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The Dark Rising of the Cybermen

A Kim Possible/Doctor Who crossover

The sequel to 'Time Sitch'

Chapter 8

"Why did we get the short straw?"

"Quite yer whining, Patrick."

"But I wanna work with the other guys making those cool robot-things…"

"Those things give me the creeps."

"Professor D's new robots?"


"How come?"

"I don't know… The way they look just sends a shiver down my spine."

"Hahaha! Look at you so scared."

"Quit mocking me, or I'll tell the others about your Cuddle Buddies collection."

"All right, all right, no need to get touchy, sheesh..."

Two of Professor Dementor's identical-looking henchmen stood on 'guard' near the entrance to the old Lowerton industrial estate. Why they needed to be there was beyond them, and their boss hadn't given them a reason. The only thing they could do was follow his orders, without question. It didn't change the fact that this was one of the most boring jobs the two henchmen had ever taken up…

"I'll admit, I wished I'd brought lunch with me", the henchman with a scar on his chin bemoaned; the one who was 'scared' of Professor Dementor's new 'robots'.

"You didn't bring your own food?" the other henchman (aka Patrick) asked his colleague disapprovingly.

"Why would I bother? Normally I just grab food from the refrigerator at work", the scarred henchman responded.

The other henchman, Patrick, randomly took a bright, red tin box from behind his back. "My mom made my tuna-salad for me."

"Wait, your mom?!" the scarred henchman exclaimed. "What are you, five?"

"Eighteen, actually", Patrick answered irritably. "Have to pay the fees for college. And I can't afford a place of my own right now."

"I must be getting old", the scarred henchman said, rubbing his head wearily.

Suddenly, without warning, a red-haired teen girl landed right in front of them. She quickly stood-up and set herself into a fighting stance… The two henchmen already knew who she was, and they knew their odds of winning against her in combat were pretty much zilch. Besides, they'd been given certain orders from Professor Dementor…

"I'm afraid you boys are gonna have to get out of my way…", the red-haired teen began saying warningly. But before she could add anything else, the two henchmen stepped aside, as if allowing the teen hero to go through.

"Errr, ok… Thanks, I guess", the red-head teen said bemusedly, as she began to walk by the henchmen. The two goons then noticed a blonde-haired male teen and a bow-tie-wearing young man following just behind, with the trio making their way over to the block of warehouses on the industrial estate.

"Do you have any idea why Dementor wants those three to come here?" Patrick asked as soon as the trio were far enough to not hear.

"Haven't a clue", the older henchman replied. "Probably for some trap or soemthin'. Typical evil mastermind plot and all that…"

"Well, that was a first", Ron commented to Kim, taking a glance back at the two henchmen they'd just walked past.

"Yeah, very odd… It was like they wanted us to just walk in", Kim responded suspiciously.

"I'd stay alert", Doctor Smith said, "There's probably more surprises in store for us."

They continued to walk cautiously towards the warehouses that were bunched-up together. They weren't really sure what they'd find, or where Dementor would be hiding. But as they walked along one of the rows, with warehouses on both sides of them, the trio took quick glances into any of the buildings with open doors.

Rufus also decided to help the others in their search, jumping out of Ron's cargo pants pocket, and sprinting just ahead of the group. He looked underneath some of the cracks of the closed warehouse doors, before a familiar and ever so delightful smell caught the small rodent's attention…

"Mmmmm, cheese!" Rufus cheered, before rushing off to the source of the scent. Arriving at one of the warehouses, the naked rodent clambered through the small gap underneath the doorway, and disappeared from view.

It was a few seconds before the others had noticed that a certain naked mole rat had vanished. "Hey, where did Rufus go?" Kim asked.

Ron sniffed the air, now recognising the same, distinct aroma Rufus had. "Cheesy nachos!" Kim's blonde-haired best friend exclaimed, before realising, "I think I know where Rufus might have gone to..."

Kim and Doctor Smith followed Ron, as the teen sidekick was himself led by the scent, towards where the smell was coming from. The trio arrived at the same warehouse Rufus had just disappeared into; Kim took hold of one side of the warehouse double-doors, while Ron took the other. And then gingerly, in case anything took them by surprise from the inside, the two teen vigilantes slowly pulled the doors open.

Inside, it was one big, singular hall-sized space; no other rooms to tell of. And it looked fairly abandoned. Apart from cobwebs and dusty wooden boxes, the only other things they could see were Rufus… and a bowl of cheese-nachos sitting on top of a stool, right in the middle of the building.

