweebs at breakfast", Kim said, indicating how close with the tips of her thumb and index finger.

"Tough love", Ron commented. "And me?"

"That was an accident. My bad", Kim said abashedly.

"Don't sweat it, KP. We'll get Dementor, easy-peasy. You are THE Kim Possible, after all."

"Right now, it's so not needed", Kim moaned. Ron knew something else was up.

"Let me guess. Never-ending war of words with Bonnie?"


"Cousin Larry coming over?"

"Not until next weekend."

"Smash Mouth cancelling their show at the Tri-City Arena?"

"WHAT?!" Kim yelped, almost dropping her books. "But also no. It's the upcoming Christmas Dance."

"Oh come on! You're worried about some lame school social event?"

"I'm the one organising it!"

"We live in a free world, KP. No need to fall into social norms."

"Just because you can't get a date…"

"Who said anything about dating?" And then Ron's eye widened in realisation, before pulling a wide, knowing grin. "Oooh, I see 'what's the sitch'. Let me guess, two words. Josh. And Monkey!"


"Close enough."

Rufus popped out from the turtleneck-part of Ron's shirt and blew a raspberry, saying, "Mankey, Monkey. Blargh!"

"Moving on", Kim said vexingly, changing the subject. "My dad says we should swing by the space center after school, to get the low-down on the mystery box and the cyber-bot from yesterday. He says their findings are "mega-mad"; direct quote."

"'Mega-mad'?! Your dad never says 'mega-mad'!"

"I know. And if he's saying it's 'mega-mad', it must be… mega-mad."

"Ok, I think we kinda killed the coinage", Ron stated drearily.

Just then, Monique walked up to the other two teens. "Hey! Sup, guys. How'd your lil' mission go?"

"Not great", Kim replied. "The sitch just got worse."

"Too bad." Monique could see Kim looked very bothered. "The Christmas Dance also ticking you off?"

"I'm totally swamped!"

"And Josh?" added Monique with an understanding smile.

"Yes! Thank you, Monique! At least someone gets it", Kim said, turning to scrutinize Ron with a raised eyebrow.

"And speaking of the fella himself…" Monique pointed down the corridor. In the distance, the trio could see Josh Mankey strolling towards their general vicinity, but he hadn't seen them yet.

Kim suddenly felt flustered, which was a rare feeling for her. After all the missions and adventures she had been on, it was always seeing Josh that took her guard down.

"Ahhhh, I need a moment to think this through…" Kim said panickedly.

"Chill, girl! Just be totally natural", Monique reassured helpfully. "Ron and I will go ahead to class. We'll meet you there."

Before he could react, Monique started pushing Ron down another corridor, away from Kim. "But we're taking the long route…", Kim could hear Ron moaning, with Monique cutting in, "Quit whining", as they disappeared from sight.

Kim took a deep breath, before starting to prep herself. "Ok, Kim. Act cool. It's just talking to Josh. No big. You. Can. Do. This…"

"Hey Kim", Josh casually greeted. Kim had been so focused on her prep-up, that the 'sudden' sound of her crush's voice startled her, causing her to drop a couple of books.

"Ahhhh, hi Josh, errr, I'm so sorry", Kim replied, giggling awkwardly.

"It's cool. My bad for startling you", Josh said, picking up one of Kim's books as she took another.

"Haha, umm, so, where you off to?" Kim asked bashfully.

"I was actually going to find the new teacher joining today. Barkin said he had some stuff to carry."

"Oh, cool, hehe", Kim chuckled nervously.

"I would stop to chat, but I need to find this guy real soon. Check you later."

"Err, sure, yeah, bye!" Kim said, as Josh quickly walked on to find this 'new teacher'. Kim felt really annoyed with herself. Once again, she hadn't been able to form her sentences properly while talking to Josh. Sometimes, nerves just caught up with Kim. Still, it could have been worse. It wasn't like she was asking to go on a date with Josh right there and then.

