Klaus Mikaelson was a reminder of the broken promise Davina had made to her dead husband. Deep down she knew that she couldn't continue on pretending that Klaus didn't exist. Maybe if Klaus hadn't come into her remote cabin, Davina would have just forced herself to forget the promise she had made to Kol. However, she had seriously underestimated the Original Hybrid because she definitely did not expect Klaus to come looking for her with his own volition.

Perhaps the overwhelming loneliness and grief had been too much for him, which convinced Klaus to seek out the last member of the Mikaelson family.


Now, Davina could hardly deny Klaus from entering back into her life, when she had been as devastated as he was for the deaths of their loved ones.

She still was...and this was only proven to be true when she finally broke down in front of the Original Hybrid after months of coping by herself.

"I'm here, Davina. I'm right here. You are no longer alone..."

Davina didn't realize how words could be so powerful even when they had been spoken softly from her former foe's lips. Another strangled sound was wrenched from deep within her as she stood there inside the embrace of the very person, who had previously been the architect of all her misery years ago.

"Let me in, love. Just let me in and let me share your grief. I feel your loss as keenly as you do," Klaus had murmured to her with his lips pressed against her temple. An involuntary shiver ran down her spine, when Klaus' breath fan against her skin.

At first Davina had been standing stiffly inside his embrace, but the moment he had said those words to her, Davina's resolve weakened even further and she swiftly went limp against him. Davina tightened her arms around his waist and dug her fingers into his back. She clung to him almost desperately, like a drowning person, like someone who had been on the verge of death before he had arrived.

"I - It's my fault Kol had to sacrifice himself," she whimpered in anguish, her throat tight with too many emotions. A mixture of endless regret, terrible longing, unadulterated anger, deep despair, but most of all, undeniable self-loathing.

"He died because of me," she managed to choke out through the lump lodged in her throat. "It's - it is all my fault."

Thereafter, a series of heart-wrenching sobs spilled from her lips. She tried to muffle them by pressing her face against Klaus' shoulder, but it didn't work. The sound of grief and loss still welled up inside her and clawed itself out of her throat while her small frame was wracked by powerful sobs once again.

She weeped like her husband had died that day, like the wound was still fresh and festering, where it ate away what remained of the stolen happiness she had managed to acquire from a year of marriage with Kol.

"I'm so sorry, Davina. I'm so sorry," Klaus muttered to her over and over again while he pulled her closer to his tall, masculine frame. The Original Hybrid was a head taller than her petite figure that Klaus was able to tuck her head beneath his chin.

"I'm so sorry."

Once upon a time, Davina had imagined Klaus Mikaelson apologizing for all the deplorable things he had done to her in the past. But not like this. Never like this. She hadn't imagined Klaus Mikaelson apologizing to her for Kol's death - his brother's death - or even comforting her for that matter.

But there they were now with their arms wrapped around each other and their bodies pressed tightly together, like they were trying to fix every broken part of themselves by fitting them together until they were whole again somehow...and someway.

They both yearned for comfort. They both desire a brief respite and share their grief after the unending tragedies that they faced in the last years since the Hollow rose to power. Despite their history, it seemed they were willing to forget their past grievances in favor of finding a semblance of relief from the hardship they experienced.

Davina continued to cry while Klaus slowly maneuvered them both to sit on her living room couch without breaking his embrace. As soon as they were sitting, Klaus used the arm around her small waist to draw her against him and Davina simply allowed the hybrid without much of a protest. In fact, she even instinctively curled against his side and pressed her face into the column of his throat without thinking more about it.

Davina's mind was elsewhere while tears continued to fall from her eyes like rain. Countless scenarios from the past played in her mind and all of them were about Kol. The sight of him leaving her, the memory of the promise she made to him and the day when the Hollow sent her husband's finger with his wedding ring still attached to it.

She remembered how she had become mad with grief after that. She had wailed and screamed in absolute anguish while she had trashed their entire apartment until it was no longer recognizable. It had taken her months to regain back what remained of her sanity and all of this was because she had been determined in creating a dark object that would send her back into the past.

Davina was brought up to the present when she felt Klaus' hand brushed her shoulder before he threaded his fingers through her dark brown hair and started carding it almost absentmindedly. Somehow she felt grateful for the hybrid's unexpected tenderness. As Klaus' continued to run his fingers through her hair, Davina allowed herself to speak again.

"It was my fault. I was the one who - who -" Davina began in a broken voice as she remembered what happened months ago. The moment when her entire world was upended by one terrible decision after another that resulted in the death of her husband. "I was the one who convinced him to come back to America when I knew the Hollow was still hunting all of us."