Although Rufus had dared to venture part way into the warehouse, he'd paused a few feet away from the 'prize' itself. The naked role mat wasn't so much scared; just very dubious of the circumstances he'd found himself in. As Rufus heard footsteps coming in, he turned round and noticed Ron, Kim and Doctor Smith walking over to him.

"Well, this certainly smells like a trap…" Doctor Smith stated wittily. He instantly saw Kim look back at him with disfavour, because of his one-liner. "Sorry, couldn't help it", Doctor Smith apologised.

"He's almost as bad as you, KP", Ron commented, as he picked up Rufus.

Kim just rolled her eyes, and said to Ron, "Now we just need Dementor to 'suddenly' step in and say…"

"Zurprized to see me?!" an ever-familiar German-accented voice declared. The group looked to their right to see Professor Dementor walking out from behind a pile of empty wooden boxes, which were fairly shadowed from the lack of light in the warehouse.

"I'm guessing right on cue?" Ron asked Kim drably.

"Yeeeep", Kim replied with the same level of 'enthusiasm'.

"And what's with the cheese-nachos bait?" Ron questioned Dementor.

"It'z no zecret you and the little rodent love your Bueno Nacho delicaciez", Dementor answered.

"Wait, hold up, how would you know?" Ron continued questioning.

"You and Kim Possible both lack zecret identitiez", Dementor answered matter-of-factly, indicating both Ron and Kim. "Zo vord iz going to spread vhen you spend half your life in the zame rezturant chain."

"Hey, come on, I don't spend that much time at…"

Before Ron could finish speaking, he noticed Kim staring right back at him; giving him the sassy, cocked-eyebrow look and the folded arms, indicating the contrary to what the blonde-haired teen was protesting. Ron could only murmur a "humph", knowing he couldn't argue against his own best friend.

Randomly, Doctor Smith laid himself down on his front, tilted his head to the left, and placed his right ear on the ground. After about six or seven seconds, he stood up again, and started inhaling through his nose, smelling the air around them. Throughout all this, Kim, Ron, and Rufus were left bewildered and confused. Even Dementor appeared baffled with the whole little affair happening before him.

After Doctor Smith had completed his 'checks', he turned to face Dementor. "If I'm being honest, this isn't your den, is it?" he asked directly to the mad scientist.

"And vhat vould make you think that?" Dementor asked back.

"Well, it's sort of just a hunch", Doctor Smith replied. "But there's no sound vibrations or hidden mechanics beneath us. And the air is too old… too dusty", he finished adding, with a hint of distaste. "In fact, I'd say this place looks quite abandoned for a supposed supervillain's base."

Dementor was still left bewildered, not being quite sure how to respond to Doctor Smith's strange 'behaviour'. "Haz anyone told you how loony you are?" the mad scientist asked rhetorically.

" 'Loony'? That's a new one", Doctor Smith started rambling. "I like it! Better than 'mad' or weird'…"

"ENOUGH WITH YOUR NONSENSE", Dementor suddenly yelled. "But yez, you're correct, thiz iz not my humble abode."

"Thought as much. But 'your' playthings… the Cybermen… They said something about serving someone higher."

"I'm sure they're being poetic in their zupport for me…" Dementor responded conceitedly.

"See, that's the thing…" Doctor Smith then paused very briefly, stepping towards Dementor. "They were saying you were just one part of a so-called 'greater purpose'…"

"Vhat do you mean?" Dementor demanded.

"They declared themselves to serve "The Glory"", Doctor Smith said, now more seriously. "What do you know of this 'Glory'? What's your game?"

" 'The Glory'? Vhat are you talking about?!" Dementor demanded once more, now much more infuriated.

"You tell me", Doctor Smith replied with absolute sternness.

Everyone was left in complete silence and feeling chilled from Doctor Smith's more 'forbidding' response. Kim and Ron didn't dare pipe up; the vibes they felt emulating from their 'undercover' physics teacher suggested this wasn't the time to mess around with him.

Even Dementor took a while to respond back; but inevitably the silence was cut, and the mannerisms of villainous-bravado returned to the mad scientist. "You are indeed completely loony; I pity you", he said to Doctor Smith patronisingly. He then quickly took a little, rectangular communication device from his pocket, and shouted commandingly into it, "COMMENCE THE ATTACK!"