Swiftly putting thoughts of her crush at the back of her mind, Kim strode over to her first class, which was physics. This should have been one of the more interesting subjects in the school. But their physics teacher – Mr Williams – wasn't exactly one to ignite inspiration in his students. Or simply put, his lessons were a borefest.

Kim entered the physics classroom, and sat at her desk alongside Monique and Ron. All the students in the room were mentally preparing for the droning, stuffy voice of Mr Williams that would bore them to death.

"Did you catch Josh?" Monique asked Kim.

"More like he caught me. By surprise. I was such a wet puddle."

"Eww", Ron interjected.

"Metaphorically, Ron", Kim clarified irritably.

"Hey, Kim!" yelled out Bonnie Rockwaller, Kim's school archrival. "How about you hurry up asking Josh to the Christmas Dance, so the other girls can have their turn?"

"You just concentrate on your own dating life, Bonnie", Kim chided back, turning to see the snobbish, self-absorbed girl sitting at the back of the class.

"Whatever. I'm right at the top of the food chain for good reason", Bonnie responded dismissively.

Kim was very tempted to rebut back, but decided it wasn't worth it on this occasion. It was best to save her confutations for the right moments against Bonnie. Just before lesson started was not one of them. It wouldn't look good to be catty in the middle of a full class anyway.

Just then, a teacher walked into the room. And it wasn't Mr Williams.

"ATTENTION PEOPLE!" boomed Mr Barkin, the most well-known substitute teacher in the school. "Yesterday, at 1700 hours, Mr Williams was attacked by a rogue, experimental Dionaea muscipula."

"A Venus flytrap? How harmful can that be?" Monique asked rhetorically.

"A 30 feet-sized Venus flytrap, I should add."

"Ooooooh", the whole class responded in unison, with a unanimous feeling of pain.

"The poor fella. Didn't stand a chance", Mr Barkin lamented. "So, for the foreseeable future, there will be a new teacher for this class…"

"Money's on Barkin", Ron commented.

"For once, I'd say Barkin is an upgrade on 'Dead-Rubber' Williams", Monique said to Ron.

"And so, may I present to you, from our cousins across the pond… Professor John Smith", announced Barkin.

With that introduction, two people walked into the room. The first person was Josh Mankey, who was carrying a large, black Gladstone-styled bag. He caught a glance at Kim, and gave a casual, laid-back smile, which sent the young red-head's heart fluttering. But the person to follow-in after Josh practically killed Kim's feeling of infatuation for her crush…

"Hello! I'm Professor Smith. Or just Mr Smith. Nah, that's boring. Call me the Professor. Or Prof. How about the Proffesinator… Ok, never mind, that's really stupid, don't ever call me that. Stick to Prof."

Most of the students were intrigued by the arrival of this quirky, energetic fellow. Some were struck by his persona. A lot of the students were whispering about the new teacher's young, fairly good-looking appearance. And others were simply curious about this 'professor'.

Ron and Monique, however, were left flabbergasted. They recognised the new teacher from the evening before.

"It's the bow-tie guy!" Ron exclaimed in a hushed tone.

"Yeah, and I swear he's wearing the same getup from yesterday", Monique remarked.

Indeed his attire did look similar. The same bow-tie, same tweed jacket, same striped shirt… It looked like he hadn't changed at all. And yet he didn't look any scruffier.

Kim didn't add further to Monique's comment. In fact, she wasn't reacting to 'Professor Smith' at all. Because while everyone's attention had been on the new teacher, Kim's mind had begun to flare up into a mini-meltdown again, like the evening before. She was keeling over her desk, holding her head with both hands. Although her vision wasn't so blurry this time, Kim was still unable to concentrate on her own thoughts. Everything she heard was more distant and echoey than before. And then a faint voice in the back of her mind started whispering her name.

"Kimberly Ann."

It sounded familiar; assured and comforting. As if from a long time ago… And yet, she couldn't discern from whom she recognised the voice from.

Kim then heard another voice calling out to her, this time totally recognisable, dragging her back to reality…

"KP… KP!"

