Screen Title: #Cat'sCousin

Cat is getting excited that her cousin Mae (from Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn) is visiting

Cat: Sam, Dice I'm so excited that my cousin is visiting us.

Sam: Where does she live?

Cat: She lives in Boulder, Colorado.

Dice: Whoa that's too far.

Cat: I know. She's coming by plane.

Sam: When will she get here?

Doorbell Rings

Cat: Ding dong.

Dice: I guess now.

Cat opens the door and it's her cousin Mae Valentine from Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn

Mae: Hi Cat.

Cat: Mae I'm so glad you're here. Please come in.

Mae: Nice apartment you got here.

Cat: Thanks. This is my neighbor Dice and my roommate Sam.

Dice: Hey.

Sam: Sup.

Mae: No way. You're from iCarly.

Sam: You watched iCarly?

Mae: Yeah. That show was the best. You were so awesome.

Sam: Thanks.

Mae: What are you doing here in Los Angeles?

Sam: Well since the show ended due to Carly moving to Italy to be with her dad, I set off on my motorcycle and moved here to be with Cat.

Cat: We do a babysitting service.

Mae: I think I saw about that on TwitFlash. (Parody of Twitter). Nice bike though.

Sam: Thanks. Spencer and I build it to give it to some guy but it didn't turn out well so he gave it to me instead.

Dice: Did you really come here all the way from Colorado?

Mae: Yes. I came by plane.

Cat: Told you.

Mae's phone rings

Mae: Oh Dawn's calling me.

Sam: Who's Dawn?

Mae: My best friend. (She answers the call) Hi Dawn.

Dawn: Hey. What's it like in Los Angeles?

Mae: Fun. I'm visiting my cousin, Cat.

Dawn: Hi Cat.

Cat: Hi Dawn.

Mae: Guess what else?

Dawn: What?

Mae: Her roommate is Sam Puckett.

Dawn: From iCarly?

Sam: The one and only.

Dawn: That's so cool. Well I have to go. Bye Mae.

Mae: Bye.

Call ends

Dice: Your friend seems nice.

Cat: Doesn't she have 3 brothers?

Mae: Yes. They're quads.

Sam: Quads? How is that possible?

Dice: Some people can give birth to 5 kids.

Mae: Hey isn't this the set of That's a Drag?

Cat: Yes it is.

Mae: How did it get here?

Sam: Well when the show got canceled back in 2013, Cat was very upset about it. So Dice and I went to the set and we managed to get the entire set to this apartment.

Mae: Aren't you sweet.

Dice: She doesn't like to be called sweet.

Sam: It's fine.

Robbie walks in the door

Robbie: Sup girls and boy.

Sam: Robbie you have to knock first before you enter.

Robbie: Sorry. Hey Cat who's your friend?

Cat: Robbie this is my cousin Mae Valentine. Mae this is my boyfriend Robbie Shapiro. He goes to school with me at Hollywood Arts.

Mae: Nice to meet you, Robbie.

Robbie: You too.

Dice: So Robbie not being mean, but why are you here?

Robbie: I was going to hang out with Tori, but she and Trina are on vacation. Beck and Jade are in Hawaii, and André is at his weird grandma's house.

Mae: Why is she weird?

Cat: She freaks out over everything.

Robbie: And she screams a lot.

Sam: Try meeting my mom. Or my boyfriend Freddie's mom.

Dice: I know about your mom from iCarly, but what's wrong with Freddie's mom?

Sam: She's a lunatic. She is very overprotective of Freddie. Whenever someone yells in Spencer's apartment, she barges in to see if he's alright.

Mae: I think I saw an iCarly webcast that she forced him to eat asparagus live on the show.

Sam: Oh she did. She's a skunk bag.

Cat: Hey Mae did I tell you what happened to my brother?

Mae: No what happened to him?

Robbie: He got send to a weird hospital in Idaho.

Cat: He was supposed to return last year but it got extended.

Mae: That must suck.

Cat: I almost had to live at school but Jade and Robbie convinced me to live with Nona.

Dice: Well that was nice of you guys.

Robbie: We were worried about her.

Sam: Heh half of my family didn't noticed I moved to LA. They care more about Melanie since she's the perfect twin. My mom didn't even know about iCarly until September 11th, 2010.

Cat: That's 9/11.

Sam: I know.

Mae: Alright I think I have to go.

Cat: Why?

Dice: You just got here.

Sam: Yeah can't you stay a little while longer.

Mae: I'm afraid I can't. I have to get to the airport.

Cat: Okay.

Mae: Bye Cat. Bye Sam. Bye. Dice. Bye Robbie.

Cat: Bye.

Robbie: See ya.

Dice: Bye.

Sam: Later.

Mae leaves

Dice: Your cousin is very nice Cat.

Sam: Yeah. She's cool.

Cat: I know.

Robbie: Why did she have to go to the airport?

Cat: She lives in Colorado.

Robbie: Oh.

Sam: Well it was nice for your cousin to visit us.

Cat: Yeah, it was wasn't it.

Note: This is taking place during the year 2016

Note #2: This is a partial crossover between Sam & Cat, Victorious and Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn; however, the only Victorious character that appears is Robbie Shapiro and the only Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn characters that appear are Mae Valentine and Dawn Harper

Note #3: Dawn only appears in a video calll

Note #4: Carly Shay, Spencer Shay, Freddie Benson, Pam Puckett, Melanie Puckett, and Marissa Benson from iCarly are mentioned

Note #5: The iCarly webshow is mentioned

Note #6: Sam mentions the events of #FavoriteShow

Note #7: Sam mentions the events of the iCarly series finale iGoodbye and to where she and Spencer were supposed to give the motorcycle to Socko's cousin Ryder but didn't and Sam got it instead

Note #7: Tori Vega, Trina Vega, André Harris, Beck Oliver, Jade West, Trina Vega, and André's Grandma from Victorious are mentioned by Robbie

Note #8: Mae mentions the events of the iCarly episode iMove Out by saying how Mrs. Benson forced Freddie to eat asparagus live on in the show

Note #9: Cat mentions her messed up brother like she did in Victorious and Sam & Cat

Note #10: Cat also mentions the subplot of the Victorious episode Star Spangled Tori

Note #11: Sam mentions on how her mom didn't know about iCarly until the date September 11th, 2010 is a reference to when the episode iSam's Mom premiered