Before Kim, Ron, Rufus, and Doctor Smith could react, two metal-like objects crashed in from above, leaving two large gaping holes in the roof. Having been taken completely by surprise, it took a moment for the group of four to realise what had just landed behind them, initially not being able to make out what they were. And then the dust settled from the result of the fallen debris…

"Ahh! More Cybermen!" Ron exclaimed. Rufus also squealed, petrified at the sight of the metal-cladded, lifeless-looking troopers.

"Az entertaining az it vould be staying to watch your demizez, I have more important matterz to attend to at hand. Namely taking over the vorld!" Dementor declared emphatically. He pressed a button on the same rectangular device he was still holding, summoning one of his hovercrafts as it descended in through the open-holed roof.

Dementor quickly jumped into his getaway airborne transport, before calling out to Kim, Ron and Doctor Smith, "Farewell, my freunde… For good, I should expect!" And with that, the mad scientist zoomed away in his hovercraft, cackling loudly as he disappeared out of sight through the open roof.

Kim would have normally been annoyed at letting one of her nemeses escape; but to say there was a more pressing matter to deal with would have been an understatement. "I see Dementor got busy making more of his metal-headed friends", the red-haired teen quipped grittily.

Without acknowledgment of what Kim had just said, Doctor Smith suddenly shouted, "Take cover!", as he reached his right hand into his tweed jacket.

Kim was about to respond to her physics tutor, but didn't get a chance as both Cybermen inside the warehouse started shooting at her, Ron and Doctor Smith. Kim quickly pushed Ron to their right, as the two teens dodged the blaster fire as best as they could.

As Doctor Smith began to dive away from the blaster fire himself, he took two flattish-circular objects from inside his jacket. To the unknowing eye, they looked quite shoddily built. He pressed a button on each of the devices – which began a slow, constant beeping sound – and then chucked them in the direction of the attacking Cybermen. As the two patchwork-like objects clamped onto the chests of each Cyberman, the beeping suddenly picked up in tempo; but the two 'cyborgs' took no notice and continued firing on Doctor Smith and the two teen vigilantes. After a moment, a huge surge of electricity enveloped both Cybermen, frying them completely, leaving two motionless metal-exoskeletons to flop to the ground.

Kim and Ron came out from their brief hiding spot behind a pile of wooden boxes, and saw the two inactive Cybermen crumpled on the floor. They then turned to Doctor Smith, with a look of mild annoyance.

"You had your own electromagnetic destabilisers all this time?" Kim asked rhetorically, sounding irked.

"Shame you didn't figure to tell us earlier", Ron added, also a little irritated.

"Was kind of a rough put-together, so I wasn't sure if it would function properly", Doctor Smith said. "But hey, it works a treat!" he concluded gleefully.

"Come on", Kim interjected. "We need to track down Dementor before he can create more of those cyborg things." Both Kim and Doctor Smith began to head for the warehouse exit, while Ron and Rufus briefly looked on in exasperation.

"Just sayin', I don't think a wild goose chase is gonna solve anything right now", Ron bemoaned.

"Nooooope, nuh uh", Rufus voiced in agreement with his human friend.

Nevertheless, Ron put his naked mole rat pet in his cargo pants pocket and sprinted after Kim and Doctor Smith. But as the trio exited the warehouse, they suddenly stopped in their tracks, and looked up in shock as they saw six more Cybermen hovering above them in a semi-circular formation.

"TERMINATION IS IMMINENT", one of the Cybermen droned menacingly, as all six of them trained their wrist blasters on the trio below them.

"Do you happen to have anymore homemade destabilisers on you?" Kim asked Doctor Smith.

"Unfortunately, no", Doctor Smith replied.

"So may I ask what's our next plan?" Ron asked fretfully.

"We run!" Doctor Smith answered assertively, just as the Cybermen began firing on the group down on the ground. The physics tutor pushed Kim and Ron towards one of the alleys between two nearby warehouse buildings, sprinting away as fast as they could.

"If this is meant to be a plan, I'm not impressed", Kim said, while dodging the blaster shots behind her.

"Oh come now! Running away is a very good plan, I'll have you know", Doctor Smith responded, almost euphorically. His reply and 'enthusiasm' briefly baffled Kim, but she was too occupied with darting and avoiding the unrelenting blaster fire to actually say anything back.