Kim immediately regained full consciousness, rubbing her head. Once she was confident her senses had returned, she turned to Ron, who had been the one trying to grab Kim's attention when he had noticed her in some discomfort.

"Sorry… feeling drowsy", Kim said.

"KP, you looked like you were about to crash. Are you ok?"

"I'll be fine. No big", Kim replied abruptly, without the usual light-heartedness in her catchphrase. Ron decided not to enquire any further, but resolved to asking Kim later.

Josh placed the Gladstone bag onto the teacher's desk. It seemed to be quite hefty, as it landed with a small thud on the wooden surface.

"Ah ha, thank you, much appreciated spikey-haired boy", the professor said to Josh. "Here, have a jelly baby." He whipped out a large bag of baby-shaped candy from one of his jacket pockets, and presented the open bag to Josh.

The easy-going teen was a little curious, but happily accepted the offer. As he took one out, he commented, "Wow. They're actually shaped like babies. Weird."

"I tend not to notice. I actually eat the feet first, contrary to the norm. Means they can't run away."

Josh raised an eyebrow at this strange comment, but brushed it aside soon enough, and chucked the jelly baby into his mouth. As he ate the candy, both his eyebrows raised-up, looking like he was actually enjoying the taste of it. "This is actually pretty good", he stated.

"You can't go wrong with a jelly baby. Right, I should probably do some proper teaching. Actually, I don't think I got your name.", Professor Smith said to Josh.

"It's Josh. Josh Mankey, prof."

"Ahh, I like 'Josh'! 'Josh' is a good name. Not so much 'Mankey'. Probably should change that", said Professor Smith, casually patting Josh's shoulder.

Josh was left very confuddled; not even a raised eyebrow this time round. Kim could see the blank look on Josh's face; she had never seen him react like that, not even when she'd been stuck wearing the Centurion Project battle-suit that one Halloween.

Ron was just about managing to stay composed, but only because he didn't want the glare of death from Kim. Rufus was not so withheld on the other hand, chortling to his heart's content, which resulted in Kim frowning in Ron's direction anyway.

Without another response, Josh walked out of the classroom, his facial expression remaining unchanged. Barkin also followed suit, but remained unphased, continuing to wear the same steely, stern look he always exhibited, closing the classroom door behind him.

With no more distractions, Professor Smith strode over to his desk, and sat down comfortably on the leather office chair. "Oooo, a spiny chair. I like spiny chairs", he stated in a childlike manner. As if to prove his point, he spun round once on said chair, and then stopped to place both of his shoes on the desk, one on top of the other.

"So… Physics. Physics, physics, physics… Good ol' physics, never-failing physics, unless of course when it does fail, and then it's weird but wonderful. Or mostly wonderful, except when it isn't. Take black holes for example. They're amazing things, until you get too close to one, and then SHHHHLLLOOOOP you disappear from existence... I hope all of you are getting this down. Now…" The professor paused from his exuberant babbling, taking his feet off the desk and sitting up in his chair. "…Let's see what you all know."

Later that morning, away from Middleton High

"Thanks for coming over", James Possible said appreciatively.

"It's no problem, dear", replied Ann Possible, beloved wife to James. "It's not often a neurosurgeon gets to visit the robotics lab at the Middleton Space Center."

"I would say almost never. But here we are".

"I still find it nauseating that there was a human brain inside this cybernetic robot."

"For someone who works 9-to-5 doing brain surgery, that's saying something", James stated.

"It's just unethical."

"Very. Which is why once the team have found a lead that can be traced back to the architect, we'll pass on the info to Kimmy, and she can do her teen-heroine thing."

"Don't you think that maybe this might be too dangerous for her this time?" Ann asked concernedly.

"And having a robotic nano-explosive tick attached to her nose wasn't?"

"… Fair point. I'm just feeling a bit overprotective for her after last night, that's all."

James put a comforting arm around Ann's far shoulder as they continued to walk. "I know, hon."

