Ichigo is going out for some stuff for the clinic while his dad and sisters are working on a wreck patient. He has been helping in the clinic all day on top of doing soul reaper work which keeps Kon out of trouble. Though these boxes Ichigo had to get full of medical supplies would have equaled a lot of complaints from Kon so it is better that Ichigo went instead. He hasn't heard anything from Rukia for a while but she did say that she and Byakuya have things to work out after with what happened with Aizen. Which he figured as much, Byakuya wasn't there until the end when orders were given. Things until recently have been quiet, the past three weeks there has been an up growing in death and hollow growth. He shakes his head focused on the new wreck, his dad needs this equipment or the man will die. He picks up speed and drops off the stuff getting out of the way of everyone. Until his dad needs CPR insistence, which Yuzu and Karin aren't strong enough to do so. Ichigo is also CPR certified so it would be legally better for him to help his dad out.

The man is saved and sent to the hospital where more people can keep an eye out for him. Even though it is a clinic, the man needs twenty-four-hour service that the Kurosaki family can't provide.

"Good work today, all of you," says Isshin.

He sticks up his thumbs making Karin and Ichigo sigh, Yuzu smiles giving him a thumbs up again. Isshin gives her a cuddle in the response of happiness.

"I'm going to watch tv," says Karin.

"I'm going upstairs," says Ichigo.

"Dad, I need to make dinner. Why don't you sit down with Karin," says Yuzu.

"Aww, you are worried about your daddy! You are so sweet Yuzu!" says Isshin.

"Dad, you are going to hurt yourself if you aren't careful," says Karin.

That causes Isshin to pull her in gently into the group hug.

"So loud…" says Ichigo, "Let me know if you need help Yuzu."

"Alright!" calls Yuzu.

Ichigo goes upstairs and slams his door shut. He sits down at his desk and gets to work on his homework.

"Really? Do you ever stop working Ichigo?" asks Rukia.

Ichigo jumps and looks out the window.

"Rukia?! What are you doing here?!" asks Ichigo.

"We are here on a mission, I'm sure you noticed the deaths," says Renji.

"What the hell?! You're here too?!" asks Ichigo.

"What? You act like you aren't happy to see some friends, Ichigo. Isn't that right, Captain?" asks Renji.

Byuaka nods at that, Ichigo collects himself and invites them into his room.

"It's not that I just wasn't expecting it. Yeah I noticed all the deaths and the rise in hollow activity," says Ichigo.

"One of Captain Kurotsuchi's experiments went rogue to the point that he has been immobilized for the next few months," says Byuaka.

This sends a shiver down Ichigo's spine.

"According to Captain Kurotsuchi he isn't strong but he is smart. He was trying to understand how you power work but couldn't find a way to control it before it was too late. We think he is masquerading as a human," says Rukia.

"Has there been anyone in your class that started three weeks ago?" asks Renji.

Ichigo thinks about that for a few minutes which doesn't sit right with the three that Ichigo is that distracted that he doesn't pay attention to who is in class and who isn't in class.

"Actually yeah, Yori Aria," says Ichigo.

"That has to be him," says Renji, jumping up.

"Renji show some composure we have to make sure that the description fits and we can't be reckless if he saw any of Captain Kurotsuchi's files he knows what we can do and we be cautious because we don't know who he can turn into a hollow, not even Kurotsochi is sure himself," says Byuaka.

"Right, forgive me, Captain," says Renji.

He sits back down looking like a defeated puppy.

"Continue Kurosaki what does this Yori look like?" asks Byuaka.

"Right. *thinks for a minute* He has silver hair that covers his face he's about my height so about 5'8, he has one reddish-brown eye and one silver eye. He has a scar on his left cheek, which he told us it was from falling off his bike but I didn't believe that sack of bullshit one bit," says Ichigo.

"Why's that?" asks Rukia.

"It's too deep to be a scrape from anything, it's more likely from a knife or a sword if Kurotsuchi fought back," says Ichigo.

The other three remember Captain Kurotsuchi sitting in bed saying that he did indeed scratch his creation and the description does match exactly how he described his new creation. They told him they will see him tomorrow. They all jumped out of the window.

"What the hell was that about?" asks Kon.

"I have no idea but I need to finish my homework and it seems this Yori person has now become my problem," says Ichigo.

"What does that mean?" asks Kon.

