Madeline watched as the giant bird tore into the flesh it had been offered. It took it less than a minute to devour every last part of the meat. After that, it went over to a water trough to quench it's thirst.

Nearby, the recently captured dinosaurs were also enjoying meals. Colt and Stephanie had managed to convince the officers not to reveal the truth (in the process netting the team some highly capable recruits), after which Ai had brought in a veterinary team to handle caring for the Allosaurus and the Ceratosaurus. The remaining animals had swiftly been rounded up and moved to their own holding pens to be kept in until such a time as the anomalies to their home time periods reopened...assuming that ever happened.

"You know, if I didn't know better, I'd have thought we were making a zoo filled with prehistoric animals," she idly mused.

"I thought about it once," replied Wyatt. "Of course, that could potentially ruin the present, so it never really panned out."

"Say you could rescue animals from the past without jeopardizing the present. Would you do it?"

"...In a heartbeat."

"Not surprised at all. So, what's Ai doing?"

"Currently observing the Allosaurus. She says its an A. jimmadseni - newest described species. This is the one that Big Al belongs to."

"The star of his own show, was he?"

"It was more of a tv special, but yeah...Hey, how'd you know to use iron rods to find hte portal?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, even though I've know about the portals being magnetic, I never thought to use the any magnets to locate them up."

"I have some...experience in that field."

Wyatt quirked an eyebrow at that statement. "Really?"

"Yes, really-"

"Mr. Thompson, a package just arrived."

"Who is it from, Mrs. Williams?"

"According to the postage...Mrs. Griffin."

Wyatt turned his attention back to Madeline, who's expression hadn't changed. "See what it is first, and we'll talk."

Though still somewhat put-off by his friend's secrecy, Wyatt did as she said. What he found in the package, however, raised more questions than it answered.

"...Is this a dried fruit?"

"No. People call it a jellyfish, even though it doesn't actually look like a cnidarian."

"Where'd you find it?"

"Doing some CIA work in Eastern Europe five years ago. Some smugglers trying to transport diamonds and weapons on the black market. Though, surprisingly, I found this one a ways away from their operations."


"In an anomaly."


Madeline raised her hands defensively. "Not these time travel ones - I was scouting around for the smugglers' camp when I found some weird gravity screwing thing in a field. This object was also in the field. Ask Kalista if you want verification - she was there, too."

"...Where, exactly, was this anomaly?"

"Three miles north of Pripyat."

Wyatt's eyes widened, while all of the color seemed to drain from his skin.

"Relax. It isn't radioactive. In fact, it seems to get rid of radiation just by existing."

The building phone began to ring. Without hesitation, Mrs. Williams moved to answer it.

"Well, why'd you bring it here?"

"Research purposes."


"Not now Mrs. Williams. And could you define 'research purposes?"

"Maybe this might help you learn more about anomalies."


"Um sir-"

"Not now, Sybil. Also, do you have anymore artifacts?"


"Then could I have-"


Cringing in fear and embarrassment, Wyatt turned to look at a very pissed off Sybil Williams. "Yes?" he squeaked.

"Your son is calling. Could you at least spare him the time of day to answer a question?"

"...Of course. Give me the phone."


"Ah, Tristan, how are you doing?"

"Fine dad. I'm doing fine."

"Splendid, son, splendid. And your siblings?"

"You can ask them yourself."

"True enough...Hey, why are you sounding so tired?"

"Long day trying to care for the animals - some were having harsh disputes."

"Eh, it can't really be helped...Say, do you think Nigel has room for a few more creatures in the park?"

"I don't think he could refuse even if he wanted to. But why do you ask?"

"Some...problems with upgrading the portal left a few creatures stranded here that would probably do better over at the park."

"I see. We'll bring it up with Nigel tomorrow. So, you want to talk with everyone else?"

"Yes, of course...wait, no, stop that, NO NO NO!"


As Tristan heard the sounds of chaos on the other end of the phone, he turned to look at Terence in confusion. The Tyrannosaurus, however, was unable to offer him any support - he was getting his teeth cleaned by vultures and pterosaurs.


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