The trio veered left as they exited the alley, and continued to run in the direction of the exit; but the Cybermen flying above them were still hot on their trail. Doctor Smith was surprisingly quick, and seemed to have a decent knack of evading blaster shots. Of course, Kim easily kept pace with him. Ron not so much; he could run fast, and he was capable of dodging blaster fire, but his movement was so chaotic that it did look like he was slowly losing momentum and lagging behind the other two.

Kim began to pull back ever so slightly to try and help Ron pick up the pace; but in that small moment of distraction, one of the airborne Cybermen cocked a small missile launcher out of its left shoulder, and took aim at the two teens.

At that same moment, Rufus poked his head out of Ron's cargo pants' pocket, and noticed that particular Cybermen taking aim with their missile-shoulder launcher. The little naked mole rat started waving his arms around in panic, and screamed to Kim and Ron, "Eeeeeek, look out!"

Both teens looked back long enough to see that Cyberman firing their missile straight at them. Having just a second or two to react, Kim jumped and grabbed hold of Ron, as they both tumbled to their left into another alley-like gap between two warehouse buildings, while the missile landed and exploded just metres away from them. Unfortunately, in that small moment of mayhem, they'd been separated from Doctor Smith and were unable to see where he'd gone.

"We need to catch up with the Doc!" Ron said frantically, picking himself up from the ground.

As soon as Ron had spoken, four of the Cybermen turned round to fly back towards the teen crime-fighters, while the other two 'cyborgs' seemed to keep their pursuit on Doctor Smith… If he was indeed still running in the same direction.

"I don't think we have that option", Kim pointed out. "We'll have to rendezvous with Doctor Smith another way." With that, Kim and Ron began to sprint through the alley they'd just landed in, with four of the Cybermen following in pursuit.

Just about managing to dodge the continuous blaster fire, the two teens exited the alley, and ran in the direction of the exit once more. Just as they thought they were nearing their escape, two more Cybermen suddenly flew in – arriving from outside the industrial estate – and landed in front of Kim and Ron, causing them to stop in their tracks. The four Cybermen still pursuing them came to a halt, but continued to hover mid-air as they all cocked their wrist blasters at the teen vigilantes.

"KP, I'm not liking the odds of this", Ron said fearfully.

"Neither am I", Kim replied grimly.

Rufus glanced twitchingly to and fro between the Cybermen in front and behind them, with a panicked look on his face. There seemed to be no possibility of escaping for Team Possible.

But then Rufus heard a faint sound, from above, like whirring… The naked mole rat looked up, and his eyes widened – but no longer in fright – as he pointed upwards, jabbering many sounds and repeating "Look!" to Kim and Ron.

The two teens looked to where Rufus was pointing, and were themselves taken by surprise with what they saw. Above them were five hoverjets; all of them displaying black-body paint and scarlet-coloured undersides. The hoverjets began to descend, creating a perimeter around the Cybermen on both sides. But before they landed, groups of Global Justice agents jumped from their hoverjets, and flew towards the ground with the help of their jet-packs, each of them holding a handheld firearm of some kind. One person happened to be the head of the worldwide espionage organization itself…

"Alright people, I want this done quickly", Dr Betty Director yelled to all her agents. "Don't let any of these things escape!"

Without another second wasted, all the agents fired on the Cybermen, before they could even react to the attack. The G.J. weapons being used seemed to shoot out electromagnetic pulses; or at least that's what Kim guessed, because whatever it was seemed to take down the cyborgs easily.

The Cybermen did fire back; but because of a lack of anticipation to the attack, they couldn't hit any of the quick-dodging agents, and weren't shown any mercy by the G.J. troopers. One Cyberman did have other ideas however…

"MUST RECONVENE AT BASE. MUST REPORT TO PROFESSOR DEMENTOR." The Cyberman who had just spoken then began to lift-off into the air, but not without Kim noticing.

"You're not going anywhere", Kim said, as she grabbed Ron's grappling-hook (hers being cut-up from earlier) and aimed it at the Cyberman. She fired it, and the hook wrapped around the cyborg's left leg. But the velocity of the fleeing-Cyberman yanked Kim from the ground, and she was swiftly taken into the air with it.

"Guys, I think Kim needs help…!" Ron tried to call-out to the G.J. agents, who were still finishing-off with the remaining Cybermen. But before he could get their attention properly, the blonde-haired teen had to dodge shots coming from one of the cyborgs, and had to take himself and Rufus into cover.