Ichigo shrugs and goes back to doing his homework making Kon even angrier that he was being ignored at that moment. Ichigo has grown accustomed to ignoring Kon and just finishes up his homework going downstairs for dinner. He has to go to the bathhouse as a hollow broke their tub and it won't be able to be fixed until tomorrow. He grabs his stuff and gently leads Karin and Yuzu to the bathhouse while Isshin has passed out on the couch.

"Kurosaki? Taking a bath too?" asks a familiar voice.

Ichigo looks up and sees Yori Aria, he instinctively pulls his younger sisters behind him. He doesn't know why but after the conversation with Rukia, Byauka, and Renji he feels uneasy around this man.

"Aria, yeah our tub is broken. You?" asks Ichigo.

"Oh, I don't have a tub at my place so I have to come to take a bath here, my folks and I are fixing up our house so we can have our own tub but for now we don't," says Yori, smiling.

"Right," says Ichigo.

"Stiff as ever, well I will see you tomorrow at school!" says Yori.

He heads in, Ichigo waits for him to go inside before he starts moving to go into the bathhouse.

"Who was that Ichigo?" asks Yuzu.

"Just a classmate, someone new just transferred," says Ichigo.

"In the middle of senior year? I don't know Ichigo something is off about that guy," says Karin.

"Yeah, alright go get a bath and meet me in front of the doors when you are done. Don't take to long," says Ichigo.

"Right!" says the girls.

They run off and Ichigo goes off to the men's bathhouse to collect his thoughts. When they are done they go back home but stop to get "goat man" some dessert. The rest of the evening was pretty easy except around three am where more hollows were activated. Ichigo was used to this kind of thing but it does make him tired. The next day he doesn't catch a break when he has to save some kid from some street punks who decided to try to steal from two kids and told the kids to scram to school. The kids ran quickly seeing how mad Ichigo was when he heard them say "Thank you" and that they were planning on skipping school. Ichigo lets out a deep breath before heading to his class. Ichigo goes to his seat and stays quiet wondering what will happen. He doesn't even notice that three new desks were added to the classroom. Soon the teacher comes into the classroom and announces that there are new students coming in.

"Great...just what we need three new exchange students…" thinks Ichigo.

Orihime, Chad, and Ishida pays attention but they do have to focus to keep their new jobs. Ichigo works himself later that night. Yesterday was supposed to be his day off but the wreck happened and he had to help his dad out. Their eyes go wide when they see Renji, Byakuya, and Rukia are in front of the class. Even Yori who shouldn't know who any of them are eyes goes wide. Renji has his white uniform shirt little ways open a pair of grey slacks on and the uniform shoes as well. He also has his hair tied back and a bandana to cover his tattoos on his head a little bit. Rukia has the same skirt and white shirt uniform she had when she first came to the city. Byakuya has on the same school uniform Renji has but unlike Renji, his shirt is completely buttoned and tucked into his pants with his belt and pants looking like they have been professionally pressed and his hairpieces. The women look about ready to kill Rukia seeing how close she is standing next to Byakuya.

"Young man you can't wear those hairpieces, they aren't allowed in the school," says the teacher.

"I apologize but these are in the representation of the lineage of the Kuchiki clan, I already okayed it with the school principal since it is an heirloom from my grandfather," says Byakuya

"Well, introduce yourselves please," says the teacher.

"I'm Renji Abarai," says Renji.

"I am Byakuya Kuchiki and this is my sister Rukia Kuchiki," introduces Byakuya.

The girls stop glaring and calm down when they hear the word sister.

"It's a pleasure to meet you all," says Rukia.

The teacher has them sit down and the day continues without issue. At lunch, Ichigo, Chad, and Ishida drag the three "new" students upstairs while Ichigo's friends go to a cafe down the road.

"What are you three doing here? Not that I'm not happy to see you guys!" says Orihime.

"It's okay, but I am glad to see you all too. You too Ishida," says Rukia.

Ishida is shocked by that but doesn't say anything about it. Rukia explains what they know about the hollow incidents and the upping of deaths.

"We have strict orders under Head Captain to watch Yori Aria but don't take him until we know for sure that he is the experiment on the loose. Until then we have to blend in with the humans," says Byakuya.

"So you think that Aria is the missing experiment?" asks Chad.

"Correct," says Rukia.