They had always supported their daughter when it came to her crime-fighting career. She'd been doing it since her pre-teens; and although they were initially wary, Kim's success rate gave them a level of ease and comfort about her 'extra-curricular' activities. Besides, with a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon for parents, plus twin brothers with a genius intellect far beyond children their own age, what was normal in the family?

However, yesterday evening, they had been feeling perturbed when they first learnt about this potential killing-machine suddenly attacking the Middleton megaplex theater. It wasn't like Kim hadn't faced perilous situations before, but this had been so sudden and out-of-the-blue. Their fears alleviated a little when they heard Kim had handled the 'sitch' with her typical cool, calm attitude, and knowing no one in the theater had been harmed. It still didn't stop their parental instincts to be slightly overprotective over their little Kimmy.

The cyber-robot had been taken in for examination by the robotics research team at the Middleton Space Center. Their hands were full already with studying the unknown computer box Kim had retrieved from Bavaria. Fortunately, Ann had offered to examine and dissect the human brain, along with a sample of the nervous tissue, which was one less thing off the research team's workload.

James and Ann were currently walking to the robotics department lab, going through all the various security systems that protected the lab. Ann was carrying a sealed, air-tight, decontaminated container, which stored the brain and sample nervous tissue.

Having passed through the body x-ray scanner, the final security system measure, James inputted a 5-digit code on a keypad next to the lab entrance, and then they entered. Inside, a team of five researchers were busy at work studying the box contraption and the cyber-robot.

Leading the team was Dr Vivian Porter, one of the world's leading robotics authorities, previously holding a position as lab assistant to Dr Fen, before he was exposed as a complete fraud. Since then, Vivian had not only taken over Fen's position, but eventuated to become the leading expert at the space center.

Before her well-acclaimed standing in the robotics field, a lot of scientists had disregarded her work and hadn't taken Vivian seriously because of her alluring, model-like physique. People used to completely underestimate her capabilities. But Dr James Possible had looked past surface-level looks and saw Vivian as a bright, young, up-and-coming robotics expert. He couldn't have cared less about her appearance. Because of this, James and Vivian had a great deal of respect for each other, and had a brilliant working dynamic.

Vivian looked up from her current task on the disassembled cyber-robot as the two Dr Possibles entered the lab, which had been placed underneath a large X-ray scanning unit. It almost looked like a tanning bed, but emitted a mixture of purple and green lighting, giving it a more 'sci-fi'-like design.

"Hey, Dr Possible… Mrs Dr Possible!" Vivian suddenly exclaimed, striding over and shaking Ann's hand. "Thank you so much for taking a look at the organic components from the cyber-robot. It's a pleasure to meet the other half of the Possibles!"

"The pleasure's all mine, Dr Porter. And please, you can call me Ann", the 'other half' replied modestly.

"How goes the work, Vivian?" James asked.

"We're starting to get an idea of the cyber-robot's functions and its make-up. The mini-computer box… That's still kinda slow progress. But if it weren't for Doctor Smith's help, I don't think we would have learnt as much as we have now."

"Good to hear the new recruit's work has paid off", James stated. "Seems he joined at just the right time. Although I don't know why he insisted on working night shifts…"

"Speaking of, he said he would be coming round this afternoon", said Vivian.

"Ah, super! You and the Doctor Smith can give Kimmy the brief when she comes over later today."

Meanwhile, somewhere high above the Middleton Space Center, a large, stolen military transport aircraft was flying over, carrying a squadron of hulking, muscular men-for-hire, led by their relatively short, stout evil-genius boss.

"All right, vhen I give the zignal, ve vill JUMP!"

One of the younger, more inexperienced lackeys literally jumped on-the-spot, having been startled by Dementor's sudden volume change. Quickly composing himself, he asked, "What will the signal be?"

Dementor sighed. "Oh, I don't know, how about vhen I zay JUMP?!"

The young lackey bizarrely started running towards the open side-hatch, and was about to leap out, before the strongly-accented mad scientist grabbed the back of his uniform.

"NOT NOW YOU IMBECILIC MORON! Zheesh, I knew bringing along a trainee vasn't going to be one of my brightezt ideaz."