Back up in the air, Kim was still being dragged along. The Cyberman did notice Kim's grapple attached to itself, and began more extreme-evasive movements to try to lose Kim. But the red-head vigilante clung more tightly to her hairdryer-esque grappling pistol; she pressed the trigger on it, and started being pulled closer to the Cyberman, until she was close enough to grab its leg.

With the extra weight added, the Cyberman was unable to perform its crazy, evasive flight movements, giving Kim the chance to scramble up the cyborg's back and cling her arms around its neck. Before the Cyberman could try to pull her off, Kim took out from her utility belt what looked like a simple lipstick tube, but was actually her Elastic Constricting Agent gadget, left over from one of her old missions. She screwed the lid off, and sprayed the remaining contents onto the cyborg's face, before quickly letting go of the Cyberman's body and falling back down towards the ground.

With the elastic constricting goop now covering its vision, the airborne Cyberman started flailing around uncontrollably. "VISION IS IMPAIRED. I HAVE BEEN COMPROMISED", it droned. Due to whatever capabilities it had, it did start to melt the goo off its own frontal visage. However, one of the G.J. agents had already noticed the Cyberman was having trouble in the air, and fired their electromagnetic weapon at it. Just as the Cyberman finished clearing their vision, it exploded on impact with the electromagnetic pulse blasts.

Dr Director glanced up, and saw Kim rapidly falling to the ground. "Someone get up there and grab her…!" she yelled to her agents; but before she could finish her orders, Kim activated her own jetpack, with the wings bursting out of her mini-backpack.

To the admiration of all the other agents, Kim coolly glided back down to where everyone else was. By this point, all the other Cybermen in the vicinity had been taken care off, with destroyed parts and pieces scattered around. As soon as Kim had landed, Ron came over to join her, as did Dr Director also.

"You seem to have an aptitude of preparing for anything in advance", Dr Director said to Kim.

"Huh, I wish that were the case", Kim responded.

More G.J. agents then turned up, having come from another part of the industrial estate. Leading the group was Agent Will Du. "Dr Director, we've dealt with the remaining cyborgs", Agent Du reported. "But the man they'd been pursuing seems to have disappeared."

"Can't you track him down?" Dr Director asked.

"We've used our best equipment, but there's no trace of him. He's gone off-the-radar."

"You mean Professor Smith, our physics tutor?" Ron asked, puzzled.

Kim was somewhat puzzled too, but also showed a little bit of smugness from the fact that Agent Du hadn't managed to track down Doctor Smith. "So you managed to lose sight of one person, even though these metal machines were right on his tail?"

"I see your self-confidence hasn't left you, Miss Possible", Agent Du calmly replied back.

"Kimberly. Ronald. We think there's more to this 'Doctor Smith' than you may believe…" Dr Director started saying to the two teen vigilantes.

"Wait, who's 'Doctor Smith'? Ooooooh, you must mean 'Professor' Smith. Totally understand, easy mistake, definitely not some science buff for MI6…", Ron gabbled very quickly without pausing, before Kim slapped her hand on his mouth to shut him up.

"Don't act the fool, Stoppable. It's clear you and Miss Possible have been keeping secret of 'Doctor Smith's' recent activities", Agent Du said.

"Two of my agents paid a visit to the Middleton Space Center this morning, and were gathering information with regards to the attack at the megaplex, as well as the burglary made by Professor Dementor at the space center", Dr Director began explaining. "Dr Vivian Porter mentioned about this 'scientist' called Doctor Smith who'd been helping her team analyse these so-called 'Cybermen'."

"What? Dr Porter gave away Doctor Smith being undercover?!" Kim exclaimed.

"No; we put two-and-two together when Stoppable opened his mouth just now", Agent Du answered matter-of-factly.

Crossing her arms, Kim stared-down Ron in annoyance. The blonde-haired sidekick tittered sheepishly, realising he'd made a goof.

"Anyway", Dr Director interjected, "Before we received reports of this new Cybermen attack at the Middleton Mall, we searched every database in the world to find out more about this 'Doctor Smith'… We found nothing."

"Wait, like, just nothing on the open web; or complete zilch?" Ron queried sceptically.

"Not one bit of information", Dr Director replied. "Not even a date of birth or a photo of the man. Absolutely no trace."

"What…", was all Kim could vocalise, looking mystified and uneasy at the same time.

