A dark city street, night.

A sharp *clang* resounds through the empty silence, followed by another.

A flash of light reveals the source of this disruption: two warriors locked into a fierce melee. One, using a naginata, its silver blade shadowed in the moonless night. The other fights back wielding a short sword, forced on the defensive as… something swirls around his feet.

Away from the combatants, a girl stands, watching it all with bated breath. She raises her hand out towards the fight, as if to give a command, only to drop it in hesitation. Or was it some other, unknown reason?

In either case, it soon proved to be futile. The shadow beneath the sword-wielding warrior exploded upwards, throwing the opponent off balance. Before they could recover, the shadow lunged and enveloped them, almost as if swallowing them whole in shadowy jaws.

It took but an instant. When the shadow faded, there was no trace of the naginata-wielding warrior. It was as if they had never been there at all.

The survivor turned towards the girl, who stood wide-eyed, seemingly unable to comprehend what she had witnessed. A silent message was passed to her eyes.

Run. Run, and never look back.

And so the girl ran. She ran until her legs could not run any longer, and then she ran some more. An eternity of running later, the girl collapsed, every muscle in her body screaming for rest.

A shadow dropped in front of where the girl had collapsed, and then it began to approach her. The girl's fading vision could barely make out a glimmer of silver, as the shadow raised its weapon high.

And in a mere moment, the girl's life had ended. The shadow withdrew silently, its weapon coated in fresh blood. Nobody would find the girl's body here, not for a long time. She would disappear into the unknown, forgotten by all who knew her. And it was the punishment she deserved.

This is the end of the girl's story. Nothing could change that. But that's the thing about stories. Sometimes the end of a story is merely the start of another. And there is always more to every story. And so, as dawn broke over the city, as the sun's rays hid the girl's body in the shadows, the story begins once more.

Hello all, and welcome to Fate-Lumos Re:, which is essentially a reboot of Fate-Lumos. Looking back on what was posted so far of Lumos, and how I felt about it, I decided to start clean, allow myself to plan a little bit better, get some lore straightened out, and generally, touch things up.

That being said, this prologue will double as the "Servant Profile Page". Any time new information is revealed about the Servants featured in the story, this page will be updated accordingly, just to keep things nice and concise. Sometimes, bonus info that wouldn't translate well into the story will be left here as well, so look out for that!

With that out of the way, please continue onwards to Chapter 1! Some space will be provided below this, in case you don't want to be spoiled on Servant identities, should you be reading this in the future. I hope you all enjoy what I have planned.







Servant Profiles

Berserker (Kiyohime)

Height/Weight: 158 cm, 41 kg

Origin: "The Tale of Kiyohime"

Region: Japan

Alignment: Chaotic-Evil

Gender: Female

Physical Age: 18








Notes: Normally, her parameters would be a bit higher than they are now. However, due to Emilia's botched summoning, some of her abilities have been hampered.


(Chapter 1) From "The Tale of Kiyohime", this Berserker-class Servant is famous for turning into a dragon to pursue (and eventually burn) the object of her affections after he fled from her. As such, this has lead to two distinguishing qualities. The first is her dragon-like appearance and abilities, most notably in regards to fire. When her emotions run high, flames will spark off of her, not unlike a torch. She can still use these abilities actively, though, which can make for a powerful offensive and defensive. The second is more... interesting. Due to the nature of her legend, she hates those who lie, and won't hesitate to burn them on the spot. This also leads to her being... clingy... to her Master, whom she believes to be the reincarnation of Anchin, the man she fell in love with in her legend.

Archer (?)


STR: ?

AGL: ?

LUK: ?

END: ?

MP: ?

NP: ?


(Chapter 1) An old hunter wielding a crossbow. He seems fairly laid back and polite, though it seems he's got a bad smoking habit, and it doesn't seem like he'll hesitate to fight back against his "prey".