"How about you?" Vivian asked, turning to Ann. "Uncovered anything on your end?"

"I found nothing unusual about the brain… It's seems perfectly normal and human", Ann replied. "A little bit of surface damage from whatever extracted the brain and placed it into the cyber-robot's head, but that's it. But I did discover that the nervous tissues were artificially grown."

"As if it all wasn't icky enough", Vivian grimaced.

"But why create an artificial nervous system?" James asked.

"I guess it's relatively simple; to make the cyber-robot respond like a biological organism. But surely it would go mentally insane, being inside that cold, metallic body…" Ann concluded, shuddering at the thought.

"Have you found anything that could lead to its source of production?" James asked Vivian.

"So far, there's zilch. But I'm hoping with Doctor Smith's findings, he might know something about where it came from…"

Suddenly, there was an explosion from above, and part of the lab's ceiling collapsed, forcing everyone to dodge the falling debris. Before the ashes dissipated, several ropes tumbled down from the huge, gaping hole above, and a group of twelve henchmen began their descent. As all the henchmen arrived, another figure – stubbier than the others – slid down one of the ropes.

"Don't mind me, I'm just dropping by…" Dementor quipped, as he landed on the ground.

Everyone in the room groaned at Dementor's one-liner, either rolling their eyes or face-palming themselves.

"ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT! I vaz just trying to be vitty!"

"Who are you supposed to be anyway?" Vivian asked bewilderedly.

"That's Professor Dementor. He's one of Kimmy's foes", James answered.

"I do not know who thiz 'Kimmy' iz", Dementor asserted.

"Kim Possible. She's our daughter", Ann said firmly.

"…Huh. Vouldn't have guessed", Dementor replied.

James and Ann glanced at each other with the same perplexed expression, considering the obvious resemblance Kim had to her mother's physical appearance.

"Anyvay, I didn't come for chit-chat", Dementor continued. "I have come to claim your metallic friend and thiz very important little box", he said, pointing towards the cuboid object, now held by one of his henchmen, who had wrenched it away from one of the researchers.

As some of the other henchmen snatched all the cyber-robot parts out of the X-ray scanning machine, Vivian started approaching Dementor with fierce indignation. "You can't just take our research…!" But she was deterred from coming any closer, as two large, brawny figures imposed their presence in front of her. She took a step back away from the two henchmen.

"You Americanz are zo comical with your brash, trigger-happy mannerizmz", Dementor ridiculed.

"Oh, you've not seen me trigger-happy yet", Vivian stated. She pressed a button on her high-tech wristwatch, summoning two A.I. robots from a nearby wall slot which had opened. These robots were based on the models Vivian had made for the Robot Rumble, but upgraded for security purposes in the robotics lab. Unfortunately, they would still prove insufficient against Dementor's well-trained henchmen.

"Boyz, take down thoze robotic peztz", Dementor commanded unperturbedly. Five of the henchmen unholstered their firearms, and aimed their blasters at the advancing A.I. bots. The henchmen took their shots, making quick work of them and frying their circuits.

"Nice try, but I know Kinder who vould do better", Dementor sneered at Vivian, who now looked completely irate. He then addressed to his own men, bellowing, "MEINE MANNSCHAFT, it iz time to make our exit!" Without further orders, all twelve henchmen activated their jet-packs fastened onto their backs, and one-by-one flew off through the gaping hole in the ceiling, carrying the small box and all the dismantled cyber-robotic parts with them.

Dementor prepared his own jet-pack for take-off. "Danke schön for your generouz zervice! Zend my most evil wishez to your dear 'Kimmy'", he addressed to the two Dr Possibles. And with that, he flew off, escaping through the open ceiling.

With Dementor's crew gone, everyone stood around in total silence for a tense few moments, processing everything they had just witnessed. And then as the dust started to settle, Ann spoke up…

"Would this be a good time to send a message to Kim?" Ann asked James.

"Yes, probably…" James acknowledged.