Davina felt Klaus' tightened his arms around her while she continued to speak.

"Kol and I should have never left Switzerland," she said to the hybrid, who merely listened to her in silence as she wept on his shoulder. "We were living happily there. We bought a ranch and even acquired a bunch of horses to take care of. It was peaceful. It felt like a real home….Now, all of it is gone and my husband is dead. Kol and I shouldn't have left that place. I should have known that the Hollow would be waiting for one of us to come back. I should have known! It's my fault Kol's dead! It's my fault! I was so stupid to believe that the Hollow would not notice us if we came for a short visit. As a result, Kol had to sacrifice himself just to save me! It's all my fau-"

"Davina, just stop...please..." Klaus interrupted her mindless babble in a voice that was froth with unspoken emotions.

Once more, Klaus moved to cup the sides of her face and made her look at him. As Davina's tearful gaze met Klaus' dark blue eyes, she instantly noted the hybrid's troubled look while his eyes reflected the immeasurable pain that she also felt.

"I understand that it was your decision that you both came back here, but don't ever blame yourself for what happened afterward to my brother, Davina…" Klaus whispered, his fingers brushed against her tear-stained cheeks so gently like Davina was made of glass and Klaus was afraid of shattering her to pieces more than she already was.

"Don't blame yourself for his death, love. Lay your blame at The Hollow's feet when she was the one responsible for killing Kol and the rest of Our Family," Klaus stated, emphasizing the last words. He said this to her with a fierce look in his dark indigo eyes that spoke volumes of what he thought of her now.

Our Family. He had said and Davina felt her throat constrict at the implication of what Klaus was trying to say to her.

Our Family. She mentally repeated.

For years, Davina had always felt out of place within the Mikaelson Family. To the rest of the Mikaelsons, she had often been considered as just Kol's wife, but never more than that. She had always felt like a complete interloper even during their family gathering, where most of the Mikaelsons just acted civil around her for appearance sake. They had never truly welcomed her as a part of a family. So Davina and Kol had kept their distance in the hopes of avoiding inciting family drama, especially with Kol's older brothers.

Now, as Davina sat there beside Klaus, who tried to wipe away all the traces of tragedy written all over her face. Somehow, she started to feel like she belonged. Finally.

They were the Last Mikaelsons left behind after all, and it seemed all it took for Davina Claire to feel like a part of the Mikaelson Family was when most of them were dead.

"We are the only ones that are left of our family," Klaus said to her with a shattered look on his face. "We both survived but we must endure still. This is not over yet until we defeat the Hollow. So we must try our best to take her down to end all our suffering."

"I don't know Klaus...I just - I think it will take some time for us to move against her," She admitted to him. "Probably years."

"It doesn't matter how long it will take for us to kill her, Davina. So long as we can defeat her one way or another," Klaus replied. "And then we will bring Our Family back afterward...I promise."

"Don't make promises that you can't keep, Klaus," came her immediate reply as her tear-filled gaze remained locked with his. "Or you will end up disappointing the people around you, especially our family."

"You may not know me very well, love...but I do keep my promises," Klaus told her with a small, sad quirk of his lips.

"Promises won't be enough to bring them back," she muttered as she reached up to touch the hand which still held her face. "You know that, right?"

"I know, sweetheart...I know..." Klaus murmured softly as he moved once more to tuck her head back at the crook of his neck. Davina let him do it and savored what little kindness or compassion that the hybrid wanted to offer her. "That's why we will do this one day at a time, Davina. This time...we will do this together..."

They didn't say anything else after that while Davina continued to cry silently.


It was much later as she remained curled against his side, when Klaus finally asked the question that she was afraid of addressing.

"Do you still want me to stay?"

Davina didn't voice out a reply, but the way she quickly balled his leather jacket into fist and her sharp inhalation had been enough of an answer for him.

Yes. I need you to stay. She wanted to say to Klaus.

I never want to be alone again. She wanted to admit, but those words never left her lips.

Yet despite her lack of reply, Klaus seemed to understand her silent entreaty all the same.

More than that, the tender caress on her nape told her that the Klaus appeared like he wasn't planning to leave her anytime soon, not unless she said otherwise.

It was the loss of their loved ones that pushed them to find each other.

Their love bloomed in the midst of tragedy and only through tragedy it would find its end.

"We are a tragedy. You and I." Klaus would say to her. Only years later.

A statement that was far truer than any word he had ever spoken.

Perhaps they should have severed their growing bond even before its conception.

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