"So perhaps it's actually more accurate to say there's 'less' to this 'Doctor Smith' than you think", Agent Du said.

"As for these 'Cybermen'… We also couldn't find any records of them", Dr Director continued. "No origin, no manufacturing history, no top military secret plans… The only thing we have to go off is 'word-of-mouth' from this Doctor Smith."

"And as we established, there's absolutely no trace of him anywhere; not even another alter-ego", Agent Du said.

"This is way past peak weird factor limits", Ron stated.

"You're no kiddin'…", Kim acknowledged, somewhat distantly.

"He works as a teacher at Middleton High School, if I'm correct?" Dr Director asked the two teens.

"Yes, or that's what he says…" Kim replied admittingly, knowing there was not much they could or needed to hide.

"If you see him, it's imperative you call me asap", Dr Director told Kim sternly. "We need to talk to 'Doctor Smith', and you two can't keep aiding his cover any longer. Do you understand?"

"Yeah, sure", was all Kim replied, half-heartedly.

Without even a farewell, Dr Director started walking over to one of the nearby G.J. hoverjets. Agent Du at least had the courtesy of acknowledging the two teens as he walked by them; he even noticed the distant, somewhat disorientated look on Kim's face. "Kimberly Possible… Ron Stoppable", Agent Du said, briefly pulling down the veil of ultra-dedicated professionalism. But soon enough, his game-face was back on, and he followed on after his boss.

While G.J. agents were getting on-board their hoverjets, or collecting the remains of the decimated Cybermen lying around, Ron made a comment to Kim, without noticing her body language or state of mind. "Great, so we have Doctor Smith bailing on us, and now we have to spill the beans if we see him again! I think there's something going on here, KP…"

Ron stopped talking as soon as he glanced at Kim, seeing her look adrift and 'at sea'. She didn't have her typical air of self-confidence; she looked unfocused, almost as if helpless. "KP… You ok?" Ron asked concernedly.

Kim didn't reply at first, still not concentrating one-hundred percent on everything else around her. "Hey, Kim, if anything's getting to ya, you can talk to me…", Ron started speaking again. "I know I sound like a broken record and if it's getting on your nerves, I'll stop…"

This time, Kim replied almost instantly to her best friend's last comment. "No, it's not you, Ron… In fact, thank you. But…" She paused for a moment, considering what to say next, before continuing. "I need to process everything. It's hard to explain…"

"It's fine, KP. Just know I'm here to hear ya out when you're ready", Ron said. He then added, "I know I'm no Monique, but whatever the problem is…"

Kim thought for a brief moment what to say, and then interjected, "If anything, you'll understand my sitch better than Monique could…"

Before Kim or Ron could say anything else, one of remaining G.J. agents came up to them. "I guess you kids could use a lift back to Middleton High…?" he enquired.

"Please and thank you", Kim replied, but a little more mildly than usual. The two teens began to follow the G.J. agent, neither of them having anything else to add.

Lots of things were actually on Kim's mind… The appearance of the Cybermen out of nowhere; the same with 'Computer X'; the Cybermen mentioning about something called 'The Glory'; her 'visions', flare-ups and 'hallucinations'; and the conversation with Dr Director and Agent Du. All of it leading to one person… Doctor Smith.

Or 'not' Doctor Smith.

That was the thing: no one seemed to know who he really was, and Kim was certainly doubting herself. But she was starting to wonder… Maybe there was one person this 'Doctor Smith' could actually be. Someone who didn't come from around 'these parts'...

But for one reason or another, Kim couldn't make the connection. Not that she didn't want to, but something was making her doubt; something in her mind was clouding her thoughts…

Was it a memory? Perhaps something was being hidden from Kim. But her brain couldn't – or wouldn't – allow her to remember. All she knew was that it was stored in the banks of her mind, waiting to be accessed. In any case, she would be stuck stewing about it, trying to figure out what this missing 'thing' was.

Boarding the hoverjet, Kim was still deep in thought; pondering and continuing to think about everything from the past few days. Throughout the journey back to Middleton High, she remained silent, filled with various emotions: worry; fear; confusion… Excitement? Kim didn't really have any idea why she was feeling that last one.

Whatever her feelings and thoughts, one thing was for sure… Things were only going to get crazier from here on in. But Kim didn't know that yet, or how crazy everything would turn out to be…

"Professor Dementor, we've received word that Global Justice intervened and destroyed the batch of Cybermen you sent out to eliminate Team Possible", a henchman reported to his supervillain boss, as they walked along a greyish, metal-walled corridor.