"He does match the description and plus did you see how wide his eyes got when he saw us?" asks Renji.

"Now that you mention it, I did find it odd when I looked over to the window to keep my composure that Aria's eyes were as large as Ichigo's," says Ishida.

"Right, that means he knows who we are when he shouldn't have any idea. So until we are one hundred percent certain we will be blending in with you guys. What will you be doing tonight?" asks Rukia.

"Going to work," they all say.

"It's part of being a teenager, we all have jobs now," says Ishida.

They all talk about their jobs and where they work. After thinking it over it was decided that Renji will work with Ichigo after school, Byauka will work with Chad and Rukia will work with Orihime in a nearby sewing shop. The first day is hard on everyone, especially trying to teach Rukia, Renji, and Byakuya how to work at the jobs that were decided to be best for them. All three of them are exhausted and Byauka only messes up once whereas Renji almost sets an oven on fire, and Rukia has trouble sewing a skirt but she does eventually learn how to do so. At night the three do watch Yori while Ichigo takes care of any hollows as a soul reapers or any souls before they can be turned into hollows. The next morning, Ichigo wakes up Renji on his floor along with Byakuya.

"Five more minutes!" says Renji.

"We have to get ready for school, get up," says Ichigo.

He starts getting dressed ignoring Renji's groans.

"Hey redhead, welcome to my life this is a normal day in my life," says Ichigo.

This is true, he was tired the first time he did it but because he helped in the clinic with his dad and sisters when his dad would let him help him, doing what they did yesterday was nothing. Byakuya gets up and starts getting dressed for school himself. He hates to admit it but Ichigo has a point that if they want to blend in they have to do it with Ichigo's everyday schedule in mind. Rukia was the only one fully awake ready to face the day. She looked at her brother who had bed head and grease everywhere.

"Big brother?!"

"I'm fine, just need to wash up," says Byakuya.

"The tub just got fixed so you should be able to use ours," says Ichigo.

"Thank you Kurosaki," says Byakuya.

He goes up to get washed up and Ichigo makes some toast and orange juice for breakfast. Renji lays his head on the table.

"You okay, Renji?" asks Rukia.

"I hate working," says Renji.

"That bad?" asks Rukia.

"That's an understatement the fire department had to be called," says Ichigo.

"On your first day?" says Rukia.

"Shut up Rukia, I'm trying," says Renji.

Rukia holds back a chuckle and nods. The four get ready for school and head out the door getting ready for a new day of blending in and keeping an eye on Yori. He didn't try anything yesterday but it doesn't mean that he won't. Yori was on guard which is understandable. Renji, Rukia, and Byakuya take care of blending in with jobs and school. The three learn under Ichigo, Chad, and Orihime how to blend in with humans. They get the walk and talk down pat but juggling work, school, and watching Yori at the same time was hard in its own right. While Ichigo took care of the also has to reject girls left and right but politely accept their gifts as they worked hard on their gifts for him. It takes two weeks for Yori to use his powers in front of Renji.

"Guys! Yori is making a move!" says Renji in his earpiece.

Everyone had their own earpiece that they got from the Soul Society.

"Where at?" asks Rukia.

"On the corner of 8th street, he hasn't noticed me yet," says Renji.

"I'm almost there, don't do anything yet until the others get there," says Ichigo.

"Right," says Renji.

"What is he doing?" asks Byakuya.

"So far his eyes have changed red and he is opening his mouth, it's like he is summoning something," says Renji.

"Summoning what?" asks Rukia.

"Oh fuck! Guys hurry up!" says Renji.

This gets everyone's attention.

"What's going on?" calls Rukia.


"Lieutenant what is going on?" calls Byakuya.

There's a large scream and hollow screeches.

"Lieutenant!" calls Byakuya.

There is nothing but static going on.

"Renji?! This isn't a joke what is going on?!" calls Ichigo.

"You're the closest moron what do you see?" asks Rukia.

"Nothing yet I just got to sixth-" starts Ichigo.

He pauses and puts on his hollow mask getting ready for a battle. He gets to eighth street and sees Renji bleeding face first on the ground. Yori has a crazed look in his eyes as he goes closer to Renji.

"Ichigo?" calls Rukia.

"Get down here now!" says Ichigo.

That's all Rukia and Byakuya have to hear; they speed up using teleportation to get there quicker. Ichigo uses his bankai to swipe up fast and picks up Renji all in one swipe.