Professor Dementor humphed to himself, but was unusually composed about hearing this news. "And vhat about the man vith the zilly, flamboyant hair?" he asked.

"There seems to be no trace of him", the henchman replied. "No report of G.J. finding him, not even a body."

Dementor simply shrugged in response. "It matters not. If nothing else, it zerved az a uzeful diztraction, vhile I assembled an army large enough to take over the vorld!"

"And as for two of our men…" the henchman began to add.

"Oh yez… Their namez escape me, but the young one seemed a nice guy."

"Well, it looks like G.J. took them for interrogation. Do you think we should do something, like save them?"

This time, Dementor did react more vexedly, turning to scowl at the henchman. "Vhat do you think I am, a charity organization?! I'm not wasting my time and rezourcez just to zave two uzeless goonz!"

"Of course not, Professor Dementor! My apologies", the henchman stammered quickly.

"Besidez, I do not need to vorry about those two being interrogated. By the time Global Justice are able to do anything, I shall have my forcez ready to commence my conquest."

As Dementor and his henchman reached the end of the corridor, they walked through a wide doorway, to enter a huge factory-sized hall area. In it, there were numerous robotic construction units, running alongside a continuous conveyor belt that carried hundreds of partially-built Cybermen. Each robotic construction unit would serve a different manufacturing task, to deal with creating different layers and parts for the new Cybermen.

There were around thirty other henchmen recording data or checking on equipment, to make sure everything was running smoothly; while the 'original' Cyberman (the one that had awoken in Dementor's workshop the previous night) watched over them. Even Dementor thought the cyborg appeared menacing, thanks to the reddish-tinted lighting against the dark areas of the large construction space, with the occasional sparks flashing from all the manufacturing activity to create more lighting effect. But even so, Dementor didn't show any nerves, keeping them to himself. The same couldn't be said for his henchmen in the vicinity, all of whom seemed frightened at the sight of the Cyberman standing on-duty.

Dementor and the henchman next to him walked over to the Cyberman, and the two of them stood on each side of it. The cyborg was still holding the cuboid contraption that had helped bring itself 'back to life'; the same contraption that held the schematics for the new Cybermen being created. "Iz everything proceeding az expected?" Dementor asked the Cyberman.


"AHA! Excellent!" Dementor hurrahed. He patted the Cyberman on the back, as if treating it like a close colleague, and then realised it didn't reciprocate the comradery. "Hmm, I forgot you weren't the emotions type-of guy.", he said.

The henchman standing on the other side noticed the Cyberman was still holding the cube in its hand. "Has it let that go at all since this started?" he asked, indicating to the object.

"Vhat doez it matter to you, you nozey parker?!" Dementor retorted back. "Vhat's important iz that I'm on the verge of greatness…"

"BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN COMMANDED TO NOT LET IT GO", the Cyberman suddenly interrupted, responding to the henchman's question.

Dementor stopped babbling, and turned to look at the Cyberman. "Eh, you said vhat…?" he asked.


"I haven't told you to do anything vith it…" Dementor said, starting to be suspicious of the cyborg standing next to him.

"I KNOW YOU HAVEN'T", the Cyberman acknowledged.

"Then vho's giving you orderz vithout my authority?" Dementor asked. "And vhat even iz thiz zo-called 'Motherbox'?! I DEMAND YOU ANSWER ME!"

There was a pause, with the Cyberman not replying straight away. And then it started to stammer; "I… I…"

Suddenly, the box began to activate, with the lined and shaped patterns on all its six sides lighting up. The cube started shaking; and then after a few seconds, it leapt from the Cyberman's hand, clamping itself to the cyborg's chest piece.

The Cyberman then slowly crumpled, until it was kneeling on its legs, both fists planted to the ground; throughout all this, its body was shuddering. The blood-red striped-lights on the Cyberman's body and in its grooves began to flash and illuminate more brightly. And finally, some sort of visible electrical surge seemed to completely envelope the Cyberman.

"VHAT IZ HAPPENING?!" Dementor shouted towards his henchman nearby.

"How should I know?!" the henchman responded.

"ZOUND THE ALARM!" Dementor yelled to the henchman. "Ve can't have any of theze thingz going rogue…!"

Without warning, the Cyberman suddenly sprang back-up on to its feet and grabbed the henchman by the neck, gripping him tightly so he could hardly breathe. The cyborg's head was still drooped; but after a moment, it shot up, and then turned sharply to stare right at Dementor, it's eyes now shining an ominous, bright red colour.

"That won't be necessary", the Cyberman boomed. It's voice was now less electronic-like, and less monotonal. It had an eerie-smoothness and deepness to its voice, with clear inflections in the way it spoke. Without hesitation, the Cyberman clenched tighter until it broke the henchman's neck, easily killing him off. The cyborg chucked the lifeless body to the side, and turned fully to face Dementor.

The mad scientist was completely speechless, as he stared in fright at the rejuvenated Cyberman. He'd never witnessed one of his henchmen get killed before; never mind the brutal nature this henchman had been terminated.

All the other henchmen in the construction hall had also witnessed the death of their colleague. Eventually, terror-stricken, Dementor cried out to them, "MEN, QUICK, ZTOP THIZ MAD MACHINE, BEFORE IT…!"

"My Cybermen, eliminate everyone except for Dementor", the 'possessed' Cyberman abruptly ordered. "I wish to keep him alive, to witness my work."

The wall on the far right of the construction hall began to open. On the other side of it was a hangar area. Before the wall had opened more than 10 metres, hordes of Cybermen flew from the hangar into the construction hall, and fired without further warning on all the henchmen. One by one, all of Dementor's goons were eliminated, vapourised into dust with a single blast from the Cybermen's wrist blasters.

In less than a minute, all the henchmen were disposed and dead. Perhaps for the first time in his supervillain career, Dementor quivered in fear. He'd lost all power and authority, all because of one cyborg. He recognised he'd been a fool not to realise something was up.

"Vhat… vhat is this madness?" Dementor questioned the 'rogue' Cyberman demandingly. "Vhy would you play me like this?!"

"You think any Cyberman would have the thought capacity to trick you, even if so easily?" the 'Cyberman' asked rhetorically. "I've now possessed this body with my superior mind. And I've been pulling all the strings… More than you realise."

"But ve could have vorked together…" Dementor began to plead, now sounding less angry and more helpless. "Ve could have ruled thiz vorld together…!"

"And this display of small mindedness shows the inferiority of your race", the 'Cyberman' said. "I have purpose far beyond your futile imagination or power."

Knowing he had no chance of escape, and wanting to stay alive, Dementor decided to bite: "Vhat are you planning to do?" he asked hopelessly.

"First, I will subdue your world. And then I will conquer all worlds. But this will only be the beginning. I will go beyond this realm, and conquer all the universes in every multiverse, taking over every aspect of life in existence, until all things are under my rule. Even beyond the living plane, I shall conquer all, until I am the omnipotent ruler of all creation."

"…Zo, you'll be a god?" Dementor asked in complete fear.

"Putting it in simple terms, yes. But my goals go beyond that… One day, I shall possess the Anti-Life Equation. And when I do, I will eliminate the concept of good and evil, and all ideas of peace and mercy. There will be no need for justice or freedom, because I will take away all free will from all life and creation. And when all is said and done, everything will be mine forever."

"Vhat iz the Anti-Life Equation?" Dementor asked, now looking weak-kneed.

"It does not matter to you", the possessed 'Cyberman' replied. "In truth, you probably won't live beyond my subjugation of this world to find out…"

"VHO ARE YOU?!" Dementor cried out, finally broken. "Pleaze, at least tell me that…"

The possessed cyborg paused for a moment, probably considering whether to answer. And then eventually, it turned to Dementor once more, staring him down with full might and fear, as hundreds of the new Cybermen lined-up or hovered behind their new 'leader'.

"One day, I will be The One Above All Creation. I will be the Alpha… And I am the Omega. For The Glory is with me… and ultimately, I am The Glory itself." He then paused one final time...

"But for now, you may call me… Darkseid."


All the Cybermen behind 'Darkseid' began to chant that single line in cybernetic-sounding, monotonal unison. And they kept repeating this chant over and over again, without losing any intensity.

Dementor crumpled to his knees and bowed his head, trying to hide his rage and anger from Darkseid. He could only think about himself and his predicament, and his own 'misfortune' at being led into this elaborate trap. But if the mad scientist had any care for the bigger picture, he would have realised that his world was in danger of facing trouble greater than anyone could imagine. One could argue hell was going to rain on this world…