"I know that orange hair anywhere, your one of them?" asks Yori, sounding disappointed.

Ichigo doesn't answer, just moves back and swings Zangetsu quickly in a warning. Rukia and Byakuya get there. Rukia goes to go check on Renji seeing Ichigo lay him down on a wall but Byakuya grabs her fast pointing to Yoki who is grabbing his hair making something of his own.

"One thing I don't understand is that you have a mask like a hollow. You must be just like me!" says Yori.

He pulls a mask down as well, it's rounded like Ichigo's but it has horns on the top of the mask and is completely black with one purple stripe going down his mask. This makes Rukia's and Byakuya's eyes go wide. Ichigo glares and points Zangetsu at Yori.

"What's wrong Ichigo do you not like what I'm doing? Wait you probably don't know what I'm doing," says Yori.

"I don't care all I care about is that you are killing innocent civilians," says Ichigo.

"Innocent? No. That man you saved he stole from his own grandmother for cigarettes, he threatened her with a gun. The guy in the hospital from last week? He bullied a girl so bad that she slit her wrist, luckily I made it to her and saved her life. All I did was avenge her. She didn't want to kill herself but she slit too far. You took care of her wounds Ichigo," says Yori.

"Then they should have gone to jail and done their time there. Like it or not murder is murder and I won't stand for it!" says Ichigo.

He attacks Yori, who has a hard time keeping balance but he doesn't give up using every swing to Ichigo's with the mask he can hold his own against Ichigo. Byakuya lets Rukia send her down to help Renji as he takes care of the forty hollows surrounding Ichigo and Yori. One soul reaper against all of those hollows means Renji fought hard until one got into his blind spot. That's the only explanation for it. Renji wakes up and moves Rukia out of the way, taking out another hollow that tried to attack her while healing him.

"You moron! I could have taken it out, you need to rest!" says Rukia.

"I had to think fast. Damn he made so many of them I couldn't take out of them. When I went to answer you both real quick the one that Captian is taking on currently got behind me and pushed his horn into me and bashed my skull into the pavement," says Renji.

"How many of them were there?" asks Rukia.

"I'm not sure I lost count when I got to fifty," says Renji.

"You took out fifty on your own?" asks Rukia.

"I didn't have a choice, I tried to hold them off until Ichigo got here but there were too many, who knows how many people he killed in two days," says Renji.

Rukia doesn't like that and helps Renji up.

"Can you fight?" asks Rukia.

"Yeah, let's go, the battle shouldn't last long. We better help Captain," says Renji.

"Right," says Rukia.

They head up and help Byakuya. Yori's mask starts breaking and backs up from Ichigo.

"I better get out of here I'm losing stamina," thinks Yori.

"I don't think so!" says Ichigo.

He punches Yori and sends him to the ground pining him with his zanpakuto. Yori's eyes go wide trying to escape, Ichigo acts fast sending his knee into Yori holding him down. Yori tries to get up but it's no use. He is forced to watch the other three Soul Reapers take out his hollow army. When the hollows are taken care of being sent to the Soul Society, handcuffs are put on Yori's hands.

"Thanks for your help Ichigo,"says Rukia.

"No problem, what's going to happen to Yori?" asks Ichigo.

"He's going to be sent to jail and a trial is going to happen, he will be sentenced for his crime but he shouldn't be sentenced to death for his crimes since his killings were of criminals that should have been sent to hell if he was telling the truth but the gates of Hell weren't open at all in the three weeks he was active. The memory of him will be erased and so won't any memory of us being classmates. For now we have to take him to jail," says Byakuya.

"What will his punishment be?" asks Ichigo.

"That isn't known but I assure you it will be worthy of his crime. He did kill a lot of people so he might be sentenced straight to Hell," says Byakuya.

"Right," says Ichigo.

"Hey don't look so sad, we'll see each other again," says Rukia, smiling.

"I'll hold you too," says Ichigo.

Ruki nods and Renji gives Ichigo a fistbump.

"Thanks for saving me back there," says Renji.

"No problem," says Ichigo.

Byakuya nods at Ichigo and opens the door for the soul society.

"Let's go," says Byakuya.

Rukia and Renji nod and take hold of Yori going back to the soul society while Ichigo goes home for a well earned rest.

The end.